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Liberty Pt.4

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (future chapters).


Word count for this chapter: (4362) {i promise it’s worth it}

A/N: So here’s chapter 4, it’s long af BUT its worth it! dedicated to my babe @papi-chulo-bucky for motivating me and telling me spoilers for delta ily. I also pinched the SING idea from Miss Congeniality.

I listened to this whilst writing

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.

You slowly broke apart, his hands leaving your body.

“I’m sorry miss, I-”

“Go back to sleep, Captain. You’re delusional.”


You didn’t sleep much that night, Bucky’s light snores weren’t the problem; you had pondered over what had happened between the both of you. He wouldn’t remember what happened, you thought. He was delusional, half asleep, groggy, in another world, maybe?

Only he would know, in due time he would tell you.

It was a time before dawn, and the sun stained the sky different shades of pinks, reds, and oranges. The crew below were slowly starting to wake up and you made your way into Bucky’s cabin, you were greeted with a sight only a married woman should have, but you didn’t complain. Bucky was dressed in only a night shirt of which he had worn the previous night, nothing else

Good morning, Captain, did you sleep well?”  You asked gruffly, as your hands covered your eyes.

Bucky sighed, “I believe so,” Liar. “You needn’t cover your eyes, darling, I’m decent.” He laughed.

Sir, back at Port Royal that is FAR from bloody decent!” You continued to have your eyes closed and under your palms. Bucky laughed at your exertion.

You really are so innocent aren’t you?” You heard a rustle of fabric, followed by a clinking of buckled boots. You felt a pair of large hands gently wrap around your wrists and peel your hands from covering your face, your eyes squinted shut, even more, making your nose scrunch too, making Bucky snort lightly, “You can open your eyes now, kitten, I’m decent, I promise.

You opened one and alas, he actually WAS decent! To your dismay, obviously, to see a man as beautiful as this one, naked, would be a blessing.

Did you dream at all? Anything pleasant?” You made light conversation as you walked over to the Globe, tracing the equator.

Indeed, I was kissed by a beautiful woman in my bed, she was light, different, her hair was splayed across my pillow and her hands were in my hair, I could swear I apologised for being so bold,” You blushed as he continued.  "but it was enjoyable and so surreal, I could smell her and feel her. I…“ Your breath hitched in your throat and you disguised it as a cough. ”Sorry for getting so detailed, what about yourself, Y/N? Any reveries?“ You looked up at him, as he mixed leaves and hot water in a metal bowl.

Pleasant would be an understatement, Captain.“ You returned his smile. ”What is that you’re making, Bucky?  It smells very strong.

Ah, yes, it’s a mix of mint leaves and hot water, I like to keep my teeth and mouth clean and fresh, it also clears the sinuses if you’re sick. I go to the main deck and spit it out over the side once I’m done, would you like some too? I’d assume you’re used to brushing your teeth back home.“ He scooped some of the liquid into two goblets as you nodded in thanks.


You grabbed the compass and figured where the higher northeast would be, in the night the wind had picked up and the crew members switching between shifts at the helm hadn’t bothered looking at one themselves, judging their instincts. It wasn’t good enough.

The ship had ended up going southeast, in the direction of the Western Sahara. Bucky was not happy at all, he had banished them to the brig for being so idiotic.

You were sat on a crate as your captain walked passed you, you were further studying the charts- even though you didn’t have to- you knew it by heart.

Miss Y/L/N, do tell me, have you ever helmed a ship?“ You snapped your head up as you hear Bucky call your name from the quarterdeck. You thought for a second, trying to reach back in time to when your father had taken you with him on his voyages, it seemed you hadn’t.

No, sir, I haven’t had the privilege of doing such a thing, my father always kept me to the stem, so I didn’t get in the way!“ You slowly walked over to your captain, holding the rolled up charts in your hands.

It’s a simple task, I’ll show you if you’d like.“ He smiled and you returned the kind gesture.

I’d be delighted, Sir.

He never had a woman steer his ship before, he was told many times that a woman’s hands were made for the most fragile of things, like sewing, lace work, caring for a baby, etcetera. But he believed you to be tough, that you could handle the roughest of seas and the most brutal of enemies and it was just hidden behind your gentle facade- you had yet to grow out of your cocoon of welfare, for until the previous day, you had never had to injure violence or act upon self-defense.

I’ve seen many people steer before, and it looks as easy as breathing without a corset- but that’s easier said than done.“ You admitted, Bucky simply laughed at your comment, walking you to the helm.

