dig rat

I don’t have any photos of my first two rats - My first was Pepper, a big lazy black boy. I brought him home from the shelter in a hat, and he used to fall asleep on my mom’s lap on the front lawn.

I only had Rocket for a few weeks because the poor little champagne baby had wet tail and we couldn’t save him.

Then there was Sugar.

Sugar was my baby. I fell in love with her when she was so little ans scared that all she did was sit in my hand and shake. And she grew up into the most loyal, personality-filled pet a kid could have. She fetched, she tormented the (100 pound) dog, she escaped one weekend I was away and my parents couldn’t catch her but she came running as soon as I got home. She came when I tapped a pattern on the floor, but ONLY to me. If she was on someone elses’ shoulder and I walked by, she would leap onto me. She stole stuff, she loved to be tossed in the air, she knew how to open her cage, and how to jump on juice boxes to get the juice out. I will forever have a place in my heart for spunky little rats with white forehead spots, because of her.

My next rats were a trio - Cassie (Sandcastle) was a big bear of a rat, forever good-natured and patient and with an unparalleled love of chasing feathers. Would take treats and stash them i the litter box for ages, never realizing I was just taking them back and giving her the same treats over and over.

Spotnick was so named because she came off adventurous at first, but she was a huge scardy-cat, and never trusted anyone but me to really handle her. Her trademark pose was just her nose and tail peeking out of a tissue box. She was forever hiding in an awkward-to-reach spot and making me panic thinking I’d lost her.

And then there was Squirt. Always tiny, and always full of spunk, she once managed to steal an entire package of milkbones an stash them in my sock drawer. She was forever pulling this trick to drink out my cups, and her sisters (Cas and Spot) never did figure out why their significantly heftier butts could never copy her without knocking the glass over. She used to run along at my heels when I walked around my room and never found a pocket she didn’t like.

A rescue-rat, Tai (or Tainy) was also a small rat, and was more commonly known as “The Pest”, Spotnick was the only older rat who ever had the patience for her antics. She stole things like a magpie, and was forever in your face, poking her pointy nose into whatever you were doing - or running off to explore places she wasn’t supposed to. I have very few photos of her because she was ever busy- she never stayed still.

Also a rescue, Gypsy was ever-calm, refused to drink out of a water bottle, and was more cuddly than many of my other girls.

Robbie(right) and Jakjak were a funny pair of sisters. Jakjak was a bit skittish  and always liked to nibble fingers a touch harder than was polite, and trick you into letting her go if she didn’t want to be caught, but she trusted ME, and had an adventurous streak that was fun to watch.

Robbie (Robin Hood) was a whiner (squeaked like crazy when Jak groomed her), but smart, and liked to both adventure and snuggle; she came to school with me a few times and always just fell asleep in my (or someone elses) sleeve.

For how similar they sometimes acted (and according to everyone else, LOOKED, even though I dont think they looked anything alike), they quarreled often and decided they didn’t want to live together int heir senior years.

Toby’s breeder told me he liked to he HIGH, and she was right - if he could climb something, he would. I once watched him scale my closet organizer to the top shelf. He would climb up to my desk then manage to ratty-parkour his way across three pieces of furniture to my bookshelf. He was forever a squeaker, and liked to scream when picked up in the hope you would let him go - the most adventurous male I’ve met, he was always trying to find a way to bust through the barriers I used to keep him in rat-proofed areas (and often succeeding).

Koda was my big squish (I could barely hold him with two hands without rat spilling over. he was BIG). He started as the smallest of his group (him, Toby and Badger came from the same breeder) but wound up the biggest. He was a big lazy snuggler, and when let out to free-range, was more likely to beg for a few treats then immediately find somewhere to sleep. His brothers would be exploring and he’d be napping in my laundry basket. I took him to stores and on walks all the time because he would stay in my hood, or in a purse and just chill.

And then there was Badger.

Ever since Sugar, I’d wanted another rat that got into my heart the same way she did. I swear it’s something about that white forehead mark, because I finally got my wish. I’ve loved all my ratty babies, but Sugar was Special, and Badger was too. From his gorgeously mismarked coloring to his dumbo ears, he stole my heart when I first saw him. And he kept it.

