back to the future

hey everyone!

so sorry i’ve been absent, i’ve been locked out of my tumblr for ages and ages and now i’ve finally jimmied my way back in.

it feels so good to be back 

here are some things that have happened since then:

many many many late and long nights experimenting with colors and sounds in the studio… leading to music that opened my mind and heart… everything is slowly, but surely, blooming

a life-changing trip to israel:

running at full speed through 3,000 year old tunnels

roaming the streets of jerusalem at dawn

eating my bodyweight in falafel 

making lifelong friends

wearing a long-sleeved bathing suit

…all while filming an incredible tv show with the creators of homeland and heroes

i’ll post the trailer

it’s called dig

i’m so proud of it

i also got to be a part of a groundbreaking new series on amazon called transparent that blew my mind and hopefully will blow yours too 

jeffrey tambor is mesmerizing in it

as are jay duplass, amy landecker, gaby hoffman, judith light and a whole bunch of rad people that weave in and out of it

i’ll post that trailer too

anyway, there’s lots to catch up on. i’ll be posting some (many) photos from my tumbl-cation so please excuse the visual vomiting that’s about to occur.

it’s only temporary.


how are you? 

x a

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this is dig 

it’s going to be good


robot escape. @bevansburg + I last night at the incredibly surreal + exciting Dig premiere #digdeeper #nyc

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I’m very interested in how this little boys is all tied up in this show.