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don't you think that alex being so calm about what maggie did was a bit weird? it felt a bit weird to me....i thought she'd be mad or freak out, or something

No, it didn’t feel weird to me. They are adults, having a mature, emotionally stable relationship. They are at a point in which Alex is so confident in what they have, in Maggie’s feelings for her, that she doesn’t see a reason to worry about Maggie making the same mistake again and hurting her like that.

Alex knows Maggie enough to know she was probably worried. Which she was. If you re-watch the scene, Maggie was frantic, terrified of losing Alex. She probably was at a point, mentally, where she regressed to that 14 year old kid that was told to pack up her things and leave her home, her family. And what she needed was reassurance that she wasn’t being kicked out again. And that’s what Alex, as a sensible adult who knows that our past mistakes don’t define who we are, gave her – she was everything Maggie needed in that moment: loving, calm, understanding.

This might be Alex’s first real relationship, but in a sense it is too for Maggie. I believe this is the most open and honest Maggie has allowed herself to be with anyone, and things will only get more honest and open from now on. Maggie has to stop self-sabotaging her happiness and learn to accept she does deserve love, and Alex is proving that to her. This relationship is giving Maggie so many healing moments… 

I might have issues with the execution and production side of things regarding Sanvers, but this is a truly beautiful, romantic story between two women who are learning to be open, and honest, and raw thanks to each other. And as someone who needs a little bit of healing from past shitty relationships, it’s something really nice to watch. 

Also, it would’ve been hypocritical of her to freak out when just last week she was defending Mon-El’s right to a fresh start.

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Mikan was in her despair state when she killed Ibuki and Hiyoko though. I have two points about this: 1. Wouldn't that make her deeds more "understandable"? Can Hiyoko stay mad at her for that? and 2. What if she wakes up in her despair state? The last time her avatar was alive in the Neo World, she was in despsir state after all.

(Are you asking me or the characters? If me then Hiyoko has already answered your first question: she said that she was never going to forgive her and that she was still mad at her because the Monokuma disease didn’t make her fall into despair, it gave her her memories back, she let herself fall into despair again and that’s why Hiyoko is saying that she is as guilty -or more- than the others.

And 2, that’s a possibility -I think the characters already answered an ask about that- but I’m not going to tell you whether or not that will happen. Just as I won’t tell you anything I have in mind for any character of this blog, you will have to wait and see.

And just a thing I want to say; I know a looooot of you LOVE Mikan and want to protect her etc. I understand. But. Don’t forget what her victims must feel. Try to put yourself in Hiyoko’s and Ibuki’s shoes, do you really think you could forgive your own murderer that easily. It’s easy for us to tell them that they shouldn’t be angry but I doubt any of us would say the same thing if the position were reversed.

Aaaand I also want to say : are you all saying that Hiyoko shouldn’t be mad because it’s Mikan? Or would you say the same thing if Hiyoko was the one who had caught the Monokuma disease and killed Mikan?

And last. Everyone is always talking about how Hiyoko/Mikan must feel but…Aren’t you all forgetting Ibuki? ^^

I’m not accusing anyone here! I just find it that it’s an interesting topic ! :)

-mod lili)

are karamels really saying sanvers is abusive because maggie lied and alex forgave her… that is literally every episode with karamel in it… that's the basis of who they are as a couple but with even more abuse thrown in…

Still in Shock

Hey guys here’s that little one shot I promised! It’s a bit short, but I have bigger plans for these two in the long run.

