FeMC: Yea sure Yukari, we just ‘talked.’

Ok but serious note, iirc Yukari and Fuuka are probably the most changed in terms of SL from FeMC vs MaleMC (Fuuka having a different plot with the cooking thing with the female), as in I believe they do play down the SLs a little more so not to be carbon copies with the MaleMC. Now I maxed Yukari first so that’s why I’m using her as an example (that isn’t Fuuka, Mitsuru, or Aigis), and want to compare the text. The thing is…..I really want to know what the original Japanese says and if it carries the same meaning, because while the FeMC’s end screen is different from the MaleMC, it’s very similar to the P4MC’s end screens with lovers. And considering P3P came out after P4….it makes me wonder….was Atlus trying to be cheeky here? 8U (also I wanna know if it’s the same text in Japanese P3PFeMC’s vs P4MC’s cause that would only add to the suspicion)…but considering FeMC has the same end sentence for Yukari and Shinjiro (in which it’s the lovers route)….I’m really thinking Atlus was going for the “oh well if you think they talked they talked but if you think they “talked ;D” they yeeaaaa they did that” XP

EDIT: Guys, this isnt meant to be a romance piece or anything, I just like these characters ;)


I  have two screens - one is my laptop and one is a monitor screen. The monitor is what I work on but is calibrated differently to my laptop screen and I have NO idea which one is right. So I apologise if this is too dark or light depending on the screen you see it on… I tried to make it look good on both… 

Mor and Azriel :) Mor’s dress was so fun to paint <3 And no I do not ‘ship’ these two, it was just in my head so decided to paint it :) 

Merch will be available soon! 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas. 

Illyrian fighting leathers copyright of Charlie Bowater. 


Acting to me is your spirit, you can’t be too academic with it, but you can’t be too artistic with it either, you’ve just got to feel it. It’s something you can’t explain it – I know for a fact that some of these A-list actors sometimes they watch their good performances and cringe saying, “I did that?” There are moments where I look and think that too, where I felt like I was capturing one thing and it comes out completely differently on screen, so there’s a soulful, spiritual truth to it.


Everywhere Styles goes, a screaming pack of One Direction fans follows. But, now that the shaggy-haired singer is set to make his feature debut in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated World War II film “Dunkirk,” his fans may well start screaming for a different reason. With no screen track record save for music videos, TV series like the U.K.’s “X Factor,” and a cameo in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” the question remains: Can Harry Styles act? Certainly that looks like a good bet, and he’ll be surrounded with a host of A-plus British talent including Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, and Kenneth Branagh. Styles might well surprise fans and critics in “Dunkirk,” and, perhaps, launch a burgeoning film career.Will Thorne (x)

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Knowing your other blog, I would like to know if this Blog is SFW? I want to show my siblings so I gotta know first.

there is:

  • gore
  • romance
  • hints of love making (as in they’ll do it and it ends) (or they already did it off screen)
  • different sexualities
  • foul language

you know that stuff that’s not into to much kids cartoons

only full blown sexual intercourse isin’t allowed, so yeah, this blog is kinda SFW

you know you’re on my mind

This is part 1/? of a human AU I’ve been wanting to write for AGES in which Derek and Stiles are long-distance friends/pen pals. Derek lives in California and Stiles lives in Poland. Features brief past Stiles/Malia (Derek and Malia aren’t related in this AU). Idk how long this fic could eventually get; I’m hoping to just work on it as I get the time/inspiration. 

 Title from “Mind Over Matter” by Young the Giant because that song always makes me think of LDRs. 

EDIT: This WIP is now also up on AO3 here.


If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

He’s got dozens of photos of Stiles saved to his phone, and a whole box of letters from Stiles, and years’ worth of emails from Stiles, and a whole wall of postcards from Stiles pinned up on the wall over his bed, and none of it is enough.

He wants to do things to Stiles, okay, things besides just watch movies together in two different time zones or talk on skype.

…which… is kind of a new feeling.

Derek didn’t even know he liked guys until three years ago, freshman year of high school, when Stiles came home from a party raving about this girl he’d kissed, Malia something-or-other, and how Malia’s hair was so soft, and how Malia had the prettiest brown eyes and the best laugh, and—and suddenly Derek wanted to throw his computer against the wall.

“I have to go,” he’d snapped, and slammed his laptop shut and thrown on some jogging clothes.

