@queengeck asked to see more of Sorbet’s enclosure so I got pics of all the leos’ enclosures! The only proper bioactive one is Donut’s. I’d love to get them all bioactive tanks sometime but right now we don’t have a lot of space so the tanks are stacked and since Donut’s is on the bottom, it is the only one that can carry the weight of drainage, thick substrate, etc.

Flan’s tank! She’s on tile but has a digbox which she sleeps in

Sorbet’s tank! It’s not bioactive but the substrate is leftovers from when I was putting together Donut’s tank. She seems a lot happier with it than with tile

Donut’s tank! Because of some weaknesses in my design, plants won’t grow in it :/ He used to have a long cork hollow to climb on but he never used it so I gave it to one of the others. The dips in substrate is where he’s been digging!

Cannoli’s tank! The only reason it’s taller than the others’ is because it was on offer. He insists on pooing in his designated poo hide, which is the hide under the platform


Introducing the fuzzies to their new dig box. I think Diggle likes it. #quiggle #quigley #diggle #digglebutt #ferret #diggledance #furbaby #fuzzbutt #ferretsofinstagram #instaferret #petsofinstagram #digbox

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Digit did this 2.3 seconds after I took those last photos

she is

the cutest thingggggggggggg. I’ve been contemplating giving her some sort of hide/digbox in her tank lately, and this seals the deal. 

She digs at the kleenex/box every now and then but for the most part has gotten herself comfy and it’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Those kleenexes are probably done for but oh well~


Digit pix!! 

Cleaned her tank out today - removed everything and wiped it all down. Mi and his mum were saying her ‘room’ was smelling a little stale, so I did a good cleaning. I even replaced her alfalfa pellets in her digbox, just to freshen things up.

Moved things around a little bit for her! Trying to give her some variety n stuff. Added another box ontop of her dig box for her to hide in - I hope she finds it and uses it!

I also got Mi to help me with the timer for her lights - I’ve struggled with getting the damn things to turn on at the right time, so he’s given it a go setting up the timer, so here’s to hoping it works for once!

I really like how this layout looks, open but organized with lots of spaces to hide. I hope she starts waking up again, I miss her!