different nail art

via LookAtHerNails on Instagram: “Matte Starry Night #nailart ! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more of my original nail art content!”

Matte Starry Night nail art this week! I’ve wanted to do these for so long and finally went for it - so fun experimenting with layers and strokes and colors. I really love that every rendition of these that I’ve seen is so different!

Haven’t posted a picture of myself in a while, so here’s sleepy, gay me thinking about gay stuff and wanting to do artistic gay stuff but lacking the skill to do said gay thing.


I enjoyed this too much, guys.


I’ve had a lot of trouble with the body textures but in the end I made it and they look pretty decent if you ask me. You’ve got black, pink, purple, red and teal nails for humans and elves. And I think I don’t have to say that you should install only one at once.

The nails are visible with the Skyhold jammies, light armor, Isabela’s armor, but not with medium and heavy or dlc armor (spoils of the qun and spoils of the avvar). They may affect male PC’s as well, not entirely sure, and also naked companions since I haven’t looked to see if they’ve got different nude texture files.

Can you make these for qunari and dwarves too? If enough people want it, yes.
Can you make different colors and/or nail art? I can definitely make different colors, just tell me what you want and you shall have it. As for nail art, I don’t really see the point since it’s such a small mod, but I can give it a shot.

Please report and bugs and issues.