Here is a simple fact you might have heard the helm is the heart of the ship, it takes her wherever she desires. But he is not light-hearted. The wheel is weighted, it takes fifty percent of a man- or woman’s- strength to turn it, here-

Bucky maneuvered you to stand behind the wheel, and he behind you. He grasped your elbows and lifted them both at a ninety-degree angle.

At all times it is crucial that the helmsman has his or her arms at a ninety-degree angle to steer the wheel, they will receive the most leverage from this.“ You nodded timidly and wrapped your hands around the handles. ”Now, stand with your legs a shoulder width apart this is crucial also.“ Bucky gently nudged your legs apart with his feet.

Hard to starboard, Miss Y/L/N.“ He mumbled lowly.

You put all your weight on your right leg and turned the wheel, Bucky was right, although the wheel was the heart of the ship- it wasn’t light at all.

Ah, very good, Y/N. Now, gently to port- don’t want to run off course.“ As a lady who had no reason to gain heavy muscle in any part of your body, you were only slightly struggling, those who were fit enough to endure this should definitely do this instead.

Mister Wilson! You can take over now- I have plans for Miss Y/L/N and I.“ Sam jogged up to where you were standing and got straight to work.


As Bucky led you throughout the ship, he showed you different knots in and around the masts. ”I’m going to show you 30 different ways to tie knots, are you up for that?

Should I stretch my fingers first, Sir?“ You laughed, Bucky had picked up 2 long pieces of medium width rope and led you back to his cabin.


As the hours went on, Bucky had taught you almost 20 knots, as a beginner, he was impressed with how fast you picked up some of them, seeing as some were tricky ones that involved a lot of loops.

The trickier the loops became, the closer he edged his chair to yours. He leaned his elbows on his knees as his fingers slowly tied a bowline knot.

You see, the easiest way to describe how to do this one is to make a loop, or a rabbit hole by a tree, as some would say, so watch my fingers and the bottom end of the rope. The rabbit goes up the hole, round the tree, and back down the hole, and voila, bowline. Can you do that for me, darling?

You sighed as you finished the bowline, gently placing it in Bucky’s upturned hand, ”This is correct! Many don’t achieve it on the first try. I wonder what else your hands can do.“

You breathed a sigh of relief and blushed at the same time, you were never complimented so many times by a man. You were only complimented on your beauty and elegance, never your handy-work and skill.

Thank you, Bucky, I’ve never been complimented on my work before, only my looks and physique.“ Confessions, it made him smile so wide and his eyes lit up to be the first to compliment you on something that meant a great deal to you.

You hissed as you went to grab your goblet of water.

What’s the matter? Have your hands cramped?“ You grimaced and hummed, attempting to flex your fingers. Bucky grabbed your hand in his large ones and started kneading small circles into your palm and wrist and you closed your eyes. He was so gentle yet firm and you rolled your head back to let out a sigh of relief.

You were knee to knee and as Bucky finished with your left hand he placed it on his thigh, picking up your right and continued with his ministrations, occasionally looking up to see you smiling in content, eyes closed and shoulders back, and you so succumbed to the pleasant feeling that you let out a small moan, and Bucky felt it.

Does that feel good by any chance, doll?“ Bucky smirked, his voice sultry and low, you became flushed and hot.

Give it a couple of weeks, you can get to know the ship some more, learn the ropes, no pun intended, and I’ll show you the art of defense, does that sound good, Y/N?

It does indeed, Bucky, I’m looking forward to it. Now, shall we have lunch?


A couple of weeks had passed, the ship had come up and passed the Spanish Canary Islands. You had taken the time to know Bucky more intimately, learning his favourite knots, colours, routes and places, etcetera, he asked the same with you, and confessed your favourite knot was actually the bowline because it was the one he complimented you on, though you didn’t say it aloud.


It was about 5 in the evening and Bucky was briefing you on the main aspects of self-defense.


Now, I don’t mean actually sing like Francesca Cuzzoni, SING stands for solar plexus, instep, nose and groin. The solar plexus is here,“ He placed a light hand on your lower stomach. ”if you are in front of the attacker, you elbow them there and they will double over if they are weak- the same with the instep.“ He pointed the inside of his foot. ”You step harshly onto there. This will cause them to double over yet again, giving you a chance to spin around and punch them in the nose- stop giggling! This is serious!“ He scolded.

You couldn’t help but giggle, he was in nothing but his shirt which was rolled up at the elbows, pants and trouser stockings, and twirling around punching the air.

I-I’m sorry It’s-it’s just you look so funny doing this! It’s like you’re battling a ghost!“ You giggled, this made Bucky smile, seeing this side of you; less timid and shy, more free, like a bird attempting to spread its wings for the first time.

