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Boyfriend G-Dragon

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  • dating him is a long journey
  • since getting him to settle down was hard enough
  • he’s rich and good looking, with the ability to bounce from beautiful person to beautiful person
  • why would he want me?? you reasoned
  • seungri was your friend for years now and had introduced you to the boys at a party, near the beginning of their debut
  • years passed and you became really close to jiyong. it took a while but he started to trust and confide in you, even going to you when he had a creative block or was overwhelmed w scandals
  • you were always there to pick up the pieces
  • this is what led to him being interested in you
  • he’d always found you attractive but in a friend way until he starts to notice that the socialites and models or actors/actresses he “associates” w are never there when he needs them. but you are
  • he realised this as he was trying to set you up w a friend of his and immediately cut that off
  • w/out explaining why
  • a few months passed by w this weird atmosphere
  • he stopped telling you about his heartbreaks and if you were getting too close to someone, he would turn moody and sulk
  • seungri told you eventually, having picked up on your feelings years ago and was too excited that jiyong was finally returning them to keep it inside
  • eventually, you and jiyong go on dates and although it’s never been official, you’re his and he’s yours
  • he’s the silently romantic type
  • like, he won’t always say “I love you” or bring home flowers. he barely even texts you when he’s on tour or away for weeks
  • but when he’s with you, you’re his centre of attention, the only thing he cares about
  • he listens so attentively to the point where he’ll remember everything you say, no matter if it was joking or in passing
  • one time, you were getting ready for a date and couldn’t decide on what to wear
  • “Is it because you feel ugly?” he asks bluntly
  • he’s very blunt btw
  • “What?”
  • weeks ago, you had made a joke at your own expense, calling yourself ugly. it was nothing serious, nothing that plagued you. you really just didn’t know what to wear for the date. but jiyong remembered that incident, approaching the situation in his cold, loving way
  • “Don’t think like that, it’s stupid. And I thought you were smarter than that. You look amazing, no matter what you wear”
  • he’s so unashamed of you tho
  • if you wanted to go to a fancy, 5 star restaurant in pj’s he would damn well join you
  • he’s one of a kind too so never judges you, meaning you don’t need to feel insecure about possibly being trans/being into drag/your sexuality/your quirky habits/etc. he loves you for you, regardless of what anyone else might think of you
  • that’s the silent way he’s romantic
  • not with flowers or chocolates
  • but by strolling into a bougie ass place in matching pj’s with you like “yeah, table for two, please??”
  • the tabloids write about the relationship every other week
  • although it’s not official between you both, never mind the press, they still class you as his “boy/girlfriend”
  • the scandals are something you both like to read over breakfast for fun
  • you snort, taking a sip of oj; “Did you know that you’re having an affair with a Japanese model?”
  • “I am?” he queries. “I thought I was cheating on you with a YG trainee?”
  • “no, no, that was a different magazine”
  • “damn, it’s hard to keep track”
  • your name is always brought up in interviews and he gives the most vague responses that piss the tabloids off
  • “Are you in a relationship, G-Dragon?”
  • “Aren’t we all in relationships? With teachers, our friends, our families? Even hatred or friendship is a relationship”
  • you’re the weird famous couple that no one understands. they wait for the relationship to end but nothing fazes either of you. even if you’re not famous before, you’re sure as hell famous now. everyone knows your name. esp as the years go by and you don’t budge from his side. since the relationship is so unclear, many fans even deny that you’re dating
  • until ten, fifteen years down the road … you and jiyong decide to start a family
  • it takes him a while to settle down completely and he’s still a mysterious idol to the public, keeping his child hidden for the most part. the only pics published of them are taken by him, as he doesn’t want the child to grow up under flashing cameras
  • he’ll support their every decision and is a loving (if a little detached) father, from first step to first medal won or first art piece hung in Uncle Seunghyun’s gallery
  • a title like marriage doesn’t matter to jiyong, but he’d go through the rigmarole if you wanted
  • you’re Mr/Mrs Kwon to him regardless
  • and the beloved person he’s raising a child with
  • “How was I so stupid? For nearly a decade, I didn’t realise my feelings for you. If not for Seungri’s big mouth, we might never have had the life together we’ve had. I guess that idiot’s actually good for something”
you might be a virgo moon if...

