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thought i’d try out posting my writings on tumblr (yay). we’ll see how that goes. nothing triggering i should think, some mental health musings only.

It’s cold (tiny shards of ice against his skin) when he sits (almost down, down, down) on the edge of the rooftop. The wind blows like it could topple him to the ground, but it doesn’t, and instead Alec merely sways like an unruly sea, back and forth and back and forth. His fingers are gripping the ledge and he uncurls them, lets them flex long and then curl back against the concrete. It’s like breathing, except he can’t breathe, hasn’t been able to in a long time. Not breathing in a way that he should. 

The balcony doors open behind him and Alec drags himself closer to the sound, because he’s not ready for the disapproval (it’s always wrong, he’s always wrong, never right). But the words don’t come. Soon, there are warm fingers wrapping around his wrist.

Silence. Alec doesn’t look up from the street; his lids feel heavy, like his entire body was sculpted out of lead.

“Alexander,” Magnus finally breathes out, soft and like a whisper, but strong still. 

“Magnus,” Alec says. The name feels good on his tongue, it rolls like perfection, and Alec finds himself repeating it. “Magnus.”

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Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

you: Kubo Tite who in 15 years and 686 chapters somehow never managed to develop what was supposed to be the intended main romantic pair since the beginning and who even at the end, never display any chemistry or share anything remotely close to a romantic moment.

me, an intellectual: Kubo Mitsurou who in a little under two minutes showed the chemistry between the main couple to the point that you watch them go from this:

to this:

in fifteen seconds without saying a word and it still makes perfect sense that they fell in love.

For the Anon who likes Hanamaki’s outfit. I like it too.

Makki is fun to draw. His chubby face <3  .. His hair though.. really.. stop letting your mom cut your hair Makki, you’re 17 years old ffs.

edit: .. ffs stop blurring the pic tumblr..

I think I accidentally have gone too far 
and figured out what Dan and Phil’s “secret project” could be. 


It seems like something they’d do. And if the timelines are right… 
It’s legit. 



In contribution to the third day of Shimadacest Week:

Love Found

A Playlist of Genji’s unspoken thoughts.


  1. Ta-Ku - Down For you Genji falls in love with Hanzo
  2. Jaymes Young - Habits of my Heart Genji will always remember the feeling of Hanzo’s skin on his own
  3. Troye Sivan - Heaven Genji would give up the world for him
  4. Of Monsters and Men - Black Water He has been betrayed. Genji has nothing more to lose. He wishes the worst for Hanzo
  5. Daughter - Youth The fires of his wrath has faded, leaving him empty
  6. The National - Exile Villify He rids himself of all negative feelings.
  7. Marble Sounds - Time to Sleep He can only hope that Hanzo will find his peace. But Genji will do what he can
  8. The Paper Kites - Bloom Genji wishes to start again, to be close with Hanzo again.

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Transparent dump because whoop de doo I shouldn’t have Photoshop

More under cut!

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please imagine …. post botw ….. link shows zelda his house in hateno …. and

  •  its just stuffed with his 9 armor displays, 
  • there’s one corner that is taken up by all his armor sets, another corner has miscellaneous ores because he ?? eventually gets so many he can’t carry them all at once, 
  • one wall is defo being taken up by monster parts in various jars ( he’s v proud of the lynel horns specifically )
  • there are papers everywhere, littered with notes and doodles ( never as nice as zelda’s of course ) from his journey where he documented what ingredients were good, and which recipes were the best. there were also location markers of where to find everything he needed to cook. 
  • of course there’s a lot of crossed out recipes too – particularly one seeming to involve a piece of food and and ancient guardian part; this one is crossed out heavily in a different ink. he’ll learn to not listen to everyone’s advice. 
  • the pond outside is home to hot footed and tireless frogs, meanwhile there’s a small ( and i mean small ) garden of various flowers
  • an amateur’s vegetable patch is on the other side – he’s trying to grow pumpkins tbh. 
  • his bed is simple, but its comfy – it served him well when he could call it a night in this quiet village. 
  • his dining table however … could use some more love. he frequently asks bolson to help him out. 
  • he also covers the walls in the pictures he can make and/or find from his journey as well.