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return of my favorite trade days booth!! the owners are a couple who have backpacked across most of the world together, ridden sharks, and excavated thousands of fossils and artifacts from dozens of dig sites. they make segments of meteorites and ammonites into jewelry. last time i was here, a cicada jumped into the middle of one table and the guy carefully scooped it into his palm and placed it in a tiny cage from ~200 BCE rome, saying that “at night, it’ll sing!” and promising to release it soon so it can go get food. his wife was involved in the discovery of the megalodon and has singlehandedly located and brought back 6 of their teeth. neither of them are anything remotely approaching real human beings

One of the reasons Jurassic Park holds up so well is its use of practical effects in addition to CGI. Animatronics were used to achieve lifelike close-ups of giant dinosaurs, actors in raptor costumes created their iconic movement, and Sam Neill was used to simulate Harrison Ford. Everything about Dr. Alan Grant screams Harrison Ford except the “not being played by Harrison Ford” part. Not that they didn’t try.

On the page, Dr. Alan Grant is an oddly specific character – one who seems slightly familiar. Despite being a paleontologist, he isn’t your typical ivory tower academic. He’s a “barrel-chested,” rough-and-tumble paleontologist “you wouldn’t want to get in the way of.” A colleague calls him “a digger,” meaning the only thing that matters to him is being out on site, digging for an ancient find. When he’s running for his life, we find out he’s so good at derring-do that you’d think he was tenured by the Department of Jungle Survival.

Does that remind you of anyone? Say, a rough-and-tumble archaeologist who is only happy while running for his life through a jungle? Someone with a pretty dope hat?

5 Famous Roles Obviously Written For A Different Actor

Treasure hunting villagers 'dig up 500kg of Qing dynasty coins' near river in China

Treasure hunting villagers ignored police to dig up over 500kg of Qing dynasty coins near a river in southeast China, according to local news reports.

The antique coins were uncovered without permission by pensioners and children in a mass dig near Gan River in Xingan county, Jiangxi province. Villagers occupied a 30 square metre area of riverbank to dig for artefacts.

Local police had to bring in 20 reinforcements the following day to cordon off the area and authorities plan to carry out a further archaeological dig at the site, a provincial news site reported.

Inscriptions on the coins suggest they date back to the 1700s, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty, an official is reported to have said. Read more.

I read a lot, too—pretty much anything I could get my hands on, from dad’s history books to fantasy novels—because I spent a lot of time sitting around in hotels and airports and dig sites in foreign countries where I didn’t know anybody. (Carter’s POV, The Red Pyramid, p.2).

  • headcanon that after Carter and Annabeth meet in The Crown of Ptolemy (which I haven’t read yet oops) they exchange book recs regularly bc they’re both Nerds™
  • and Carter always makes sure that the books he recommends to Annabeth are available in audio format bc he’s aware of her dyslexia
  • and their shared reading always ends up in intellectual debates
  • #CarterKaneAndAnnabethChaseAsBookBuddies2k16
Mass Effect and Chill?

Shepard: Save the galaxy and chill?

Garrus: Calibrations and chill?

Tali: Fleet and Flotilla and chill?

Ashley: Poetry and chill?

Kaidan: Steak Sandwich and chill?

Wrex: Explosions and chill?

Liara: Prothean Dig sites and chill?

Jack: Murder shit and chill?

Jacob: Kill my dad and chill?

Miranda: Hey I’m genetically engineered….and chill?

Grunt: What is chill?

Samara: Kill my daughter and chill?

Thane: Meditate and chill?

Legion: Geth consensus suggests chill?

Kasumi: Steal shit and chill?

Joker: Snarky comment and chill?

EDI: Murder all humanity and chill? …that is a joke.

James: Push-ups and chill?

Javik: I am better than all of you…and chill?

Harbinger: I am beyond your comprehension….and chill?

Imagine that you're an archaeologist who's working on an ancient Celtic dig site.

Imagine that you’re an archaeologist who’s working on an ancient Celtic dig site. 

You find a necklace buried deep in the ground and you show it to your supervisor. He says it’s worthless and they have many more like it. You can keep it, he says, so you go back to work with the necklace around your neck. you keep it on every day for 5 months you love it so much and one day you notice a small bump. You press down on it wondering what could have caused it. 

You ignore the small bump, and having decided that you’ve just put on some weight you go to work like normal. 

1 month later when you begin to get worried. The bump is getting bigger and bigger and you don’t know what has caused it when you feel something inside. it was a kick! you realise that you are pregnant and you are very scared. you decide to take the necklace off for the first time since you found it and suddenly the bump disappears! 