💭 you are highly observant and have an extraordinary natural attention to detail. you find yourself easily noticing things that others don’t; you’re definitely killer at those “spot the difference” games in magazines.

💭 you’re highly critical of yourself and overly so. people often tell you you’re too hard on yourself, but you may not see it. you’re constantly focusing on what you need to do to improve, not what you’ve already accomplished.

💭 you pride yourself in your strong work ethic, and are guilty of overworking yourself often. people tell you a lot that you need to slow down.

💭 you are very concerned with the well-being of others, and though you aren’t overly emotionally sensitive, you like to show you care with “practical service”. you help out on projects, offer meals, and buy useful material items for those you love. you refuse to ask for anything in return.

💭 you may be victim to being taken advantage of at times, due to your willingness to service others. however you are skilled at spotting this behavior, and are good at standing up for yourself.

💭 as well as that of your friends, you are concerned with the state of humanity. you may seek a job that would make a difference in the world; things such as a case worker, a police officer, or a lawyer. you want to make a difference.

Q: How do you feel now before the drama starts airing here?
LSK: I’m really happy and looking forward to it (airing). The drama was recieved well in Korea and we recieved a lot of love from the fans watching it. I want to say thank you to everyone who watched the drama. It’s a healing and very cute drama so I’m looking forward to see how the Japanese audience will feel about the drama and if they can feel the same thing we felt (when shooting it).
NJH: I’m also looking forward to it. Although the drama was aired in Korea, I’ve heard that a lot of Japanese fans also went out of their way to watch it, and also that they enjoyed it. As the formal airing (in Japan) has been decided, I’m hoping that more people will be able to enjoy it.

Q: Can you please explain what the drama is about?
LSK: I think that everyone who have watched the drama will say the same thing as I am, that it is very cute. However, although the drama is cute the plot evolves in every episode and (the viewers’) feelings will become warmer and hopefully it will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy when the drama ends. All the actors and the staff say that they felt comforted/soothed when shooting the drama. The best way to explain “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” in one word would be… “healing”. A very pure and nice feel-good-drama.
NJH: I think I would use the word “adolescence/spring of life” (T/N: the word he used (青春) is usually used when describing the your youth in a nostalgic way). The drama portrays the feelings and emotions you had when you were in your adolescents. I think viewers in our age but also young people going through this stage right now can all think “Ah, this is youth” when watching our drama.

Q: The drama has finished airing in Korea..
LSK: I cried a lot. I watched the last episode with everyone yesterday, but I think I have to re-watch it because I cried too much! I can’t remember a thing, I was literally crying the whole time.

Q: Please tell us about your characters in the drama.
LSK: I play Kim Bok Joo. Her charm point is that she is very straightforward but also very pure. She does not hide her feelings, and as she is a member of the weightlifting club in the school you can’t really sense any ‘femininity’ in her. However, when she falls in love for the first time she becomes aware of herself as a woman. She goes through a heart break, is also loved by another Joonhyung, goes through a slump etc. She’s a character that will show you a variety of emotions through the drama, so please look forward to her story.
NJH: I play the swimmer Jung Joonhyung. He’s one of those characters who’s actions you can’t predict, but he also has a lot of charming things about him. And he is also very innocent, just like Bok Joo. Although he’s college, he hasn’t forgotten about his first love that he had in elementary school. I think the viewers will be able to see that charm of his.

Q: It’s the second time you are acting as a swimmer in a drama. Your character in “Who are you? School 2015” was also a swimmer. How was it this time?
NJH: It was really hard.
LSK: I heard you say that you will never do it again!
NJH: Swimming is a very hard. And it is even harder when you have to shoot it, as you have to take the same scene from several different angles. It was impossible to do it alone, so I had a stand-in sometimes, but when they were shooting angles in which you can see my face I had to be the one swimming, so I swam a lot. I don’t want to do a shoot with me swimming ever again.
LSK: There was a lot of scenes in the water, and since you have to move in line with the camera and not just stand still in the water, there were a lot of technical troubles. For example, you have to re-do your hair and make-up ever so often when you’re shooting in the pool. I also think your skin has been damaged by it. (T/N: It’s not indicated if she’s talking about her own or NJH’s skin).

