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Hey everyone! I’m Steel (or SteelEmissary / 0chromat), a concept artist and animator. 

My talented friend and collaborator Vulkain launched the Kickstarter for his 1st Original Music Album. The album features a mysterious thief in a noir detective setting and will feature songs influenced by jazz, rock, pop genre styles with vocals. 

I helped him animate and edit the promotional trailer for this - if the kickstarter hits its main goal, I will be able to animate a TV size music video for his signature album song. If it hits stretch goals, I can animate the video for the full song. 

if you dig the idea, we would really appreciate your monetary support, or if you cannot, please help spread the word and signal boost, I’d love for my friend to get the support he needs to produce his music album, and I’d love to help his project come to life with a cool animation. 

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Wow. I have a pretty big YOI account on IG and that shit bang honestly makes me feel like shit. I dislike part of the YOI fandom so much right now- can't people just let other people ship/write/draw/etc. whatever they want? I thought the YOI fandom was all about accepting eachother's differences and stuff? It's just becoming toxic right now and that makes me feel so stupid for being part of the fandom..... Maybe I'd expexted too much from a fandom this big :/

anon.. that’s what huge fandom do..
there’s always some people who messed the kinship of the fandom.
you just have to deal with it and move on.
actually there is no such thing as “accepting each other’s differences and stuff” in every fandom. some people will support you, some will not, and some will stab you in your back
go outside of your hiding and you’ll see the real hell of a fandom

that shitlist thing is just some people’s preference of enjoying yoi. but I think they’ve gone too far by dumping literally every artists and authors in yoi fandom into their shitlist. dumping them into the shitlist also lowkey calling those artists and authors’ works “shit”.

it’s RUDE.

the amount of hardwork, backache, eye strain, digging for ideas, etc is tiring! they spent their days, weeks, months to create it so the fandom live. that’s…… if you ever create some artwork or fanfiction tho

they won’t reblog if certain art or fanfiction contains Yuuri wash the dishes, Yuri cuddling with Otabek, Mafia AU, etc.

don’t worry people outside that pure innocent yoi circle will still reblog and kudos your works. the scale is like 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000

I see they also hate seeing yuri have a kind of “feelings” toward ANY characters. they prevent yuri to growing up. in their opinion Yuri has to be a baby agape who can only chewing on pirozhki.

WELL DUH maybe you have to see the leaked comic book Kubo-sensei wrote for Yuri’s Welcome to The Madness.
it’s OFFICIAL that Yuri, who is written 15 y.o BEG TO COME ALONG WITH OTABEK TO THE CLUB.
HE LOVE WTTM BECAUSE IT’S EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS PERFECTLY. without those girly ballerina moves like in agape and in allegro appassionato he actually didn’t fond of.


in official Yuri is a rebel edgy teenager. he’s more mature than what you think. if Yuri was real, he would hate everyone who call him little kid.

the point is just keep doing what you like most. DRAW MORE, WRITE MORE. let those antis mind their own businesses. there’s still a ton of people in the fandom that will support you


Altertale!Reapertale (AlterReap)
AR!Toriel and AR!Sans


Remember the original Versus XIII plot leak earlier from a person who worked with the original script (since the beginning) and was upset how FFXV turned out to be? I got my hands on what is supposed to be from the same person, more information concerning updates of FFXV and how it will be tied to Versus project, which will be a game of its own but tied to FFXV so that it makes sense.

“I have access to all my/our original content, it is called a proof of concept reel shown at fiscal update and progress meetings, shown in presentation forms to holders and division heads as the state of project developments. These contents are one of the last regarding the the Versus days. Jumping forward, the updates to chapter 13 this month are going to let players know that something new and unexpected is coming with the unannounced ability to actually play different characters when Noctis is separated in from the party. Cindey is meant to be playable. As the next two updates progress and release more frequently, more and more hints towards Etro as a central plot focus and the Versus plot will be rapidly introduced. The Verus content patch, the last major one will have the most revealing sequences with will excite everyone very much. The storyline behind the Magitek Powered Infantry Suits will be shown in their updates form (and what they connect to).

