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So I’ve… Been doodling


Sleepy miyusawa commission for @kuramisawa

bfs switched tshirts but they don’t know yet~

but do aliens believe in us? [prints]

better late than never right

Thanks to cakenokaibutsu for the help

for the prompt: Valentine’s day SNS 2k15


In the name of Igor’s nose, we will punish you!


Would you guys be into reading my webcomic….?

Oikawa knows pretty well how good he looks with his glasses.
But taking a selfie at the nasty school bathroom? Damn boy, I raised you better.


Korrasami Month: Love

The Traditional Chinese character for ‘love’ is composed of four radicals:

  1. On the top, is zhǎo (), which represents a claw. The grip shows deliberateness and solemnity if the love is to persist.
  2. Below the claw, is (), a roof. The hearts bloom inside the home.
  3. In the center is xīn (), the character for heart.
  4. And finally, on the bottom is zhǐ (), which means to go. Friendship is the foundation for a love that lasts a lifetime.

Combined, the resulting character, ài (), resembles two hands clutching a heart…because love is something that should be held on to.

(Redo of this)