dig rat

Does anyone else have family memes?

Like in jokes, but done like spoken memes.

For years and years in my family, the saying “it’s a piece of cake” has been met with “no it’s not, it’s a road roller!”, a reference to a kids show about builders, Dig and Dug.

When asking about where some something is from, the response sequence goes “from the shop". “From the farmer.” “”, a reference to a song by kids band the Hooley Dooleys.

When asking what you want on a sandwich, or what sort of sandwich you’re making you’re making, the response can be “A lettuce. Lettuce. And Lettuce sandwich”, quoting Rat in the Bananas in Pyjamas computer game, from a mini game where you chose what to put on a sandwich. It was very amusing to choose the same thing thrice when we we’re kids thanks to the way he’d say it.

It’s been well over a decade since we’ve heard any of the source material but the family memes keep going.

Anyone else have this sort thing going on in their families?


me: ive seen a grown man eat vomit and dig dead rats out of the garbage to cook. a twink with a kitchen knife and some fake blood doesnt spook me 

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🍀 still dont have pc set up. spent a full day looking for my additional pc stuff, turns out it was in williams room the entire time. we wont have wifi until tomorrow yet either

🍀 had first night in new house. my bed does not have stairs to climb in and also is filled with stuffed toys

🍀 #pet death #rat death #animal death i just spent several hours digging up my rats remains. i found 2/3 of them and got a good amount of bones and one skull

(wife me up Scotty also I’m mobile so make this look pretty thanks) @bardolctry

  • Name: amBROsia
  • Age: 25 tomorrow boyo
  • How well do we know each other?: we don’t
  • Do you have a pet name for me?: daddy dre (YES I ORIGINATED THIS)
  • Do I have a pet name for you?: bae, queen of universe
  • Are you attracted to me?: does a bear sing in the woods (yes)
  • Why do you want to marry me?: I am very intere$ted in your per$onality and di$po$ition $$$
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?: small like ur d…negative qualities
  • Do you see children in our future?: u are a child so yes
  • Pros: i dig the braided rat tail

application pending. souless ginger weasel, 14/10 politically savvy af

dipper is the only one who’s figured out there’s treats buried in the dig box ;)

i believe the only reason Levi is short in canon is purely because of malnutrition of living in the under ground (assuming hes been their most his life) and since caffeine doesn't stun growth i cant blame the black tea but then again i know nothing about tea or if the rumor of caffeine stunting growth is true or not and i don't think Levi had any tea till he joined the scouts anyways lol.

BUT I like the idea that modern!au Levi would actually be around Eren’s canon height (like around 5'6") that is if the au has Levi being properly raised with descent everyday meals growing up and so on. basically if Levi isn’t a ‘street rat’ digging through garbage i think Levi would be a decent height while still being shorter than eren (not talking about fanon!older eren because that’s a different topic/headcanon/theory i have that involves eren not being the 6 foot whatever everyone makes him to be at 18-20+ years.) 

The Lords Prayer

Our Helix,

Who art in fossil.

Hallowed be your shell,

Your evolution come,

Your will be done

In Kanto, as it is in Sinnoh

Give us this day our daily gym badge,

And forgive us our start spam,

As we have forgiven those who pressed down on the ledge,

And lead us not into the way of the domed one,

But deliver us from Eevee.

For thine is the move-set, the rare candy,

and the SS Anne ticket.


Book Of Helix

Oh Sweet Helix