dig with an over bite

among the reeds, among the rushes

Summary: “I’m just saying,” says Gina, camped on Amy’s couch and painting her nails for the tenth time that week. “Jimmy-boy doesn’t know who he’s up against. Your nerd-smarts, my dazzling good looks, Rosa’s crowbar collection, and also my not-nerd smarts? Dumb-dumb won’t know what hits him.” She sniffs. 

Amy copes, and waits, and holds the hands of her friends.

i dug bits and pieces of this out of an ancient fic that i started writing far before season four aired, a fic which would now be supremely non canon, but when chopped to bits with a carving knife and reassembled with duct tape actually works. it’s still a bit non-canon, bc in canon it’s implied that amy just stays in her own apartment, and, also, that jake’s stuff stays in his apartment, but oh, well. its previous title was “untitled girl gang fic” and honestly …. that’s what it’s mostly about. lady friendships. i know i haven’t written for b99 in AGES so im a bit rusty but hopefully u will enjoy!! finally, dedicated to @elsaclack bc she is too good to me and i lov her

About a week after Jimmy Figgis calls Jake in the bar, Rosa and Gina help Amy move all of her things out of her apartment and into a new one; just a little bit bigger, just a little roomier, a place to start afresh and to put the label of theirs onto – as well as she can, with the other half of that plural being miles and miles away.

It’s not part of the plan, initially. Which is a bit of a ridiculous thing to say, because that makes it sound as though any of this is according to some plan, some list, some organized trajectory that Amy can refer to in times of doubt.

Everything, quite frankly, is in chaos. So Amy moves.

She’s never been particularly good at dealing with the cold. The warm May sun is beating down on the steaming pavement outside, right after an early-morning rain shower, and it’s terribly unfair that she’s stuck in this building, fingertips and toes tingling from the blast of the over-compensating air conditioning. This is one of the many things she’s come to blame on Jimmy Figgis in the past seven days. She has a list; everything from missing boyfriend to burnt toast.

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Monster pets

Word count:2170

Author: Moi

Fandom: Eddsworld

Au:Magi monsters

Plot: Jon and Tom are pet monsters bred for the people of the magical world. They are very popular among magicians and vampires.

Tom yawned moving up like a cat would stretching and arching his back, as he stared up from his napping spot. He looked around sniffing the area before trotting away. He felt his stomach rumble, and he huffed looking for a certain scent.

Tom purred proud to track his own scent, he began following it back home, hoping Edd had his food ready for him. The alpha hadn’t been home in a week or two and was tired of hunting for himself.

He walked along grinning as the familiar house came into view he rushed over practically jumping through the dog door. He ended up crashing into Matt who fell back crying in shock.

“Oh hello Thomas! Edd Tom’s home!” He said chuckling before yelping as Tom simply squished his face with a paw using it as a launching pad. He huffed walking towards the kitchen sniffing around before finding what he wanted. Tom’s tongue lolled out as he went over to a bowl about to dig in before grumbling as a foot pushed it away.

“Tom you know the rule buddy. Bath time first and then food” Edd said dragging Tom away from the bowl of meat. Tom grumbled angrily as he went over to the bathroom.

Edd sighed taking off the dirty ripped clothes before moving Tom into the tub earning angry growls. He grabbed a scrubber moving to rub soap into Tom’s fur. Tom would only move and lift a paw up for him grumbling.

“Tom just stay still and I’ll finish soon then you can eat and do whatever ya want” he said grumbling.

Tom booked angrily as Edd put shampoo in his hairs scrubbing through his tangled mess called hair. “Rrrr!” He growled snapping at Edd only to yelp as his nose was bopped. “Grrrowr!” He said rubbing his snout.

He sighed as Edd continued until his hair was thoroughly scrubbed. His ears drooped down and as the soap was washed off along with the shampoo. Tom grumbled as he felt the condition being applied after. “Nuuu!” He said trying to jump out.