Because he LOVED to cuddle. He’d follow me around, begging to be picked up, he’d lay on my lap and nudge me if I stopped petting him. He loved riding around on my shoulder. He gave you kisses while you pet him. I once fella sleep while I had him out, and instead of wandering off into the apartment, when I woke up, he was snuggled into the side of my neck, napping with me. He loved every second of attention he got.

Badger passed away yesterday. He was my last rat.

I’ve developed an allergy to them, and I feel like I need to move on to rat-less stages of my life. But Badger, well, I’m glad HE was the last - my rat-love has been FULFILLED. I don’t plan on getting any more rats for a long time, if ever, so I’m glad my last rat was a REALLY REALLY good rat.

I mean, they were ALL good rats. I feel like, when you grow up with pets, you learn just as much about life from them as you do from other people, and I’ve learned a LOT from my rats.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that rats are some of the most amazing, charismatic, lovable animals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

And to all my ratty babies, I guess what I’m trying to say is Thank You.

Mechanicsburg Mouseworld

I’m going to blame @bookshelfpassageway for making me think about this.

Mechanicsburg is heavily implied to have a fully functional Mouseworld going on. The mice in the Red Cathedral especially (they have knives) but also the rats (the boy who digs up a dead rat assures Krosp, in the novel, that he was an out of towner and no one will ask questions). The birds are sometimes seen reading maps and smoking cigars.

We don’t see any mice in the Castle and I don’t blame them, what with the venemous rafter toads, etc, although the Castle claims “ghostmaker mice” could have infected Tarvek with Chromatic Death. No word on whether those are smart mice.

The nyar-spiders (Mechanicsburg Variegated Knife and Fork Spiders) are ambiguously smart. They do use cutlery.

The mimmoth armour might just mean someone decided to armour mimmoths at random, but might also imply mice riding into battle alongside Mechanicsburg’s other residents at least once.

(I don’t get the impression that the humans in Mechanicsburg never kill mice so much as that… well, the monsters in the tunnels kill humans sometimes if you intrude into the wrong place at the wrong time. Just be smart around the species bigger than you and you’ll be fine.)

Then you’ve got to take into account that Agatha’s recently introduced the dingbots who are like a tiny, Heterodyne-devoted kingdom of their own. But they’re mouse-sized. If there are mouse-houses, let alone mouse-workshops, under Mechanicsburg’s floorboards they’re bound to stumble on them.

The first test of whether a large society of clanks can live peacefully alongside more organic constructs is possibly going to be Smol.

Journey's End [Tuesday, August 15 at 6:00 PM Server]

Journey’s End is a market run from the home of Solene Cloudsorrow. Open on Tuesdays or by request, the market features a colorful cast of merchants with unique areas of expertise. On Tuesday, August 15, our available regulars will be: Maelitaj Rimesong, Myaerya Rimesong, Shaloviska Hateweeper and Solene Cloudsorrow.

For a complete list of regular merchants, see: Journey’s End: Cast.

Each week, a limited selection of specials will be available in addition to the wares for the week. The wares for the week will not be priced till the day of the market to ensure they, too, are cheaper than the Auction House. On Tuesday, August 15, here are our specials!

Amulet of the Moon

Celebrate all the phases of the moon by wearing this beautiful moonstone pendant. Every customer who purchases an Amulet of the Moon will receive a YCH painting of their character wearing it by Auorora. Shown below.

Cost: 35,000g

Necklace of the Deep

Surround your neck with the black pearl-studded tentacles of this covetous denizen of the deep. Every customer who purchases a Necklace of the Deep will receive a YCH painting of their character wearing it by Nyxandriel. Shown below.

Cost: 35,000g

Picnic Basket for Two

Impress your someone special with a picnic for two! Set the mood with a dozen starlight roses, then start the night off right with a bowl of nightfin soup. A hearty helping of bear tartare with a side of noodles with shaved zangar truffles will surely fill you up, but save room for dessert. There is a heaping portion of sweet rice and berries in balsalmic cream to share. Every customer who purchases a basket will be entered in a raffle for a YCH painting of their picnic by Lesley Lycanthropy. Shown below.

Cost: 5,000g

Ribs and Shrimp Platter

Enjoy a rack of black pepper ribs and three bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp, but don’t forget your vegetables! A side of delicious cabbage kimchi is included. For dessert, try your luck with two fortune cookies.

