okay so this is kinda random but, I really like how Horikoshi draws smiles? Like, we all remember Izuku’s shining smile from back in the provisinal licence exam, and one of All Might’s difining features is his blinding grin.

Then there’s Bakugou’s manic smirks, Ochako’s adorable smiles, Tsuyu’s sweet little up turn of the lip, Kirishima’s big unabashed grin that shows off all his teeth, etc.

He draws smiles really well is whatI’m saying and his happy smiles make me happy.

PS: the day we see Eri smile with unrestrained happiness will be the best day of my life, I will take that panel and make it my phone backgroud, my lock screen, my desktop background etc.

Rules: Tag 20 people you’d like to know better

I got tagged by @lucar3213 , so I may as well fill it out on this blog!

Nickname: Not really had any that I say out-loud. ‘Tort’ was one made out of reversing my surname. But ‘RobotnikHolmes’ is my difinative nickname/username now. :p
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, though I’m more like a Pisces?
Height: 5′5, last time I checked.
Last thing you googled: Sans and Torial comics. Uhm, don’t ask!
Favourite music artist: Oh god, too many to count. Various video game soundtracks, Queen, Muse, Pink Floyd…

Last movie you watched: Steven Universe eps.
What are you wearing right now: Jimjams because its the muthafuking weekend.
Why did you chose your URL: Its RobotnikHolmes, and he has a comic blog! XP
Do you have any other blogs: Just my personal blog @robotnikholmes Nothing on there but random fandom stuff and cats.
What did your last relationship teach you: That I am incapable of proper relationships. :P
Religious or Spiritual: Pizza.
Favorite colour: Green.
Average hours of sleep: Like six.
Lucky number: Eh? 8?
Favourite characters: In the Sonic comics I honestly love post-reboot Eggman. Because he isn’t written with the history of murder and other stuff, he’s allowed to have much more depth and heartwarming moments. I dunno, its a better jumping point than when he was a terrorist who built soul-sucking machines.
How many blankets do you sleep with: One is enough. xP
Dream job: I’m currently on an animation course at uni, and while I’m not particularly good with it, I hope to be a freelancer one day.

Can’t think of 20 peeps to tag, so I’ll just tag some people I know best. @robotnik-mun @trippy-weasley @theguardianknux @nuttyrabbit @chauvel @drjoshfoxartz You fellas don’t have to fill it out if you don’t want to!