Q: You must have trained a lot for the role?
NJH: I would say that more than me training for the role, the role itself became my training. I was told by the actual swimmers that were in the drama that my swimming became faster after having shot half of the drama. The fact that I became faster even though I was really tired proved that it was worth the training. Since I have become better at swimming now I think I will reject offers that includes swimming from not on. I’m saying 'good-bye’ to swimming for a while!

Q: How similar would you say you and your character are?
LSK: (Nam Joo Hyuk and) Joonhyung are 400% similar! (laughs). I would say I’m very quiet and gentle, so I’m the opposite of Bok Joo, so it was actually quite hard to play her. Right? Next question! (laughs).
NJH: Sung Kyung says I’m 400% similar to my character but I just think I was able to portray the character were well (laughs). I don’t think we match 100%. I’m very laid back and enjoy reading books so.. I think that Bok Joo is actually really similar to Sung Kyung’s personality. We had a lot of fun shooting the drama.
LSK: Next question please! I’m really not at all like Bok Joo! Really!!
NJH: I think that Sung Kyung was able to portray the character really well. And although my portrayal was lacking, I think I did a good job as well.

Q: Then, please tell us about each other (laugh).
NJH: Although Sung Kyung said that she is very quiet and calm she has a really nice personality. I think a drama shoot is very dependent on the actors, and in this care Sung Kyung really was the mood maker on the set. I think her lively personality helped create the fun atmosphere we had on the set.
LSK: Joo Hyuk really is exactly like Joon Hyung. Although he is more laid back than Joon Hyung, he is also a tiiiiny bit more charming (laughs).
NJH: I think we are similar in many ways because I put a lot of myself into the character.
LSK: When shooting this drama, I was able to see that Joo Hyuk is a very genuine/pure person. He is very smooth at portraying emotions. He also spends a lot of time thinking about acting, and having him as a partner was very comforting on the set.
NJH: I’m not that pure though (laughs).
LSK: Are you corrupt then? (laughs).
NJH: No, I wouldn’t say that I’m corrupt.. I would say that I’m acting similar to someone of my age (laughs).
LSK: I am completely pure though (laughs). Sorry! (In Japanese:) sorry! (laughs).

Q: It seems like your chemistry is very good, but how good was your compatibility in acting?

LSK: If my partner had been someone I didn’t really know, I would go to them and talk about how I was planning on portraying my character. And while talking about acting I think I would take a step back (and follow their lead). Also, I would have to get to know them better as a person. However, with the two of us we could skip that completely. We have been modelling together for different magazines before, so when talking about how we want to do a scene, we didn’t have to be careful of the other’s personality or acting in that sense. We could just do it. We could also adapt better to the other’s acting and therefore react more naturally, so I think we did a good job. Right?
NJH: We get along great.
LSK: I won’t stare at you, so say what you want! (laughs)
NJH: In this drama we did a lot of ad-lips. In other dramas, I made a point of talking about any ad-lips with my partner before, but during the rehearsal take in this drama I came up with a lot of ideas on the spot, so although I felt bad for Sung Kyung, I just did ad-lips without talking to her about it first.
LSK: There were indeed a lot of ad-lips.
NJH: However, because of how well she adapted to and participated in my sudden ad-lips, I think we were able to shoot a lot of really cute/charming scenes.
LSK: I didn’t have to ‘create’ a reaction to his ad-lips. He really came out as quite pushy so I got a little bit irritated. However, Bok Joo also becomes irritated by Joon Hyung’s pushy attitude, so in a way it helped me portray Bok Joo’s reaction better (laughs).
NJH: It seems like you only remember those irritating scenes..
LSK: It’s because they had a very strong impact on me.
NJH: But I was talking about the scenes portraying Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s love story though. I think I must have hurt Sung Kyung (with my pushy acting). I want to take this opportunity to apologise. It was only acting! (laughs).
LSK: Your acting was very good (laughs).