He was five miles deep into the Preserve before it really sank in, not just the jealousy but the absurdity of the jealousy. He and Stiles had never even met, technically. They were probably never going to live in the same country. There was no logical reason for them not to date other people. Especially given that Stiles might not even like guys, or like him.

Still, he was secretly, guiltily, viciously satisfied when Stiles and Malia broke up barely two weeks later.

And since then the crush has gotten, if anything, worse.

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I just saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I also so @johannathemad make this really cool au chart thing where she redrew beast as Adam, everything is the same but Adam just needs to work on his manners. AND I LOVED THAT. I took a few different screen shots and drew those as well! This is cool challenge thanks for the inspo Johanna!

Using technology to address gender bias in film | Google
Machine learning helps identify gender in movies and reveals new information about gender inequality in highest grossing films and Oscar winning films.

This is FASCINATING and important - made in conjunction with The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media - CHECK IT OUT!  

The GD-IQ and how it works

“Dubbed the Geena Davis Inclusion Quotient (GD-IQ), the tool not only can identify a character’s gender, but it knew to a fraction of a second how long each actor spoke, and were on-screen. “This was revolutionary,” says Davis. “No one’s been able to do that before with any accuracy.” And GD-IQ works fast; what once took months to measure can now be quantified in real time.

GD-IQ uses machine learning to recognize patterns the casual movie viewer might overlook. To do this, the engineers didn’t provide the computer with a template or a set of hand crafted rules; Instead the machines were programmed to “learn” from examples that were annotated with the correct answer. This automated process ensures that the technology improves its own understanding over time. The tool learned to detect different characters on-screen, determine their gender, and calculate how often and for how long they spoke in relation to one another.”

How can this technology change things?

“The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media unveiled preliminary GD-IQ findings to producers, executives, screenwriters, and actors last year. The numbers were sobering reminders of the power of unconscious bias. “Over the past decade, we’ve developed meaningful relationships with many motion picture studios who genuinely want to improve gender balance in their movies,” says Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute. “Many of them are very interested in using the GD-IQ to analyze other content, like television.”

For those filmmakers dedicated to putting women at the heart of the story, there is good news.””

Read the full piece and check out the infographics here

GOOGLE, you’re still on my list in terms of your anti-feminist search results for feminist searches, your racist results for, uh, everything - the list goes on, and I’ll see you later on those points - but this is a solid.


an ushi from last week that i finally got around 2 finishing!!! this is the first i’ve drawn of him i THINK (he got distracted on a jog) (can u blame him)

ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,

Adventure Time Stickers!!

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Adventure time stickers | Voltron stickers

Today I finished reading World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile and honestly I wasn’t ready for the ending and it reduced me to a puddle of teenage emotions and adoration for that amazing writing.

I thought drawing Enjolras from chapter 13 in glasses and pajama pants might make it better. It did help like 14.7%

The Mystery of DD

Since a lot of newer fans weren’t around to experience the mystery of the DD era as it was unfolding, I wanted to try to describe it so people can understand what it was like to be an MCR fan in 2010.

A Bizarre Mystery

It all began on September 4th, 2010, when MCR’s website suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a mysterious transmitter. No one had any idea this was coming, and no explanation was offered. You could click the dials to see different screens (test patterns, a nuclear fallout symbol, etc.), and hear distorted sounds. At one point, fans believed that they could hear an unreleased MCR song on one of the stations, buried under static and distortion. Later on, the transmitter started playing mysterious videos that hinted at a post-apocalyptic universe.

Not long after the transmitter appeared, the DrDeathDefying Twitter account was discovered after he tweeted a fan. NewsAGoGo and AgentCherriCola were discovered soon after, with the rest of the accounts coming later. The accounts posted a bizarre mixture of strange pictures, futuristic slang, references to apocalyptic events, fan interactions, and eerie ramblings. You could determine a loose background and storyline from the Twitter accounts, but they were so vague that no one was quite sure what was going on. All we knew was that the characters seemed to be part of a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic universe that took place in the near future. But we had no idea how this related to MCR, or why they’d gone in this direction for their next album.

The Return of MCR.com

The website did return on September 8th, with a new photo and blog post from Frank. But the blog post offered no explanation, and the speculation was far from over. The transmitter was still accessible on a separate page on MCR’s website. As the Twitter accounts continued to post their bizarre ramblings, people made connections to everything from movies to past MCR eras to the supposed “2012 Mayan Apocalypse.” At that point, their next album could have been about anything.

