I told Maggie I’d draw her furry if she made a reference for him aaaaaand she did ;w;

Sooo this is Maggie’s wolf furry, Wren. When she was describing him to me it was when I was drawing that Luna picture so if you read the tags you’ll know I was listening to Girls Just Want to Have Fun on a loop, so she was describing Wren to me while I was listening to the music and I thought she said “God furry” when she actually said “goth furry” (”god furry” made sense to me too because of the star on his face because like some people draw Clan leaders with a star on them and yeah)

but yea here’s Wren

Finished Delivery Moogle Bag and SALES!

I finally finished my moogle bag! \o/ (I actually finished a week ago but this week I was terribly busy and didn’t have time to post decent pictures) I really like how it ended up. Since my sister anhe-foraz​ and I are in need of money to keep paying the subscriptions and some debts we are planing to take orders of this bag if someone is interested in having one.  

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phoebe tonkin appreciation week ❀ day 1: why you love phoebe?

Phoebe not only is a terrific, talented actress and great model whom I enjoy very much watching in new photoshoots and in different roles on my screen (both the small and the big one), but she’s first and foremost a very good person. She’s always smiled and positive no matter what. Her optimistic attitude and cheerful personality always helps me out when I feel sad or overwhelmed by something. She’s the person I’ve been looking up to for a very long time now, in many different aspects. I think if more people were like Phoebe - kind, warm and caring, the world would be much better. I just love that girl so very much that you have no idea. I can definitely call her my role model and inspiration.


Roughly thirty years ago, the first Amiga computer system was released to the world by Commodore. It was rough around the edges in a lot of ways initially, but a stunning achievement regardless. Many people nowadays short-sell the Amiga’s importance in the grand scheme of computer things, perhaps out of ignorance. It’s easy when pretty much everything that made Amiga special back in the day is easily surpassed by the most modest of today’s hardware now. In the mid-1980s however, it was a different story. Where Apple’s Macintosh popularized graphic interfaces and ease-of-use, and IBM’s PC brought the modular design philosophy that helped it rule the world through its clones, the Amiga was the first consumer-level multitasking multimedia machine. While text-only, monochrome, or basic color displays were the norm for home systems thirty years ago, the Amiga offered full color graphics in several different screen resolutions, some approaching photographic (or at least VHS video) quality. It also had four-channel stereo sound capable of playing digital samples to go with those graphics. This power was thanks to a trio of custom co-processors, which could operate independently of the main CPU, doing the audiovisual grunt work while the system is doing other things, enabling zippy performance for full-screen animation or heavy-duty gaming (by 1980s-1990s standards at least) . This was a vast expansion of the kind of multimedia power offered by earlier 8-bit systems by Commodore and Atari, and like them, the Amiga hardware was conceived to potentially double as a high-spec game console as well as a computer system. Perhaps for this reason (or just to allow users to use their own TVs instead of buying a monitor), the Amiga was good at syncing up with analog video signals, and mixing its own graphics or animation with it. Where the Apple Mac is said to have pioneered ‘desktop publishing’, the Amiga almost single-handedly created the field of desktop video, and soon amateurs and public-access stations across the globe were using Amigas for video graphics, titles, and more. The field reached its apex with the ‘Video Toaster’ by Newtek, a hardware and software bundle which, when combined with an Amiga 2000 and some video equipment, could do the job of video mixing gear that cost tens of thousands of dollars worth of pro video editing gear. An even longer-enduring legacy would be the Amiga’s operating system, which almost from the start offered full preemptive multitasking formerly the exclusive domain of UNIX and institutional systems, and would take close to a decade before Windows and Mac could do the same. Even with its pedigree and power, the Amiga couldn’t hold back the Windows PC steamroller in the long run, and pretty much every desktop, laptop, and mobile system today has strong, fast multimedia power using video co-processors that operate independently, and preemptive multitasking operating systems. It would be foolish to say those things wouldn’t have come about in consumer computer systems without the Amiga, but I like to believe it was the kick in the pants to spur the market along quicker.

Here are a few of my earliest digital works the system made possible. Happy 30th birthday, Amiga.

I stumbled upon two websites that may help regarding your main roleplay theme, or any other blog.

>  1 | If you want to know how your theme looks like in different screen resolutions, use Screenfly.

It lets you test any website in a different variety of screen sizes, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and even televisions. This is useful for you to use if you’re worried about certain elements of your blog theme cutting off.

>  2 | Color-Hex is useful for when you want to have a lighter or darker shade of the color that you are currently using.

In addition, it also lists triadic, analogous, monochromatic, complementary, and other related colors for you. Depending on the color hex you filled in, it sometimes lists a color palette.

Anne Thompson: They cast you first and then had a tough time finding your leading lady. Describe the first time you met Caitriona Balfe.

Sam Heughan: The first time we screen tested together, I’d been on board the show for a couple of months. I had flown out to America different times to screen test different girls, also London and New York. They couldn’t find the right actress to play Claire, they couldn’t agree. Caitriona came in. We had a fantastic audition. We had a big scene to do by the river from Episode Nine, where Jamie and Claire go for each other. There’s dramatic high stakes. I remember tearing pieces out of each other, it was very physical, I had her in a bear hug, looking at her, and she was really pissed off at me, really angry, really strong. We were both willing to go for it. It’s important that Claire is Jamie’s foil and likewise, they’re equal.


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Apparently I love Olicity.

Lock screen: My beautiful Oliver Queen damaged.

Home screen: With precious cupcake.

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PlayStation Mobile detailed different screens, same games

Sony’s made the decision to spill the beans on PlayStation Mobile, its approaching mix-platform gaming service. It’ll connect with your personal PSN ID, connecting into its software store, which aims to provide up a “number of portable encounters.”,,,