Q: Both Bok Joo’s secret crush and Joon Hyung’s ex girlfriend are also in the drama (in addition to being a couple themselves). Who would you choose as a partner?
LSK: Joon Hyung!
NJH: Of course. I would choose Bok Joo.
LSK: Of course (laughs).
NJH: Although I feel bad for Shi Ho (Kyung Soo Jin) (for saying this), the time spent with Bok Joo was almost always fun. Although they are lovers, they are also very good friends. As professional athletes, they support each other and also listen to each other, and finding a partner like that is really not easy. Finding someone that will both communicate well and who will become your strength, and also someone you can count on is really hard. I really think Bok Joo and Joon Hyung should get married. Because of that I would choose Bok Joo.

Q: What are your plans now?
NJH: I will rest (laughs). I have had many projects after each other for a while now, so I think I need some time to rest and recharge.
LSK: I’m also planning to rest some. I think my body needs to rest as well. Both Joo Hyuk and me have had so many activities lately that I think it is important that we rest before starting anything new.

(T/N: This is not the complete interview, but at least most of it. Other questions have been asked in many other interviews so I didn’t feel the need to translate it. Also, some parts of their answers I didn’t translate because the meaning was not completely clear to me.)

Thawra: Calling All Arab Womxn and Non-binary People

الصوت المرأة ثورة / The voice of the woman is revolution

While Ascend is currently on hiatus, Thawra is a special project, a mini project of sorts underneath the larger Ascend umbrella.

We are currently accepting submissions of art by Arab womxn or nonbinary Arab people at ascendspecialprojects@gmail.com (please note that this is a different email than our usual submissions email).

Our voices our often silenced, only amplified when they fit a certain agenda. We want to hear your voice. Speak to us–about anything. Thawra does not have a specific theme. Instead, it seeks to be more of an anthology of work by Arab womxn & non-binary Arab people.

For deadlines and submission guidelines, keep reading.

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@marleyrose - prompt: “hey i got your package and opened it on accident and wow why did you order that??”

Moving in together was something that Alex had taken with stride. They moved into Alex’s apartment because it was nicer - then they moved into another apartment because it was bigger. 

And now they share a room, and bed, and a have a door that actually separates said bed form everything. And it’s all very domestic, and soft. And if Maggie and Alex weren’t so happy about it, they’d probably tease each other more on it.

But they had been dating a while now. 1 year, 6 months and 23 days to be exact. Not that she’s counting or anything. 

But she might have been. She might have been waiting since 9 months, 7 days, and 38 minutes into their relationship to find the perfect time to ask Maggie to marry her.

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“Do you normally associate torture with creating things? Or do you just treat it like, “I’m going to go punch in and do my job, and if I don’t figure it out, there’s always tomorrow”? Maybe ‘torture’ is too strong a word. Is misery par for the course of creating something?” - Adam Driver for Interview Magazine

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Psst. You hear meh? ... Think about this: Soukoku model AU.


  • I personally feel like Photographer/Model AU would fit them better because Dazai would be really self conscious of his skin and, as a model, that doesn’t really make for a good career. We could forgo the bandages for an AU but ehhhh… So personally I would say, Dazai is a photographer and Chuuya is a model
  • Chuuya is an extremely famous model due to his peculiar working style. He models both men and women’s clothing. Suits, dresses, casual wear, swimsuits, lingerie, you name it, he’ll wear it. The fact that his body is so androgynous and that a lot of people can’t tell where he is actually a “he” is very controversial and that’s why he’s so famous and also why he is so sought-after in the modeling industry
  • The thing is, he’s one of those lucky few celebrities who manages to live a quiet life. There’s little to nothing in the tabloids about him. All the gossip about him is confined to internet forums that never see the light of day. He’s like a chameleon with the way that he can change his appearance so easily. Most people who see him out on the town don’t even realize that it’s him. He only has one social media account and it’s an instagram with nothing in the bio and no personal information on his picture captions. His website has very little personal information and mostly consists of contact information for his agent, Ozaki Kouyou, and his portfolio. 