Looking back at Danger Days now, it’s pretty clear what was going on. But at the time, we had no idea where this era was heading. Keep in mind that our only sources of information were the Twitter accounts and the transmitter–no comics, no music videos, no interviews. The era could have been about anything. For this reason, fans scrutinized every scrap of information–pictures, tweets, transmissions–down to the smallest detail.

A World of Theories

The blog girlautomatic is a great place to read the old theories. Here’s an example from one of her posts:

Here’s my new theory:

  • Dr. Death Defying is part of a group called the Philly Jackals, likely a gang that either travels around on motorcycles or cars or both. Whether the group actually comes out of Philadelphia, assuming Philadelphia (or even the other states) still even exists as we know them to exist, is debatable.
  • The name Dr. Death Defying is an alias s/he either adopted or was given upon joining up with the Philly Jackals.
  • Slaughtermatic Sounds is both their logo and their motto.
  • The car in the picture Frank posted and the raygun Dr. Death Defying tweeted a picture of belong to him/her.

Which could possibly mean that the Lady referred to in this tweet is said car. It also probably means that last night’s tweet about being low on batteries is also about his car, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Also? I’m not sure I’d want to get on the Doctor’s bad side, if this is all correct. Motor gangs are serious business. It at least casts this tweet in a different light, though, and really makes me wonder if this tweet about nitro is referring to the dangers of drag racing, and if this tweet is about traveling on the open road.

This might look strange to fans today, but at the time, no scrap of information was insignificant. Whole blog posts were written about one or two tweets. People studied the blank transmitter screen, trying to see vague shadows or reflections in the image. They traced pictures posted on Twitter to their original sources, then studied the sources. To fans, it was basically a giant puzzle–but we had no idea where it was heading, or if there were even a solution to find.

People also tried to figure out who ran these Twitter accounts. We know now that Shaun Simon ran most of them, with Gerard Way and Jon Rivera handling DrDeathDefying. But at the time, several fans (including me) just kind of assumed that the members of MCR ran the accounts. A popular theory was that Gerard ran DrDeathDefying and Frank ran NewsAGoGo (a few tweets shared Frank’s typing style.) However, some people did suspect that Shaun Simon was involved, as the characters tended to tweet about things that he mentioned on his personal Twitter.

The End of an Era

Eventually the “Art Is The Weapon“ video was released, and the interviews and music videos that followed cleared up a lot of the mystery. But the characters continued to tweet, some of them posting well into 2013. We’re now familiar with the Danger Days universe, but the hint of mystery and intrigue still lingers. Many questions were never answered, while some concepts and ideas were scrapped altogether. Even if we get more content in the future, parts of DD will always remain a mystery to us–and I think that’s one reason that it continues to capture people’s imaginations.

An interesting note–thinking back on the transmitter and the Twitter accounts, it felt like we’d analyzed these pieces of information for months. But while I was researching this blog post, I realized that MCR’s website returned after only four days, and "Art Is The Weapon” was released only a few weeks later. I guess the analysis and scrutiny was so in-depth that it seemed to last much longer!

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sanvers + kisscam au

alex danvers is bored. which on a date on a friday night? nothing new to her. she continuously tried and tried before and it never felt right, but with kara in the happiest relationship she’s ever been in with james, alex feels this need to try one more time. to maybe hope to excel at this one last time.

it’s going about as well as it did the last time she had tried this. horribly.

so far internet dating has resulted int four of terrible dates. two she left before they could even hit the first hour, this one she promised she would at least try and stop to enjoy it. 

yet, it hasn’t been working. alex feels like she would rather her drown herself, physically in the beer in her hand than continue to sit here and drink it and pretend that she’s enjoying the guy’s arm around her shoulder, or his stupid scruffy face or god, the way he keeps shushing her when she goes to say something. 

this baseball game would be much more enjoyable if she were allowed to have an opinion, but this guy hasn’t once asked if she even knew the teams, or anything about the game, he just assumed she hadn’t. assumed she was oblivious and stupid, and so inherently female that she didn’t understand a simple game.

a game she played as a kid herself, when she wasn’t surfing. a game she gets to play sometimes with kara on a larger scale when they hit up the desert and they see how far she can hit it. 

