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March 24th 1944: The ‘Great Escape’

On this day in 1944, a group of Allied prisoners of war staged a daring escape attempt from the German prisoner of war camp at Stalag Luft III. This camp, located in what is now Poland, held captured Allied pilots mostly from Britain and the United States. In 1943, an Escape Committee under the leadership of Squadron Leader Roger Bushell of the RAF, supervised prisoners surreptitiously digging three 30 foot tunnels out of the camp, which they nicknamed ‘Tom’, ‘Dick’ and ‘Harry’. The tunnels led to woods beyond the camp and were remarkably sophisticated - lined with wood, and equipped with rudimentary ventilation and electric lighting. The successful construction of the tunnels was particularly impressive as the Stalag Luft III camp was designed to make it extremely difficult to tunnel out as the barracks were raised and the area had a sandy subsoil. ‘Tom’ was discovered by the Germans in September 1943, and ‘Dick’ was abandoned to be used as a dirt depository, leaving ‘Harry’ as the prisoners’ only hope. By the time of the escape, American prisoners who had assisted in tunneling had been relocated to a different compound, making the escapeees mostly British and Commonwealth citizens. 200 airmen had planned to make their escape through the ‘Harry’ tunnel, but on the night of March 24th 1944, only 76 managed to escape the camp before they were discovered by the guards. However, only three of the escapees - Norwegians Per Bergsland and Jens Müller and Dutchman Bram van der Stok - found their freedom. The remaining 73 were recaptured, and 50 of them, including Bushell, were executed by the Gestapo on Adolf Hitler’s orders, while the rest were sent to other camps. While the escape was generally a failure, it helped boost morale among prisoners of war, and has become enshrined in popular memory due to its fictionalised depiction in the 1963 film The Great Escape.

“Three bloody deep, bloody long tunnels will be dug – Tom, Dick, and Harry. One will succeed!”
- Roger Bushell

  • Pidge: Okay, look, I think I have a plan here. Using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.
  • Lance: Spoons?
  • Pidge: That’s it, I’m out of ideas! We’re closed. Hot air balloon? Too expensive. Giant slingshot? Too conspicuous. Enormous wooden horse? Too Greek!

Love is a wild animal it breathes you it looks for you it nests upon broken hearts and goes hunting when there are kisses and candles it sucks tightly on your lips and digs tunnels through your ribs it drops softly like snow first it gets hot then cold in the end it hurts


For some time, it was believed that the kea was a polygynous species, with a single male mating with multiple females.  That same study, however, noted that there were far more females than males in that particular area.  In reality, the kea is monogamous, with couples forming lifelong bonds.  These parrots nest in burrows beneath rocks or the roots of trees, digging tunnels up to six metres long leading down to the nest chamber.  The female is solely responsible for incubating the eggs and caring for the young chicks, while the male will bring food back for her.  The chicks become independent at around four months of age.


So you know how the main villains are all adapted of the 7 deadly sins right

And ironically it happens that all of them will follow the description of the punishments in Dante’s Inferno for each sins. (also friendly reminder Dante was the name of the villain in the first anime, I just can’t)

So, quoting the video (which is in French here) and spoiling to death :

Those who committed the sin of Pride are condemned to be constantly crushed under the weight of a rock. In FMA, Pride will end up crushed under rocks.

Those who committed the sin of Envy are condemned to have their eyes being sewed. In FMA, Envy will have his eyes being burned out multiple times.

Those who committed the sin of Wrath are condemned to have their limbs being pulled away. In FMA, Wrath lost both of his arms against Scar.

Those who committed the sin of Sloth are condemned to walk for ever without being able to stop. In FMA, Sloth spent all his life digging the tunnel.

Those who committed the sin of Greed are condemned to share the same body with people who would give everything away for others, the opposite of Greed. In FMA, Greed will then share his body with Ling, his total opposite.

Those who committed the sin of Gluttony are condemned to be bitten and eaten by Cerberus. In FMA, Gluttony will be eaten up by Pride. 

Those who committed the sin of Lust are condemned to be exposed to burning winds and to go through a wall of flame to clean themselves away from their sin. In FMA, Lust is being burnt to death by Roy

As for Father, in Alchemy it was specified that if one managed to create a Homunculus, this one would never be able to leave a little bottle, which is the case of Father. Moreover, the first man to claim having created a Homunculus was named Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus Von Hohenheim.  

Moreover, the one who ordered to create Father was the king of Xerxes who wanted to access Immortality. But his plan will turn out against him and Father will provoke his death. In our reality, Xerces is dead killed by one of his captain which plan was to take over his empire to divide it between his Seven Sons. The parallelism between Father and the Homunculus is then obvious, but the story doesn’t stop there, as the story tells that the Seven Sons had been killed as well by the Son of the King, who had for Mother the Queen Amestris

Can you hear me scream on the other side of your screen on how clever this manga is


This was my favorite part of winter as a kid. I spent endless hours by myself playing on snow piles like this, building forts and digging tunnels. I’d come home from school, bundle up, and pretend I was Steve McQueen in The Great Escape until the streetlights came on. Life was peaceful and quiet and simple. I love the snow, I love the cold, I love winter.

