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Rain drops (Hamilton x Reader)

306. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
368. “You know my name?”

You never been that interested in politics, however you were basically raised around it considering your older brother was George Washington. Having the president as your brother definitely had its ups and downs. You often attended his cabinet meetings, you liked hearing everyone’s opinions and view points, especially Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jefferson. Their arguments never failed to intrigue you, you sometimes even found yourself laughing to yourself at their antics as you watched from the back of the room. Today was no different, you weren’t entirely sure what the argument was about this time, but you heard little bits of it and the most you heard was about the national bank, mostly back and forth yelling and insults revolving around the topic.

“Madison, Jefferson, Take a walk. Hamilton, take a walk!” You heard your brother’s voice boom, making the whole room go silent. You watched as both men exited the room, both with equally pissed off looks on their faces. And with that, the meeting was over. You get up to leave as well, and with looking out the window you realize that it was pouring rain outside. Any normal person would groan in disappointment as they would see rain as a bother and inconvenience, not you.

You loved the rain, it’s always been that way. You never really knew why, but the rain just made you feel.. Happy, and calm. Which is a little contradictory, don’t you think? Considering most people associate rain with sadness and despair, you think the opposite. You continued to watch out the window as you soon saw a bright flash of lightning followed by an incredibly loud boom of thunder. You jumped as you felt a cold hand on your shoulder, turning around to face whoever it was. “You still love the rain? Gosh, Y/N. I remember when you were just a kid you’d always run outside and feel the rain, you haven’t changed a bit.” Your brother’s strong voice spoke, his words resonating through you. “Yeah, I guess I haven’t changed.” You said with a smile, “But I don’t mind though.” And with that you earned a chuckle from your older brother, patting your shoulder and telling you that he’d wait in the main hallway when you were ready. You nodded your head, taking in his words and thinking about how good the rain must feel.

Before you knew it, you were heading outside. Not to leave just yet, you couldn’t leave without George. You just had to take in the rain. As you stood on the steps of the large building, you inched closer to the viciously fast raindrops. You remained in one spot, having the roof of the building over you and stretching your arms out to touch the falling water. It really was a sight to see, if anyone else had seen you other than George, they would’ve thought you were crazy. You decided that spot wasn’t quite good enough so you moved even closer to the steps of the building, making it so much easier to feel the rain. Just as you’d thought you would be finished, you heard the large doors opening and closing behind you.

You turned around quickly thinking it was George, but to your dismay, there stood Alexander Hamilton. You both froze in place and made steady eye contact, until you saw a cheeky smirk make his way onto his lips. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” He questioned curiously. You gave a light laugh, “Yeah, it’s calming don’t you think?” Just as that sentence escaped your lips, a loud crack of thunder was heard, making both of you jump. “Yes. Calming indeed.” You both laughed and he moved closer to you. “What would a lovely lady like you be doing at a cabinet meeting anyway?” He flirted. “Well Alexander, I’ve been attending almost all of the meetings that I can. You see, my brother also takes part in them.” You explained. “You know my name?” He asked shyly. You felt your face heat up and you turned your gaze to the ground. “Uh, yes. My older brother often mentions you, he speaks of you greatly.” You rush the words out of your mouth. “Ah, I see.” He nodded. “And what would your name be?” “Y/N. Y/N Washington.” You stated quietly. “Washington?!” Alexander gaped in disbelief, “You’re Washington’s little sister?” “Yep.” You reply shortly, eager to get this out of the way. “Well, he’s never mentioned how absolutely gorgeous you are, and I’ve never failed to notice, Y/N.” He said slyly, taking your hand and pulling you closer to him, kissing your hand gently. Now you were both under the covering of the roof, but the rain was still noisy in the background.