Cost: 200g


Give the gift of respect by sending someone you admire this decorative vase. A hardy white carp swims beneath a carpet of sorrowmoss. Topped off with one of the secrets of Pandaria, the vase is wreathed in fragrant green mist. [S/S Jademist Dancer, Sorrowmoss and Tiny White Carp]

Cost: 15,000g

What’s in the Box?

Every customer who spends 10,000g or more will be free to take a new companion from the box by the door. This week, the box contains a litter each of Dig Rats and Sneaky Marmots. If the customer spent 25,000g or more, they may take one of each.

You can find Journey’s End at the location shown below.


me: ive seen a grown man eat vomit and dig dead rats out of the garbage to cook. a twink with a kitchen knife and some fake blood doesnt spook me 

Sensorial Jerboa

I am taking a break from painting imagined birds for a bit and instead taking a stab at painting imagined rodents. He isn’t too complex colour wise, but I was pleased with the textures and his silhouette. He’s kinda creepy cute.

Hope ya dig!

The History of Twitch Plays Pokemon

So I LOVE Twitch Plays Pokemon, and alot of people don’t know why. The stream itself is pretty boring, but all the lore behind it is what makes it so great. So here it is, the entire history of the journey. Hopefully reading this will help you understand why it’s so beloved.

The History of Twitch Plays Pokemon

This started as a simple social experiment of people trying to overcome their differences, and thus work together. Here’s how it works. There is a live-stream of a hacked version of Pokemon Red, that is controlled by a robot. The robot in turn accepts commands from the chat, the accepted commands are up, down, left, right, B, A, and Start. Because of this, the game is controlled by numerous people at once. The team who controls Red is often referred to fans as The Hivemind as they collectively try to bring him to his goal. While it started slowly, it garnered a massive following, sometimes having over 100,000 watchers simultaneously, making doing just about anything an arduous task.

The beginnings of the adventure aren’t well documented, due to the small number of viewers early on and the fact that the early days were not recorded. What is known is that the character’s name is Red, and he started with a Charmander, that was named ABBBBBBK (.The fans decided to refer to her as Abby. The character stumbled his way through the early game, picking up two Rattata. The first of which had no nickname, while the second was named JLVWNOOOO. He was called Jay Leno by the fans. They also picked up a Pidgey, which also received no nickname. Brock was disposed of at an unknown time.

Red eventually made his way Route 3, where he found, and somehow caught a Spearow. He headed into Mount Moon, where he found a Moon Stone, and a Nugget. Unfortunately, both were tossed and the fans were outraged. RIP Nugget and RIP Moon Stone are common phrases even today. These items were considered the first gods of the series.

Deeper in the cave, he was given the choice between the Helix, and Dome Fossils. He chose the Helix Fossil. Red, while constantly stumbling through the menus, often times selected the Helix Fossil, as if he is attempting to consult it for advice. Whenever Red attempted to use it, the phrase “This isn’t the time for that” would appear. It was also unable to be tossed, giving it an immortal status. Because of this, the Helix Fossil was turned into a god of sorts by the fans, praising it whenever good fortunes came their way. Praise Helix and Based Helix are common religious cries among the fans. Naturally, with the Dome Fossil the exact opposite of the Helix Fossil, the Dome Fossil was treated as the devil. If anything goes against them, it is often times stated to be the doings of the evil Dome Fossil. They made it through Mount Moon, and all the way to Bill, obtaining the S.S. Ticket. Similar to the Helix Fossil, the S.S. Ticket was also consulted on numerous occasions, creating a division between who the true leader of the group is. Most side with Helix, but the Ticket gained a smaller, cult following. Just about every key item obtained along their journey received some sort of veneration

The group beat Misty, at 1 day, 19 hours. Shortly after, the team made their way down to Vermillion City. There, they traded the Spearow they had caught for a Farfetch’d, named DUX. The team boarded the S.S. Anne, and cleared it in a breathtaking 2 hours. After receiving Cut, and many attempts, they managed to teach it to DUX, cut down the tree in the city, and enter the gym. Miraculously, they were able to solve Lt. Surge’s infamous gym puzzle on their first try, and Abby, now a Charmeleon, swiftly took out Surge using Bide. Before returning to Cerulean, the team took a detour to Route 11, finding and catching a Drowzee, which was given no nickname. This gave them a full party of 6 Pokemon. They then headed to Cerulean, and onto Route 9. This was by far the hardest task, as one wrong move would cause the team to start the route all over again due to the presence of many ledges. One ledge in particular was extremely tough, as one press of down would force them to restart. It took the crew almost an entire day to get past The Ledge as it was called, but it was done near the start of Day 3. The experience, as a whole made the team stronger. Many said that any task could be completed with enough time. They made their way to the pitch black Rock Tunnel. Previously along the way they had found the TM Dig, which was taught to the Rattata with no nickname. On several occasions in Rock Tunnel, they “accidentally” used Dig, forcing them to start from the beginning of the cave. Because of this, this Rattata was given the name DigRat. It is currently undecided on whether DigRat is a legitimately evil supporter of the Dome, or just a Dick. They finished the Rock Tunnel after 9 hours, and emerged in Lavender Town and quickly went to Celadon City soon after.