Photos: Adam Young

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Au where everything is normal except tallstar got his name for always standing on his back legs no matter what and no one questioned it.lol imaging that all I can think of is meerkats standing and that's how tallstar guarded his clan on patrols

dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel


Gojira - Where Dragons Dwell

“But I grow impatient
Cannot stand the wait
And I start to dig within me 
This tunnel to i In this region of me
A great dragon is lying
On the wealth of a mighty world
My own world inside.”  

Watch on davidhodali.com

ok my dog tried to leave me via digging a tunnel??? but i forgive him because look at his ears flop everywhere 

because i saw the minecraft gif again, can we all just think about FAHC Ryan Haywood, cat burglar extraordinaire. digging tunnels into banks, climbing in through windows and skylights, and on one occasion swinging in from a crane hook through a (closed) window.

also consider this alternative if we’re staying close to the original; FAHC Ryan Haywood, who thinks hes a cat burglar extraordinaire but is actually the dorkiest fuck you have ever seen because he gets too excited and isnt the most, ahem, subtle of the crew. he breaks through the floor of the bank to find 5 guards staring at him in confusion because one of them heard him humming the mission impossible theme to himself. he climbs in the support beams of the ceiling or in a duct but falls off/ through the ceiling breakfast club style. no one wants him to continue this style of burglary but who’s going to stop him when it makes him so happy, even if he gets arrested nearly every time.

Hazel: So, I’ve heard Reyna’s been pretty stressed over being the new Praetor

Frank: Yeah, at least she has Jason to help her.

Reyna: I think I have a plan here: using mainly spoons, we knockout Octavian, dig a tunnel under the city and release him into the wild .

Jason: Spoons?

Reyna: …That’s it, I’m out of ideas. We’re closed. Hot air balloon? Too expensive. Giant slingshot? Too conspicuous. Enormous wooden horse? Too Greek.

Dear Chapo Cheerleaders and Pseudo Narcos

You are not El Chapo. You don’t know him. He doesn’t know you’re alive. If he did he would probably take your cupcake ass life for being all up on his nuts. You don’t work for him. You didn’t dig him a tunnel to escape prison. You barely wanna dig in your pocket to pitch in for ONE bottle with four of your boys. Buchanan’s. You fucking hate the taste but the rest of the chiki Narcos talk about it so you drink it.

You like Corridos. Cool. Me too. You are not a narco.

You probably got one pair of Gucci frames. One fake belt. You base your entire outfit off that. Yea. No mames.

You yell shit like “FIERRO PARIENTE” in your Nissan Maxima with the check engine light on. Driving to work agitated cause your boss at Home Depot is gonna bitch you out for being late again. Then you put on that orange vest. “FIERRRROOO”

You ain’t a narco fam. You ain’t a Killa. You got drowsy and had to drink water when the nurse drew blood from you at your last check up. She gave you a lollipop cause your bitch ass sugar was low.

You never been to Sinaloa in your life. You probably don’t have a Facebook friend from Sinaloa. You live in a big city and drive 30 minutes to a Tamborazo at a “rancho”. Vaquero trucker hats and screams of “ANDO AL CIEN PARIENTE”. Then you visit your dad’s rancho in Mexico… Show up mad humble and forgot to pack your Gucci frames and belt though. Word.

You ain’t a narco homie.

And the only thing worse than a fake narco are the broads infatuated by that shit. Instagraming that bottle them four dudes bought in unison. Caption that shit “Puro VIP”. Smh. Sitting down all night. Wanna dance but they can’t cause all four dudes they came with are drunk crying at the table. Talking bout son de rancho but they microwave tortillas. Facebook status on some “tired of all these fakes”. Meanwhile she got blond hair and black eyebrows wearing a faja. Smh. Knows every Ariel Camacho song word for word. 5 years ago her ring tone was some Don Omar shit. “Daleeee…dale don Daleee”.

No mamen.

Narco shit is real. So is gangbanging. You wouldn’t act like you’re a gangbanger in Chicago or Los Angeles cause the real ones will ride on you. Narco shit is the same. You’re just doing it in the comfortable blanket of distance.

We all saw that Chapo escaped. Believe me I love to root for the underdog. Chapo is not an underdog. He’s a very powerful man. He’s done good and bad. Hate him or love him…yall cheering like he’s gonna drop off a key at the front door of the apartment that you’re late on rent at.

“watch out Trump….talk your shit now…hahahahhah” - un pendejo

Thank you for perpetuating the exact stereotype that Donald Combover mentioned.

One week it was “we are not violent..we are not criminals. We come here to work hard and honest”
Now it’s “Chapo gonna kill you puto..así somos los Mexicanos cabrón…ahuevo…jajaja”


Now go home. El Señor de los Cielos starts at 9. With ya bitch ass.