“You’re too kind Alexander.” You said nervously, this man really had a profound effect on you. “The pleasure’s all mine, lovely.” He once again flirted, causing you to blush an even darker red and scoot a little bit closer to him. Looking up into his deep brown eyes was like looking straight into heaven. His gaze had your knees weak and your heart throbbing. And he was returning the same look to you. Before you knew it his hands had a tight grip on your waist and yours on the back of his neck as you slowly leaned into each other. Kissing Alexander with the sound of rain in the background was like a dream come true. You absolutely melted into his lips, he had the softest and sweetest lips you’d ever felt and you never wanted to move from the position he had you in. He pulled you even closer to him so you were both pressed against each other. A loud rapping sound on the window behind you both made you both jump in fear and you unfortunately had to end the kissing there. You both turned your heads to see a not very happy looking George Washington.

You felt your stomach drop and your mouth open in shock, you looked at George, and then at Alexander. All of the color had drained from his face and he looked as if he was ready to accept death. You both stood there with shocked expressions on your faces until the large doors opened to reveal the angry president Washington. “Hamilton. Inside. Now.” Were the only three words he had to say, his voice was intimidating enough. You tried to grab Alexander’s arm, but he had already trudged his way inside, ready to accept the inevitable awful fate he was about to meet. You felt so bad, it wasn’t like it was all Alex’s fault, you were just as guilty. ‘Why should it matter anyway?’ You thought, why should George get to dictate everything you do? And now you were once again left alone in the rain.

You looked out at the weather once more, noticing that the storm had ended. It wasn’t sunny, it was still incredibly dark and gloomy but it was okay, you liked it that way. You saw a carriage pull up and figured it was for you and George, so you just waited. After about 5 more minutes of this none sense, Alexander and George both came out of the building, Alexander with his head down and George with a triumphant look on his face right behind him. “Alexander?” You asked quietly, taking his hand in yours. He quickly tore his hand away however, “I’m not allowed to see you.” He said shamefully, head still down. You looked up at George and gave him the most disappointed look you could. You weren’t sure if he got the hint or not but he walked down towards the carriage anyway. Once he was just outside of it he yelled, “Y/N, we have to go now.” He used his 'adult’ voice as you liked to call it. You hated when he did that.

All of the sudden you got an evil genius idea. “Just a second!” You called back. As you turned again to face Alexander, head still down, you grabbed his face with both of your hands and lifted it up so you could look into his eyes, and without wasting any time you kissed him. You didn’t care who was watching. You heard a gasp from a little further away and you knew it was George. Once you’d finished, you winked at him and said “Write me.” He looked at you with the same shocked expression as before, except this time his cheeks were a deep red color. The carriage ride home is going to be interesting.

Stares- John Laurens x Reader

John Laurens x Reader

Prompt #129: “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

“I know you have a lot of request but could you please do 129 where reader is friends with Madison and Jefferson but meets hamilsquad and ends up in a relationship with Laurens if that makes any sense, please and thanks!!! You’re imagines are great!”-anon

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Writing with Multiple Perspectives

In my day to day life, I don’t really meet writers who want to talk about point of view, but online, I get questions on it left and right, so today I’m going to address a popular one, what should you be wary of when writing a story with multiple perspectives?  

If your story is written in third person limited: 

  • Make sure you aren’t retelling the same story. If you’re going through the trouble to tell the same events in another point of view, make sure like almost all of it is different. Readers don’t want to read the same chapter twice, so think carefully on which character’s perspective you use for the scene so you can really make the most of it. 
  • Be very aware of every different character’s motivations. Each character should think that they are the protagonist. Let the will of character you’re following dictate the direction of their chapter. 

If your story is written in first person:

  • Sign post which character is speaking. When there are more than one first person voices, it can get confusing really fast if you do not mark a change in voice. Someone once asked me how to avoid sign posting because they thought it looked like an amateur writing move - it’s not. Like actually, the reader in me cringes at the thought that someone might just switch between different first person voices without sign posting it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get into the head of the character speaking. If the character likes slang, he might tell the story with a lot of slang. If the character likes weird figures of speech, she might use a lot of weird figures of speech while telling the story. They don’t have to stand out from each other all that much, just enough that you’d buy into that this is how this character would tell the story. Faulkner does this super well in As I Lay Dying. 