The first major cutscene will deal with the resurrected “light of expiring souls” saving Luna from actually being killed by a a possessed Noctis, who has completely accepted his fate as the Hand of Ardyn in this hell on earth world, or the Fallen King of Eos (as the surviving towns call him) as seen in the Omen trailer. In the nightmarish sequence that is “meant to be from Omen”, he stabs Luna with her own Trident in the stomach, ending the line of the Oracles. He is surrounded by Ceberus Scouting teams that are lead by the Demons. These are the ones that are the elite group that track down the remaining “Daemon Hunters” in the nightmarish Versus “World of Ruin” ruled over by King Ardyn Izunia (he still doens’t introduce himself as Caelum to the world for some reason) and also demands sacrifices that are burned of villagers once a year at he Alter of Ifrit. This is the only time villagers are ‘peacefully’ allowed into the Gates of Insomnia at this time, which is the hell you see it is at the end of the game, only far more graphic, much worse. Concept art show “Daemon Hunters” each crucified as you approach the square. Heartbreakingly, Cor, Cidney (who now ha a shaved head and looks like a type of bikesuit with a bandanna of Cid’s around her arm is one of them and Iris, all of which are crucified at the gates as an example, as the four major surviving towns bring their sacrifices, lead by as possessed, demonic looking looking Noctis leading them (Cid burned himself along with Hammerhead instead of being “turned into one of those god damn things” (shown in flashback, but only of Hammer Head burning).

As the survivors are mounted to makesift 'crosse’–very similar to what Prompto was on when he was found by the team near the end of the game–(that evil looking dog is sitting high on a podium watching them walked in with chains for some reason, with flaming Iron Giants walking in front and beside them)–also the black dog is implied through dialogue to be an actual shapeshifting character– the major turning point is when a golden light pierces the sky and you hear the voice of Luna call out dialogue to the enslaved (it was not yet voice acted, the sequence is just silent, but the animatic says [Voice of Luna] When the light shines, it is revealed by Ardyn to show genuine rage (the only other time he did so was when Luna touched his arm with that same light at the Leviathan fight). The daemons are immediately engulfed in flame, along with Ardyn’s face being hit with it, twisting to that black, goo-like appearance. He maniacally starts shooting the same kind of beams he hit Noctis’ friends with during the finale fight, only this starts to incinerating a few villagers as they revolt.

Next scene is describes as a “major Astral intervention”, that’s literally all that is written here, with “Titan destroys the ceremonial, gruesome "crucifixion gate–with all the dead bodies along the path towards the alter’s entrance, with rage ”, “Shiva freezes the burning pyres that adorn the ritual’, "Leviathan lifts a waterwall tunnel for citizens to flee through (very Exodus/Moses like”, blocking the flying demons (one of these is originally seen in earlier footage where its flying above a red sky), necromances, new untexturesd/incomplete daemons, and Cerberus Packs, and Bahamut himself is described as “swatting down the Ceberus swarms like vermin” and engages Ardyn [!?]. or maybe it is subdue or crushes them like flies, the Japanese says  "障害物を失います" in the script–only part I’m not quite exactly sure on in revelation to what is exactly happening, the phrasing here is strange/incomplete Long story short, cause I am tired of writing and translating, Cidney, and Iris are taken down and freed, Cor “The Immortal” is tragically dead already, and those who were dressed ceremonially for burning are freed (good, because that shit was honestly sounding quite limit/uncomfortable pushing). The last sequences, literally, is described as Aranea slamming evil Noctis in the back of the head,and the kid that picks him up originally for a ride in the World of Ruin attempting to flee with him in an MT armored truck. The kid says he doesn’t know how to drive it, with the event obviously being a pretty funny sexual innuendo of Aranea saying “Move over, kid, I can operate a stick just fine.”–sounds way more perverted in Japanese version., obviously. Fan service, potty humor. Lastly, the very meaning of the trailer “Omen” is in reference to the coming launch of this major and final expansion, integrating and using all character from Episode Galdio, Prompto, and Ignus. The whole expansion is extremely Book of Revelations-like, so there will be no more need for the “aww but FFXV wasn’t dark like Versus was supposed to be!”–that debate will end here.

PS–Bahamut is present at same time as Aranea, as seen smahing demons in the background, proving once and for she is not him (I honestly thought she was). This is so called World of Versus DLC expansion, but internally they are just calling it FFXV Epansion 1; so I think the World of Versus is a fan creation This is intended to introduce the fanbase to the next major FF project however. So on the table, we have the next major FF project that is a reboot of Versus (not the expansion, but a full blown new project using the original concept), and Visual Works providing assets for two other major project under development, which are the Agni Tech Demo to be designed for the consoles that will launch with or slightly follow Micosoft’s Scorpio and Sony’s next hardware piece. Visual Works will also be providing assets for Tabata’s FFType-1 project for PS4, XB1 and Scorpio, and surprisingly somekind of proposed handheld version or add-on. Nintendo has not been brought up in any way. Their vision simply does not align in any way with what Square is trying to do with their unified Luminous Suite, which is very much alive and is meant to bridge the gap between CGI movie and interactive media development and a middleware package for industry professionals (which was the purpose of showing the scaling capabilities of prerendered work in comparison to their realtime counterpart.