Trini was still reeling from the fact that she was dating the prettiest girl in all of Angel Grove: the one and only Kimberly Hart. Every moment spent with Kim was like dream; a dream that she hoped would never come to an end. The thought popped into her head whilst walking down the hall hand in hand with Kimberly. Trini loved the little moments they would share whilst walking with each other in the halls, the little glances and smiles, it was all worth it.
When they were in private, it was a different story. They would talk hours on end about any topic that the other brought up, discuss their day, and go in depth about their ranger duties and training. Talking wasn’t all they did of course, there were times when neither could take their hands off of each other. They shared gentle kisses and touches. Kisses that carried little “I love yous.” Kimberly liked to lean down and kiss Trini on the forehead whenever she was flustered, and Trini in turn liked to rub little circles on Kim’s back whenever her ex-friends would pass them in the hall.
The two could also be found at their favorite bakery. They always share a slice of cake and sometimes treat each other to cookies or ice cream. Trini found it cute how Kim would always devour any cinnamon rolls in the vicinity of their table, and sometimes Kim would try to steal Trini’s own cinnamon treat. But, that being said, Trini was in no way gonna let Kimberly take her cinnamon roll.
The other rangers were ecstatic when they found about Trini and Kim. Of course, Zack was the first to jump onto the ship claiming “I am the captain of this mighty vessel!” The two of them didn’t know how to respond to his statement. “Uh, yeah….thanks Zack,” Trini murmured. Soon after that fiasco, the other two congratulated them.
On the battlefield, they watched each other’s backs as they took on Rita’s putties. They fought back to back, and whenever either of them took a hard punch, the other would always make sure they were okay. “Baby I know you just took out 5 putties, but are you sure you’re okay?” Kimberly asked. Trini would simply cock an eyebrow and grin. “I’ve never felt better.” And then she would always run off to kill more putties, leaving Kim to chase after her girlfriend.
Yeah, Trini was still in fact reeling from all of this. Kimberly; the most beautiful, smart, and crazy girl she’s ever met, is hers. As they walked down the hallway holding hands, Trini couldn’t help but smile at the sight before her; Kimberly Hart wearing the brightest smile in the whole wide world. “Do you remember when we first met?” Kimberly turned her head towards Trini and smiled. “Of course, Baby.” Trini hummed and smiled. “Well I’m still mad about you pushing me off that cliff.”


“Sell your soul, not your whole self.”

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Song: Afraid by The Neighbourhood

This vid ended up going pretty deep. Most of Sayaka’s characterization is extremely subtle, which I think is one of the reasons she’s my favorite character. And I got to delve into that a bit in this AMV.

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How do you befriend someone you have a crush on? I know I should just talk to them but it is so different than talking to anyone elsezzz

This is one of my god given talents slash maybe my inner evil idk but this is what I know how to do best in life without thinking about it like feigning openness and mutual conversation while I let them reveal themself to me and mimic all their interests not totally insincerely bc I can like whatever someone I’m interested in likes and I flirt the whole time

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I've been a bit nervous to send in anything so far, but the things you write are wonderful and seeing so much positive representation makes my heart soar, so... greyromantic aceflux Harry? He works out his romantic orientation fairly early (even perhaps without a name for it at the time) but working out his sexuality comes much later, after the war when there's more of a chance to think (and for a good while stress) over such things (Gryffindor)

Mod note: Hello, anon! Thank you for the compliment and for sending in a great headcanon! We hope you feel like submitting more in the future!

Even at age 12 Harry sensed he was different from his peers, and it wasn’t just because he had survived multiple encounters with Lord Voldemort.

People had started to look at one another differently, had started to talk about swarms of butterflies in their stomaches, had started wanting their “crushes” to notice them. And while Harry occasionally felt a tug towards one person or another, occasionally felt a flutter in his stomach or the quickening of his pulse, it wasn’t to the extreme that a lot of his classmates described. Whenever he was asked about who he fancied, he would say “ehhh.” How could he tell them in a way they could understand?

Then one day he remembered art class in year five back at his awful muggle school. There had been a poster on the wall with the greyscale and the colourwheel. He would stare at it most of the period before quickly creating whatever the teacher had walked the class through in painstaking detail. From then on he was able to describe exactly how he felt. Not totally black (aromantic). Not totally white (romantic). Grey. Greyromantic.

Later on he realized his sexuality was different (as if his life wasn’t already complicated enough). Sometimes he didn’t feel sexual attraction, but every so often he did. The height of his confusion came after the Triwizard Tournament, the loss of Cedric, and Voldemort’s return. He didn’t understand anything, especially himself.

Years later when the worst was over, his friend Hermione came through for him like she always did. She had always been the one person he told everything to, including his confusion about attraction. When she was back at Hogwarts completing her 7th year, she made use of its extensive library. She wrote to him about different asexual identities, hoping one would resonate with Harry. Finally one did. Aceflux made more sense to him than anything had in years. At last he understood.

He was greyromantic aceflux.

- Ravenclaw Mod

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

Viktor Nikiforov | YOI Episode 02 → YOI Episode 10


Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2

michonne: *worries about rick*

rick: it’s ok

michonne: *walks across flat roof*

rick: watch ur step.

michonne: *climbs tree*

rick: u good?

michonne: *does literally anything*

rick: is michonne ok we can’t do anything until i make sure michonne is ok 


favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.