Mixing first and third person: 

  • This can be done. It’s fine. A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan includes a mix of voices, characters, and points of view. It even goes into second person for awhile and pulls it off. 
[Mobile] Ota Yuuri 2016.04.15 01:12:36 (About SayaMilky)

Subject: SayaMilky is ~the strongest~

When I was a first-year junior high school student,

Mirukii-san would affectionately calling me

who was unsociable and could do nothing,“ Yuuri-chan ♪”

and also gave me a lot of advices, I’m very grateful to her..

Yesterday, I saw her replied each member on twitter, I though, “Ah, she actually watch the members carefully”.

Miruki-san and I have completely different characters, that’s why, whenever I listen to Mirukii-san’s opinion, the opinions from the different point of view will teach me something.

In today’s graduation announcement,

“Until the end, our relationship wasn’t like friends, but, I felt that you’re the most destined person for me in my life until now.”

these words that Mirukii-san said to Sayaka-san makes me trembling just by remembering it..

“SayaMilky” often work together including as AKB48 senbatsu since early days, so there must have been a bond that can’t be expressed in words that has been built between them for several years.

I thought so.

Even though they don’t have a friendship-like kind of relationship.

But, if both of them aren’t good friends like they said, the group called NMB48 wouldn’t be able to grow as it is now.

A really wonderful relationship,,

From the time I joined (NMB), “SayaMilky” is there already,

that’s why I could never think of her going away.

I’m too used to it, I wasn’t aware,

but, these two’s encounter is really miraculous.

I get goose bumps just by remembering their high-five at the time of general election last year.

That.. I really can’t express it in words,,

what I felt.

What is it,,

their “bond” and “trust” which can’t be expressed.

Sayaka-san, Mirukii-san and all of the fans will surely think so.

Mirukii-san said she entrusts (NMB) to the juniors.

So, even though I will feel lonely, but, we have to make it a thing since this has been entrust to us.

I want to be the strength of NMB48.

Original text by @nathernal

Acchan’s birthday pile of smiles!!!

So, as you already know, today (7/3/2016) is Sakurai Atsushi’s 50th birthday (a whole half century, alright), so I decided to make a compilation of smiley photos of him!

This man is very dear to my heart. To me, he combines kindness, creativity, strength, sensuality, intelligence and grace. I find him intriguing, challenging and by viewing him at different points in his career, I can see him evolve, grow and become all the more infatuating. The man is a poet, a dark poet who can fill an entire stage with his emotions alone. He’s the most expressive performer I’ve seen and he manages to make me shiver every single time I watch a live performance of him and BT. Buck Tick entered my life as fast as a tornado and they introduced me to a musical world that always gives me new experiences and has helped me through tough times as well.

So, Sakurai san…

tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu! I wish you all the best both in personal and professional life. You are an inspiration and you mean a lot to me.

(credits for the images go to the respectful owners)

Girls and sex and why that is ok

Today I am doing something a little bit different of what I am used to.
I will begin claiming that I am a feminist, supporter of the lgbt+ and there is nothing that I hate more than a racist. From this point of view there are certain things that really really annoy me.
This is a smut blog, I think that there is no secret in that. A bts themed smut blog where people can read about sex. Well, I guess and I hope that none of you ever feel dirty or guilty for reading smut, because there is NOTHING WRONG ABOUT IT. Absolutely nothing, and if somebody tells you otherwise they are wrong. You can do whatever you want with your free time and most of the people (except for asexuals or demisexuals) FEEL SEXUAL DESIRE, YES, GIRLS TOO, WOW, CRAZY ISN’T IT? I think that reading smut is better than, for example, whatch porn (which I won’t say is wrong, but I don’t really feel comfortable about that industry for many reasons).
The key of this issue is when I read on tumblr or somebody message me saying things like: u know u are a lowkey slut when u can confirm all those comments on real life situations to be true (referring to my typical bts smut). I won’t say who said it but it happened today. I don’t know if she is either calling me a lowkey slut or herself. Anyway THIS IS SO WRONG AT SO MANY LEVELS.
GOD, it really pisses me off to see that there are still people so close minded.
As long as read smut is OKAY, fucking in real life is also OKAY. And if you consider that for reading smut you are more innocent than somebody who actually fucked you are so wrong. Innocence is not related to the state of your himen. Innocence is a state of mind. Virginity is not related to the state of your himen, it is a social term which doesn’t really mean nothing and that have been used for the pathriarcal system to control women for centuries.
So I don’t want to read ever again somebody call herself, other girl or me a slut for writing/reading smut or fucking. What is a slut? A person who enjoys sex? Then let me tell you that 99% of the adult world population is a slut.
Goodbye and kisses, but not loads of love for the misonogists.