As the fanbase grew, so too did the problems. More and more trolls gathered, simply to press start over and over again, slowing progress. These people came to be known as the Start Spammers, their skills came into use later in the journey, but at the time, they were seen as Dome supporters. The entire ledge incident was the doing of trolls, as someone would always type “down” halting progress. The frequent pressing of start often times leads to the consulting of the great Helix, as well as checking the Pokedex entries of the first few pokemon. It is said that Red is fixated on Bulbasaur’s cry, and he too became a god. It has also lead to the frequent use of the Save feature. After anything goes terribly wrong, someone is quick to point out at least we saved.

By this time, the only two pokemon who were good enough to fight were Abby and Pidgeotto. However, Abby’s usefulness was beginning to decline as his only move that did consistent damage was Cut. All other pokemon were too low level to do anything. Pidgeotto attempted to evolve on numerous occasions, but the creationists forbid this from happening. Pidgeotto did end up evolving upon entering the town, however. The team realized that DigRat would only serve as a hindrance in the future, and made an attempt to store him in the PC. They were cautious though, as they were afraid of releasing any of their pokemon. The operation turned out to be a success, and DigRat was banished to the PC. Their next big task was to enter Erika’s Gym, which required Cut. They entered without much hassle, using Dux’s cutting abilities. Because of this, he too was given a fan-name, The Slayer of Trees Unfortunately, they whited out shortly before the gym battle. Reentering was much more difficult, and it took roughly two hours to regain access. Pidgeot soloed the rest of the gym with a combination of Gust and Sand-Attack, and the whole team collaborated with a mash a-fest. It was at this point, that Pidgeot gained the nickname Bird Jesus as he was seen as a prophet, sent directly by Helix, after his excellent showing in the gym.

The team had never felt so united before. However this proved only temporary, as a huge division came across the team. They realized they needed a Pokemon to Surf, but had nothing that could learn it. Some people said they should get the free Eevee, go into the department Store, and buy a Water Stone. Others said they should get the Lapras, who was much less of a hassle. They opted to get the Eevee, and things were going well, until the wasted all of their money on Poketoys, and a Fire Stone. As Flareon is widely considered the worst eeveelution, the operation was considered a tragic failure. The team once again realized that the team was full, and decided that something needed to be deposited. They had the idea of depositing something in the DayCare, so that something could gain levels as they aimlessly walked around. This idea failed, and opted to just deposit something into the PC. The team wasn’t so lucky this time. They managed to retrieve the S.S. Ticket, but both Abby, and Jay Leno were released. Furthermore, they accidentally retrieved DigRat. It was a huge blow to morale.

The entire teams hope was on Bird Jesus. If something happened to him, they were doomed. They also captured an Oddish during this time, bringing the team count back to 6. Eevee was blamed for all the poor fortunes the team was experiencing, and because of this, he was called The False Prophet by the fans. The team made it to Saffron, and entered the Game Corner. Red frequently attempted to buy coins, but thankfully had no coin case. After entering the Rocket Hideout, DigRat once again, dug them out. Right before reentering, the Fire Stone was finally used on the False Prophet, evolving him into a Flareon. Once again, DigRat dug them out before any real progress was made. The team tried to box him once again, but ended up depositing Bird Jesus in to the PC. Knowing that they were hopeless without him, the team desperately tried to rescue him, which the managed to do, at the cost of depositing the Dear Helix into the PC. It was said that it died for their sins, and they continued without it. During this time they achieved a small victory, tossing away their TM for Teleport before using it on anything. Using it could have been disastrous, as it would have the same effect as Dig. They once again entered the Game Corner, only to find, and promptly use an Escape Rope, bringing them to the Pokemon Center. Once again they tried to deposit DigRat, which they failed to do, but did end up rescuing Helix. The team reentered with new hope, but made little progress. The spent 8 hours attempting to solve the maze, while Dig Rat on numerous occasions dug them out even more times.