Contents of this discussion are to remain confidential, non-non-disclosable, in all aspects until given further written notice. Failure will result in immediate termination of correspondence. Thank you for understanding.”

Also some information of Gladio’s DLC, which will be out on 28th day. I’m curious to see if this information is true; if so, it’s most likely all the given Versus information is too, at least in some extend.

“I’m commenting while have time. Should we consider a way to present this information in some manner or are you are comfortable with me going with another group of individuals at a site i have always respect concerning fabula nova and it’s saga, that is my next step with what we are working on. If you wish to wait until the 28th to confirm everything that is long as I will wait. Ps– for forthcoming confirmation,concerning corinthius in episode gladios, or doc content 1. Cor is Gilgamesh the swordmaster and viodwalker, also referred to in the update. The item you will receive from him is a new blade, his to be exact, and he relinquished his title to cor after the trial of the blade. That’s a head a up for free.” (x)

Remind you that FFXV does canonically have alternative realities - one of them Omen trailer reality - as seen first of March 2017 in Square’s conference. So it wouldn’t be a surprise from SE to pull out together a new line of “how things go”.

So! We’ll see how these things turn out like (or will they turn at all). Till then it’s just nice to be musing with the ideas and possibilities. Take this as grain of salt!

This art is not mine….the following analysis is though: 

Whoever did this is really good…the wings match the characters.

  1. Anna– short, straight, to the point. She was a leader who was the first angel to rebel for free will.
  2. Michael–big important wing that shows he is important. Follows the traditional shape and color because he sticks to the old ways at all times.
  3. Castiel–quite literally the black sheep of the family, a rebellious angel who overthinks everything–always focused on the details…check out how many feathers he has on his wing compared to most of the others.
  4. Balthazar- Two toned wing for the angel who tries to play both sides–steals the weapons, tricks Raphael and Uriel, gives the weapons to Cas, tries to trick Cas…Balthazar is full of contradictions.
  5. Lucifer– the largest and most powerful of the lot, shining with beauty and magesty, as he was before the fall. Also, “Light Bringer” and his wing is actually shining with light?
  6. Uriel- Short and stubby, lacking finesse or much beauty, Uriel serves as a great attack dog–rough around the edges–and with the shortest length of time as well (he dies first for those of you who don’t remember).
  7. Samandriel–a beautiful but subtle and understated wing, his blends into the background and is easily forgotten. More layers on his than anyone else’s though– a reflection of the different levels of his mind that were penetrated by Crowley’s torture?
  8. Zachariah- It appears to be on the side of light and right at first, but gets darker the longer the feather is…the longer Zach stayed on the show, the darker he became.
  9. Raphael- An archangel like Gabriel, but a darker more sinister gold than his fun-loving brother, Raphael tried to take over all of Heaven and bring about the Apocalypse and get rid of most of the puny humans–much like Lucifer (and like Lucifer’s wing, Raphael has the longest pinion feathers of any of the angels here).
  10. Gabriel- the fun-loving showy angel of the bunch, Gabriel supposedly went into witness protection but even then he made sure everyone remembered him where ever he went as the Trickster, it makes sense for his wing to be large, dramatic, and bright gold in color. 

 (I’m super happy that Metatron isn’t up here.)


Genre: romance/fluff/
Pairing: JIMIN/You
Length:1041 words
Summary: Jimin isn’t digging the idea of you going on a date with another  guy and confronts you about it.

IMAGINE Jimin being jealous because you’re being asked out on a date by your Senior Kim Taehyung. The boy is well aware of the fact you’re both merely friends and that you’ve been relaying on each other in the hard times, but his feelings are stronger than him. He doesn’t like the idea of you laughing in Taehyung’s arms on a Friday night. Sure, he had no right to intervene whatsoever, because the only thing you both shared was a friend’s with benefits kind of relationship, but it still irked him to imagine you lying next to another man.

“Where are you going?” He’d ask you as he’d sip on his coffee.