A small sampling of the images you will find on the tumblr photosandteapleasee from an Argentinian amateur photographer that I saw featured on lensblr-network today.

From the artist:

My name is Julia, and I’m an amateur photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I take photos as a hobby, and most of the photos I post are from different trips. I’m mostly inspired by architecture, sunsets and people. I like to shoot landscapes, sunsets, streets, cityscapes and sunsets. Personally I think photography is an art because you can speak and tell a story through a photo, and also you can share your point of view through photography.

Check out this tumblr!

If your experience is that your water comes from the tap and that your food comes from the grocery store, then you are going to defend to the death the system that brings those to you because your life depends on them; if your experience is that your water comes from a river and that your food comes from a land base then you will defend those to the death because your life depends on them. So part of the problem is that we have become so dependent upon this system that is killing and exploiting us, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine living outside of it and it’s very difficult physically for us to live outside of it.
—  An Interview with Derrick Jensen
Ship Wars Are Frustrating...

I was reading through Julie Plec’s twitter feed today and something odd happened. I felt the strong and unshakable desire to defend….


This could be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse but bear with me.

I’m a hardcore Stelena shipper. Goodness knows Delena isn’t my cup of tea. But the idea that Delena shippers are only voting for Olicity because they hate Bamon is preposterous.

News flash. You can love MORE THAN ONE couple. And those couples can be on DIFFERENT television shows. Does this shock you? It really shouldn’t.

From my limited point of view there are two HUGE cross ships in the Olicity fandom - Captain Swan/Olicity and Delena/Olicity. I know so many Delena fans who were always Olicity fans. They are voting for Olicity because they love Olicity. Do they love Delena? Absolutely. But their vote doesn’t have anything to do with Bamon or, for that matter, Delena. 

Guess what? You know who’s a Bamon shipper? ME. I love Bamon. Adore them. I wish they would marry and have many, many babies. Bamon, however, is NOT my OTP. Where Olicity goes so goes my nation. If Olicity wasn’t in this race, Bamon would have my full fledged support. 

Are there Delena fans voting AGAINST Bamon by voting FOR Olicity? You bet. I’m sure there are also many Lauriver, Raylicity, Barricity, Sariver shippers voting AGAINST Olicity by voting FOR Bamon. 

If Lauriver was nominated and another one of my ships wasn’t - I would probably abstain from voting. I wouldn’t vote against Arrow, but that’s me. You do you. No judgement. AT. ALL. 

Shipping is emotional and I can understand why Lauriver fans are pissed. I can understand why Delena fans are pissed. It’s not a whole lot of fun when the ship you adore doesn’t get the ending/attention you hope for. Remember, I’m a STELENA SHIPPER. Season 4 anyone? I had my angry phase. I’ve moved on to acceptance. But in my angry phase is it possible I may have voted against Delena in a virtual middle finger to the Powers that Be? Perhaps. I wasn’t active on Tumblr during those years, so it shall remain a “what if” mystery. However, I certainly identify with the emotion that motivates such an action.

If Lauriver was nominated and another one of my ships like Bamon or Stelena or Steroline was nominated against them, I can’t say I wouldn’t vote for Bamon or Steroline or Stelena. Why wouldn’t I? I enjoy those couples. I do not enjoy Lauriver. Is that a vote against Arrow? Well, yes and that sucks. But I’m also a TVD fan. This isn’t Sophie’s Choice here people. You can enjoy both shows and vote for one without being a traitor. Furthermore, you can vote for that couple/show without the intention of punishing the other show you enjoy.