One of the biggest events to occur was a new control system implemented by the stream’s creator. It allowed players to type a number after their command, such as left 4, which would translate into pressing left four times. He also implemented a voting system on for the stream’s next move. The users hated this democratic approach, as it made the stream slow and boring, and banded together in an attempt to oust the new system. They furiously typed Start9 and soon after the system was replaced with the old one. This was dubbed The Start9 Riot by the viewers.

Once again, the team attempted to box the ever annoying DigRat, and once again they failed, instead depositing the Holy Helix, and the Sacred S.S. Ticket, as well as a second nugget that was found on their journey. Although they never deposited DigRat, they did manage to deposit the False Prophet and Drowzee, the former of which being pure evil, the latter of which being dead weight. They now had two empty slots in the party, for when they needed something with Surf.

However, no progress was made in the Rocket Hideout, and as a result, the creator intervened once more, creating an Anarchy vs. Democracy Tug-of-War Bar. The users could vote on which system they preferred. Democracy eventually won out, although it didn’t seem as though it was helping their cause at all. It brought much division. The purists believed that even if Democracy was successful, it wouldn’t be a true victory, while those in favor of Democracy believed that they would never solve the maze. Many dubbed Democracy as evil, and related to the Dome Fossil, and was thus dubbed Domeocracy They eventually escaped the maze and returned to Anarchy, grabbing the Lift Key at long last. Afterwards, DigRat dug them back to the Pokemon Center.

After wandering around the city for a while, the team made a successful trip to the PC, releasing the False Prophet and rescuing Drowzee, who finally earned his nickname, The Keeper after sacrificing himself to keep the False Prophet away. After minimal progress was made, the chat reverted to Democracy, but the anarchists fought using Start9 once again. This new system was clearly driving the entire stream apart. Ever since it’s introduction, the majority of the chat was devoted to choosing one or the other, rather than actually attempting to control the character.

After fighting for a while, Anarchy resumed, with only a few brief periods of Democracy. The team withdrew literally everything in the PC, including our Lord and Savior Helix. They entered with new courage to defeat Giovanni, lead by Bird Jesus. They finally opened the door to Giovanni’s lair, after battling a few trainers, who were quickly disposed of by Bird Jesus. In an extremely tight battle, the team lost narrowly to Giovanni’s final pokemon, Kangaskhan. The team picked themselves up, and returned with a vengeance in their hearts. They headed back, struggling to get through the elevator, and within reach of Giovanni, when once again DigRat worked his black magic. Once again, they reentered. They faced off against Giovanni, and this time he was defeated, however DigRat once againt dug before they could grab the spoils, the Silph Scope. To many, this was the last straw. The team tried to deposit DigRat once and for all, while others successfully prevented this, fearing the loss of Bird Jesus. They eventually reentered, grabbed it, and left. However, the victory was bittersweet. Many felt that the use of Democracy to beat the Rocket Maze ruined the victory, thus deepening the rift between those in favor of Anarchy, and those for Democracy

They entered Lavender Town, and the Pokemon Tower, and swiftly defeated Blue. However, realizing that only two members of the team could even touch Ghost types, the hivemind collectively decided that they should beat all the trainers in the routes below. They managed to acquire theTM for Swift along the way, which was eventually taught to DigRat, in favor of Thunderbolt, which was deemed “the worst possible outcome”. The team decided to go to Rock Tunnel and try to level up The Keeper, as he was their only hope. Eventually, the returned and visited the Name Rater’s home. Their, DigRat was given an in-game nickname, AAJST(???. Many still referred to him as DigRat, although some also decided to call him AJ.

The streamer once again decided to tinker with the Anarchy/Democracy system, adding a small arrow indicating the direction the stream was headed, whether it be towards Anarchy or Democracy. The change didn’t affect gameplay in anyway. After a brief period of stream issues, the team was once again playing normally.

