Some little things about Cursed Child on stage that gave me heart eyes...
  • Them not pronouncing the ‘t’ in Voldemort
  • That rippling effect when the time turner does the thing
  • Scorpius…literally everything.
  • Draco…also literally everything.
  • James and Lily Potter *heart eyes/heartbreak*
  • Albus/Ron and Scorpius/Harry omfg the hilarity
  • Scorpius hiding Delphi with his cloak to act casual
  • Something for all the shippers (no seriously at least a moment for everyone it was great)
  • Dementors being terrifying and swooping and being terrifying my god
  • That music <3 esp those final moments of Act 2 and then the choreographed Death Eater/teacher march in Act 3 Scene 1 A++
  • Good Dad Draco Malfoy <3
  • Basically everything Anthony Boyle did as Scorpius tbh
  • No seriously idk if it was his wig or a creative decision to have Scorpius play with his hair nervously but it woRKED.
  • “Well she didn’t kiss MeeeEEEEeeeeEEE………..”
  • Scorpius and his every encounter of ‘Voldemort and Valor’ lmao
  • The fact there were little gasps and big gasps when different things were revealed like Delphi’s tattoo or Harry yells that thing. The fact people actually cried out when we found out Neville had been murdered. The laughs from the titters to the full on cackling. That one line (honestly I cANNOT FOR THE life OF ME REMEMBER WHICH ONE ARGH) Draco said to Harry that had people laughing, then keep laughing then eventually give a small round of applause because what amazing delivery)

There was more but I can’t think now my head is spinning.

My point is that a lot of people have said that people who have seen the show are blinded by the spectacle of it all, and y’know what? Maybe I have been. I know that a lot of it’s ridiculous (like my bb Cedric and Delphi’s origin lmao) but I also know that it was fun and magical and something new. It’s been 9 years since a Harry Potter story surprised and dazzled me.

Your ships are still canon, you can easily ignore the bits you don’t care for and really, IT WASN’T JK ROWLING WHO WROTE IT ANYWAY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT AS CANON?????



9 Percent Of Men And .5% Of Women Are Colorblind

The term color blindness is actually misleading. Most people who are “color blind” are not blind to all colors, but really have a color deficiency that makes it hard for them to see differences between some colors.

Different types of color blindness –There are many different kinds of color blindness, but the most common is a difficulty distinguishing between reds, yellows, and greens. This is called “red-green” color blindness. Other forms, such as problems distinguishing blues from yellows, or where everything looks grey, are very rare.

What people see – Let’s compare what people see who have different types of color blindness. I’ve put three different screen captures from a post at this blog. The first picture below is  how it appears to someone who has no color blindness, the second is how it appears to someone with red-green color blindness, and the last one is how it appears o someone with blue-yellow color blindness.

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Samurai / 侍 and the early Sega TV commercials.
In 1979-1980, Sega produced a TV CM for its arcade game Samurai / 侍. The CM was aired pretty late at night in Japan and doesn’t seem to be available online.
As you may know, the « Seeeegaaaaa » song you can hear when you launch Sonic 1 originally was used by early Sega commercials, including a 1983 CM for the then newly released SG-1000. This song was probably recorded in 1983 but I’m not sure.

For some reason, the name of the game is written in 4 different ways: Kanji (start screen), katakana (commercial + flyer), hiragana (Saturn version, in-game) and romaji (in-game + cabinet).

On a related note, about 3 years before the release of Samurai, Sega also produced a TV CM for its television, the Sega-Vision, which was on sale in North America (circa 1976-77).

See also:
Samurai - Saturn version:
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I got a new tablet today omg and I hAD TO TRY IT OUT AAA And it’s so neat, it’s weird but it’s neat o;
So I drew Roy to test it out heck ye uvu/
I hope the colours look ok!! This is just a flatcolour buT EVEN THEN So many different screens display colours so differently oh my gos h

PSA for everyone still blinded by the lowest iPhone dimness; there’s this thing called the night shift that tones your screen differently so it’s not as hard on your eyes! it’s actually a good dimness and ur eyes aren’t dying so yeah here’s that for everyone that didn’t know

Battle Drop Rate
Training Fields Drop Record, Type, Index, Item, Count, Portion, Rounds, Item Total 0, 0, 0, 0 1, 0, No-Drop Rounds 2, 0, 0, Type, Portion 3, 0, Insect 4, 0, Drop Rounds, Meat 5, 0, 0, Seafood 6, 0, Plants 7, 0, Materials/ Other 8, 0, Apparel 9, 0, Familiar 10, 0, Accessory Stones 11...

So a while back I made a google sheet to track the rate of item drops in the coliseum.

Here’s what I do to collect said data.

-First I go open up the Battle Drop Rate sheet, and go to File –> Make a Copy and save it to my Drive.

-Next I open up the coliseum. I’ll use the Training Grounds as an example.

So I fought some monsters and here’s my loot.

Now I go back to the spreadsheet. (It’s handy to have to windows up or windows on different screens.)

Type tells you what type the item is. You can get the index number on the right side of the sheet, it looks like this:

So as you can see, the dwarf fawn is meat, or 2. Rotting leather and fragile antlers are both materials, or 5.

Next, scroll down to square O203.

Here you will find the index that indicates how many items were dropped.

Z for 0 items, A for 1 item, and so on, up to L for 12. It looks like this:

Now, go back up to A2, the top left of the sheet. It’s time to input what items you got.

So I got four items, and i know their indexes since I already write them in the items list.

Here’s what it will look like when you input them into the drop record.

So now, if you look, the data will have changed:

As you can see in Portion, that shows the percentage of times the item has dropped.

It also changes the data given on the far right:

And that’s how I collect my drop rate data! :) Now do this 1000 times to get a good amount of data! (But only if you want to.)

anonymous asked:

How does jenelle not know the difference between a screening and premier? I live in lots Angeles and go to free screenings all be time to watch the movies for free but not in a dress !!! Lololol

She’s just that dumb!

Day 5: Javelin
I don’t have too much an interest in the Olympics, but my boyfriend has been watching and every time I walk in the room I’m amazed by all the different bodies on the screen doing some pretty crazy stuff. Still doesn’t interest me enough to sit down and watch, but I didn’t think before of using the amazing photography as reference. So much better than typical model poses!