This competition is about SHIPPING. This is specific to a ROMANTIC COUPLING on a show. It’s not about the show in its entirety. If you are a Lauriver fan, I can understand why Olicity is an aspect of the show you do not enjoy. This does not mean you are not an Arrow fan. 

I disliked Delena with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. I don’t mean that in any disrespect to the Delena fandom. I’m sure you feel the same way about Stelena. However, I still watched TVD during the Delena years. Did I enjoy the show as much? No, but nobody was putting a gun to my head to watch. I wouldn’t have continued watching TVD if there wasn’t something I enjoyed about it. I’m not a Delena fan. That doesn’t mean I’m not a TVD fan. The same applies for the Delena fandom. They are not Bamon fans. This does not mean they are not TVD fans. And goodness knows Bamon fans are TVD fans. They have watched TVD for SIX YEARS with only an occasional nod to their ship of choice. That’s hardcore dedication and patience y’all. Bravo.

I am quite appreciative of any fandom - be it Delena, Stelena, Steroline, Captain Swan, Bellarke, Westallen, Snowbarry, Merlance, Stydia, Darvey,  “insert infinite ship possibilities here”, who voted for Olicity in MTV’s Ship of the Year. Whatever your reasons are for voting Olicity, your support is wonderful and the Olicity fandom is grateful.

Just as I am sure the Bamon fandom is appreciate of any fandom - be it Lauriver, Raylicity, Barricity, Sariver, Stelena, Steroline, Captain Swan, Bellarke, Westallen, Snowbarry, Scallison, “insert infinite ship possibilities here”, who voted for Bamon in MTV’s Ship of the Year.

Here’s the key. Both fandoms have anti ships (Anti Olicity/Anti Bamon) voting against them. Both fandoms have OTP shippers voting for them. Both fandoms have shippers voting for them. Both fandoms have casual viewers voting for them. Both fandoms have people who accidentally clicked on the wrong link and really just wanted to vote for Fandom of the Year but decided to cast a vote in Ship of the Year anyways, voting for them. 

What’s my point? The reblog total is the reblog total. That’s what counts. The Olicity fandom earned their 10 million+ reblogs. The Bamon fandom earned their 8 million+ reblogs (Seriously, they do NOT sleep from 2 am - 4 am. It’s impressive.) But only one of those numbers is bigger. 

It’s not over until it’s over. Only one fandom can secure Ship of the Year. 

This is the part of ship wars I find frustrating. Accusations, name calling, complaining and general bitterness. Your reasons for your vote are yours and, quite frankly, nobody’s damn business. Reblog the shit out of your choice for Ship of the Year and HAVE FUN!!!! That’s the entire point and may the fandom with the most reblogs win!

Alright. Did you make it to the end of this? Impressive. I said my peace. I’m stepping off my soap box now. Time for me to zip it.

Back to promoting and reblogging Olicity for MTV Ship of the Year!!!!

Onward and upward fandom!!! The battle rages on!!! Keep on being your awesome and dedicated selves. I am so proud to be part of this amazing fandom.

About Katie Cassidy...

I received a very nice message from elizajanelewisgirl who was curious about my thoughts on Laurel :

“Are you willing to tell me your thoughts on Laurel? From what I’ve seen you are generally positive about her publicly on your blog, so I was little surprised by the tag on your last post. And I have no underlying motive for asking! I am just genuinely curious. I have always fallen in the “miserably in-between” category on Laurel, so I have sympathy with lots of different points of view. Thanks for always being a positive influence in the fandom. “

First, thank you very much for your kind words darling! They meant the world to me!

I am a very positive person and I always try to see the best in people… and this includes TV characters as well.

As an exception that proves the rule, I indeed tagged “Please tell me she’s actually leaving” on this photo published earlier today by Katie Cassidy.

Surprisingly enough, this has nothing to do with Laurel. 

Laurel, as a character, does nothing to me: she doesn’t generate passion or anger, love or hate. I’m just really neutral about her character, I learned to ignore her flaws and wait patiently for her (sometimes terrible) scenes to be over.

