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honey you're white, you can relate to whatever you want and differentiate yourself from 'the straights' but youre still white as fuck. youre not gonna die

What the fuck did I just read??
Like okay Ugly Anon yeah white women have privilege but that’s only over women and men of color…..they are still second to white men…and then if you’re an LGBT mentally ill white women….you’re still…in danger…………..
Anyway this ask is pointless gtfo


“So maybe you’ll be an artist. You could be the next van Gogh or da Vinci. Your name could be written in history books for centuries to come. You’ll become another well known last name that doesn’t require a first name to differentiate you from anyone else. In the future, there will be art school students learning about Beaulieu’s style, and others trying to copy it. Maybe you’ll create an entire new movement in art.
You’ll make enough money that someday your mother and I will retire and live in a nice house by the beach, where I can brag about you to every passerby.
That may be my favorite of the futures I envision for you. But whatever your future, whatever talents you later discover, I know you will be the best at anything you choose.”

Fade, Santino Hassell & Ais

the school for good and evil: selected students from the graduating class

↳ Tedros of Camelot

Track: Leader

Quest: Restoring order, infrastructure, and financial stability to Camelot as its King.

“Making difficult decisions in the face of adversity is what differentiates a boy from a man.” - Merlin of Ginnymill

“Hilarious World of Osomatsu-kun”

Released: October 1988

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

It is 100 pages, and B5 size. Contains profiles on the characters, and other information and art on the series.

This auction listing (ended) shows what the cover looks like, and some samples from inside.

The Twitter user Henocchi has transcribed the profiles and stats from it before, including the bit from there that Iyami claims he’s 23.

Oh, and for those wanting to know how to differentiate the sextuplets, there’s a page said to supposedly be from there and with information on them. Considering they’re the sextuplets, I don’t know if you should take it with a grain or salt or be intrigued. I was shown it months ago, I don’t know if there’s transcription of it anywhere, and the text is a bit small, but look!:

Looks like the falling kid is Jyushimatsu there, like in that one 3rd run chapter? Wondering if this is an assistant’s work, Hatabo looks especially different and Chibita and the demon kids are much more tinier-looking than usual.

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Dorne seems unique among the kingdoms in that it has a sort of proto-Nationalism going. Is that a result of the Rhoynish influence, or a direct result of the multiple attempted conquests of Dorne?

Both, and I do think they build upon each other. The shared culture in Dorne is a differentiation point between it and the Stormlands and the Reach with their differing laws and customs. We see a little bit of this with the Ironborn and the Northmen too, with their clear delineation of ‘us’ and ‘them’ defined on cultural and religious grounds. Then you add the history of inter-regional strife and conflict, wars on both sides so you can get a sense and history of the Stormlands and the Reach as the enemy who did ‘such and such act.’ Once Aegon conquers the other kingdoms, Dorne holds out and that gives the people an image and idea to cling to, then the Dragon’s Wroth happens and you really have a sense of “us vs. them” that sustains the nationalist movement even through a fairly grim portion of their history, which in turn gives rise to things movements like the Vulture King, a sort of deniable asset war against the Seven Kingdoms, in addition to the standard border raids. Then Daeron I comes along and takes the nobility out of the fight, but the smallfolk sustain it, because much like the folk of Bear Island, there’s a long history that the people aren’t necessarily willing to throw away.

So as you can see, all of it builds on itself, like masonry. Ideas, good ones and bad ones both, are tough to kill once you’ve had children raised on them, passing them down to their children. That’s why reform is so hard and why it’s not inaccurate to say that lasting reform is a generations-long process.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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ok different person with questions about flashbacks, but IF you are writing a flashback, would you say things like “he said” OR “he had said”? also how would you differentiate between the flashback and the rest of the current events? italicize it? thank you!! love your blog, couldn’t live without it

