dig our graves


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Based on Selena Gomez’s song “Perfect”
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We have been digging the grave of our love with our hands . We have been growing more distant and more tired of each other . The only thing between us the Kiss . Kiss me, but your kiss don’t taste the same. I didn’t want this .

What are we ? Where are the ‘i love yous’ every time we see each other’s face . Maybe he is seeing someone ? Maybe i am not good anymore ? Or maybe i did something ? What did i do ? I am trying my best to rekindle us . Is it real or am I going out of my mind?

Every day you leave at midnight and come back next morning smelling like alcohol and weed when you are supposed to be at the studio .You have been hanging out with those new guys who I don’t know ,Curious ‘bout the company that you keep

One night I decided to follow , i found you entering one of those Strip Clubs . I went behind you making sure you didn’t see me . I found you with these guys again .. And on your table were girls almost naked . Untill this one girl who came , you smiled at her as if she was the best thing here , you were focused on her like when you focused on me the night of our first date .

She came up to you and sat on your lap , she started kissing your neck and you gave her mode access to it . Trailing soft kisses up your neck , till she reached your lips and kissed you se deep . You were hands were around her waist holding on her for dear life . Did you ever hold me like that ? You stared trailing your hand on her thigh and your other hand in her wild hair .Ay, she’s perfect

You kept making out with her for 20 minutes while our make out sessions only took 3 minutes. I was starring at you with wide eyes tears running down my face .Until four glasses fell down on the floor , you stopped making out with her and checked what happened . And that when you caught my eye . You started at me with horror in your eyes. You started getting up and i hurried to leave the club .

“Y/N pleas wait ! ” you screamed after me i stopped and turned pushed against the wall and made every movement she made inside the club, running my hands on your chest I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips you did no move to return it back and thats when i knew this is over .

“Why ? Why ? Am i not enough anymore ? Am i not good anymore ? why i have been in pain the past few months . You were having the time of your life when i was crying myself to sleep Justin. Are there any more girls Justin? ” i asked fully sobbing . All you did was shaking your head .

Ooh, and I bet she has it all, bet she’s beautiful like you .And I bet she’s got that touch, makes you fall in love like you. I have been holding on to you for so long Justin, i gave you everything Justin , everything . And all i did get from you is making me cry and feel the pain. I was planning for a surprise party for your birthday Justin . I wanted it to be our night to be back together …. I can’t take this anymore … I will be leaving tomorrow ” you couldn’t say a word i bet you couldn’t find words

“She’s perfect ”

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Hello people of the universe!
So- after Sean reposted my theory, many people saw it as a confirmation of what I said, or in other words, “canon”. In my last anti theory I have talked about how the twenty glitchy seconds in Fnaf sister location 4 corespondended to Baby’s voice over, and I am here to talk about a new piece of information we got these last two days.

I am dead.

(Well, I, Ney, is dead from all the support I got after yesterday- it was hectic! But that’s not what I am talking about.)

In the lastest gaming videos since Sean died his hair again,(clustertruck 16, stuntfest) Anti appeared. Hold up guys- Anti broke through Fnaf holy god lets go dig our graves. Anti appeared in one moment every video, where Sean talked about dying or being dead.

In my opinion, this is Anti’s way of confirming one of the two-
Sean is the same as Afton in the end of sister location. He got spooned (Spoilers!) and replaced by someone else, a body working as a shield. or- Anti is planning on killing Sean on Halloween and THEN taking over the body. The both of them are working well with the bloody Sean glitch, so I do not know which one is more fitting.

I loved all the things of yesterday, please do continue sending me asks and sharing your thoughts! Thank you all for your kind comments and sorry for killing everyone!

We live in bedtime stories, we see monsters when we sleep.

We live in a world too complex, dig our graves and dig it deep.

Too much chaos encircles us, leave the answer at the root. 

Need to dig a little deeper, we stay quiet, we stay mute.

Violence comes from anger, comes from a soul deprived.

Recognize these words and have a chance to be revived.

Destruction of our innocence, which in turn destroys the cause.

We immerse ourselves in havoc, when we should be pressing pause.

We’re awestruck by the suffering, eyes glued to the corrupt. 

Watching never seems to help, but we never interrupt. 

We’ve numbed our minds to the misfortune, but we tune in every day.

Too many become the monster, when they choose to be the prey. 

- s.z (Numb)