The hivemind, still eager to train up the Keeper, returned to the Rock Tunnel, and caught a Zubat, with some great balls that had been purchased at a local Pokemart. His nickname was . He was called Dashbat by the fans. Once again, the team visited the Renamer. Dashbat was nicknamed AAAAA, but then RE-renamed to JJJJJSS-, it was decided to call him Jesse. Oddish, also gained an in-game nickname. He was deemed a, but that was later changed to x(araggbaj. The team had rarely been referring to him as The Seed of Hope but after this, it was deemed he be called xCabbage. Once again, the team, torn on what to do, visited the Rock Tunnel, and again, caught a Zubat, this time namedX. He was deemed X-Wing by the hivemind.

The hivemind, after wandering around aimlessly for a bit, came to the conclusion that they should get the TM for Psychic and teach it to the Keeper. They managed to retrieve it but found it difficult to actually teach it. They decided to wait and try again later, entering the Dojo and challenging its master. After defeating him, Red chose Hitmonlee who was named CCC. The team decided his true nickname should be C3KO. The team immediately wanted to retrieve and use him, and went straight for the PC. This was a disastrous trip, not only was Cut and the essential Silph Scope deposited, but C3KO was released. Clearly the team wasn’t worthy of him. X-Wing was released shortly afterwards, which wasn’t as huge as a blow, considering we already had a second Zubat.

Despite the hardship the PC brought, the team knew they had to return, they couldn’t progress without the Silph Scope. The went back in, and retrieved both of the deposited items. Furthermore, the team once again attempted to teach Psychic to Drowzee, which was successful this time around. Nearing the mark of one whole week, the team went back to Pokemon Tower, and caught a Gastly, which was given no nicknamed, but called Rick Gastly by the fans.

The team slowly, but surely climbed the tower, getting just a little bit further every time, but eventually losing at some point. The Keeper unfortunately lost Psychic in favor of Headbutt on the journey, a big blow, considering how useful Psychic had been for this short spell. DigRat finally evolved into a Raticate as well, gaining the new nickname BigDig due to he’s obviously bigger size, and how useful Dig was against opposing Gastly and Haunter. Bird Jesus finally obtained an in-game nickname during a trip to the name rater, aaabaaajss. Some decided to call him Abba Jesus, but most still referred to him as Bird Jesus. Rick Gastly was also retrieved from the PC without any sacrifice (for once). The team finally made it to Marowak after a while, BigDig being a valuable partner with his ability to slay ghosts. Marowak, as well as the Rocket Trainers above were swiftly defeated by the team. Mr. Fuji was rescued, and the team was able to progress.

Their next step was to use the newly acquired Pokeflute on the Snorlax blocking their path. This was accomplished surprisingly quickly, and a battle quickly ensued. The team made an attempt to catch it, but ultimately failed, fleeing in the process. The hivemind ordered Red to progress further South.

The team grew ever stronger, with Cabbage evolving into a Gloom, and Red obtaining the Super Rod, although it was never used properly. The team, knowing well that money would be required to enter the Safari Zone presumably multiple times, battled every trainer they found. Eventually, they made it to Fuscia City, and headed straight for Koga’s Gym. After a few battles, the team left, in favor of the Safari Zone. Shortly after paying and entering BigDig promptly dug them out, wasting a hard earned 500 PokeDollars. Once again, they headed off to the Gym

The hivemind made the grave mistake of challenging Koga with just one Pokemon that was battle fit. They lost after a decent effort. The second attempt was far more successful, culminating in Bird Jesus’ heroic survival against Weezing’s Self-Destruct. The badge was obtained, but unfortunately for Bird Jesus, he forgot his most viable move, Gust, in favor of Mirror Move. Another blow indeed, although if used correctly, it could be helpful.

The team once again journeyed to the Safari Zone, after a few failures due to BigDig and running out of steps. The team opted for a Democratic approach, afraid of running out of money. It was slow, but eventually, they picked up Surf and the Golden Teeth, which they used to get Strength. In their exploits in the Safari Zone, many new recruits joined. They caught 5 Nidorans, 2 Venonats, 1 Paras, 1 Exeggcute, 1 Nidorino, 1 Venomoth, and 1 Rhyhorn. Some were given nicknames in the game, but the hivemind opted not to give them fan-nicknames, as their were way too many of them and none had done anything notable to earn them.

