dig rat


me: ive seen a grown man eat vomit and dig dead rats out of the garbage to cook. a twink with a kitchen knife and some fake blood doesnt spook me 

I was tagged by @bodhi-imperial do this ‘get to know me’ thing and thought it might be fun! I’m not gonna tag anyone but any of you guys (particularly those who I always see reblogging and liking my stuff (yes I notice you)) can do it and let me know!

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 (or less.. or none.. or.. all ??) blogs you want to get to know better!

•nickname: a lot of people I know call me by my surname cos they’re posh but I generally go by Abi or Squiddie online
•star sign: Capricorn! I’m actually not that into the astrology stuff but I’m insanely loyal to my mbti (ENTP)
•height: 5′4" (I’m not that short IM ABOVE AVERAGE HEIGHT)
•time right now: 10.11 pm
•last thing you googled: capital punishment in France…did you know that they only stopped using the guillotine in 1977?!
•fave music artist: woodkid, miike snow or troye sivan
•song stuck in my head: literally all of the Hamilton soundtrack
•last movie i watched: the Lego batman movie (twice in two days) (it’s great)
•last tv show i watched: shadowhunters
•what i’m wearing right now: batman pyjamas and a dressing gown with my pet rat Bucky in it
•when i created this blog: I got tumblr in like 2013 but I never really had a 'proper blog’ until this one in December
•the kind of stuff i post: anything star wars that doesn’t have jyn in it, fics i like, the usual star wars trash can shit
•do i do asks regularly: umm I don’t really send many asks but I answer as many as I can!
•why did i choose my url: it was literally the day after rogue one came out and I panicked because I wanted to make a bassian blog but I didn’t know if anyone else would ship it so I just chose something that sounded alright
•gender: the least feminine girl you’ll ever meet
•hogwarts house: slytherin and proud (legit have t shirt, socks, sticker collection etc that people have given me because they know I’m a lil shit)
• pokémon team: Instinct whoop whoop
•favorite color: i guess the honest answer is I don’t have a favourite colour because I’m not six years old (I love you if you know what that’s a quote from)
•favorite characters: Bodhi and Cassian obviously…other faves include Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham, Theon Greyjoy from asoiaf/game of thrones and Angel (Warren Worthington III) from x men
•dream job: research scientist (marine biology) and author on the side
•number of blankets: not many but one is to me what most people’s teddy they had when they were 2 is to them
•followers: oh shit I’ll check bare with…2819! And I love every single one of you!


Ghostly steps echoed across the old pavement of the ancient city. The streets were deserted safe for one or two stray rats digging through abandoned trash cans. It was this strange hour of night between three and four in the morning when most party goers had already fallen into their hotel beds and the earliest workers had not risen yet. Later in the day every inch of this place would be bustling with tourists, food stands and pigeons picking at ice cream cone crumbs. These walls had surely seen a lot in their days already.

Although Asmodeus thoroughly enjoyed the hot hustle and bustle of the day time, he found that Rome, as many old cities, unfolded its particular charm best at night. When the moonlight illuminated all the little cracks in marble pillars and cobblestones that had seen the centuries pass by, and the air was so quiet that he could hear the wind rustling through the treetops.. But wait. Wasn’t there also something else?

The demon could hear the hushed whispers and sense the presence of at least two people just around the next building. How did that saying go again? Something about curiousity, satisfaction and a cat. Asmodeus smiled to himself as he stepped around the corner.

The sight of two men greeted him then, standing closely together in what looked like a terribly intimate embrace. But those were hardly two of your average lovebirds meeting under the romantic light of street lanterns at night.

.“Oh. I apologize. I did not realise this alley was taken. Don’t you be bothered by me.”

Beyond the wire

The top of the carrot, blackened by frost, poked just above the frozen ground. As soon as he saw it, Harry Wu dropped to his knees and scraped for it until his fingers bled. After 18 months in one of China’s laogai (“re-education through labour”) camps, hunger consumed him. Already he had sampled the half-rotten roots of cabbages left in the ground, and learned to dig into rat-holes to find stores of grain. In another hole he found a tangle of hibernating snakes, pulled them out, bit off their heads, skinned them and boiled them up for that wonderful, near-forgotten taste of meat.

He had learned to fight, too. When he took off his glasses he no longer looked like the intellectual he was. He was ready to beat up anyone who challenged his theft of a hardwotou bun or a piece of salted turnip, aiming his punch straight for the nose or the eyes so that his assailant wouldn’t try twice. The camp had made an animal of him, throwing desperate creatures together as, when a boy, he had put ferocious yellow ants and black ants in a bottle and watched them kill each other. In his case, his fall into barbarity had not taken long.