Edd yelped grabbing his tail trying to pull him back in, as Tom shook himself. “Tom don’t make me!” He yelled. Tom ignored the words trying hard before yelping as Edd used his magic, paralyzing the monster and placing him in the tub.

Edd sighed smiling as he moved, finishing up the bath before possessing towels allowing them to dry Tom completely.

He snorted watching as Tom ended up fluffing out like a giant puffball. He let both spells go as Tom hopped out huffing, tail wagging. Edd smiled helping the monster dress before brushing his hair and fur down only spiking up his hair, the way Tom always liked it.

Tom looked at Edd with wide eyes as if asking him if he was done. Edd only nodded nearly falling as Tom bolted out running straight through Matt. The elf gave a cry flipping and landing face first upon the ground.

“….Does no one respect my face?” He asked whining. The ginger laid there rubbing his face.

Tom ignored Matt and simply ran to his bowl immediately digging into the meat. He gave a loud growl fangs tearing through the meat hungrily making it seem like he was practically inhaling it.

As he finished up the soft and rather slippery meat, he licked his chops yawning boredly. He moved away walking past Matt who jumped away eyes wide in fear.

Tom grinned happily running through the doggy door. He sniffed around outside before he smelt something he hadn’t caught before.

Tail wagging he moved along face bear the ground as he rushed around sniffing and searching for the source of the scent. It smelt sweet and it was thick in the air like honey.

Tom grinned nearly drooling over the sweet smell. He grinned rushing over to the fences smelling around them. ‘There! I found my source!’ he thought. Tom crouched wiggling his haunches before leaping up scrabbling to sit on the fence like a cat would. He continued sniffing before blinking as he spotted a figure.

This figure was a bright blue with light brown hair. They seemed to be asleep tiny tail wagging as they rested under a tree.

Tom grinned feeling the scent from before leading to the omega. He growled slightly a heat building up around his core. He moved jumping down from the fence releasing his own scent.

The omega yawned nose twitching before they sat up looking towards Tom. They gave a friendly smile trotting over happy to make a new friend.

Tom took in the Omega’s appearance taking notice of the collar around his neck. He smirked noticing the tiny pajamas he was in compared to Tom’s causal clothing.

Tom leaned over surprising the omega as he sniffed at him purring at the sweet scent the omega gave off. The Omega’s collar seemed to have a dog tag with a name. 'Jon?’ he thought smiling. He also noticed the bell on it almost tempted to paw at it.

Jon’s face flushed as he finally noticed Tom’s scent. 'Oh he’s an Alpha. He smells odd… alcohol,fresh kill, and hmm..I can’t make sense of it’s Jon thought leaning over sniffing at the alpha.

He tilted his head before softly barking a greeting. He liked this alpha they smelt very nice. Jon wagged his tail feeling a heat build up in his lower body as he took in the scent of the alpha making him quiver.

Tom grinned looking into Jon’s eyes testing the omega. He purred a bit louder almost as if laughing. He leaned over licking at Jon’s ear making the Omega’s tail wag faster.

Jon’s tail raised up and his hips wiggled slightly. He’s never mated with an alpha before. Eduardo would always try to use spells to mask his scent or usually keep him inside.

Well not today since Jon had accidentally wet the carpet. He blames Mark though. The elf kept ignoring his pleas to be let out. He had been bathed and scolded by Eduardo who then made him sleep outside for the night.

Tom grinned knowing he caught the Omega’s attention. He moved circling Jon allowing his tail to trail along the other monster’s body. He licked his lips flashing his teeth to the omega who immediately laid down and rolling onto his back.

Tom smirked watching as Jon submitted to him. He moved over as Jon raised his head presenting his throat. Tom leaned over biting at Jon’s neck digging his teeth in gently to mark the other.

