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Musical Touken Ranbu: Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s Nail Art

During the actual productions of the Musical Touken Ranbu, Sato Ryuji’s Kashuu Kiyomitsu (henceforth known as SatoKiyo) wears blood red nail polish as per the source material. However, for the lives, SatoKiyo’s nails are usually decorated with different nail art designs ♥

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Itsukushima Shrine~

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Musical Touken Ranbu ~Shinken Ranbu Sai~

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Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin 2017

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via LookAtHerNails on Instagram: “Matte Starry Night #nailart ! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more of my original nail art content!”

Matte Starry Night nail art this week! I’ve wanted to do these for so long and finally went for it - so fun experimenting with layers and strokes and colors. I really love that every rendition of these that I’ve seen is so different!


Behold!! My galaxy nails!!!! ♥

Or are they more like nebulae?? 

Regardless…I love them! 

Years ago I stumbled across a pic tutorial on Pinterest on how to do these and since then they’ve become hands-down one of my favorite nail art designs to do. Like, at least once a year I get in the mood to make these and this time around might just be my favorite version yet of them :)

So if you want to make these, just go under the cut vvvvv 

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eloarei  asked:

So, if you don't mind me asking, why were you afraid to post ISoaN? (As mentioned in your tags in a recent reply, that you almost didn't post it for that reason?) It's... I mean, it's got all the right elements to make it likable, and even palatable to people who might otherwise not like DekuMight, I think. It's not surprising to me that it's so popular. =]

Yeah, the pairing was the whole reason >u>’ I’ve seen a lot… A lot of discourse where people will take ships/pairings people write and like and twist it to them meaning shit like the author condoning pedophilia, or abuse, or all sorts of messed up shit, and well, the age difference tends to set people off yeah? It’s a biggun, even when there’s mutual respect, boundaries, consent, all the healthy stuff. Hard for a lot to get over, even when someone spells out that it doesn’t need to happen at the same time canon does (ie placing any heavily romantic ideas for it in the future or in my case, way in the fucking past)

And I just. Don’t really like the idea of being attacked. I’ve been attacked in the past for innocuous shit not even related to shipping, and it ended up with me not writing for a year thanks to the stress and anxiety. I actually enjoy my writing nowadays, and I didn’t want a flood of hate to stymie that, especially since it’s an outlet for me at the same time. 

I know a lot of people say you have to get past that, grow a thicker skin, and that’s true, but uh, mine’s still growing, and the spikes still get through it easily right now.


Stunting on these hoes  ☆

So I saw a shirt that said “an icon” but I misread it as “a con” and MC immediately came to mind because that’s all I could see her as. [[Plus she becomes 10x more fun and interesting when you imagine her as one.]]

the post that everyone wanted: nail polish headcanons 

ok this was honestly only like five bullets buuuuuut then i spent 3 hours watching nail videos. and who doesn’t love 2 am headcanons? 

  • chloe looooooves using a peel off base coat because she does her nails all the time (like all the time)
  • i’ve said this probably a million times but adrien and chloe get together every friday to talk about their week and do each other’s nails
  • marinette chips her nails when she’s nervous or bored, it’s a bad habit of hers
  • but good because it means that alya can redo them all the time
  • alya loves trying different nail art designs on literally everyone
  • nino is not safe
  • but dude who cares look at those awesome chat noir nails
  • (him and alya are matching, ladybug nails are her fav)
  • chloe usually just gives adrien french tips because photoshoots, but he gives her free reign over his toes
  • chloe adores holographic nail polish so much (and so do i)
  • adrien and chloe once spent an entire weekend going through black and white nail polishes looking for good ones. they’re very frustrated
  • nail stickers
  • alya is super jealous of marinette because marinette can paint well with both hands like how is this fair
  • alya does a killer gradient 
  • listen. akuma themed nails. yes.
  • look those color schemes as nails would just be awesome
  • rose and juleka do each other’s nails because they’re cute like that
  • also!! nail swap! juleka would be killer with pastel nails and rose would look great with dark nail polish
  • i bet alix dares kim to get his nails done and he’s like psh ‘that’s a challenge?’ and then has alya do them during lunch break
  • alix on the other hand h a t e s having her nails painted because it feels sort of weird and they get super chipped because she’s so active (girl i feel you)
  • chloe once spent six hours doing really fancy gradients on her nails and she makes everyone look at them because she spent six hours doing them
  • nino sometimes likes to attempt those sort of costume/special effect nails that you find on youtube and alya let’s him experiment on her because if he’s going to let her give him (super awesome) marble nails than she can let him fool around with acrylic paint and sparkles
  • sabrina literally died the first time chloe offered to do her nails
  • and yes their nails always compliment each other
  • the only time chloe gets her nails professionally done is for fancy events, but only sabrina and adrien know that. everyone else just assumes she has someone on call at all times
  • marinette is that person who uses a bunch of tape and glue to keep her fingers clean
  • chloe on the other hand swears by simply peel 
  • adrien as an excessive collection of clear nail polish and top coat
  • because 1. model and 2. listen clear nail polish is a gift
  • chloe is also a huge fan of glitter
  • and accent nails. chloe can do a killer accent nail
  • nathanael is really good at nail art designs but he much prefers painting on a larger canvas than, you know, nails
  • mylene loves to use nail vinyls and bright popping colors
  • (in an au where they don’t wear the same outfit every day….) chloe is 100% the person who does her nails to match her outfit
  • i’m not saying painting her nails is a stress reliever but it totally is
  • adrien, marinette, alya, and nino have SPA DAYS (and do other things than just nails but the four of them hanging out and doing their nails is great)

Minimalist Halloween.

Hi everybody! This month I show you my first Halloween nail art post. I have seen gorgeous Halloween nail art designs with bats, pumpkins, skulls, ghosts and so on. However, I wanted to do different nail art and show you my favourite nail lacquers for this season. Read below my three minimalist Halloween looks:

THE WITCH. Violet and purple polishes with glitter represent a wise woman who can control magic and forces of nature.

THE VAMPIRE. Deep red or maroon polish is perfect for a sophisticated and fascinating vampire from an ancient aristocratic family.

THE BLACK CAT. Obviously, all kinds of black are suitable for a Halloween black cat. I have painted a tiny cat on my ring finger, but I couldn’t make a tutorial because it’s really difficult and you need very thin brushes. If you want to do the cat remember that you have to paint it with acrylic paint and then apply some coats of transparent nail polish.

I hope you like this post and I wish you a great Halloween Night and weekend. Please, correct my English if you see something strange. Love for everybody.

  • Black nail polish by “Deliplus.”
  • Maroon nail polish by “Deliplus.”
  • 380 Forget-Me-Not! nail lacquer by “Catrice cosmetics.”

Haven’t posted a picture of myself in a while, so here’s sleepy, gay me thinking about gay stuff and wanting to do artistic gay stuff but lacking the skill to do said gay thing.