It all depends on if you’re writing a flashback or a memory. Recounted memories are often called “flashbacks,” when really they’re just someone remembering something that happened. “I remember the day I first met Sally. I was stationed in Calcutta at the time…” If there’s a transition, I tend to think of it more as a memory than a flashback. Flashbacks, more typically, come out of nowhere. Something like: As the scent of curry wafted through the market, I was back in Calcutta on the day I met Sally. The sun hung heavy in the thick air of late afternoon, the sounds of the market shrill in my ears. Then, a flash of blonde hair caught my attention as a petite figure ducked behind an outfitter’s stall. I pursued, and as I rounded the corner she turned to smile at me.” So, it’s more immediate, like the reader is transported back to that moment with the person remembering it. There’s still a transition, obviously, but it’s a softer transition. It isn’t so much, “On the day I met Sally, this happened.” It’s more like something triggers the memory and they’re suddenly back there again, if that makes any sense? (I tackle it here in Flashbacks vs Memories)

That said, if you’re writing a flashback and it’s really short, you probably could do it in italics, but it isn’t necessary. The trick is really in the transition. As to how you differentiate, the transition helps with that, but you can make it clear in context, too. It sometimes helps to have a triggering object, as with the scent of curry in the examples above. That triggering object helps to delineate between the two, because here’s the scent of curry right now, and there was the scent of curry back when this other thing happened, too.

I feel like this is maybe not the clearest explanation, but it’s kind of hard to explain, so let me know if it’s still not making sense. ;)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  


I’m getting a lot of the same types of questions, so I am gonna make a masterpost for everyone to reference!

What is a Lyric Wheel?
A Lyric Wheel is a type of fanfiction challenge, a story produced as the result of such a challenge, or the writing methods used by participants in such a challenge.In a Lyric Wheel challenge, the moderator pairs each participant with a recipient. The participant sends their recipient a set of song lyrics; the moderator decides whether songs will be used and whether the lyrics must meet a specific theme. 

Each recipient must then use at least three lines from the lyrics in their story. The standard requirement is that the story must be a set length, usually no less than four pages in Word, and must be completed within a time frame set by the moderator, usually two to three weeks after the pairings have been emailed to participants. Lyric Wheel stories differentiated from songfic in that the rules clearly stated that the lyrics could not be something the character was listening to on the radio.

Does my fic have to be Ziam?
No! You can do any pairing within One Direction, and that includes Zayn. In fact, I absolutely encourage participants to try different pairings, if it suits the song. It’s awesome to think outside the box sometimes!

Will it always be One Direction albums?
No: I have plans for other albums to be used as well. Examples include Adele, Beyonce, James Bay, John Mayer, etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Lyric Wheel challenges, and I want to keep it fresh and exciting.

How long do the fics have to be?
Preferably between 1300 to 4500 words. I’m not too fussed if it’s over that length, either: but since there is a time limit, it’s up to you how you wanna go about doing it!

I missed the sign up :(. What can I do??
Not to worry! If you did happen to miss the sign up, there are always options. First being that you can sign up as an alternate for the round. Sometimes writers have lives outside of writing fanfiction (I know, it’s craaaazy!) and can’t commit to the challenge. If this happens, one of the alternates will be called upon to take their place. The second is that I usually start up the next round fairly quickly: if you see a sign up post: get at me so I can get you in!

I’m a little stressed about my fic. What do I do?
Come talk to me. Honestly! If you’re feeling stressed or like you’re not going to finish within the deadline, shoot me a message on here or at @liamsfreckles and I will do my best to help you. I always say: you matter more, and if something is stressing you out, we can work through it to un-stress you. This is meant to be fun, and I’m not an ogre. (Even if I look like one)

Are there themes for the challenges as well?
From time to time I will add a theme, but not always. You’ll just have to sign up and see! ;)

Can I change pronouns in the lyrics to suit my fic?
Absolutely! I encourage you to do so if it helps write your fic. As long as the lyric is still discernible (meaning I know it comes from the song and hasn’t been altered too much) it’s all good.

Can we genderswap our pairings?
Yes! Be as creative as you want to be. I do not mind if you decide to do girl!ziam/etc. These fics are whatever you want to write, and however you want to write them!

I think that’s it! I will probably update this post as we go, but I hope it helps answer some of the questions I’ve been getting. Happy writing!

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Can you be on the ace spectrum and heterosexual at the same time? Adding on to that, if your on the ace scale but cis and straight are you considered a part of the lgbt community?

*Note: this is my opinion and others may disagree*

Can you be ace and heterosexual?