Jon purred tail wagging faster as he took in the alpha’s scent giving a small flinch at the bite. His cheeks flushed earning a loud purr. Tom grinned continuing to use his tail to drag along Jon’s body to convince the omega to mate with him.

Though Jon didn’t need much convincing, he was more than ready to raise his haunches for this alpha. Tom boofed gently nudging Jon’s belly. The omega rolled over standing on all fours tail wagging.

Tom grinned sniffing at Jon through his pajama pants purring at the enticing scent. The small omega shivered panting slightly pushing his hips back whining eagerly.

Tom moved a paw practically swinging to claw off the pants. Jon jumped surprised at first but he stood still as Tom ripped off his clothing. He pulled Jon into a sitting position struggling slightly to try and removed Jon’s shirt.

Jon purred laughing almost as he removed it himself having been trained by Mark and Eduardo how to dress himself. Before he could bark to Tom he was pushed onto the ground.

He looked back as Tom climbed over him placing a paw on each side purring grinding against Jon’s boxer covered end. Jon moaned pressing back against the alpha.

Tom could feel himself growing hard from the excitement. He panted loudly tongue lolling out as he leaned over playfully biting Jon’s ear earning a moan from the small omega. Tom growled licking at the ear grinding harder against Jon. Tom moved away trying to rip off his own clothing bieng very needy wanting the omega.

Jon panted face flushed, he huffed noticed Tom’s struggle. He turned around moving over helping the aloha sliding off the hoodie and his shirt leaning forward biting the Alpha’s throat gently. Tom purred face flushing surprised by the Omega’s bold action.

Jon moved sucking the spot where he bit marking Tom as a hickies began forming. Tom growling tail wagging as wild as a dog’s. Jon purred nuzzling into Tom helping the Alpha slide off his pants.

Tom grinned happy to be free of the annoying clothing. He stood again on all fours between his legs was a throbbing,violet colored cock. Along it’s shaft was a slight bump showing off the alpha’s knot. It was rather large in size making Jon gulp. It was thick too making the omega worry.

Jon turned presenting himself to Tom by raising his hips. Tom padded over biting and pulling down Jon’s black boxer shorts. He panted happily leaning over poking out his amethyst colored tongue. He moved licking at Jon’s entrance causing the omega to shiver and mewl in pleasure.

He grinned biting at Jon’s thighs next teasing the omega who whined with need. Tom moved back up licking again smirking at Jon’s tiny blue cock slid out. Tom grinned dragging his tongue across it and Jon’s slit. Jon purred loudly leaning down slightly into his paws.

Tom stuck his tongue in tasting at the Omega’s walls swirling around his tongue continuing to elicit cries of pleasure from the omega’s jaws. He repeated this a few times before finally moving away earning an upset whine. He moved up nudging Jon who laid down before rolling onto his back.

Tom purred using his hands to grab Jon’s hips pulling the omega’s entrance near his cock. He moaned and growled rubbing against the omega tempted to just slam in and go for it. He panted remaining patient unlike Jon who squirmed beneath him.

Tom smiled leaning over biting at Jon’s neck marking him back as he moved to suck planting small bites everywhere along the omega’s body and shoulders. He grinned flashing sharp fangs pushing into the omega. He moaned tail wagging eagerly as he pushed in fully.

Jon let out a moan not mind the slight sting of pain he felt. He mewled with bliss wanting the alpha above him to just thrust already. He could practically fell his walls stretching around the large cock. He felt so full and the aloha hadn’t even cum inside him yet

Tom let out a growl as he began thrusting bucking his hips slightly before speeding up growling as he started at a steady pace. Between him and Jon the air was full of growls,mewls, and grunts.

Tom moved faster practically pounding into the omega as he gripped Jon’s thighs not letting go.

He could feel their warm bodies practically mixing together as sweet trickled down his forehead. As he pounded into Tom he could feel his knot inflating causing him to whine.

