- Nu är det ganska länge sen men snart så är det dags igen.

Djurgården hockey has today qualified to play for a spot in the SHL(it’s called Kvalserien). Which means that the two teams from the Swedish capital will play against each other for survival.

In celebration of that, here you got 10 pictures of Djurgårdens fans during their games against AIK in Globen from when they both played in the SHL.


Mälarhöjdens Ice rink got nice visit last Sunday when Djurgården U13 met Haninge Anchors. A few Djurgården supporters where there and sang for the team throughout the game.

Former Djurgården player Christian “Fimpen” Eklund asked a friend who is in supporter group if he could get a few people together. Said and done, the friend made ​​sure to make a lot of calls.

- The kids has been nagging me and asked how it was to play with all the people singing in the stands, said Christian Eklund. I have always answered that they get to experience it when they grow up. But now they got to experience it today.

For the entire game the Djurgården fans kept singing starting with positive chants and they even cheered on the opposing team when they scored. Although Haninge won 6-2, this became a day to remember for all players on the ice - and the adults in the stands.


Djurgården hockey talking about how they are celebrating Christmas, who in the team they would want to give a present to and what they them self’s wants for Christmas. And of course, wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Djurgården hockey has a evening of food and cooking.