I’m going to answer this in two ways:

First, most aces and some non-aces find it beneficial to think of and articulate their orientation using a split attraction model. This model separates romantic and sexual attractions and allows people who use this to differentiate between their romantic and sexual attractions as separate things. The same prefixes (hetero, homo, bi, pan, omni, a, fem, masc, skolio, etc) that are used for sexual orientation (ie heterosexual) are used for romantic orientations (ie heteroromantic). Therefore, some people may refer to their orientation as heteroromantic asexual/demisexual/gray asexual. Not everyone finds the split attraction model helpful (ace and non-ace alike) for various reasons, such as not being able to parse the two attractions into their own separate categories, or redundancy (ie biromantic bisexual is implied when just saying bisexual).

Second, It is possible to identify with both heterosexual and ace, though I don’t think it is very common. I think I’ve seen people identify as gray-heterosexual or demi-heterosexual before, and that makes sense to me because it reads to be that their attractions (sexual and romantic) are towards the “opposite” gender, but their attraction is dependent on bond, not frequent, weak etc. Really, I think it’s up to you. If you find both heterosexual and ace to work for you, then by all means because it’s your identity and not mine.

Are cishet aces LGBTQ+?

This is a debated topic. I personally am of the opinion that being ace is LGBTQ+ regardless of gender or romantic orientation, because being ace challenges heterosexuality and heteronormativity as it exists and is expected to exist. Ace on it’s own is “enough” to be LGBTQ+, even if you’re cisgender and hetero. That all being said, I think it is up to the individual cishet ace to decide for themselves whether they feel like they belong in the LGBTQ+ community. If being ace isn’t all that big of a deal for that person or affect how they experience sexuality in their opinion, or they don’t feel like they belong in the community, then they don’t really need to consider themselves LGBTQ+. However, if they feel like being ace “others” them from being the expected cishet person and feel connected to the LGBTQ+ community, they should consider themselves LGBTQ+.

There’s backlash against cishet aces being LGBTQ+ because they are “basically straight”, and don’t have some of the experiences that other people in the LGBTQ+ community face. This gets a little Oppression Olympics-y at times. Some other people are uncomfortable with cishet aces being LGBTQ+ because the community is in some ways a haven from cisgender and heterosexual society and expectations. I think this has some merit, as there is privilege in being cisgender and having “opposite” gender attraction, so it would be something that cishet aces would always have to be aware of in LGBTQ+ spaces. I guess the idea that there is a choice in my opinion for cishet aces to consider themselves LGBTQ+ is something to be questioned, as I don’t think I can think of any other identity that has the “choice” of being a part of the community or not..

tl;dr I suppose you could be heterosexual and ace, but maybe you’re looking for heteroromantic ace? Cishet aces are LGBTQ+, but I think there’s a bit of a choice as to whether or not a cishet ace wants to identify as LGBTQ+.

Zero to Trump

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Pokemon Go phenomenon is that in many conventional respects, it’s really a pretty bad game.  It crashes frequently, has broken mechanics, and has limited opportunities for interaction in what should be a social game.  Yet, it’s doing extraordinarily well. It turns out that its combination of augmented reality and childhood nostalgia is fulfilling people’s needs so much better than the next mobile game that these execution errors basically don’t matter.  Its customers aren’t looking for a generic workmanlike game, they’re looking for Pokemon Go, and when you’re in that position, you have got a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes and recover from them.

Donald Trump may not like being compared to a small…anything, but Trump’s strategy actually makes most sense when viewed as a sort of political startup.

Like a startup, Trump is inferior to political incumbents, whether Clinton or Jeb!, in almost every way. He’s only in the game because he has a unique differentiated offering, Trumpism, that appeals to blue collar voters 10x better than the next candidate.

In Trump’s position the guaranteed way to lose is to pivot towards the “center” and become an undifferentiated candidate; Clinton would win that race every time. Trump’s speech was a signal that he is deliberately not doing that.  Instead, he is pushing a specific platform (explicit callout of law and order, populist protectionism) on which he essentially has a political monopoly. Sure he’s going to have a lot more gaffes and negative press than his rival, but if his “political monopoly” turns out to be valuable, people will forgive a lot of flaws that would sink a commoditized politician.  His current rate of execution errors basically don’t matter, his product-market fit is the only thing that matters.