Tom moved as fast and hard as he could before his knot fully formed. He gave one final thrust pushing deep into Jon causing the small omega to cry out and cum heavily. They both laid there for a moment panting before Tom moaned as his cum spurted inside the omega filling him up.

Tom flushed noticing the omega’s stomach bulging from all the cum forcing it’s way into his belly. That wasn’t all though. Tom grunted gripping Jon close to him. He whimpered feeling the first egg passing through his cock before panting as it slid into Jon.

Jon purred happily feeling the egg slide in. This followed with two more eggs the first of the two bieng very large and causing Jon’s stomach to grow even larger than it already was.

Finally the last one slid in making the both of them pant. They smiled laying there as they waited for Tom’s knot to go down. Speaking of the aloha he leaned over licking and nuzzling the omega happily comforting him as they waited. Jon simply purred enjoying their connection.

Finally a pop was heard as Tom finally grew flaccid and slipped out of the omega. He moved back watching as Jon sat up a bit of cum leaking out of him. The omega simply purred nuzzling the aloha before trotting along to his dog house tongue lolling out happily.

Tom smiled licking his ears one final time before running along hopping over the fence and into his home. 'I think I’ll stay a little longer~’ he thought walking into the house not caring that Edd and Matt began to yell at him for bieng naked and messy.


Goo dad this for you

Diamond Dogs (Part 6) [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: you wanted more, i give you more.. i got an idea for the next part

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Who knew mobsters clothes were so comfy? You certainly didn’t until this morning, when you woke up in Barry’s black button down. Blinking, you sit up in the king sized bed; velvet sheets smooth underneath your palms, like the silk dress shirt you have on. Your eyes jump around the master bedroom, taking note of the deep red walls with the soft white flooring and the chair that’s under your dress. Your dress?!

A mad blush spreads across your face, realizing this must be Barry’s bedroom. The click of a door opening makes you pull the black button down over your bare thighs protectively. But the door to the bedroom never swings open. Instead, the mob boss struts from the hallway that’s to your right in nothing but a scarlet towel, hair dripping in his eyes. So it’s his bathroom…that makes more sense.

“Sleeping beauty’s awake, I see.” he smirks, continuing to walk towards the dark wood dresser that’s opposite to the bed. You play with the hem of your (his) shirt, shamelessly staring at how the muscles in his shoulders move. “Now that you’re awake, we need to discuss something.” he says nonchalantly, sliding his seven rings on his long digits.

Raising an eyebrow, you crawl to the end of the bed, sitting back on the heels of your feet. “What?” you ask softly; hands coming to rest on your naked knees. Due to the three top buttons being undone, your breasts slightly peek out of the black shirt.

Barry spins around, grinning at how close you are. “We’re going to a party tonight. I need to meet with a client of mine; Jax.” We? As in, you and him? “And I want you, my pretty little thing, to wear this.” He rocks the ruby red jewel ring in between his thumb and index finger, other rings on him lacking in elegance.

Crinkling your eyebrows in confusion, you tilt your head. “Why…?” you quip, eyes following the trail of water down his abs. Okay, do mob boss’ have time to work out? Cuz he sure as hell looks like he does.

A chuckle bubbles from his plump lips and he grabs your right hand. “Because, my babydoll,” he hums, green eyes twinkling in the dark as the cool ring slips on your ring finger, “I want everyone to know you…” he leans his face forward, lips barely touching your jawline, “belong to me.” He nips at your skin, dropping your hand. You gulp, watching Barry pull away. “We understand each other?” he states in a strict tone, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes.” you pant, twisting the ring nervously. With a curt nod, the mob boss faces the dresser once again, sorting through the variety of shirts. “Barry?” you ask timidly, standing up on your knees. He hums in response, yanking out a simple white button down to wear tonight. “Is… Is Z-Zolomon going to be there?” you ask, unsure if you said his name right.

