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Since Lena is a Luthor so Kara is expecting her to be good at piano or violin but Lena shows off by shredding a sick guitar solo (then smugly raises an eyebrow) and Kara couldn't find her jaw on the floor for like ten minutes.

The Luthors had her take CLASSICAL guitar.

Once she knew the basics and realized that chicks dig a nice electric guitar solo however … .

Let’s just say Kara reacts just the way she’d hoped!


What’s the opposite of hyping something up? I reversed-hyped this comeback so much because I have this vague (but very real) fear that I’m not going to like something. Anyways, let’s do this comeback review. 

1. B-Day audio. I think I prefer the audio to this one more than BB. I know, I’m surprised too. BD has a better groove and I really dig the guitars on it. It’s also a better example of how good the ikon vocals can be. This is a really good song to have blaring through your headphones as you walk through the city. 

2. Bling Bling audio. I know I just said that I might prefer BD but my favourite thing about this comeback is definitely the backing track to BB. I want to know which one of them came up with it. It’s kind of club-heist-crunky, which is my favourite kind of crunky because you can either get dirty to it at a club or make it the soundtrack to your crew robbing a bank. The problem I have is that it’s not a very tight song. There are too many parts to it. It’s a small nitpick. I still love it.

3. Hanbin. He owns this entire comeback for me. Just like I hoped and knew he would. I love his voice on BB and I don’t even know why, it’s still whiny but it’s dropped low enough to be awesome. It might one of the few times where I prefer all his parts over Bobby’s. I know I know, what the hell is happening today?! It’s opposite day or something. Next thing you know, I’m going to start posting colour. 

4. B-Day MV. It took me about 15 minutes to watch this video because had to pause it about 7 times. I’m still on pause as I’m writing this. I can’t take it. Holy shit. There are bees. Okay. No, not okay. Not okay at all. I’m not ready to talk about this yet. Maybe later. 

5. Bling Bling MV. It’s like RT part II, both in budget and concept hahaha. I swear I saw a choreo move that came straight from a previous song. Anyways, I love that bit with Donkey Kong at the end, it just makes me think that he should do a lot more dancey stuff for them. If any of you follow CWAC, please know I’m low key cackling at the car references. 

6. June. Hmm, I don’t remember allowing him to do this to me. He needs to kindly take several seats. Alternatively: he is kind of spectacular in both audio and visual form. I really don’t have time for this disrespect at the moment. The position of Korean-Male-Fucking-Me-Up has already been filled three times over.  

7. Every single guy looks and sounds great. Honestly. They all have the right hair colour and the right styling and I’m just so glad they’re back in my life. I never thought I’d get the IKON I wanted but I am! Today is the most positive day ever. Thank You Universe, you really came through. 

8. KFJ. I was whelmed. He was only okay. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do. As much as I like dogs. And I like dogs more than I like life. So basically: I’m having a coronary and he will be hearing from my lawyers. 


Hey followers! Mod Carlos here. I’m really sorry this blog has kinda fallen into inactivity lately. My depression has been getting worse, and a lot of stuff has been happening in my life, so I didn’t really have the energy to keep running this blog, Grendel and Magnus have been trying their best to keep the blog active, but they’ve been busy too. I have to thank them a lot for trying to keep this blog alive.

Anyway, I’m trying to queue some songs to revitalize the blog once again and try to recover our daily schedule. 

Enjoy his amazing track by the Australian band Taberah! A very nice upbeat power metal track with some great riffs and a very nice intro. I’m really digging their guitar work!

Captain Swan + lyrics (Modern Lieutenant Duckling/Footloose AU)
(Josh Ritter - Getting Ready to Get Down)

Mama got a look at you and got a little worried
Papa got a look at you and got a little worried
The pastor got a look and said ‘Y'all had better hurry,
Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri’

And now you come back sayin’ you know a little bit about
Every little thing they ever hoped you’d never figure out
Eve ate the apple ‘cause the apple was sweet,
What kinda God would ever keep a girl from getting what she needs

i just cant belieeevvee that its over... we were chilling out on the sofa

digging how the guitar goes..in a song that no one knows..did u lick that line urself, or did the voodoo magic help. does every1 have a different take. do u seem real but i seem fake? does every1 get hypnotized by your fire?


Electric Feel: From the Studio to the Stage with DJ and Producer Kid Koala

To see more of Eric’s studio and stage work, check out @realkidkoala on Instagram. For more music stories, head to Instagram @music.

Is your recently purchased Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer in need of love? Then perhaps you should give DJ, producer and electronic matchmaker Eric San, aka Kid Koala (@realkidkoala), a ring at his studio in Montreal.

“It’s like I have a dating service,” says Eric, about all of the randomly paired musical equipment he keeps in stock. “It’s like, this pedal sucks on just about everything except this OMNI port. It’s almost to the point where, OK, these two things are married, let’s just duct tape them together because there’s no way I want to hear those apart.”

Eric is always digging for new gear — amps, guitars, synths, pedals – mixing and matching new and old gadgets, trying to figure out which ones mesh with each other. He admits his current set up could never function as a professional studio — though it’s hard to believe him considering all of the projects he’s had a hand in.

Eric has been performing live for more than two decades. Best known for his turntable and production work with Gorillaz and Deltron 3030, he’s also written a graphic novel, designed album covers, released solo material, composed short films and created his own experimental and immersive audio projects. Mostly, he’s big on taking a standard format and flipping it on its head. That’s why he started DJ’ing in the first place — it’s an art form where you’re allowed to sample, scratch, mix and create sounds off of an already existing work.