( not how hard, kara! how far. )

and boy is this grinding on her nerds. she goes to speak once more but the just a second babe. gives her enough response to decide that within the next inning she was going to excuse herself, and leave. she was just waiting for an acceptable moment. 

there’s a lull in the game, and alex thinks this might be her moment. josh, the idiot she decided to go out with tonight, has turned to some guy next to her, and has spent three minutes ( she knows she’s counted on her watch - deo grade and all. ) talking to him about the third baseman. 

her eyes dart up to the large screen, she thinks it was more out of a small habit of trying to find somewhere to look, that wasn’t leaning closer to his horrible breath, but when she does she gasps.

a large intake of breath happens, and she’s not even sure that that she’s seeing correctly until people are cheering and she can feel the pit of dread in her stomach. it settles like a bad night with too much alcohol. 

national city’s kisscam! in bright big letters that alex danvers thinks about smashing into little itty bitty pieces.

she turns to josh because she expects - even though the screen shows differently - that he’d be waiting for her to well, kiss him. but he’s not, he’s still engaged in whatever stupid conversation he was having, his arm wasn’t even around her anymore she was completely disentangled form him. and though she should be grateful right now she’s mostly mortified and annoyed.

for fucks sake.


one achingly long beat.


another beat.


a sharp intake of breath.


“babe, listen, give me like five fucking minutes and we’ll go get something to eat alright? chill out.”

he didn’t even turn around, or stop talking to the other oblivious and clearly there by himself idiot.

she’s about to handle this alex danvers style. with finesse. with anger. with god damn pride, and stride off camera. 

she blindly reaches for her jacket behind her when she feels a tap next to her.

she goes to snap. she goes to say what the hell do you want? she goes to say anything but instead, she lays eyes on the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. with the softest eyes, and a large and nervous grin. and alex swears that her stomach both swooped and got butterflies at the same time.

no way.

she doesn’t even realize that the other woman is talking, until she realizes that she’s waiting for a response.


instead of an explanation she gets a laugh and the other woman must have made an executive decision. one because she would guess later, the camera was going to move very soon if she didn’t.

it takes literally three whole seconds for her to realize the woman is kissing her.

before she can even realize what’s happening her hand is reaching out to fit along the jaw of the other woman. the mystery woman. trying to pull her closer.

she mentally makes a list of the first three things that can come to her mind clearly. 

one. she’s kissing a woman, a woman!! 

two. said woman’s kiss has to be the best kiss she’s ever gotten in like forever. possibly in the entirety of her whole dating life. possibly in the next forever as well. she may never get kissed this well again.

 three. the crowd is cheering, the world is moving on, somewhere behind her she hears josh’s loud what the fuck! but none of that matters because three, oh three. this woman has the softest lips alex has ever kissed and she doesn’t want to stop.

she unfortunately does though. only when said woman pulls away, dimple worthy grin on her face, glancing behind alex with a flush.

alex is dazed, and confused, and so, so, so wanting to kissing her again, which is confusing, but very much an impulse she’d give into. 

but she’s enough put together that she knows to glance behind where ever the other woman’s gaze is. it turns out its on josh, who’s stomping his way through the aisle. throwing things as he goes. screaming still. and alex can’t help but laugh loudly.


“yeah, oh. you were pretty into that for a straight girl.”

“um -” alex feels her face heating up and she doesnt know what to say, how to move, to say she’s not gay. because she’s not right?

“i see. how about this…” the brunette raises an eyebrow and alex feels herself listening even closer.

“i’m maggie. maggie sawyer. i’m ncpd outside of this bad atmosphere.”

alex tries not to look so disappointed as to where that sentence went.

“i’m alex danvers. alex. i work - um, well, i’m a bio-engineer.” 

real smooth, she thinks to herself. she’s never stuttered so easily over that.

“well miss bioengineer who is clearly straight, and in no way gay, whatsoever. how about since my very, very gay date stood me up, and yours seems to be a massive prick, we get out of here and grab something to eat? i know this great place that has veggie burgers and -”

“oh my god, gross.”

“if you had let me finish, and normal ones if you’re going to need that in your system. and we can ignore all of everything else and maybe just get to know each other? on our very, very, very not gay date. hm?”

alex feels her face heat up again, and she can’t help but nod.

“you’re buying.”

“i just saved your ass from city wide humiliation on screen and i have to buy dinner! preposterous.” 

