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Pynch week! Day 2: Musical Au/ Pirates Au/ Superhero Au

“Are you sure you’re reading that thing right?”

“Absolutely, Jane.” Gansey declared but the look on his face told Ronan that he was just as confused as the rest of them. 

“Then where is it?” Blue gestured to the endless ocean surrounding them not a single island to be seen. Just sparkling blue. “Where is this magical treasure you’ve been going on and on about since we met.” 

Blue was the newest addition to the crew. Gansey had managed to recruit her and an old friend Henry a couple of months ago. She hailed from a clan of psychics that lived in a seaside town surrounded by forests. The very forests where they Raven crew had managed to dig up the stupid device that had told them were to find the ‘legendary’ (according to Gansey, Ronan had never heard of it before he met the loon) legendary Glendower. The Glendower supposedly had sunken when carrying a magic artifact that could grant wishes. No one new what caused the vessel to disappear or what happened to it’s crew and treasure. However, Gansey subscribed to the theory that it was all an elaborate ruse choreographed by the ship’s namesake Owen Glendower in order to keep his treasure out of the hands of other pirates. Ronan thought it was a load of bullshit.

“You’re right, Blue. I don’t see anything. Maybe you could use your psychic powers to figure out where Dick went wrong.” That earned him a glare that could kill.

“You know maybe Gansey did read it right. Maybe you just are a terrible navigator!”

“Now guys, there has to be a perfectly reasonable explai-” Gansey was cut off by a loud splash drawing their attention to the other side of the boat where Adam and Henry had been.

“Um… guys?” Henry called from his position hunched over the rail. “Can Adam swim?”

At once all three of them were by his side peering into the sparkling liquid below. None of them had ever seen him swim before. In fact Ronan had been willing to bet he had a phobia of the ocean what little time he ventured above deck was usually spent avoiding the rails like the plague. 

“Yes he can! He wouldn’t get on a boat if he couldn’t swim!” Blue didn’t seem so sure.

“What happened?” Gansey was busy scouring the waters below for a sign of their friend.

“Relax he can swim.” This was true. Adam was probably the best swimmer out of all of them but only Ronan, Noah, and Gansey were privy to that information. Once, before Blue and Henry had joined their ranks, Ronan and Noah had been participating in their favorite past time. Fighting. Sparring actually, they would never hurt a crew mate. These fights usually led to fits of laughter and throwing each other overboard. Ronan had thought it a good idea to toss Adam. He gave them quite a scare. The two were about to dive in worried for his life when he surfaced a couple yards away. He gave a rude gesture and a call of ‘Fuck you’ before turning and disappearing. He broke the surface a few times between the boat and the shore, each appearance delivering a glare. Until he was just a dot among the rocks. “Man, hes pretty fast.” Ronan had remembered commenting. “Yeah its almost as if he doesn’t even need to breath.” Noah had look rather pleased with himself like he had made the joke of a century. They had found Adam wandering around the port town a few hours later and he had refused to speak to Ronan for a week.

“He’s fine.” Noah insisted for the sixth time from his spot on the ground holding a handful of cards. He had appeared right before they all had jumped in an attempt to rescue Adam and some how convinced them to ‘wait just a little longer’

“It’s been hours.” Blue was pacing across the deck.

“He said he’d be right back.” Henry was the only one to have given into Noah’s idea of playing Go Fish while they waited but he was really just fiddling with the cards.

“Was that before or after he dove into the abyss!” Ronan was in the life boat with Gansey tied to the ship to keep them from floating away. The two were involved in a very intense staring contest with the icy waters that were beginning to turn a reddish orange in the setting sun. 

“Just a few more minuets.” 

“No Noah! He’s dead!” There was a loud noise that Ronan could only guess was the sound of Blue kicking something. Gansey let out a sigh and began climbing the ladder. “He was dead hours ago!” Ronan watched him go and debated following him.

“Who’s dead? Noah? He’s been dead for a while now. Is she just now figuring this out?” Ronan turned to the source of the whisper. 

“No she’s talking about you.” He replied to the dripping boy hanging off the side of the boat. “You drowned.” 

Adam frowned, “I can’t drown.” He flicked some water with his tail.


“What the fuck!” Ronan heard the clatter of feet on the deck above but he was too entranced by the sight in front of him.

Adam was resting off the side of the life boat gazing up at him. A blue-green tail flopping around behind him reflecting the sunset and blending in with the water below. 

“I found the Glendower!”


“I’m sorry…”

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Hi! Can you please do a hwtr to you being sad?

Ere u go pal!


- Max would try to not swear but he might slip a “cunt” in his sentence sometimes.
- To cheer you up he’d make you wear his pikachu onesie.
- Would let you play w/ his hair.
- Would dig up all his stupid hats and show them to you.
- If he had anything scheduled he would drop everything until you cheered up again.


- Will put you between his legs and put his head on top of yours while wrapping his arms around you.
- Would watch movies with you while he complains about everything to make you laugh.
- Would try to make you food but will probably do something stupid like smack his head into a cabinet so you’d have to put a bandage on his forehead.
- Will carry you around everywhere.
- He’d make you wear his stupid pajamas because you love em.


- Would sing some of his songs for you.
- Would lay in bed with you and wrap his hair af legs around yours.
- Would be playing your fav songs because he knows them out the top of his head.
- Will make u some sweet ass ramen.
- Will eat snacks together with you.
- To try and cheer you up he’d watch these weird Japanese tv commercial videos with you.

I don’t think any state building or government official should fly the confederate flag, but I think an individual should have every right to it.

Taking it off the General Lee is fucking stupid. Digging up confederate generals is FUCKING DISGRACEFUL.

Yes, the state building should take it down. You losers lost the war, don’t wave your flag around like you won, you ignorant pigeons!

But I don’t think it’s going to change anything stripping the General Lee of its iconography, and it’s really not gonna change anything to make people stop wearing belt buckles and hats and shirts and hanging flags outside their houses. For a lot of people, that flag is a part of their culture. It’s not 100% agreeable, but you know what? Suck it the fuck up. Nobody was complaining about this shit a year ago, I don’t see what the big goddamn deal is.

You people need to learn to control your feelings and GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULLS that nobody has to bend over backwards to appease you. So you’re offended, whoop-de-doo! GET OVER IT.

And just for the record: I’m from the NORTH. I’ve lived in the north my entire life. I’m not some butthurt redneck, I’m just stating a FACT that your OPINIONS aren’t important.

Americans will ALWAYS find a way trying to tell you how great guns are.

More guns, less violence?
That’s like burning your hand and going like “Woah shit, let me set it on fire one more time, that’ll heal the burn”.

I mean, how can you fight for every idiot being able to have a gun and at the same time act surprised when mass shootings at schools happen? And your solution? Punching a gun into the hands of 7-year-olds?

THAT is surely gonna solve problems.

Now wait for them to dig up several stupid made up arguments why guns are great and needed. Wait for them to find apparently trustworthy stats that show that guns will save you from getting shot.

I mean, gun control just works pretty much everywhere else but NO, I am SURE that even MORE guns would work in America because it’s so full of highly intelligent people.


Just… yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.