You put the necklace back on and almost immediately you belly swells up again. over the next few months you wear the necklace on and off, enjoying being able to come home, put the necklace on and feel the weight of your huge, round belly. you feel so swollen now that you can barely move and you love it. you spend most days in bed with the necklace on and your gigantic belly stretched out in front of you.


Waco Mammoth National Park, Waco, Texas. February 2017. 

In the late 1970′s, a couple of teenage boys were searching a creek bed for arrowheads on a dairy farm in Waco, Texas. They discovered an unusually large bone that turned out to be the femur of a Columbian Mammoth. This initial find led to the discovery of the largest Nursery Herd of Columbian Mammoths found in the U.S.. Eventually 24 individuals were identified. Most of the fossils have been removed, but several mammoths have been left in situ (as well as the skeleton of an American Camel) and are protected from the elements inside a dig shelter. Tours are readily available for the public to visit the dig site and see the mammoths.

Columbian mammoths were larger than Woolly Mammoths, reaching 13 feet or more at the shoulder and weighing 20,000 lbs.

I lied, my favorite line from any video game is in Rise of the Tomb Raider when Lara scoffs at some soviet miners who accidentally unearthed and ancient ruin and she’s like “clearly it was not professional archeologists who excavated this dig site” like every ancient ruin she steps foot in doesn’t blow up with her in it or something 


Epona Digging Sites

Butter Hill (Roman amphora pieces)

X: 91, Y: 344
X: 93, Y: 350
X: 97, Y: 353
X: 97, Y: 350
X: 94, Y: 358
X: 89, Y: 346
X: 86, Y: 348
X: 80, Y: 355
X: 87, Y: 352
X: 89, Y: 354
X: 85, Y: 356
X: 83, Y: 351

Shipwreck Shores (Spy glass)
X: 44, Y: 323
X: 48, Y: 327
X: 44, Y: 329
X: 56, Y: 322
X: 61, Y: 318
X: 56, Y: 325
X: 62, Y: 325
X: 66, Y: 325
X: 61, Y: 329
X: 64, Y: 333
X: 68, Y: 336
X: 60, Y: 332

Mirror Marshes (Silverware)
X: 113, Y: 311
X: 121, Y: 328
X: 128, Y: 329
X: 109, Y: 322
X: 134, Y: 329
X: 141, Y: 327
X: 148, Y: 329
X: 155, Y: 331
X: 155, Y: 328
X: 154, Y: 324
X: 158, Y: 321
X: 156, Y: 314
X: 148, Y: 317

The Eastern Slopes (Sword)
X: 171, Y: 290
X: 175, Y: 286
X: 176, Y: 282
X: 178, Y: 277
X: 161, Y: 279
X: 161, Y: 274
X: 169, Y: 281
X: 171, Y: 271
X: 170, Y: 276
X: 174, Y: 270

I’ve most likely missed some spots, but I think I got most in general

i was asked by @misfitreindeer to make a post about skeletons and debunk a lot of typical transphobic myths about how, y’know, females look like X and males look like Y and that everything works in 100% black in white but it doesn’t actually

and it’s important to know that while i’m an anthropology student, my main focus has been on forensic anthropology so we’re not talking about cavemen here. we’re talking about anatomically modern humans. (although i do know a little about cavemen because my overall degree will be in anthropology)

i’ve taken most of my classes focusing on the actual bones, i’ve worked with actual human bones, a lot of which were people who had been murdered, some which were still under investigation. i’m entering my 2nd term of my junior year as i’m making this post and the only forensic anthro/anthro classes i have left to take are ones that aren’t my field (cultural/linguistic anthropology, museum curation, working on dig sites with archaeology students) and a shitload of chemistry.

so while yes i don’t have my degree yet i’m studying this right now, i’m learning the newest available information at my university, and i’m asking a lot of questions because i’m so fascinated by this field

so i’m going to just give you a gigantic infodump of what i know. i’ll also put up pics of bones, not graphic scary things i promise.

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how do you find the pictures you post?

whenever i get nostalgic, i search online for whatever i’m thinking of, whether it be a specific item or a broad term. i mostly use websites that sell things (i love ebay). i just dig and dig through various sites and listings until i find a picture that looks warm and soft, or otherwise appealing, to me. ♡ i save all the links/pictures for later use and they gradually just build up! i’m veeery picky about what i decide to post, so compiling pictures takes quite a lot of time, haha. which is why i don’t post as often as i’d like to. this blog requires lots of effort and time on my part to create the perfect nostalgic atmosphere to me. it’s made with love and care! :-) ♡

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What do you think "you see but do not observe" means?

Hi, Lovely! It means one sees what’s on the surface but they’re not seeing the finer details that lead to the answers!