“you said your date stood you up, i think you’ll be okay.”

alex is feeling brave, and bold, and butterflies floating in her stomach, and suddenly somewhere it hits her that this is what she wanted out of this date. and maybe, she’ll panic about that later. right now she could really use some food.

“fine then. come on you sneaky little punk who probably makes more than on her what i’m assuming is a scientist salary. let’s get you some food.”

( alex does have a gay panic. she has a panic so hard that she panics in front of maggie, because that’s where she accidentally slept over watching bad netflix.  it takes alex a whole three days to come to terms with it. it takes alex and maggie three weeks to admit their dating. )

( it only took them two years to get engaged. at that same baseball stadium, and maggie was nothing if not thorough, and she made sure, that the proposal ended up on the big screen. as a reminder of how they met. )

( alex decides maybe she wont smash the words national city’s kisscam! after all. )

Silver Storm (3/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

It’s kind of a slow chapter guys, but itll step up for the next ones!

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, torture, violence, sadness

 - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to  Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                    Chapter 3

    Steve pulls the man out of the jet with him, harshly whispering to him as they leave.  Bucky stands, hand still grasping yours, and leads you out of the jet and into whatever building they took you to. As you pass a window, you peek out, seeing the most beautiful scene. You stop, pulling Bucky to a halt as you keeping gazing out the window at the gorgeous skyline.

“Where are we?” you ask softly. He takes his hand away from your and places it on your hip while standing behind you.

“New York, doll.”

“It’s so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to see it like this.” Your tone is somewhat sad, memories of the times Hydra made you come here for missions play in your mind.

Originally posted by dincolodeumbre

“Well now you can. How about we go sight seeing sometime? I can show you all that you’ve-”

“I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon.” Bucky’s cut off by the voice of the man from earlier. You both turn around, facing the still upset looking man.

“Stark, what are you-”

“Your friend here is a wanted assassin, Barnes. You really think you can go skipping around the city together? For all you know she’s a ticking time bomb.” The tone of his voice hits a nerve, reminding you of the way your handler spoke; it’s as if you weren’t even there. Your body tenses up like it does when you’re waiting on orders. Bucky notices, fisting his hands at his side.

“Tony, she’s a human being, not an animal. She was with Hydra for what? 10 years or less? She probably did half the kills I did in my time, and I’m here. So save your lecture. She’ll be cleared,” He shoots back. Tony rolls his eyes and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Fine, I’ll give you that. But until she gets a psych evaluation, she stays in containment. We don’t know anything about her-”

“Did anyone look into the flash drive your friend retrieved from my superior? My files might be on there, he never let that thing out of sight,” you cut in. Tony sends you a glare, putting you right back into the tense mode.

“We’re looking into it right now. Why don’t you show her to her confinement area.”

Bucky grabs your hand, pulling you with him. As you step into the elevator, he shifts closer to you, cupping your face like before. You gasp, shocked at the movement. His face is getting closer to yours, and he slowly rests his forehead against yours.

 "I’m so sorry. I’ll figure all this out. We’ll find out who you are, and hopefully undo the damage they did to you,“ he whispers. You can feel his breath fan across your face. A feeling spreads across you, making you feel warm, almost safe. Another memory slips through the cracks, and you step back and place your hands on your head as it hits.

You were laying curled into Winter’s body on the concrete floor of your cell. It has been at least two days since any agents have entered. They only slide your food trays under the door. The room felt like it was below 0’ F; your body was shaking from the cold. Winter pulled you on top of him, wrapping his arms around you tighter as your body rested against his.

"Is this better?” he quietly questioned. You nuzzled your face into his neck, lips slightly grazing it. You heard him suck in a sharp breath, and goosebumps appeared on his neck.

“Yes, much better, Soldier,” you said as you placed light kisses along his neck.

“Behave yourself, doll.” You could tell his warning was empty. You began nipping at his neck, pulling breathy gasps from him. His hold on you tightened even more, pushing you to him and making you feel his growing bulge.

“You know, there is something else we can do for warmth, Привлекательн (handsome)…” you purred into his ear. He flipped you both, placing himself between your legs. He rubbed his center against yours, making you whimper at the contact. He leaned down, barely brushing his lips against yours.

“If we get caught-”

“It would be worth it,” you pushed. The way he looked at you sent a different kind of chill through you. He looked at you as if you hold his world in your hands, as if maybe you’re them most beautiful and important thing to him. You finally broke the silence, pushing yourself forward and melting your lips to his. The shock it sent through your body was the most magnificent feeling . You wound your arms around his shoulder, pulling him closer.