Barry’s hands let go of his shirt, allowing it to fall on top the dresser while he turns to you. “Zolomon isn’t gonna come within a ten foot fucking radius to you, understand me?” he demands, digits digging into your waist over the shirt. You bite back a whimper, seeing his eyes darken, and nod. “Good.” he praises, nibbling the inside of his cheek, “Shower’s all yours, doll face.” he tilts his head to the bathroom, patting your upper thigh.

Blushing, your knees indent the bed as you crawl to the side, giving him a clear view of your bare ass. You hear him suck in a breath as you head toward the bathroom. “Little minx…” he mutters under his breath, reaching for his shirt; you giggle quietly, fingers clutching the white door frame. “Yeah, you heard me! Shower.” he scoffs, pointing his ring finger; you pout slightly but close the door.

Barry sighs, letting his towel fall to his feet before shrugging on his shirt. He doesn’t button it yet. Instead, he grabs his phone, unlocking it and pressing a contact. He slides his tongue in between his teeth, listening to it ring, glancing at the bathroom door, making sure the shower is running before speaking. “Listen Hunter, you come near my girl, I end you right then and there. Got me?”

You Are Not Alone For Christmas

Destiel + Dean opening his cafe for the homeless and lonely for a few hours on Christmas day :)

Sam’s coming over from California with his girlfriend for Christmas and Dean’s excited. Though he’ll only have them over once he’s finished his morning shift at his small independent café. He’s made a pot of coffee, plenty of breakfast items and put out a sign saying ‘Open on Christmas 9-12 for those who’ll otherwise be alone. Treats and coffee on us.’

It makes him feel good, helping other people. Running his own café doesn’t always feel that way but when Christmas rolls around, it’s his chance.

He’s not sure if people will come, if people will be too shy to enter or feel like they can’t. The door is open, and whilst it’s letting in the stiff chill drift in.

It’s only half an hour and two cups of coffee later when Dean notices a movement by the door. A man around Dean’s age peeks in looking nervous.

“Have a seat, I’ll grab you some coffee and breakfast!” Dean calls, trying to entice the man in. He sees him flinch at his words but the man comes in anyway and seats himself at a booth in the corner.

He pours a generous mug of coffee and places it on a tray with milk and sugar and two slices of toast.

“Hey, name’s Dean, I have coffee and toast. Choose anything off the menu and I can cook it up for you.” Dean says cheerily, decanting the tray onto the table and watching as the man wraps his fingers around the warmth.

“I’m Castiel.” He replies quietly. “Are you sure I can choose anything? The toast is more than enough.”

Dean’s heart drops to his stomach and he slides into the booth opposite. Castiel has roughed up hair and sad blue eyes, he seems like a good person, innocent and undeserving of what the world has thrown at him.

“Anything – Happy Christmas, Castiel.” Dean reassures. “You know the mega breakfast has always been a favourite of mine,” He adds – it’s also one of the most expensive on he menu and hope it encourages him to choose anything.

Dean sees a few more people wandering in, some looking more haggard than others. He suspects some of them are homeless, or don’t have much to go home to, but he’s not here to judge – he’s here to lend a friendly face and a hearty meal on a good day.

After handing out coffee and toast to the new customers, Dean heads back over to Castiel who’s still sat quietly in the corner. No one has joined him but he doesn’t look overly bothered.

“Made your decision?” Dean wonders.

“I’m torn between blueberry pancakes or the bacon and maple waffles.” He squints at the menu as of its offended him and tilts his head. From Dean’s standing point it’s warming to see such an expression on the man’s face.

“I can do you both?” Dean suggests. Castiel’s eyes shoot up to him, a small smile curving at the corner of his lips.

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Tuck Me In

He runs his hands over his face in exhaustion. He didn’t know the last time he slept. He doesn’t usually bother unless he has Caroline by his side. He slaps a hand across his face to wake himself up. 