They team now had a new goal in mind. Retrieve Lapras. They made their way to Silph Co. and were given Lapras upon arrival. It was namedAIIIIIIRRR, and thus aptly called Air Jordan by the fans. She was taught the HMs Surf and Strength, which of course can’t be deleted. The team now had a reliable HM pokemon, provided they didn’t box her of course. Along the way, BigDig was deposited, which was unfortunate, considering how well he was doing in the Pokemon Tower. In his place, the Venomoth caught in the Safari Zone was withdrawn. It’s nickname wasAATTVVV, and as a result, the fans called her ATV, which stands for All Terrain Venomoth.

The hivemind led Red to Giovanni, who was defeated rather swiftly. As a reward, the team received the Master Ball. Their next task was to challenge Sabrina’s gym. Her teleportation gym gave the team many issues, but they eventually made it to Sabrina, albeit with a ravaged team. Naturally, they lost almost immediately. The second attempt turned out differently, with a fully healed squad. 5 team members fell to Kadabra, her first pokemon, leaving Bird Jesus the only one alive. Through the power of Quick Attack, Bird Jesus was able to take out Sabrina’s entire team. Red had earned his 6th badge.

The team was unsure of what to do next, but ultimately decided it would be best to try to go to the DayCare again and leave ATV there. They were unable to accomplish this and gave up with a new plan… to catch Zapdos. On their way to the Power Plant, they were tasked with passing the infamous Ledge a second time, but this time, it only took a few hours, rather than a day to pass. They used Air Jordan to surf to the Power Plant, and encountered Zapdos. Miraculously, they managed to catch it without running away, and it was named AA-J and was sent to the PC. The team had an exceptionally difficult time retrieving Zapdos. 12 pokemon were released, the most notable being Cabbage, BigDig, and Dux, the rest were just Safari Pokemon. This left the team with nothing to use Cut. Furthermore, although Zapdos was withdrawn, Bird Jesus and The Keeper were both Deposited. The team kept trying to rescue the team by switching between Anarchy and Democracy regularly, but they had no luck doing so. They continued to attempt using the PC, eventually withdrawing both Bird Jesus and The Keeper, but in the process, Zapdos was deposited, meaning no progress was made. They decided to go to the DayCare one last time, which was successful, and deposited Rick Gastly. They did this, so that they could continuously spam A in the PC, as Zapdos was at the top of the list to Withdraw. The plan was a success, however those 12 who were lost would never be forgotten. This terrible day was known as Bloody Sunday by fans. Now with Bird Jesus and Zapdos, who was dubbed Battery Jesus, Archangel of Justice, and Jesus 2 by the fans, the team believed nothing could stand in their way, and trudged forward.

The team made their way to Pallet Town, so that they could access the water route to get to Cinnabar Island. While there, they evolved theNidorino that had been withdrawn during all the PC craziness of the previous day with a Moon Stone that had been acquired earlier. The now Nidoking, who’s nickname was AAAAAAAAAA, was deemed The Fonz by the community. After this, they used Air Jordan to Surf to Cinnabar Island. Crushing all trainers in their path, they eventually landed in Cinnabar. Once thy made landfall, their goal was clear. They needed to revive the Helix Fossil. This was accomplished successfully, and Omanyte with no nickname, was sent to the PC. Still wounded from Bloody Sunday, the team was scared at the prospect of returning to the PC. After a quick scare of depositing Bird Jesus, both him and Lord Helix were rescued. Red now had a strong team of 6 good pokemon: Fonz, Air Jordan, Bird Jesus, Battery Jesus, ATV, and of course, Lord Helix himself. They now set off for the Pokemon Mansion, in search of the Secret Key…

It took them many tries to get the key, at one point they fainted while literally one click away from it, on another occasion they actually got trapped by a trainer, forcing them to grind to the point of death. They finally accomplished it, and headed straight for Blaine’s gym, which was swiftly defeated. Afterwards, they made it their goal to return to Red’s house and deposit the Pokeflute in the PC (they did it here because you can’t deposit/release pokemon at that PC). The project was successful, and they no longer needed to worry about wasting a turn using it in a battle. They now had one goal. Get their final gym badge.

They returned to Viridian, and attempted to enter the gym. The problem is, that the gym was heavily fortified by a single ledge placed right at below the entrance. It took many tries to enter, which was accomplished on one occasion in Anarchy mode, but in all future attempts, Democracy was used to enter. They finally reached Giovanni, and he was conquered for the third and final time in an exceptionally tight match, which was clutched by Bird Jesus. With all eight badges in tow, they had one final hurdle to cross… Victory Road.

