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On this day in 1954, Boston announced the opening of the Central Artery, the first elevated expressway in the United States. Reporters from the Boston Globe predicted that commutes into Boston would be reduced exponentially.  Unfortunately, these predictions proved to be too optimistic. Less than 30 years later, Governor Michale Dukakis, announced that the Central Artery would be torn down and replaced with an underground expressway. The Big Dig, as the new project was known, was completed in 2007.

The above photos show the Central Artery prior to the construction of the Big Dig. Do any of our followers remember driving on this expressway?

Central Artery, circa 1955-1975  Charlestown Urban Renewal project, Boston Redevelopment Authority photographs, Collection 4010.001

Green Line trolley next to Central Artery, 1976 May,  Peter H. Dreyer slide collection, Collection #9800.007, Boston City Archives, Boston

@allyspock convinced me via her hilarious tweets to reread swordspoint and i’m 60 pages in and like…. ready to write another fucking western au

“ Say what you will about the Soviet Union: the Communist Party was loyal. They got things done. Every crazy and stupid thing that the Politburo approved got done. Yes, it took a while to achieve that result. Stalin had to kill a lot of people. But it wasn’t through sheer terror and cruelty that the Communist Party worked. The Communist Party had a system. Which worked. It still works today in China. You might have noticed how people in the West today talk about China in these same terms. China gets things done, it does them fast and cheap. China got the world’s biggest high-speed rail system in the time that it takes to dig a tunnel in Boston. And for not that much more money. That’s not a coincidence. That’s Leninism at work. “

are you fucking shitting me, Bloody Shovel guy? are you fucking shitting me? both of these governments are infamously terrible at accomplishing actions, their decision-making processes were calcified and sclerotic, the only thing they are good at is lying to people who want to believe their lies about how effective and agentic they are.

China’s economic boom is not because of the decisions of Communist apparatchiks! The most useful thing China’s government has done is lie to everyone about how good the economy is going!