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Alex and Emilio Benedetto: Superhuman normals?

So, I’m guessing I’m not the first one trying to put the pieces together but since I’m relatively new in the fandom, I apologize if there is already one complete post about it (feel free to send me a link in that case).

Obviously spoilers for the most recent arcs of Gangsta (anime and manga).

-> First of all, about the Hunters from the 3rd Destroyer Emilio is a part of:

When you see how they treat Connie (outside of her bond to Marco), they despise and make fun of her for being a Normal… 

So would they even agree to one of them being a Normal in the first place? I doubt it. They look down on Normals, the way Normals look down on Twilights.

Which means either Emilio is indeed a Superhuman normal or he’s lying about it (not that I know how Corsica or Monroe would manage to see through that kind of lies).

-> Now about Alex:

I believe hints are more likely to come from her side since we saw more of her so far than of her brother, even if she still remains very mysterious for one of the main characters. 

First, just for the sake of symbolism, since Alex is now part of Benriya, which was founded by our duo Twilight + Normal (even if Worick has this brain condition which makes him special), it could be that the author wanted her to represent a third kind of people by being something different from a Normal and a Twilight, which so far would only leave her to be a Superhuman normal.

However as I said, that’s only if you like symbolism. 

Next you have this scene from chapter 11:

In the anime, what Alex says is translated by “I’m sorry, I have a hard head, so…!” while the manga translator went with “I’m a stubborn one.” I don’t speak Japanese unfortunately, but one of the two definitely is wrong, even if the mistake seems easy to make considering the two expressions are the same, except one translator used the literal sense and the other didn’t.

Anyway, what’s important here is that Worick hurt himself by butting his head against hers while she’s rather fine. Confused yes, but unhurt (btw with what I just said, I’m guessing the anime sentence is the correct translation, seeing as Worick physically hurt his head while she’s fine, which means she must have “a hard head” indeed).

I haven’t reread the manga so much yet, but technically Superhuman normals have more resistance and strength than Normals, so in case Alex indeed is a Superhuman normal, it would make sense that Worick hurt himself by headbutting her rather than the other way around.

Once again, everyone can choose to believe whether it’s a hint or not, I’m just stating possibilities.

Finally, I believe the very first time she’s introduced is the more blatant hint.
Alex was a prostitude and Barry used to give her TB pills…

…Because that’s what pimps do to keep their girls “more obedient/submissive”, and seeing the strong hallucinations caused by the dependency that Alex experimented afterwards, we can be sure she took those pills. 

However I don’t know if the Alex introduced in chapter 1/episode 1 can really be called submissive/obedient: oh sure, she had that distant look in her eyes, but it was said she didn’t have so many customers (which is why Barry was angry, because she didn’t bring a lot of money) and yet she bit that one guy next to Joelle’s shop immediately after. 

I mean, Barry just threatened her, maybe an hour before, and she’s supposed to be “more obedient” because of the TB pills, but she still went and bit her next customer. Sounds fishy.
If you even compare her attitude to the girls we saw at Barry’s hideout in ep 1, there seemed to be behavior differences. Also, even under the pills’ effect, Alex still took the gun of her own will and shot Barry several times.

Barry scared her and she didn’t want to be hurt by him beating her, but were the pills having a full effect on her? I’m tempted to say she had a better resistance to them than most girls, maybe because of that possibility that she is a Superhuman normal, even though she still suffered from the weaning afterwards.

There are a few other scenes like these that you could take as hints as well but I’ve written what seemed to be more blatant in my opinion (if the scene with Worick was meant to be as I explained above though, then one can wonder if the fact her hand didn’t get crushed by Nico’s in ch 34 isn’t a hint as well, outside of the nice impression that he let her go when he realized it was her hand he was crushing I mean). 

-> So, just in case Alex and Emilio are Superhuman normals, one of their parents has to be special too:

And I think it’s their mother.

According to her father’s words, it’s like Twilights as a whole killed their mom and the 3 Laws are supposed to protect Normals from Twilights, so one can wonder if their mom really was a Normal. The different fights between Hunters and Twilights however could provide an explanation to the father’s words, because strong Twilights can kill Hunters/Superhuman normals.
Unfortunately that’s all we have on their mother so far.

I also wonder about why Barry went to the East Gate, how he met her and how he knew about her mom and who killed her. Who knows, if Alex indeed was a Superhuman normal, maybe that’s why Barry went out of Ergastulum to recruit her…? If he knew about it, of course…

Then again, Alex is more mysterious than Worick and Nico for now, who at least had a part of their past explained.
So with all the possible hints above, I’d say there is a good possibility that Emilio and Alex are Superhuman normals and in that case, that could definitely lead to an even more badass development for her.


Make sure to tell me if I got any part wrong, I’m always open for civilized discussion. :) Thanks for reading.

Poker Face

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 844

Prompt: “Go on, I dare you.”

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    Dean Winchester should not be complicated. He hasn’t been complicated; just give him food or bat your eyes and he’ll give you anything you want, but this past hour has been somewhat infuriating.

    You like to pride yourself on your poker skills, you ability to determine the tells of your opponents while concealing your own. The game was a mainstay in your budget when you hunted alone, and you were quite adept at realizing when the deck was stacked while rarely cheating yourself. Stony-faced, you were the cause of more than one bar fight and made out to be something of a legend. But Dean friggin’ Winchester is giving you a headache. He doesn’t have tells, at least, he doesn’t have true ones. Scratching his ear, stroking his lip, glancing off to the side, they’re all stupid deceptions meant to trick you into believing his hand is good or bad. What really bothers you is not knowing how he manages to read you. You keep checking yourself for unconscious tells – hell, you’ve resorted to implementing his technique once or twice, but he sees right through you. Nine times out of ten, he kicks your ass.

    Oh, he also elected to make this a game of strip poker.

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I’m sick of writing consolation messages for Liverpool. I’m sick of trying to think of different ways of saying that we fought really hard and that we deserved to win and that better things lie in the future. Even if any or none of those things are true, the fact of the matter is, is that Liverpool just can’t get it done where it counts.

But I’m still optimistic though. Maybe not entirely for this season, but the looks on the players faces before the shootout is still the thing that is stuck in my mind. Not Sakho going off the pitch furiously, not the Coutinho celebration, not the shots of Klopp and the team after the loss, but the contagious positivity within the first team before the shootout. The fact of the matter is, whether or not we play like shit week in and week out, whether or not the players have confidence only in the last few minutes of the game, I think Klopp has the team believing again. And as fucking painful as it might be, even if our Premier League season is already done in February, we play these guys again in 3 days. And I think it’s important to welcome our players back to Anfield with the same support that we’ve showed them today, whether or not we could actually be in England for it.

I hate how this feels now. I hate it more than anything and it is football, it shouldn’t hurt this much, but it fucking does. But the last thing I have to say is this, and perhaps it’s the takeaway from all of this.

I haven’t felt like that watching a match in ages. And it felt good.

And the next time we get to a final, whenever the hell it might be, it’ll feel that much better–