On the other hand, when she has great scenes, like we had with Cisco…

(Remember this?

It was sensational!!)

… I’m the first one to applause and regret that this Laurel is not the Laurel we get to see on every episode of Arrow. I’d like more of this, I’d like to forget how disappointing her character has been to me since the first episode and how frustrated I am generally speaking about her character.

So that stands for Laurel Lance…

Katie Cassidy on the other hand…

Nah… I’m sorry but I just can’t. And I believe this has to do with the fact that I’m a positive and, let say it, pretty simple girl. I’m not interested in the bling, the branded merchandising, the overly promoted products, the bitching or… photos of feet or bad Titanic karaoke whatsoever.

These are only a sample of what I dislike the most about her - is this sample objective? I do not think so but this is my perception of her.

When I see the way Katie Cassidy manages her image, it just makes me cringe. More often than not her posts and tweets give the image of a bratty superficial woman. I have no idea if it is what she is in reality but I find really hard to connect with someone who is so far from the genuine, spontaneous, natural image that Stephen, Emily or David give to their fans.

I’m not even going to talk about her relationship with EBR (that looks fake to me…), her lack of chemistry with Stephen Amell that makes me want to runaway every time they are on screen, her behavior at cons (she looked drunk to me…) or the way she expressed her “feelings” towards the Olicity shippers last year…

The worst part with Katie Cassidy is certainly her stans and the Black Canary fanboys…. I have hope that if she leaves, all that drama will leave with her. Am I wrong to think this? I believe so, but this is why it’s called hope!

I wouldn’t miss Laurel Lance but I would certainly be glad for Katie Cassidy to leave and move on. I’d love to be proven wrong but right now, I would be happy to leave the uncomfortable feeling of awkwardness she triggers in me behind.

Thunderbirds Fic: Stars

AN: This thing is written in a child-verse, from primarily little Alan’s point of view when he’s only around 2/3 years old. Just to explain in advance the irregular and choppy narrative! I’m a sucker for a childlike narrative, I find it really poetic to work with. Without spoiling the plot, I did play with canon a bit, please don’t hurt me. This is my first fic for this fandom ah!!! Hope you like it!! (Also this will hopefully have four parts, and will all have the running motif of stars.)

Part 1: Scott

Alan was small back then, he didn’t know what exactly was different about today, but it had been a long, sad day with lots of crying, and filled with a lot of people he had never seen before. A day of black clothes and sad faces. Alan did not know why, exactly.
What he did know was that he was looking for Scott, and that he was getting tired after the long, sad day.

A room full of older people was a frightening thing for a toddler, there were so many legs to push through and none of them seemed to belong to any of his big brothers. The room was a jungle of black tree trunks that moved and talked and someone ruffled his hair as he waded through the forest of legs.

“That another one of Jeff and Lucy’s?”

“Yeah, the smallest of ‘em, poor kid.”

“I’ll say, little guy won’t even remember her.”

After a trek across the room that was a long walk for little feet, Alan finally caught sight of Scott’s legs which were standing on the wooden deck outside. Scott was big and all legs like the rest of them, but little Alan knew it was him right away. Scott was on his own, and the sky was getting purple, the stars beginning to open their eyes. Alan hugged Scott’s legs and gripped him with small hands, requesting elevation.

“Whoa, there you are scamp! I was getting worried.” Scott was wearing black like the others, he wore a tie like daddy but it was pulled loose and out of place. His hair had been flat today but it was pulled out of place as well. Scott knelt down to Alan’s height like daddy did, he did most things like daddy. As such a familiar face came down to his height Alan grinned and reached up, feeling a great sense of comfort. Even if Scott’s mouth was smiling but his eyes were not.

“You wanna play blast off sprout?”

Alan always wanted to play blast off! Scott was the best at blast off, Scott was the best at most things. 3..2..1 and he was in the air! Scott was tall but not as tall as the stars above them, Alan reached up, up to the stars, up to where she had to stay now.

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