MS3 Reflections: Internal Medicine

I’ve decided to go back through my MS3 year and reflect on the different rotations, mostly just to show myself how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned. This will be sprinkled with links to my previous posts since I’ll be going through those as well.

So I started the year with Internal Medicine. I remember how terrified I was to start third year. There was just so much unknown. I thought so much would be expected of me and that I wasn’t ready. I now laugh at that idea. Really they expected me to know less than nothing. Thankfully I was blessed with many amazing residents and attendings who valued my education. I remember the patience of my first attending as I spent an hour and a half on my first note (I’m not exaggerating), struggling to come up with a differential diagnosis as well as the plan. I was a sponge, soaking up everything someone told me and learning to use the all mighty Uptodate to my advantage. 

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I got to see my classroom and I love it! It has room and storage and a cool desk setup! And my school will be a 1:1 laptop:student school this year!!! So I get to use computers in my math classes and that is going to open up so much differentiation and help reduce shame for students who need more explanation and time!!!!


Don’t read if you are spoiler-free.

I’m a Daryl’s fan, I have been loving him since the beginning because I could relate to him (especially S1/2/3 Daryl). I really, really love him, like he is my favorite character and above everyone else there probably, BUT I’m also able to be objective and honest. Loving a character doesn’t mean agreeing with everything they do; that isn’t love, it’s blind and useless adoration. People who are not able to differentiate love for a character from their bullshit are just brainless fans imo. I don’t like those types of fans because there are no critical faculties there, and every kind of dialogue becomes totally useless. You are just there to worship the character you like no matter what. They are always right to you. That’s not how fandoms should work honestly. I don’t like Daryl, I LOVE him, and I will defend him ‘till my last day on Earth if I think people criticize him for unfair reasons, but I won’t shut up IF what the spoilers say about what is gonna happen in the lineup is accurate. I won’t shut up about how I’m tired of him getting people killed. It’s not intentional, it’s never been, but he being so emotional and extra whiny, him being so impulsive is gonna get ANOTHER character killed, and you know that if any other character did something like that, you guys would drag that character to the pit of hell. If it were the other way around, you would be mad at Glenn, you would criticize Glenn, you would say the exact same things that Glenn’s fans are saying about Daryl. And you would be right. I have seen you guy yelling at characters for the stupidest reasons; if a character do the smallest thing to Daryl, even if out of love, you guys will totally bash them, so isn’t a bit hypocritical now to act so baffled, outraged and be so mad at Glenn’s fans? This is an attitude that both of my main fandoms have (the Daryl and Carol ones), and I HATE it because it’s just so ugly to act so outraged when you guys turn into Satan himself when any other character do something to your fave. Just be coherent and admit that if Glenn got Daryl killed just like Daryl is almost certainly gonna do to Glenn, you would go furious from here to the end of your own life. Period.

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Zenny, what do the lights on your head represent? Also why do some omnics have different numbers of lights?

My lights, as well as any other Omnic, represent the function we were originally composed for. Every function set has a different number of lights in a different arrangement to help differentiate us. My original designation and function is not something I like to talk about. 


Minding Our Beeswax

Ever since opening our San Francisco factory in 2012, the Heath team has been dedicated to building our business and developing our community. Recently, some other busy bees have been building a community of their own—right on our factory roof.

Terry Oxford, owner of Urban Bee San Francisco, set up three young hives on the roof of Heath SF this past spring. With years of experience advocating for changes in policy that would have a positive impact on the future of our dwindling local (and statewide) bee population, Terry’s goal for these fledgling Heath hives goes beyond merely cultivating delicious honey. In fact, she doesn’t even plan to harvest any honey from these hives for at least another year. The reason? She wants to make sure the bees have enough food for themselves to thrive before taking any away from them. Her dedication to her bees’ well-being is a key differentiator between Terry and most commercial beekeepers, and this passion for her cause is what drew us to working with her.