“I was drawn to the turntable when I was 12,” he says. “It seemed to have such a wide range. That’s what was exciting to me: actually, yeah we can use it as a rhythmic adrenaline-inducing thing; we can cut funky.”

For his latest trick, Eric has embarked on an expansive stage production based in Nufonia Must Fall, a graphic novel he released back in 2003 about a robot that’s trying to write love songs but can’t sing. The project is ambitious to say the least: a reproduction performed live with puppets, filmed, then projected onto a movie screen. There are 12 people on stage throughout the performance, including a string quartet, a team of puppeteers, a camera operator, a video engineer, a sound engineer and Eric himself, who plays “a plethora of weird gizmos.”

“I have been doing gigs for 20 years now and this by far is the most dangerous show for me because so many things can go wrong; there are so many moving parts to it,” says Eric. Still, he considers the risk exhilarating: “It’s the most high-tech / low-tech show you’ve ever seen.”

For the production, he’s teamed with designer K.K. Barrett, best known for his work in films such as Her, Lost in Translation and Being John Malkovich. Eric admits his career has been full of pinch-me moments, but getting to work with K.K. ranks toward the top.

“He came to my show in Los Angeles and I met him after the gig,” he says. “A mutual friend said, ‘You two should work on a project together.’ I was like, Oh wow, what could that be?”

Eric eventually sent K.K. a copy of Nufonia. He always considered the book to be a screenplay to a silent movie. K.K. liked what he read, so the two began brainstorming ideas for a full stage show. Now they’re in the process of touring across the world. (The premiere, in Australia earlier this year, opened to favorable reviews.)

If one massive audio project weren’t enough, Eric is also workshopping something called “Satellite,” a concert series where everyone in the audience is seated at their own turntable, where they play records that have their own custom sounds and inflections.

Just like Nufonia, Satellite is about taking something already established and flipping it on its head. Because what fun is there in showing an audience something they’ve seen a million times in the past?

“In my mind, I haven’t strayed from that core motivation,” says Eric. “When I started scratching, if I were to go to a battle, whatever you do on those turntables that night, it would have had to been something that you hadn’t heard … If you gave me an hour to play records I probably wouldn’t just play one tempo the whole time. I am not that kind of DJ. I like the storytelling aspect of it and see if we can go on a little bit of an audio adventure.”

– Instagram @music


Gretsch G5422 TDC.

“Walked into a pawn shop with a buddy of mine and we came across this beauty in near mint condition. Couldn’t help myself but to plug it in and test if it sounded as good as she looked. Exceeded all expectations and walked away with a bargain. Great guitar all around, have to brush up on my country and rockabilly, but even with just some reverb on my blues deville you get a great sound, of course you get heavy feedback when you pair it with a loud tube amp (thats expected) but for the moment its fun having it around. But really digging this guitar. Sounds a lot better then a g5122 I previously had. Digging this thing.” - Raul Contreras

Listening to all of The Other Side: B Sides and Rarities for the first time
  • Ball & Chain (Prelude): This some Panic! at the Disco shit. Oh...dat riff...oh my god this is so rock n roll?
  • San Augustine: Fuck yeah? Even more rock n roll. IS NICK SINGING IN SPANISH RIP ME
  • Candycane Jane: *just crying the whole time*
  • La La Metropolitan: I wanna be a drummer now. This beat is the straight sickest. Oh my god the most soulful vocals I've ever heard
  • House Burning Down: Oh, oh, oh oh oOoh oh oh. Oh, oh, oh oh oOoh oh oh WHOA, YEAH, OH OH OOOH OH OH
  • Entropy: this entire sound is so epic and I don't know whether I'm more digging that guitar or the lyrics. THE PASSION IN NICK'S VOICE.
  • The Autopilot: Music box with 80s vibes tbh. Not sure quite what this song is supposed to mean but it's the most like current WTM I dig it
  • For All We Know: Idk if I'm supposed to wanna fight this bitch or if she's possibly dead already. Oh god those vocals.
  • The Ballad Of Sebastian Jackson: ?????? Wtf the FUck. That vioLIN. Oh this is dark. Abort, abort mission
  • Stunning, Honey (Please Stay): Oh...oh this is dirty. #sinnamonroll but also kinda sad what is going on
  • Sirens: But that guitar solo
  • Break a Heart: "I know that you love me more than you should" damn right Nicholas. Holy shit what is this sound. Oh man this is so melodic
  • Flying Through Red Lights: ...and now for something completely different
  • Long Shadow: Oh ;_; oh my god that piano TAT but tbh this melody sounds like a hymn. Right yeah it sounds like a hymn but also I'm SOBBING.

Modded Silk Purse From A Sows Ear.

“Hey y'all, just wanted to shoot through some pics of a customised Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster. These double bound models are fantastic stock standard but this was just crying out to be modded.

"Frankie”, the Disastercaster.

Mods include neck swap out for a 22 fret Mighty Mite with jumbo style headstock, P-90 style neck pickup, Brierley (Australian Pickup Manufacturer) Early Vintage 50’s bridge pickup, control plate swap around, pots and capacitors changed, and of course, the Bigsby B5. Hope you dig.“ - blackcatboneguitars



We do dig.