Ha ha, at least I’m making you smile,“ He ushered you over to him, you unlaced your boots and cautiously walked over to him, ”now, this is the groin part, you… do know what the groin is, right?“ You rolled your eyes and muttered a yes. ”Good! Well, the groin part is after you’ve socked the fucker in the nose, you’re still facing them, so what you do is raise your knee in between their legs, giving you the full advantage to kick them to the ground afterwards. Now, we’re going to practice, okay?

Bucky grabbed you by the hips and slightly tugged you to him and spun you around, trapping you flush between his chest and strong arms.

Hit me in the stomach, it’s the only way you will learn.“ He mumbled gruffly in your ear.

You raised your elbow and hit him and he didn’t move an inch, you could swear the man was made of stone, so you stomped on his instep. and alas, he bent over in pain, but he kept a vice-like grip on you bending you over with him. ”bugger“ you mumbled, you wriggled your left arm out of his grip and your hand caught in his hair, tugging harshly.

Ugghhh!“ Bucky groaned, getting distracted and letting go of you, giving you the chance to spin around and raise your hand to his nose, but he was too quick and caught your fist in his.

No fair!“ You gasped.

He wore a shit-eating grin and chuckled at your attempt, but he didn’t realise your knee was about to make contact with his groin.

OH FUCK!“ He yelped, dodging your knee and grabbing it with his free hand instead, bringing it around his hip and crashing you both to the floor of the cabin. ”See, if I were an amateur you would have succeeded in that little attempt to ruin my crown jewels…“ He grumbled.

You panted heavily as you noticed him nestled between your thighs, a compromising position. He felt your embarrassment and hastily raised to his feet, offering you a hand to get up.

Jokes on him, as you grabbed his hand you yanked hard and sent him tumbling to the floor with a strangled ’meep’. You rolled over and trapped him underneath your body, your thighs either side of his hips and your hands holding his against the ground.

You’re brilliant, doll, where did you learn that?“ Bucky questioned, looking up at your heaving form. He licked his full lips as he felt your soul dripping with much-needed confidence as you straddled his hips.

I…I didn’t? It just came naturally?“ You smiled.

You intrigue me, Miss Y/L/N, there’s so much more about you that you haven’t discovered yet.“ He whispered, squeezing your hands. ”Although, I do have something I must confess if I’m not too bold.

You let go of his hands and sat up, he sat up too, the feeling of him against you sent that pleasurable tingle through your body again, without realising, you let out a light ‘oh’, which made Bucky bite his lip, his long arms came behind you and his hands rested against your hips. Yours stayed against one another, twiddling your finger tips.

I’ve come to feel a most ardent admiration for you, the need to show you things and to protect you at the same time is strong, and I- I have a confession. There’s this… this thing I have. I have the ability to detect the way someone is feeling, and I’ve noticed you have taken a liking to me as I have to you,“ You raised your brows and your lips parted slightly. ”And it wasn’t my fault that I had found out- honestly. I hope you aren’t upset. I knew how shook you were when you saw Wanda use her powers. I didn’t want you to be scared of me.“ He raised a hand to move a strand of hair from your face and tuck it behind your ear, his fingers tracing ever so lightly against your skin as if he thought he would break you. ”And.. the first night of the voyage, I knew of the kiss, I knew it wasn’t a dream, I woke up that morning hoping you would be there, and I grew worried that I had come on too bold, so I told you it was just a dream, I felt your anxiousness and didn’t want to embarrass you further, if you were.

You looked at him straight in the eyes, ”I understand, Sir.

I must say, I do love it when you call me that…“ His hands came to rest on your hips, and squeezed gently.

B-Bucky I need to ask you something, I feel, er, embarrassed, though.

Go ahead, sweetheart, don’t be embarrassed.“ He rubbed small circles against the fabric as you shifted against him.

When… oh bloody Jesus… When I look at you, or we’re close, and you’re touching me or something I- I get this warm feeling right at the pit of my stomach, it-it travels to my…my…“ Bucky shushed you, resting a slender index finger against your lips.

I know, you’re too shy to say it, that’s okay. That feeling is the need, and desire for sexual contact, oh look, darling, you’re blushing.“ You were indeed, and you felt butterflies in your chest. You felt so vulnerable but you knew you could trust him.

I have a question for you, doll, you don’t have to answer, but I’m just curious, now… Have you ever touched yourself, down there?“ You gasped at his question and panicked, you had never done such a thing; it was frowned upon by the church. You heard only MEN done that sort of thing.