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Fame, Flashlight

BTS Yoongi / Model AU / Words: 6232
Anonymous requested:  If you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could do one between a model and photographer yoongi? Where he’s usually famous for slightly racy pictures but he starts falling for her and tries to cover her up more lol.
A/N: i hope u like it omg i apoligize if there are mistakes im v tired rn

You pulled your car into your temporary spot, significantly earlier than your actual call time. Your own paranoia had put you on edge and made you cut your workout ten minutes short to allow sufficient time for you to get home, shower, then make it to the studio. Your hair was still damp, and it clung to the back of your neck. You reached over to the passenger seat, where you had carelessly flung your towel when you had rushed from the door of your condo, swallowing the remainder of your supplements. You roughly shook it over your head in an attempt to dry it more, and you smoothed out the end result with your fingers. You didn’t quite care what it looked like when you walked in the doors. You knew that anything you did to your hair or face would be wiped clean by the stylists the second they got their hands on you. You were so used to being dressed and made up in ridiculous ways, and you took advantage of the times you could leave your face bare, hair down and lounge in comfy sweats with faded logos.

Out of boredom and sheer habit, you checked your phone, scrolling through Instagram and mindlessly liking everyone’s pictures. You only paused when you came across a familiar username. You stared at the picture of wispy clouds etched into the sky, bathed in the pale yellow and pink light of the rising sun. Telephone lines and skyscrapers littered the horizon, but didn’t take away from the beauty of the morning sunrise. The caption simply read “My view this morning”, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of likes. You let your thumb linger just above your screen before you double tapped it, and a quick heart appeared on the picture. You took that as your cue to get out of your car and head towards the glass double doors of the tall building, still ten minutes ahead of schedule.

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Like She’s Mine (part thirteen) - Stiles Stilinski

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, angst again i’m back baby
word count: 2735

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[two months later, april break]

“I like this one” Allison said as she chewed on her licorice.

“Lemme see” I leaned over the kitchen table, peering onto her magazine.  She pointed to a long white gown with a sweetheart neckline.  It was slightly bejeweled, and the model wearing it had a long veil attached to a crown.

“I like the strapless idea” She said, yanking off a part of her licorice and chewing with a smile.




And with that, I went back to scrolling on my phone and eating my cereal.  We’d been looking through magazines and books and pinterest for all of these cute wedding ideas.  From places to rent, decorations to have, people to invite, shoes, dresses, tuxes.  My favorite part was that I was her maid of honor, and Madi was her flower girl.

“So I’m thinking a bouquet of blue roses.  Something unique with traditional ties, you know?” She asked, and I nodded.

“Yeah that’d be cute.  Maybe a few white in there too” Her mouth made an ‘o’ and her eyes widened.

“Ooh, yeah, I like that” She pointed a finger at me shaking it excitedly as she rushed up to the counter.  She picked up her notebook, labeled wedding plans, and opened it up to her final checklist page.  I watched as she neatly wrote down the flowers she needed.  Right now, all that was written down there were the bridesmaids and and groomsmen.

It consisted of Lydia, myself, and two girls Allison met in college who were together, named Kira and Malia.  I’d sort of met them, one time they stopped into Lou’s.  I would recognize them, but I couldn’t tell you much about them.

Scott had chosen Stiles to be his best man, which was no surprise.  He also had his friends Liam, Mason, and Isaac.  I didn’t know any of them, I hadn’t even met them.

“Hey guys” Stiles called as he walked into the kitchen.  I grinned over at him as he set grocery bags onto the counter.

“Hi Stiles” He walked over to me and kissed my head sweetly before going into the living room.  He instantly began to play with Madi and I went back to scrolling through wedding things on my phone.  “Bubbles or rice?”

“Bubbles.  Most definitely bubbles.  They’re so much cuter and I read this article that the rice is actually bad for the birds…” This went on for another hour, until it was the late afternoon and I was sitting on the couch watching tv.  Allison was still looking through her magazine, and Stiles was putting Madi to bed for her nap.

“Stiles” He walked out, and I held my arms out to him.  He chuckled and walked over to me, lifting me up with ease, and sitting on the couch below me, setting my on his lap.  I smiled and snuggled against him.

“Baby I missed you today” He said, and I nodded, folding my arms against his chest.

“I missed you today too” I replied softly.  “You were gone a while” I curled up more, getting impossibly closer to him.  “But thank you for grocery shopping” He nodded, rubbing my back.

“No problem”

“Will you stay overnight tonight?” I asked, looking up at him through my lashes.  He smiled softly and nodded.

“Yeah yeah of course” He said gently, and kissed my nose.  I giggled and crinkled it up a little.

“Hey guys we gotta figure out colors for the dresses and the groomsmen’s bow ties” Allison said, walking out to us and sitting on the couch.  Her notebook and magazine in hand.