It had been months since he last saw his brother. Months of endless searching by him, Bonnie and Caroline and still nothing. They didn’t have a clue where he was. It was enfuriating as hell and all breadcrumbs they seemed to follow just lead to another trail of dead (bodied) ends.

He pinches the bridge of his nose before drawing his attention back to the laptop on the kitchen table in front of him, where it displayed yet another news story of an accumulation of dead bodies believed to be the work of a serial killer.. or two.

Suddenly he feels delicate hands fall on his shoulders. He closes his eyes in bliss as the corners of his mouth twitch upwards. Hands gently slide down caressing his chest as a blonde blur of curls fly down in front of him. Her upside down face hovers a breath away as she leans over him, beaming smile and all. His own smile spreads across his cheeks as his hands move to cover hers that remain in position on his chest.


“Hey”. Without another thought he tilts his head slightly to capture her lips with his own. When they finally pull away she giggles uncontrollably before standing straight.

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First Imagine.! Collar Bones (Andy Biersack)

You stand in the line at Black Veil Brides meet and greet. You nervously bite at your bottom lip, fumbling with the cd in your hand. You reach the table where your immediately confronted by CC. You smile and hand him your cd. He smiles and signs it, passing it down to Jake who takes turns with Jinxx signing it.

They hand it back to you, and slowly move down towards Ashley and Andy. You hand Ashley your cd first and he smiles up at you.
“Your name is.?” He says while signing your cd.
“(Y/N)” You reply, looking over at Andy. You bite your lip when you see his collar bones peaking out from his shirt. Ashley hands you your cd back, giving you a warm small.
“Thank you..” You say with a small smile. You finally make your way to Andy and he smiles brightly at you. Taking your cd.

“Hey.! It’s nice you meet you.!” He says looking down signing your cd. You bite your again. “Your name is.?” He asks, looking up at you.
“(Y/N)..” You reply, trying to control your breathing. “Uhmm…” “Yus.?”“Can I touch your collar bones.?!” You blurt out, you gasp and cover your mouth. He smirks then stands up, he leans over the table.
“How about you come back to the bus with me.?” He whispers in your ear, grabbing your hand.

We start running, ignoring the yelling of the guys for Andy to come back. We make it to the bus an Andy pulls you to the back room. He smiles and his eyes fill with lust. He pins you against the wall and roughly crashes his lips into yours. Your breathe hitches an tangles your fingers into his soft black hair. He runs his hands slowly down your back, grabbing your ass. You jump and wiggle a little. He smiles an kisses down to your neck. Searching for your weak spot. You moan, tugging on his ear when he reaches the loose skin right under your ear.

He sucks an nips at it, leaving a small mark. He backs away long enough to pull your shirt off, you rip his shirt off and attack his neck slowly making your way to his collar bones. He groans an tangles his fingers in your hair. You nip and suck slightly at his collar bones, reaching down and undoing his pants. You yank them off and he slides your shorts off. He lays you on the floor an slides in hand in your panties, he kisses you softly and slips a finger into you. You bite his bottom lip and moan.

“Ad-Add another pleasssee..” You moan, tugging on his hair. He nods an adds another, starting to scissor them. You arch you back, moaning his name.
“Who got you this wet Y/N.?” He growls, in your ear. “Yo-You did..” You whimper. He groans in satisfaction. He slides your panties off along with his boxers. He places each of his hands on either side of your head and lines up at your entrance. He smirks and thrust into you. Filling you up. You gasp and grip his shoulders.
“Fa-Faster..” You breathe, he kisses you and starts to thrust faster and harder. You arch you back, screaming his name. Your legs start to shake as he brings you both pleasure. He buries his face into your neck, while groaning.

“Andyyy I’m so clooose..” You pant, he kisses your neck.
“Let it go baby..” He whispers into your ear then chuckles. You dig your nails into his shoulders as you orgasm all over his member. He bites your neck as he reaches his own orgasm. He falls on top of you then rolls next to you.
You look at him, he pushes your sweaty hair out of your face.