No, I’ve never done it.“ You silently thanked Wanda for magically removing your body hair, you had confessed it was god awful and uncomfortable after talking to her about your feelings for Bucky.

May I kiss you, Y/N?“ There was no point saying yes, you were leaning down already.

As your lips connected, you felt his hands in your hair and on your body, you timidly placed your hands against neck and shoulders, not knowing where to put them.

Bucky’s lips glided against yours, you felt him gently suck your bottom lip between his, his tongue swiping against yours, coaxing a moan from your chest as your arched your back and pressed your chest against his. He took advantage of your open-mouthed moan and glided his tongue against yours with perfect pressure. You felt his hand leave your hair and grip your other hip, moving them so your center ground against his crotch. You let out a quiet squeak as you felt pleasure building in your core.

Bucky disconnected your lips, ”That’s it kitten, let me hear you, be audible.“ The vibrations from his chest going straight through you. He drug your hips down, his hard cock making contact with your soft clothed core, you let out another high pitched sigh and threw your head back. Bucky took advantage of the expanse of skin and attacked it with his lips, tongue, and teeth, covering your neck in pinka purple splotches. You picked up a rhythm and rocked your hips against his groin as your hands slid up to tug on his hair, making him groan.

Would you like to try to touch yourself, doll? Or would you like me to help you?“ You grew nervous and went rigid against him, you weren’t married, this is something a married woman does with her husband. You shouldn’t have, but you wanted it.

"If you don’t, we can just continue what we’re doing, Y/N, I don’t mind. Only when you’re ready.” Bucky whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

I- I want to. I just don’t know what to do.” You gulped. 

Bucky slowly rolled you both over, resting between your soft hips in which he gripped gently. He continued to kiss from your neck to your lips, purposely neglecting them and kissing over your face, your cheeks, your forehead, your jaw. He finally connected your lips as he ground his clothed cock against you.

Bucky I… Please take my clothes off, I- I need some real friction.

Your wish is my command, beautiful.

He kneeled up and took in the state of you; ruffled hair, swollen lips, and flushed cheeks, paired with a heaving chest. He kept his eyes locked on yours as he deftly untucked your shirt from your pants, feeling the whale-bone corset against his fingertips and dug his teeth into his bottom lip. He traced his fingers against the waistband of your pants and undone the buttons at the sides, slowly etching them down your thighs, when they got to your knees, he pulled your stockings with them, lifting both your legs up.

He kissed paths up to your ankles until you were bare. Your knickers were next, he took it slow, making you whine and squirm against him. He watched as your breasts heaved against the restraining fabric of your corset, so he reached behind you and unlaced your corset, pulling it over your head. (A/N you know them frilly short pantaloon lingerie things?? yeah okay carry on just google them after)

Look at you, you’re beautiful from head to toe. I’m guessing Wanda helped you…” You blushed at his words and he kissed you deeply. “Now, darling, I’m going to need you to relax, can you do that for me? I need you to use your words.

Yes, Bucky.” Your voice was small but you were panting from anticipation, and he planted a soft kiss upon your lips as he nudged your thighs apart with his large hands.

I’ll be gentle, I promise.” He mumbled, his lips ghosting against yours. He rubbed a single finger over your slit, spreading the wetness across your lower lips, you arched and gasped at his movements. He circled your clit with the same finger, dear god this feels so good, you thought. You moaned into his kiss and he groaned right back, making goosebumps rise on your skin.

He rubbed two fingers against your entrance, making sure you were wet enough and inserted his middle finger into your tight heat.

Oh gods, Y/N, you’re so wet, and tight- fuck…” He continued to rock his fingers back and forth, curling them upwards, and he hit a spot that made you moan so loudly he had to cover your mouth with his own.

Oh- Bucky please, k-keep going, don’t stop.” You panted, you were throbbing and it was unbearable, there was a knot building in your tummy and it was so intense you thought you might sob.

Do you want to cum, kitten?” He cooed, you squirmed against the carpet of his cabin floor, “You want my fingers inside you as you feel yourself release?” You nodded and moaned again as you felt him add another finger and made them curl against you, his other hand coming up to your face, his placed a thumb against your mouth and you sucked on it, flicking your tongue against it, making him throw his head back in pleasure, you had no idea why he liked it so much.