Originally posted by couplenotes

You heard footsteps approaching down the hall, causing you to pull away and force him off you. He sent you a troubled look as the door jerked open.

“Серебро, ты готовишься к миссии (Silver, you are being prepped for a mission).”

You stood immediately, knowing that you had a good chance of being wiped (since Hydra just loved having any excuse to do it). You nodded and followed the agent. You looked back over your shoulder and saw a single tear roll down Winter’s face.

You’re on your knees in the elevator, still holding your head. Your breathing is uneven, and you can feel Bucky rubbing circles into your back as he whispers things to you.

"It’s okay, just relax,” he says. “Are all memories like that? That painful?” You nod, and he slowly helps you up and returns a hand to you waist. You didn’t notice the elevator doors open, but he guides you out. What was that memory? Did we ever-

 You blurt out your thoughts before you can stop yourself. “Bucky, were we - did anything ever happen with us while we were in that cell?” you ask. He doesn’t answer right away, just keeps moving you two through the floor you were on.

“Is that the memory you just had?” he asks, avoiding the question.

“Not exactly, you ..I…. Do you remember kissing m-” you’re interrupted by a door loudly sliding open in front of you. This must be the containment that Tony guy was talking about. You decide not to finish your question, instead just walking into the plain white room. There is a small bed against the wall, right across from a giant window looking into the hall. It’s like a fucking animal cage. They can just come in and watch me?

You turn to Bucky, rage evident in your expression. “You’re sticking me in a glorified animal cage?” you roar. His eyes widen. "It’s not a - It’s just a precaution. You heard what Tony said. You have to be evaluated before we can situated with something normal,“ he states, his voice was stern, snapping you out of your rage. It was the voice you recognize as the one he used in front of his superiors while at Hydra. Your blood ran cold, instantly flipping your switch into comply mode. You straighten your posture, and your face is expressionless. Bucky realizes what happened, regretting the way he just spoke.

Originally posted by agentcarterabc

 "Silver, I didn’t mean-” he doesn’t continue. He can already tell you won’t respond. He runs his hand down his face, kicking himself mentally. You hear a beeping start, and watch as he goes for his pocket. He pulls out a small phone, putting it to his ear.

“What?” he asks defeatedly. You aren’t sure what is said from the other side, but all he replies with is an “okay”. He slides it back into his pocket. “I have to go, they managed to get into the flash drive. I’ll come back after we see what’s on it, okay?” he leans forward, going to place his lips on your forehead. You stand still, still no emotion showing on your face.

“Relax a little, I’ll be back soon.” You don’t answer, just stand there. He hesitantly leaves, the door closing behind him. When he is out of sight, you glance around the room, your eyes landing on the giant window to the hall.

What the hell am I supposed to do? What if whatever is on the drive is bad? What if they send me back to Hydra, or keep me in this room ? I shouldn’t be here.

    You end up sitting on the bed, waiting for someone to come to you. After what feels like days, you finally see Bucky and Steve through the window. The door slides open and they both step in with hard to read looks across their faces. You’re on your feet in seconds. You don’t speak, you just wait for orders or whatever they are here for.

  “You aren’t a soldier anymore, ma'am. This isn’t Hydra.” Steve says with a hint of sincerity. You don’t move from your spot, afraid this is a trap. They shoot each other a look before Bucky speaks up.

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“Doll, we think we have something you might want to see. Will you come with us?” he asks. You tilt your head to the side, confused on why you’re being given an option. You slowly nod ‘yes’ at them, and Bucky sticks his hand out for yours.You lay your hand in his gently, like before, and follow the men out of your room.

    After being on the elevator shortly, you’re being escorted into a large room with what you assume to be the rest of the Avengers sitting around a table. A holographic screen is in front of them, but all eyes are on you. You recognize most of the team from pictures you were shown at your previous base. Bucky pulls out a seat for you and you take it as he sits next to you.

“Alright Tony, keep going.”

    Five different screens are showing now. Two  of them are videos playing, showing you being injected with blue liquid and your body reacting. Another two videos are of you being trained, looking brutally abused, one including Bucky in it. And the last one was a photo of you, along with all your information; name, weight, height, etc.

Your breathing picks up and your hands begin to shake at the thought of what’s about to happen. You look to the screen where your information is shown.

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