Big things coming.
Hard work and preparation is the key to success.
Thanks for all of the love and support from every single one of you

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  • My questions from her:

    1. What is your caffeinated beverage of choice?dr.pepper

    2. Are you a cat person, a dog person, an other animals person, or a no animals person?dog!

    3. What’s your favorite TV show right now?american horror story coven

    4. Do you still live with your folks, or are you on your own? mom =/

    5. What’s the most recent book you read for fun?beautiful creatures

    6. Have you dealt with any major mental or physical illnesses?no

    7. Describe your favorite memory.: seeing my cousin graduate from high school she was the 1st in my family

    8. Did you/do you plan to attend college? For what? i plan to go for graphic design

    9. Do you like your cell phone?nope

    10. Were you named after anyone?i have  my grandmas middle name

    11. Why do you play? helps me escape the real world sometimes

  • My questions for you:
  • 1. what is your favorite candy?
  • 2.where are you from?
  • 3.if the sims never existed what would you play?
  • 4.what do you do for a living ?
  • 5.is there anything you are afraid of?
  • 6.what is your favorite color?
  • what is the craziest thing you've done?
  • 7.whose your favorite artist?
  • 8.how old are you?
  • 9.what are you doing right now?
  • 10.if there was one place you could go where would that be?
  • 11.would you meet any sim players if you had  the opportunity who?

“Sir, why are we going in this direction.  This doesn’t look like the part of town I saw on the internet or what the building manager described to me.”  The taxi driver replied, “Miss, you did say 2813 Industrial Drive, right?”  “Yes I did, but this isn’t…..” he cut her off before she finished and said, “Miss, I am sure this isn’t what you saw or heard about but please take this as a friendly warning”, she paused dramatically, “You have been swindled, many people come here from other places, site unseen, expecting that everyone will be on the up-and-up but that’s not how this city runs, everyone here is out to get ahead, regardless of who they have to push in front of a bus, to get there.  I hope you at least have a job lined up…..” Faith was too tired, hurt, and angry to respond to the barely sympathetic taxi driver, so instead of responding about the job, she quickly got out of the cab when it stopped, said thank you, paid and turned around in horror.

I cannot believe this is happening.  What the fuck is this?!  I paid good money for what was described to me as a renovated industrial building and the pictures on the internet were beautiful.  This is….This is….This is a damn mess!  This could not be legal, I was clearly lied to!  This building manager better explain to me how this mistake was made because I might have to beat his ass if he expects me to stay here!  I can’t believe I’ve already paid for 6 months upfront for this dump! That was basically all the money my dad left me. OMG, this can’t really be happening.  

I have finally arrived in Bridgeport… The flight was hella long and I am sleepy, hungry and basically broke.  Most of my money was spent getting me here and making sure I had an apartment when I arrived.  I can’t wait to get there and relax.  Thank God, I had my luggage sent ahead of me and the building manager said everything, which wasn’t much, had arrived safely when I called him earlier.  So far so good.  

Looking at the beautiful city in the distance, I feel a sense of relief, excitement and wariness all at once.   I had never been out of Storybrook, not even to visit my grandparents in China, but that line of thinking involves rehashing memories I would rather forget for the moment.  Who wants to revisit bad experiences when they have something new and exciting in front of them?…..  Not me!  What happens from here on out only needs to involve where I see myself being.  I will be the top bitch in the art world.  Whether it’s sculpting, paintings, home decor or fashion, Faith Wu, will be the first name to come to people’s minds…

I better get downstairs before I miss my taxi.