differnt paths

anonymous asked:

I've been starting to follow a bunch of medblrs and I noticed so many of them are so young. I'm 20 and still working towards my BA and I just seen a blog by someone my age who's in their second year of med school. My question is how did they do it? I feel like I've wasted so much time :(

1) Remember that different countries have different requirements!! Not all of the medblrs are US people so some of them have different programs (6 year programs instead of 8 year programs, etc!). 

2) EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERNT PATH. Your path is OKAY. I will be 24 (almost 25) when I graduate with my MD. That was the right path for me. Sweetheart will be almost 33 when he finishes his MD. People have different paths they take to becoming a doctor. No path is wrong. Your path is right for you and no one else. Just keep on your path. :)