Park Bom is the most weak and pathetic idol I have ever laid eyes upon. The tragedy she faced in the 1990’s when her friend died, is not an excuse to go on a three year hiatus in 2014. Dong-woo of infinite’s father recently passed away before their comeback, and he never once considered going on hiatus. He continued to promote and be part of the comeback because he loves his fans and gained nothing but their support. Park bom is a selfish, coward with weak personality. Cant handle a fan base.

Admin Y: Every person deals with loss difrently you can’t compare one case to another. We are all unique and deal diffrently with grief, agony, pain of loss, sadness, health issues and even joy. The same goes with mental illnesses/disorders.

Also I dind’t took your permited pictures because Bom was super blurry.
And everyone needs to see crossdressing
Dongwoo as Bom ♥

The misterius letter

Matt woked up in the morning. Another day. He sigthed. He was alrady going to go out when he saw a letter. It was sended to him. He thought that it might have been the rent, but when he opened it, he saw it was something difrent. The first thing that called his atention was that whoever writed that letter, knew his real name. But more intresting thing was when he finished reading it, it was signed by a simple . Did he knew someone with that name? Only one person. And he velive that that person was dead.

In the letter there were instructions of how to get to a cafe nearby. He folowed the instructions, actually being pertty curius and sitted on a chair when he got there, waiting for A to come



i made a version with out the back as u can see in photo 1 and updated the other version that now is hat compatible and a difrent shave texture as u can see photo 3 so deleet the old version photo 2 and dowload the updated version.

i used  this hairstyle by Kiara as a basick mesh

photo 1:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw7jyq263my5848/brillit_malecurls1.package?dl=0

photo 2&3 updated:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/18149cxt1y5pfkx/brillt_malecurls.package?dl=0

  • <b> me:</b> *pointing to captain america, spider-man and ms marvel* some awesome poc characters<p><b>fandom:</b> n,o. incorrectawrong is no.t. ri ght. you don't underknow. captin amerc is hte anti-hitlr musT b white. mil;es morales.........difrent univers dosnt count. carol danvers not a muslim.....pls stop sayin"g this fake thingss<p><b>me:</b> *pointing to captain america, spider-man and ms marvel* luv dem poc characters<p>
Those voices in my head

Matt was sitting on one side of the street. It was pretty late. He looked around. A few people were passing by. He looked at them. They were so difrent…just by personality, by the way they talked…by those details. He looked back at his PSP. The games were better. Better than the real world. The characters could teach him more about strategy that all his years of learning. He looked up again, becouse he felt like someone was watching him.

This is what a anti feminist looks like.


People ask me why I don’t support feminism. Because it’s stupid that’s why. Seriously. Girls bitching about how they want to be equal to men. Ok first of all if you have to tell everyone your as good as a man and equal to him clearly your not. I don’t think we are like worthless or like less important than men. Just we are way to difrent to try to be equal to men. Look at like every country in history. Men were in charge. Men made all the buildings. Men wrote most the books. Men made the art. Men do the science and maths. Men did all that stuff. What did girls do? We raised the kids cooked dinner and cleaned the house. Oh ya and we tried to do it all looking pretty.

That’s not equal doll. Sorry to rune it for you. We aren’t supposed to be equal. I don’t want to have to try to like compete with men for stuff. Like in sports girls play against girls. So why should I be expected to go work in a mans world and try to be as good as him at like business or what ever? Ya some girls can do it. Like the most smartest girls. Most of them want to be men i think. You lose something when you try so hard to beat men at there game.

People always ask if I’m gonna go back to school and get my GED and go to college. Why would I? Last time I checked you don’t need a degree to be a housewife. It’s what we are supposed to do. Anything else is just lying about your nature. Feminism has done wayyyy more bad for girls than good. It’s stupid and I hate it.

noot to teh animatorz !!!!

FAQ U!!!!!!!!!! IM NVR WATCHING TEH ANIMA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE MANGO IT WAS DIFRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas tree set_ts4Gift

I wanted to wish every one a merry Christmas! And so a small gift for you all!

A x-mas tree that you can decorate to let it fit by your style or what you like, no matter what. The set have a empty tree, lights and tons of decoration all in difrent colors. And even if you dont like x-mas, you can use the tree to place on your lot just as a tree.

I hope you like! And enjoy!

Downloade the full set here