Before heading off, the team decided to grind at Pokemon Mansion before they took on the Elite Four. After grinding for a while, the team headed off to Victory Road. During the entire lead up, many had believed it would have taken forever for them to reach the gate, due to the large number of ledges. However, against all odds, the team actually ended up making in on their first attempt. They entered and began the journey through the final dungeon. After eventually whiting out, they once again opted to train once again, evolving Lord Helix into an Omastar in the process. Through the use of Democracy, Victory Road, and all it’s puzzles, was conquered.

The Elite Four, was of course, difficult. They fought them many times, getting just a little bit farther with each attempt, and gaining levels in the process. At one point, they had even defeated Lance, through the use of ATV’s Poison Powder, and Disable on Lance’s Dragonite. It was quite the spectacle. Although loss to Blue was swift. They continue to challenge the League, and the team knows that with each attempt, they become closer to their goal.

At long last, they beat Blue at 16 days 7 Hours, 45 minutes, and 30 seconds. The run to victory began with Battery Jesus cleanly sweeping Lorelei. Bruno, while slightly more difficult, was also taken out quickly using The Fonz and Battery Jesus. Agatha posed no threat as once again Battery Jesus lead the team to victory. Lance proved a more difficult fight, as his dragon’s resisted electric. A few members fell in that fight, but most of the team exited intact. The final battle with Blue was very intense, as he was able to take down the majority of Red’s team, including Bird Jesus, but once again it was Battery Jesus who came through for the team. His Thundershock was enough to take down Blue’s menacing Blastoise.

So concludes the epic tale of Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, but soon the team will have a new adventure. The road was rough, and filled with many memorable moments, places, and characters. Those who fought for us will always be remembered…

i believe the only reason Levi is short in canon is purely because of malnutrition of living in the under ground (assuming hes been their most his life) and since caffeine doesn't stun growth i cant blame the black tea but then again i know nothing about tea or if the rumor of caffeine stunting growth is true or not and i don't think Levi had any tea till he joined the scouts anyways lol.

BUT I like the idea that modern!au Levi would actually be around Eren’s canon height (like around 5'6") that is if the au has Levi being properly raised with descent everyday meals growing up and so on. basically if Levi isn’t a ‘street rat’ digging through garbage i think Levi would be a decent height while still being shorter than eren (not talking about fanon!older eren because that’s a different topic/headcanon/theory i have that involves eren not being the 6 foot whatever everyone makes him to be at 18-20+ years.) 

To Keep Digging

(Rooted in the Stanley theory, my take on why Dipper and Mabel were sent off to spend the summer with Stan)

Stephanie Pines unclipped her earrings with two quick flicks of her thumb. She stuck them in the bedside drawer as she drew back the bedsheets, her attention fixated on the man struggling to unclip his tie.

“Pick up is 12:30 tomorrow instead of 3:15; last day of school is a half-day. You should try getting there by at least 12:15 to find parking.”

Her husband nodded distractedly as he pulled harder on his tie.

“Dipper will be out on time, but Mabel might take an extra ten minutes, so be sure to shut off the engine while you’re waiting.”

“I know, I know. I pick them up everyday, Stephanie. I know.”

Stephanie pushed herself up in bed, still facing her husband’s back. She gnawed her tongue quietly.

“Sam, what?”

“What?” He yanked his tie off like a belt and moved to his shirt buttons. “Oh–nothing. No, I’m just a little distracted.”

Stephanie laughed after a breath of silence. “And are you gonna tell me?”

“It’s nothing.” Sam sat on the bed to kick his shoes off. “I was on the phone with Mom today. Apparently Uncle Stan has been digging again–

"Oh no…”

“And he’s asking the same like…same weird questions as before. About what Dad was doing right before he disappeared. It’s upsetting Mom.”

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The Lords Prayer

Our Helix,

Who art in fossil.

Hallowed be your shell,

Your evolution come,

Your will be done

In Kanto, as it is in Sinnoh

Give us this day our daily gym badge,

And forgive us our start spam,

As we have forgiven those who pressed down on the ledge,

And lead us not into the way of the domed one,

But deliver us from Eevee.

For thine is the move-set, the rare candy,

and the SS Anne ticket.


Book Of Helix

Oh Sweet Helix