“How about pink?” Stiles asked.

“Gross no” Allison and I replied at the same time.  He pretended to be wounded.

“I was thinking a deep blue… or green maybe?”

“Blue.  Blues pretty” I said, and she took a bite as she looked over the different shades the magazine had to offer.

“Yeah… yeah I’ll show Scott” She said, uncapping and writing on her arm.  ask scott about blue.

“Al no need to stress, you’ve got until July” I said, reaching out to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.  “Really, allow yourself a break”

“Thanks y/n, but I work in a flower shop.  It’s on my mind all the time”

“Well of course it is Alli.  You’re marrying your high school sweetheart, even I’m thinking about it twenty four seven” I said laughing slightly, and I got off of Stiles’ lap.  He made a pout but I pretended not to see as I pulled open a drawer in the entertainment center.  I took out a photo book, and sat back on the couch, in between the both of them.

“I forgot I made that for you” Allison chuckled as I skimmed through pictures.  Her Scott Stiles Lydia and I took up most of the slots.  At amusement parks or shopping trips.  I stopped on the page I was looking for and showed her.  On one side was her and Scott, all dressed up for Prom.  He was kissing her cheek and she was smiling wide with a blush as the photo was snapped.

“Look at you guys” I said, and she held the book slightly, her fingers brushing over the protective sleeve the picture was held in.

“Weird to think that was over two years ago…” She sighed.  “I feel old”

“Al, you just turned twenty one.  You’re not that old”

“Yeah.  And if you’re old that makes the rest of us old too so watch it” Stiles said, swatting her head.  She went to throw her fist at him but I caught her wrist and gave her a look.  She groaned and set her arm back down.

“Point is, you’re my OTP, Al.  And it’s you and Scott, seriously.  You could have a huge wedding in a beautiful church, or a jeans and tee shirt one in my doorway.  I will be just as excited for you, I’ll still cry, and you’ll still get cake smashed into your face” Allison chuckled at me but smiled genuinely.

“Thanks y/n” I nodded.  “Also it’s gonna be outside.  And beautiful”

“You’ve decided on the outside thing?” I asked.

We spent another half hour discussing the scenery of her chosen area of wedding.  Poor Stiles fell asleep next to me.  His head lying on the back of the couch.

Scott came over later on, and he was going to hang with us for a while, but I guess he had a long day at the clinic.  Yeah, I can’t believe he’s still part time working there either.  It didn’t work out well tonight, seeing that both Madi and Stiles were passed out, I only wanted to eat dinner, and Allison was on the edge of her seat waiting to tell him all about her ideas for their wedding.  So they pretty much said their goodbyes for the day.  When I’d waved and shut the door, I wandered back to the kitchen, reheating some leftovers and eating while standing at the kitchen counter.

This, this is the life of a single mother.

When I finished, I went back to my room, pulling out a throw blanket and grabbing two pillows from my room.  I checked to make sure Madi was still sleeping, kissing her forehead then making my way back to the couch.  I picked up Stiles’ head, putting one pillow under him, and setting my other one on his lap.  I laid across him and pulled the blanket up.  A few seconds after he shifted, and his arm wrapped over me.

“Sorry for waking you up” I said softly, but he didn’t reply.  Just scooted me over slightly, and laid on his side.  I rolled over, nuzzling my face in is shirt.  Neither of us were even in pajamas.  It wasn’t even nine o’clock.  But I didn’t care.

Stiles kissed my forehead and his arm tightened around me.  “I love you” I looked up to him, and he opened his eyes, just a little bit.  We’d never said that before.  But I smiled at him and kissed him sweetly.  He hummed and brushed my hair softly with his fingers.

“I love you too Stiles” I whispered back.  He smiled at me and buried my face into the crook of his neck.  “So much” My voice was muffled but he heard me because he let out a laugh.  One of those heavy breathed ones through his nose.

“Mm” He pressed his lips to my head for a few seconds.  “Goodnight y/n”


We fell asleep like that on the couch.

I’m glad I woke up without a crick in my neck.  I’m not as glad I woke up trapped in Stiles’ arms.  I mean, yeah, I loved being with him and cuddling.  The whole shebang was amazing.  But not when my stomach was growling and I was in yesterday’s clothes

I tried everything, wiggling, squirming, even prying him off.  But that just woke him up.