“I’m going to that date with Taehyung” you simply reply as you grab your earrings from the counter

“Come on, you know it’s going to be a waste of time” he rolled his eyes at you

“That’s the same thing I said about your date with Minah and still went to her.”
You stared at him

You stared at your reflection as you carefully applied your red matte lipstick. This night was going to be fantastic and no one was going to cock block you again

“Why should I listen to you, when you never listen to me?” You raised a brow

“Minah just wanted to talk about our bio project, no need to get skeptical about a girl who was never interested in me” Jimin stood up from his chair to lean against the wall next to you

“Yeah , well maybe if you learned to look into her eyes , you’d understand that she was just using that project as a pretext to spend time with you” you press your lips together to spread your lipstick

“Right back at you.” He adds “Maybe if you saw Taehyung’s true thirsty intentions, you wouldn’t be so exciting about leaving tonight” he takes off his glasses and swirls them between his fingers

“Taehyung is a nice guy. I don’t see why you’re acting like this” you add a little more mascara onto your lashes

“I’m acting like this because you don’t know what you’re getting into!” He steps closer to you “Men aren’t as cutesy and fluffy as they pretend to be, Y/N. I, myself, know for a fact that anyone would wait for the right occasion to jump on a prey like you”

“Oh, I’m a prey now?” you laughed “I think that I’m more dangerous than taehyung. Black belt in taekwondo “you remind him

” That’s not the point! “jimin grabs your arm

Jimin takes this opportunity to slide his muscular forearms around your sensitive waist for a backhug.He presses his chin onto the warm skin on your shoulder blade. You feel comforted yet puzzled over his sudden act.He never did such things in the past. What got onto him?

"Don’t go to him” his warm lips whisper on your sensitive skin

“Why?” you turn your head to the side, suddenly brushing your nose against his soft cheeks

“Because I don’t like you with him” his iron grip tightens onto your waist

You suddenly roll your eyes at his words. You expected something else and all you got was jimin’s selfishness, which was very disappointing to you.

“Stop cock blocking my chances of finding a boyfriend, Jimin!” you elbow him in the stomach quickly as you set yourself free from him

“I’m not cock blocking. I’m trying to protect you” he stares into your eyes

“You’re not protecting me” you smack his hand “you’re just being a big hypocritical asshole” you try walking away

“Are you giving me attitude? Right now?” he raises a threatening brow

“I’m just trying to remind you that you’re selfish” You stare at the floor

As you’re about to grab the door handle, Jimin flips you around in a few seconds as you’re now under his deep gaze. He pushes you against the cold door as the door itself closes thanks to your weight being pressed on it. The boy pauses for a few seconds as the tension grew heavier in the room.He stares at you and you try avoiding his eyes at all costs.

Your heart unavoidably start racing at some abnormal pace and you feel yourself trapped not only t between Jimin and that door, but trapped in your feelings as well. Why was your best friend making you feel that way? Nothing about this was right

“Yes, I’m a hypocritical asshole for only wanting you for myself” Jimin hung his head low as his soft bangs were brushing against your forehead “But it’s harder than me” he sighs as his face gets close to yours, his nose brushing against yours “I can’t bear with the thought of seeing you in the arms of some other bastard who won’t treat you right” his soft fingers casually sliding from your shoulders to your arms

“ Because the woman I love should be treated like a queen” he tilts your chin up to stare back onto your wavering eyes “ Because I want to be the king to my queen” he eyes alter from your lips to your eyes “ Because I love you”

With no warning he presses his manly lips onto your delicate ones. He didn’t hesitate to show you his real intentions and who was the king in this situation. His feverish nibbling onto your bottom lip to grant him access to a new world. His precautious fingers holding onto yours, your body yearning for more as the second passes by. He grabs onto your waist as you weaken under his masculine grip and find yourself grasping onto the fabric of his hoodie for support.

His gentle yet swift tongue battling against yours. His fierceness mixed onto his gentle intentions were expressed through his moist lips. His wish to make you feel his desperation and love through this heated kiss. His intoxicating cinnamon scented and aroma making you dizzy from all the action He swipes his tongue ardently as your kiss suddenly shows jimin’s eagerness to hear a moan coming out from you.. He grabs your wrists and holds them above your head.

“Tell Kim Taehyung to go find himself a new date for tonight” he stares at you before pressing his lips onto yours again for a long night full of adventures and secrets


some doodles from today. not really having as much fun drawing when i dont have. y’know. pressure sensitivity. but im making do. 

Hijabi Mc because i saw someone else did it and i wanted to. also Saeran straightened his hair. emo haircut. im saying emo haircut. 

thank you for your time