“So Y/N….Will you be my girlfriend.?” He says panting slightly, you nod not trusting your voice.

Try With Me

Prompt: could you possibly write something leading off the dinner in the next ep, like ali rests her hand on em’s upper thigh during the middle of the dinner.

Notes: I usually hate posting things before episodes air but I couldn’t resist this one. Sooo this is what I wish would happen on this week’s episode but will really probably not, haha. 

It should really be illegal for someone to wear a dress that short.

That’s Emily’s first thought, when she opens her front door to reveal Alison, and her brain sort of short-circuits for a minute because holy crap her legs, and there’s a little smirk on Ali’s face that tells Emily that she knows exactly what thoughts are on her mind.

“I wore this for you,” she breathes into Emily’s ear as she passes her, leaning upwards as she does and trapping Emily against the wall for a heavenly second in which she’s aware of nothing other than the scent of Ali’s perfume and the warm heat of her body before she’s gone, bouncing down the hallway and into the kitchen, and Emily can only stare after her, dumbfounded, and her traitorous eyes linger on Alison’s ass, and oh, god, she’s not going to get through this night alive.

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i’m having a lot of feelings about baker!cas right now

like after things have settled down and team free will gets some time to themselves, cas gets really obsessed with cookbooks and trying out recipes

and he and dean like to cook together a LOT, smearing pasta sauce on each other’s clothes while dean tries to drape spaghetti on cas’ nose

but the one thing cas never lets dean help with are his pies. and cas just starts making mini cherry pies one day, different cookbooks spread out all over the counter. and he doesn’t let dean touch a single one.

in fact, dean watches in horror as cas tastes each pie and throws one after another after another away.

until finally cas pauses during the taste test of one of the last mini pies, withdrawing the fork from his mouth with a small smile. and instead of throwing the pie away, he digs another bite out, brings it over to dean and feeds it to him.

‘i finally did it.’ cas says, watching dean’s lips close around the fork. 'i finally found a recipe for a cherry pie as sweet as you.’

and dean scoffs and nearly chokes because that’s the corniest fucking thing he’s ever heard. but then he looks at the way cas is smiling. and he can’t help but dip two fingers into the bright red filling and smear the stuff over cas’ lips, before kissing it off because ‘you’re pretty sweet too, cas

A Break from the Mental Torture

She stared at the wall in front of her. The same wallpaper that Charles had used in the dollhouse stared back at her. She tried to drop a mental anvil to crush the thoughts that were suffocating her mind, but it was impossible. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, that could stop her mind from racing back to what she went through during those weeks of torture. 

She jumped as she heard a noise outside her bedroom. “Mom?” she called. When no one answered, her tone of voice became more frantic. “Mom!?!”

“It’s just me,” he said, pushing the door open. He frowned when he saw how shaken she was, for absolutely no reason. Then, he forced a smile, hoping to accomplish what he came here for. In one hand, he held a box of pie. In the other, a canvas tote bag that held a jigsaw puzzle, a chess board, and a box of cards. “I brought pie and a bag of fun.”

Aria managed to form a small smile, appreciative of the gesture. “What kind of pie?” she asked.

“Key lime. Our favorite.” 

“Sounds great,” she replied, scooting closer to the wall to make room for him. 

He dropped the bag on the floor, then took the spot next to her.  He placed the pie box on the bed, opened the top, and grabbed two forks resting on the side. He handed one to Aria, and they both began to dig in. After taking several bites, he leaned over the bed and picked up the tote back. “So, what do you want to do first?” 

“I’m in the mood to beat you in a few games,” she teased, grabbing the cards out of the bag. 

Chuckling at her confidence, he dropped the bag back onto the floor. “And I’m in the mood to prove you wrong.”

It may have only been a few hours, but for those few hours, her mind finally had a break from the torture. Only Ezra knew how to do that.