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tracy chapman / self titled (but really every album)
fleetwood mac / rumors (or tango in the night)
gal costa / gal costa
atu / pictures on silence
pharoah sanders / thembi
american football / self titled
digable planets / reachin’ (a new refutation of time and space)
p.j. harvey / rid of me

idk this was really impossible!! ask me on a different day and i’ll probably have different answers

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Tag ten people after.

1. Alright - Kendrick

2. L$D - A$AP Rocky

3. Planes - Jeremiah and J. Cole

4. Outro - Big Sean

5. Make it Rain - Ed Sheeran

6. Fuck up some commas - Future

7. The choice is yours - Black sheep

8. Digable Planets - rebirth of slick (cool like dat)

9. Lupe fiasco - Kick Push II

10. Kid Cudi - Balmain Jeans

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Need to have children immediately so I can buy this for me them

I was tagged by goddessdiastema. I never really get to do these things and I’m in a constant state of vicious boredom so I’m down.


You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Tag ten people after.
1. It’s Good To Be Here - Digable Planets
2. Azz & Tittiez - Hypnotize Camp Possee
3. Somebody Told Me - The Killers
5. Get Gone - Fiona Apple
6. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys
7. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
8. I Get Da Chewin - Project Pat
9. What Are We Gonna Do - Dru Hill
10. Smoke and Get High - Project Pat

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tagged by bumblekaze to show six of my favorite albums in no particular order:

1. BOSCO // Boy EP

2. Tame Impala // Innerspeaker

3. Prince // Musicology

4. LE1F // Dark York

5. Digable Planets // Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)

6. Gorillaz // Plastic Beach


Dope Film Soundtrack by ttextt.

1.  “Rebirth of Slick” — Digable Planets

2.  “The World Is Yours” — Nas

3. “Rebel Without A Pause” — Public Enemy

4.  “Scenario” — A Tribe Called Quest

5.  “Cocaina Shawty” — Kap G

6.  “Poppin’ Off” — Watch The Duck

7. “The Humpty Dance” — Digital Underground

8. “New Money” — Buddy

9. “Hip Hop Hooray” — Naughty By Nature

10. “Dirty Feeling” — LolaWolf

11. “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” — Gil Scott-Herron

Hip-hop top 100

I was asked on Quora to give a list of my favorite hip-hop songs, because what better source is there than a forty-year-old white dad? (I am literally a mountain climber who plays the electric guitar.) I did grow up in New York City in the 80s, and I do love the music. But ultimately, I’m a tourist in this culture. For a more definitive survey, ask Questlove or someone. These are just songs that…

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This is the current vibe.

Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick

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Dean Street Station

Brooklyn, NY

If you weren’t exploring the streets of Brooklyn for weed spots and racks before 1995 you might not be familiar with this now defunct train station on the Franklin Avenue Shuttle line. It was closed due to low rider patronage because of it’s extremely close proximity to the Franklin Avenue Station on Fulton Street. Supposedly the passenger count was lowered even further because a lot of folks at this station just hopped the turnstile. Nothing remains of the station except a few lamp posts.

The station was immortalized in the above clip by “9th Wonder” by Digable Planets in 1994.

Stream 'Dope' Motion Picture Soundtrack Before It Hits Theaters Tomorrow

Stream ‘Dope’ Motion Picture Soundtrack Before It Hits Theaters Tomorrow

Tomorrow the film ‘Dope’ will be hitting theaters and don’t you want to set the mood of your day or better yet, listen to music from the motion picture ‘Dope’ before you go to catch the movie tomorrow? Check out the stream of the motion picture’s soundtrack and you will hear instant 90’s classics such as “The Humpty Dance”, “Rebirth of Slick” & “Hip Hop Hooray”. There are also songs from the…

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Digable Planets-Cool like that


Funky Friday: Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick