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GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS Chapter 12 vs. Chapter 13

It is difficult to get up and try again when it feels like all you ever do is get knocked back down. You have to believe that one day you will find something that will work, that you will find something that will break down any obstacle and put you in a place where nothing else matters anymore. Achievement is not an easy thing, but determination will always end with rewards.

when getting up is harder than ever by Amy Kennedy


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A painting of my cousin and her fiancé, who met while studying birds in Australia, commissioned by another cousin as a gift. Rosellas are their area of expertise, but I couldn’t help going all out researching and adding Australian birds until the drawing was packed with them - they’re just too amazing *__*

As a little extra gift I made the little ink and watercolour bonus images below; one for Leonie & Raoul with rosellas and fairy wrens, and one for tea-expert Marjolein - thanks so much again for this sweet commission <3


7 reasons why Jake Peralta is awesome, as explained by phil-the-stone:

4. while he did have kind of a shitty childhood, it’s stated by other characters (reminding him and the viewers) several times throughout the show that he’s still pretty privileged compared to a lot of other people, and he knows and accepts that

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#20 'please don't hurt me like this'

Again, it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with all the requests I’m receiving. So, I’m going to start doing some as drabbles. I hope you enjoy reading them <3

“Please don’t hurt me like this.”

“Luke.” You whined, pouting heavily as your boyfriend snatched the remote control off you. Your relationship was plain sailing until it got to your different taste in entertainment.

He chuckled softly as he dodged the pillow you hurled at him with ease, trapping your legs under his arm as he reclined back into the sofa.

“It’s Friday and you know the rules, tonight is my night.” He wagged his finger at you in mock scorn, grinning cheekily as you glared at him.

“Fine, but I don’t understand why we have to watch it again.” You replied exasperatedly, flopping back into the cushions huffily. Luke just smirked smugly at you as he began searching for his favourite movie of all time.

You could tell he had located it by the bright grin spreading across his face and the way his eyes lit up. You let out a frustrated sigh as Luke draped his arm over the bottom of your legs, lazily dancing his fingers up in an effort to distract you from your protests.

Please don’t hurt me like this Luke. You know I hate this film.” You attempted to plead for mercy, letting out a groan as the dreadful opening music began to ring out.

Luke smirked at you from the corner of his eye, your exasperation only amusing him further.

“I don’t get why you love it so much.” You muttered darkly, finally deciding to relax back in to the sofa cushions. You wiggled your feet in his face teasingly, telling him that you wanted a footrub in reward for your surrender.

“Babe, how could you not love it? She’s an undercover FBI agent posing as a beauty pageant contestant.”

You could only stare at Luke in utter bewilderment as he stared intently at the screen, waiting for Miss Congeniality to start.

Luna update.

it’s day 3 of Luna being sick - she went back to the vet yesterday for round 2 of subQ fluids and is still intermittently pooping but not as much as she usually does. the vet had already left for the day so she didn’t get examined, but of course, she came home and pooped some more after the fluids. i got the vet tech to show me exactly how to force feed her medicine and i tried 3 times yesterday to get her to eat something and she was just being so difficult. i was exhausted. after getting some sleep, i woke up and tried again. while it wasn’t easy, i was able to give her the antibiotic, gas drops, pain medicine, and 10cc of critical care. i think she got about 99% of it down. she just does not like critical care. i’m so stressed out, she’s just a little baby. i am doing everything i can for her but she still doesn’t feel good. when i let her out, she does run and hop around but she still is not eating or drinking on her own. she’s currently loafed in her condo with her ears up and not back and i don’t see that she’s grinding her teeth so hopefully the pain medicine has set in. ugh. 

if anyone has any advice, i would greatly appreciate it. 

Request: Can you write a Pietro Maximoff imagine where you’re a civilian jogging (you do it everday) and one day he sees you and you two start to flirt every day when you’re jogging? Thanks.

A/N: Yeaaaa brah, I got you. ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡  This is separate from the Recruit series! Thanks for the ask~ Requests are still open guys. For any character. Haha

There he goes again. Past you and down the park’s pathway. Away he goes with his stupid drool-worthy physique.

There was this guy who suddenly showed up at the same park you went jogging at. It was quiet and not many people were around which is why you ran there. Doing your daily jog with people around you creeped you out or worried you, or something about self-esteem. Whatever.

The stranger was ridiculously good looking. Like ridiculous and he was fast and fit. Why the hell was he jogging around you? Somehow he brought out all your self-consciousness when he lapped you around the track. It was even more frustrating when he gave you that stupid good-looking smile every time he saw you.

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Lewa, Mysteryking of Know-Nothingness

2002  -  2008  -  2015

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What are your headcanons for when (present time / hs) Riley and Lucas are just alone, cuddling, whispering sweet nothings, etc?

you know, it’s really freaky you should ask this because kate and i were literally just having a gotor-related discussion about this… like that’s weird are you eavesdropping on us

anyway, here’s a comprehensive list compiled by me and the bae:

  • lucas and riley are always holding hands when they’re together. it’s like the only PDA thing they’ll do in front of their friends (barring rare occasions) and almost constantly when they’re alone. like, no matter how they’re sitting/laying/etc, they’re holding hands. bet.
  • kate has this one that makes me want to die that like, one of riley’s favorite quiet places is just laying with lucas and laying her head on his chest because she likes to hear his heartbeat. like, it puts her at ease for some reason. i hate kate for this
  • while in this position, lucas likes running his fingers through her hair. particularly when it’s wavy/curly, because detangling it is a good calming mechanism for him.
  • they’re also still holding hands. they’re always holding hands.
  • in sophomore year lucas starts sneaking the bay window at night – not for anything nefarious, just because they want to stay up talking even though cory and topanga have sent him home. he always leaves around one or two a.m.
  • until the one time he doesn’t leave, which is in junior year during first semester. lucas gets dragged along to a party and hates it (which you’ll see during gotor), and his first instinct is to go to riley for comfort. he stays overnight but is gone before riley wakes up in the morning. she’s not entirely sure she didn’t just dream it up.
  • as junior year gets more difficult (again, in gotor), lucas starts showing up late at night and staying the night more often. he always leaves before topanga and cory wake up, but riley is becoming more and more comfortable with him there overnight.
  • when he has his breaking point in second semester junior year (again… gotor im so sorry lmao) and basically just collapses in exhaustion at her place, that’s finally the time that topanga discovers he sneaks in at night. riley explains its the only way he gets any sleep, and topanga is pretty chill about it but agrees they shouldnt tell cory quite yet lmao
  • on the subject of holding hands (always), when lucas stays over he usually falls asleep holding her hand. this is a habit he never gets rid of
  • i feel like i should be clear on the matter that like, lets be real, when they get older like junior and senior year their relationship gets more serious and they start doing Teenager things, but… they are legitimately always soft??? like, regardless of how passionate they are they are always soft and gentle. holding hands, kissing, otherwise – they’re Soft. bottom line
  • speaking of kissing, it should be noted that even when they’re Teenagers and kissing for long periods of time, they’re that couple that’s having half a conversation while kissing. they’re always talking. like they’ll have a convo while kissing, kiss for like fifteen minutes, and then randomly pick up the conversation from the same spot. this ain’t no joke, these two can’t stop talking to each other
  • i told kate this and i hate myself for it but like… lucas is constantly catching his breath around riley. he feels out of breath constantly. like y’all know those kind of kisses where they kiss and then the person has to break away just to breathe for a minute and they’ll like bump foreheads or noses?? that’s a lucas thing. 100%
  • this is another sort of PDA thing they do but i love this idea that like when they’re waiting around or just standing around like in lines or in the halls at school or whatever they’ll just start like… dancing together?? like riley will take his hands/hug him and then they’ll eventually just end up sort of swaying to this unheard song and it’s totally playful and goofy but riley absolutely loves it and lucas loves how giggly she gets
  • also, as riley brilliantly demonstrated in gm world of terror 1, she is the master of finding ways to get lucas to touch her. like, when they go bowling or golfing or try some new activity she’ll lowkey play dumb a little bit to get lucas to come up and help her figure it out. and maya is always astounded that riley is still good at maintaining that level of innocence that lucas doesn’t catch onto her schemes (my hero riley matthews)
  • when riley joins the group at topangas, she’ll come up behind lucas and kiss his cheek over his shoulder, and she likes to prop her chin on his shoulder which is very distracting for him especially when hes trying to do homework like riley pls
  • holding hands. they’re holding hands. just remember that.

I just have to remind myself there’s going to be bad & difficult days throughout getting myself back up again. I just have to keep myself optimistic as much as I can and just try my best. I’m not where I should be, but i’m on my way and it’s going to be a long time before I can say i’m finally “happy” again, but keeping my head up is the best option right now. 

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Oooh, a Free! imagine tumblr!! Welcome!! :) Can you write how the boys (either Samezuka or Iwatobi or both, if you're up for it) would act if they were on a date? I look forward to reading it and more of your future work! ^____^ -N

(eeeeeep, another kind message from you lovely anons! I’ll do my best to make any of you happy! ^ w ^”)

you know what? *crackes knuckles* I’m up for both. LET’S DO THIS. 

(assuming that this is their first date with someone they happen to like. oof this one turned out so much longer than i thought so i’ll put it under a read more!)

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