here’s the thing, with all jobs, people expect to be able to afford more than just basic bills and food

people expect to make enough money for emergencies and fun also, not just flat-out survival

so art, especially being a specialized skill, is no different

artists deserve to make more than just barely scraping by to pay their housing, utilities, travel, and food. just like any other job.

because in any other job, no one would accept just being paid enough for hard work just to pay bills and food and gas and insurance and literally nothing else, and it would not be seen as acceptable.

artists deserve to make a full living, not just barely-scraping-by-for-basic-survival rates.

AND ALSO like i sometimes see anons leaving artists who do commissions messages like “well what are you gonna use this money for? what will you spend it on? what do you need it for?” like they have to have some urgent reason???

like fucking excuse me? would you ask these questions to the person cooking for you in a restaurant? your waitress? the cashier who rang up your clothes? the person you hired to do your taxes? your car salesman? your doctor? your pet’s vet? the person who built your house?

no, you would not, because that’s completely ridiculous because you realize you don’t have a right to what they make and how they spend it and that they do get to be allowed to afford and spend money on things other than like, basic bills and tragedies and emergencies and survival necessities and that you’re not entitled to knowledge of their spending.

so don’t ask artists these questions like they somehow have to be on the verge of death or homelessness or poverty to be allowed to charge more for their art or do art as a job or like they need your permission to spend money earned from their art on something other than basic survival. 

it’s a job, a career, like anything else, not something people do as a last resort money making scheme in emergencies only.