On a recent visit to the rooftop hives, we were able to observe the bees at work firsthand. We quickly came to understand the significance of what we were seeing, and why it’s under threat. The queen, workers (females), and drones (males)—all roles of equal import—work together seamlessly to sustain a balanced ecosystem within the walls of their hive. Traveling up to 4 miles to gather nectar and pollen (and pollinate local flora along the way) primarily from Australian gum trees, eucalyptus, bottle brush trees, acacia, and citrus trees in our neighborhood, the worker bees provide food for their fellow 60,000-80,000 bees in the hive. The queen, fed purely royal jelly, is charged with the sole responsibility of laying eggs day in and day out, and the drones’ main job is to mate with a fertilized queen. Each bee plays a vital part in maintaining the rhythm of the hive, and if their food source is threatened—as it currently is with the decrease in San Francisco’s tree population and the rise of systemic pesticide use—the whole operation is put at risk.

Appreciating the impact of what a loss in bees will have on us is just the beginning of the road ahead. While there is much work to do on a larger scale to ensure their preservation, we’re pleased to do our small part in supporting Terry’s tireless work to campaign on behalf of our local bees. We’ll check in on our rooftop hives as the year progresses and make sure to report back here. In the meantime, visit Urban Bee San Francisco to learn more about Terry’s work. Stay tuned!

- Donna

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my therapist made me feel rlly invalid by saying me avoiding things doesnt mean i have avpd but like I Swear On My Left Hand i do but avoiding is also a symptom f c-ptsd which i have so what if tis just that aaaaaaaaa and i just feel so invalid and freaked out I hate change and my mental illnesses are the only solid part of my identity irogneofjgr;esfl;pefjkhoigwhrgiu

C-PTSD does involve many avoidant tendencies, and AvPD is more than just avoiding, because otherwise there wouldn’t be ways to differentiate it between things like agoraphobia or social anxiety. We’ve talked a lot about how the main difference is in how the behaviour works in a personality disorder versus an anxiety disorder. Here are some things we’ve answered in the past that can help explain that difference:

C-PTSD does deal with severe avoidance coping, but it works a little differently than it might in AvPD, if they weren’t co-morbid. It’s important to look into how personality disorders work specifically when it comes to this because avoidance coping is common in a large amount of mental illnesses. The symptoms can look very similar on paper.

However, C-PTSD is co-morbid with many things. It’s kind of like BPD in that way (although that’s a whole other discussion, haha). And I am speaking as someone with C-PTSD and AvPD that it is entirely possible to have both, and to have the overlapping of symptoms look pretty messy. I do think it would be likely to develop alongside AvPD. It’s very common for people to have a personality disorder as well as C-PTSD if they experienced their trauma during the developmental years of their life. 

Your therapist also could have said that just because a lot of professionals are wary about stacking labels. (And others are the complete opposite. It’s a mixed bag!) If you feel like they didn’t take your thoughts about this as seriously as you want, I would try to bring it up again. Maybe they didn’t realize how much thought you’d been putting into it. I also think it might be worthwhile to bring up to your therapist that you feel invalidated very quickly and would like to at least talk these things out before being shut down about them.

I’m sorry you’re so distressed. I understand how that is. It can feel really important to know what labels to use to navigate your mental health and to understand yourself. If it means anything, I don’t think you’re invalid. I hope any of this information helps clears things up for you. 

- Shinji

lmao so i have a funny story about my complete inability to differentiate unfamiliar faces

theres two women: one is my cousins gf shes petite and has silver dyed hair to about her chin but shes a hair stylist so she changes her hair frequently, for the purpose of this story we’ll call ner nicole. the other is a regular at my starbucks (where i work) whose name i never quite caught, she is petite and has long silver dyed hair with black streaks, for the story well call her lyn.

NOW my dissociative ass sucks at recognizing people so for the longest time i was pretty sure lyn and nicole were the same person and since i didnt see either all that frequently and apparently nicole does come to my starbucks NEITHER OF THEM KNEW that i had made this false association. yesterday i was at work and i felt like crap so lyn and i were chatting as we normally do and she asked if she could do anythong since i wasnt feeling well, i told her i had cramps and she got me some ibuprofen bless her what a hero ❤

so im going about my day thinking what a nice thing to do for your bfs little cousin shes really like a part of my family until later that night when my mom tells me that nicole apparently has short hair. my world has shifted. lyn is not the cousin i got drunk with at a wedding. lyn is just a lovely customer who gave me painkillers. WHO IS SHE

anyway i definitely accepted medication from someone who is essentially a stranger but she saved my life…