He grabbed your hand from his hip, and placed your fingers against your clit, moving them in circles, you kept this up and made a joined rhythm as Bucky’s fingers hooked inside of you, hitting that special spot and you could feel the knot in your stomach becoming tighter and tighter and-

Oh-oh my goodness gracious, BUCKY!” You screamed as you came over Bucky’s fingers, your juices coating them as he continued to pump them in and out of you, milking your first orgasm. He crouched over you and kissed you with such passion your heart felt like it was about to break out of your ribs.

As you came down from your climax, you felt Bucky slip his fingers out, they were slick with your wetness.

Bucky..what was that?

That, doll, was your first orgasm.” He sucked on one of them and moaned whilst keeping eye contact, it was the most erotic thing you had ever seen. He then brought the other down and teased your lips.

Taste yourself, sweetheart.

You hesitantly opened your mouth and let his finger slide in, you sucked the juices off and moaned, it was a different taste, but it was good, and as you sucked harder and swirled your tongue around the tip of his finger, Bucky replaced it with his mouth.

You became curious and reached to stroke the hard line in his pants, but he pulled your hands away and pinned them above your head.

No, no, no, darling, this evening was about you, I will teach you how to pleasure a man soon, but not now.

As he pulled away, you reached for your clothing. He ushered you to the bedroom where he retrieved a clean damp rag and wiped between your thighs, he then helped you dress again, gently squeezing your breasts and planting kisses amongst them before helping you with your corset.

You know, I could always ask Wanda if she could lend you some clothes.“ He pondered, as you pulled your stockings up your hips, followed by your pants.

I would appreciate that very much, thank you, Bucky.“ You hummed as you felt him come behind you and placed kisses against your naked shoulders; you had yet to retrieve your shirt.

I’d like to teach you how to handle a sword, dear. Would you like that?“ Bucky’s voice was low, like a whisper, as if he only wanted you to hear.

Of course! Most pirates fight with a sword, don’t they?

Indeed, let me show you the multiple swords I possess, I have one in mind for you.“ He lead you by the hand to the cupboard by the door of his cabin. He plucked a large sword with a black handle from a row.

This,“ He held it out from handle to blade. ”is Renee, she will be your new companion and second in command if things get dirty.“ He placed the sword in your hand and stepped back, letting you examine it.

She’s beautiful, so… When do we start training, Captain James?“ You smiled up at him, he bent down and kissed you deeply.

After supper.



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sunshineandtigers  asked:

13 sterek?

written for the prompt ‘things you said at the kitchen table.’ this… may have gotten out of hand. a little bit. also posted on ao3!


“You’re not going to find much in there.”

Derek pauses, leaving the fridge door half-open so his arms are exposed to the pleasantly cool air—he constantly feels like he’s running too hot since their AC unit broke last week—and turns his head just enough to raise an eyebrow at Stiles.

“We’re out of everything,” Stiles elaborates without taking the pen he’s holding between his lips out of his mouth. “No milk, no eggs, no bacon, no cheese.” He waves the notebook in his hand in Derek’s direction. “I’m gonna do a grocery run after my morning class. Want me to get you anything?”

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Hi yes I was planning on being in frat next year so I was wondering what I could wear to rush that would make me appear to be a "bro"

You really want to be a “bro?” Here’s a 110% foolproof way to be the bro-est bro of all bros in the brotherhood.

Chubbies, which show that you’re there to party and you don’t mind if your thighs get sun poisioning while doing it.

Some sort of “preppy” tee, which will really show how preppy you are. So prep. Much classy. Bonus points if the shirt obnoxiously shows off the fact that you summer in the Hamptons or know Richard Branson and he lets you vacation at Necker Island. #ACK is too basic. Cape Cod is for plebeians. Does Martha’s Vineyard even exist anymore?  Step up your game, son.

A PFG, if you’re looking for a different look other than a tee. Even though the only things you’ll be fishing for are compliments.

A really cool visor that compliments your SICK LAX FLOW. It better look really, really sick and wicked or else no bid for you.

Boat shoes because you’re going to be on so many boats during rush. Boats everywhere. In fact, there aren’t frat houses. There are frat yachts, and pledges are hazed by having to learn how to tie 102 different knots to dock those puppies. Sheepshank knots are for middle schoolers. Gold cup sperries or go home.

Wayfarers, because you need sunglasses obviously. If they aren’t a variation of Persols or Ray-Bans, go home. You’re not getting a bid.

Croakies, because it’s probable that your glasses are going to miraculously fly right off of your nose bridge while you’re shotgunning some variant of relatively cheap beer.

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Clarke watching fine stud Lexa getting fitted for a suit. She never thought watching someone stand there would do it for her but there's something about how Lexa holds herself. And there's something about how Lexa feels fabrics and judges buttons that really gets Clarke.