different sets each night


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade


persona 4 dancing all night songs [feat. original stage costumes]
[part 2/2]

Just Like Heaven

 Reader x Chanyeol
 Word count: 3.4k

A/N: Hi! I don’t know who made the gif above, got it from google so credit to the maker!! Also, this is literally my first scenario/fic so please be gentle. I hope it’s not too ooc, I’m still kinda getting the hang of these guy’s personalities (also it’s v ‘american-ish’ (if that’s a things), I apologize what I mean is I know some of these always have like little Chinese/Korean tidbits like pet names and such I didn’t add any. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, not trying to like whitewash via writing I promise I’m just not used to writing these) But I hope you guys enjoy! Also, if you’d like more of these you can always send me a msg and request some heh ♡

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Can you imagine what it would have been like if Thorin had had an enormous company reclaiming Erebor and Bilbo had still come along?

Imagine Bilbo in the middle of a huge dwarven encampment, with tents and a campfire every two feet and wild khuzdûl being traded back and forth as quickly as food

Bilbo befriending Ori first, perhaps, and hearing stories from all the Westron-speaking dwarves about the royal family, who Bilbo has only caught glimpses of (And, at that, all the dwarves excitedly talking to him in Westron for practice, because they all just speak khuzdûl)

Bilbo accidentally learning khuzdûl, if only to be able to communicate with all these Eru-damned dwarves and accidentally slipping into it, much to the surprise of the dwarves around him, who find they don’t mind all that much

(He finds Westron much more proper, which is why he saves his angry tirades for Khuzdûl, much to the dwarves’ amusement)

Bilbo befriending the princes, who try to hide their identity from him and everyone else, preferring to act as one of the soldiers and disliking being treated specially, even as Bilbo tries to glean more information about their mysterious king

Bilbo accidentally stumbling into Thorin’s tent one night (Bofur always set their tents up differently each night, and frankly Bilbo would have been mad, had Thorin not…… peaked his interest) and ending up talking to him through the night, eventually seeking him out over the next few days and befriending him

This is so long, but I think they would have so many fewer problems had there been one hundred dwarves on the trip rather than thirteen

Your eyes are not just brown. Your eyes are the color of the trunks on trees I love so dear and the color of the freckles across your cheeks. they are the color of coffee which you adore to taste and tea that I drink in the morning. Those eyes are the color of wisdom from the oaks and comfort in the night. The color of forest in the fall and winter. Your eyes tell a story and each time I looked into them it was something different. They are the sun setting in the night and rising each morning. Your eyes are NOT just brown. You are not as simple as you tell yourself to be.


“Inherent Vice” (2014), Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

Doc wondered how many people he knew had been caught out tonight in this fog, and how many were indoors fogbound in front of the tube or in bed just falling asleep. Someday—he figured Sparky would confirm it—there’d be phones as standard equipment in every car, maybe even dashboard computers. People could exchange names and addresses and life stories and form alumni associations to gather once a year at some bar off a different freeway exit each time, to remember the night they set up a temporary commune to help each other home through the fog.

One Direction Preference: Life Series

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#11: Honeymooning

Liam: Your dress that had adorned your silhouette so beautifully, was now sprawled across the floor along with Liam’s tuxedo. The lingerie you had bought specifically for this night, had come in handy, mainly for Liam thought. “Can you please just put it on one more time?” He begged, silk sheet covering his bottom half and his fingers caressing your bare back. “On a scale of one to I never wanna leave this bed, how bad do you want me to put it on again?” Little did he know, you had a different set for each night of your honeymoon, leaving him in for a surprise at the end of each day. Liam groaned playfully, “I never wanna leave this bed.” You snickered at him, finally giving in and getting up with a smirk plastered across your face. You returned to the doorway after putting on a purple garment, “This one okay?” This time Liam groaned out of the sexual frustration you were giving him, “Now, we really aren’t ever leaving this bed.”

Zayn: His hand gripped yours as the elevator reached the top of the Eiffel Tower. Zayn had been looking forward to this moment of your trip ever since you reached the airplane. All along, you had told him how you wanted to go to Paris, stand at the top of the most beautiful tower in the world and just stare out into the city, letting all your dreams finally come. Ever since then, he had made it his mission to take you there, to be the one you spend that special moment with. “Oh my god Zayn.” You had to take a second to catch your breath—it’s not that you were scared of heights or anything—the fact that you were actually there in the flesh was more than a dream, in fact better than all the one’s you had. “What? What’s the matter?” Zayn worried, squeezing your hand. “Nothing’s the matter, Z. I’m just in awe. It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined.” Zayn grinned, putting his arm around your waist, “Just like my beautiful wife.” He concluded, placing a kiss to your temple.

Louis: “Cocoa Island. Sounds like a chocolate milk company.” Louis chuckled to himself as you both settled in your bungalow. The resort was secluded, a small island where the skies matched the waters and your realities became nothing more than the two of you in a euphoric state of mind. “So, my love what shall we do first? Take a swim? Perhaps without our clothes?” Louis joked, wiggling his eyebrows at you in your bedroom for the next two weeks, except you didn’t think he was actually joking. “Why don’t we unpack first?” You optioned out, watching him fall back onto the plush bed. “Actually, I’ve got a good idea.” He rolled over, pushing off your suitcase and tugging on your arm to pull you onto the bed, “Why don’t we order a bottle of champagne and just lay here, all day.” Eventually it would lead to more than there, but with your husband by your side, you both knew you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Niall: “No, now, you try this.” The Italian chef took the plates out from in front of you and replaced it with another. As a part of your honeymoon, Niall took you on a trip around Europe, hitting some of the most famous cities such as Rome, Paris and Madrid. When the chef walked away you giggled at your husband, watching him scarf down the Pasta Primavera. “Ni, by the end of this trip we’re going to be in a food coma.” You told him, beginning to twirl the noodles on your fork. He immediately shook his head, “I promise that won’t happen.” You laughed to yourself and began the second course the chef had promised. After you had both eaten all you could, he raised his glass of wine—fourth one to be exact. “Here’s to our adventure, it’s only just getting started.” You clinked his glass to yours, smiling at the thought of the adventure he was talking about.

Harry: “It’s so surreal. The water, the sand, the rocks. It’s like a picture taken straight out of a book.” Harry wrapped his arms comfortable around your waist as you stared out into the vast ocean. The water coming up and hitting your feet, then retreating back to where the waves were crashing. It was nearing the end of your trip, yet you had an urge to stay there in paradise forever. “What’s gonna happen when we get back?” You asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the peaceful serenity of the scene. Harry furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?” You turned around in his grasp, placing your hands on his chest, “When we leave here, we’re not going to be in a story book. It’s gonna be reality and for you, reality is studio and touring.” “Shh, Y/N.” He chuckled at you, “You’re my reality now and everyone else will just have to get used to it.”