“Mmph y/n stop” Stiles mumbled, and held me closer.

“Stiles- I’m hungry” I whined.

“We can go out to Panera or something”

“Yeah that sounds goo-”

“Not now” I sighed as he tugged me harder.

“Stiles you’re suffocating-”

“Sh sh sh…” I just shook my head and laid there as he fell back asleep.  But as soon as Madi’s baby monitor began producing crying sounds, he was shot up and I nearly fell off the couch.  I actually did fall off.  But Stiles was already in her room.  I scrambled up off of the floor and raced into her room.  “It’s okay, sh sh, it was just a dream, shh…” He turned and saw me and smiled a little.  I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned on the crib post.  Madi was still quietly crying in his arms, and he was just cooing to her.

“How do you do that so well?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“That.  Calm her down so easily” He smiled at that.

“I don’t know I guess…” Stiles looked back down to Madi, tickling his finger under her chin and making her giggle.

“It’s cause she-” I was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“Allison coming over today?” Stiles asked.  I shook my head.

“No, is Scot?” He shook his head.

“Just cause I sleep here every night and eat three meals here doesn’t mean I live here” I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then pushed off the crib and walked out to the living room.

“Mama?” Madi called, and I head Stiles go back to his baby talking that made my heart flutter for an unknown reason.  I reached the door and opened it, looking up from the handle to the visitor we had.

“Hey there y/n”

I closed the door in a second flat.

“y/n? Who is it?”

“No one”

“Well it was someone, who?”



“Drop it now Stiles while I’m not wanting to rip someone’s head off” He rolled his eyes and walked over to the door.  “Stiles sto-”

“Who are yo-” Stiles’ eyes narrowed the second he saw Theo.

“Stiles? What the hell are you doing-”

“I’m sorry” Stiles put up a hand, finally someone got a sentence out.  “I don’t like the language you’re using in front of my girl” He turned, handing Madi to me.

“Mommy!” She said excitedly as I rested her at my hip.

“Interesting Stilinski, seeing that she’s not, your girl.  She’s actually mine, isn’t she?”

“Not as far as I’m concerned” I said, holding Madi a little tighter.  Theo turned his head and raised a brow to me.

“Do a DNA test sweetheart.  She’s mine”

“Alright cock twitch-”

“Stiles” I warned.

“Don’t even try y/n, tell him to leave” Theo raised a brow.

“Leave? But I just got here?” He said.

“y/n, tell him to go”

“Go ahead, tell me to go.  But I’ll come by to visit my daughter”

“Theo, Theo just go” I said, walking forward and pushing him out of the door.

“You do realize y/n that I’m not an idiot, I’m coming back”

“Well you’re not today so get out” I said, and shut the door as soon as he was out in the hall.  I could hear him growl, and stomp away.  What a wuss.

“Thank God” Stiles breathed and leaned in to kiss me but I turned and walked off, still holding Madi.  “y/n?” I went into Madi’s room, looking for something for her to wear today.

“Not right now Stiles, I have to get her ready for the day” I said monotone as I retrieved a poofy blue tutu and white long sleeved shirt with a bow on it.  She was smiling at me as I brushed her hair and pinned a flower into it.  “There you go pretty girl” Madi giggled happily as I lifted her again.

“Hey, did something happen?”

“No Stiles, I’m just busy.  We’ve got lunch with Allison in an hour and a half”

“Do you need any-”

“Nope” I walked Madi back out to the living room, setting her on her blanket.

“Okay well do you need a ride into-”

“Nope, she’s picking us up” I replied, already walking back to my room in search for clothes to wear.  But Stiles trailed right in after me.

“y/n will you just pause for a moment” I blew out air and spun on my heel to look at him.

“Well? I’m waiting?”

“Yeah? So am I? What just happened in the past ten minutes?”

“Stiles.  What happened is, again, you got all alpha male!”

“Over Theo!?” He whisper screamed.  I shook my head and went over to my closet.  “y/n, that’s ridiculous, what right does he have to come barging in here-”

“Every right, every right Stiles.  As much as I hate to admit it, he is her father

“Oh yeah? Then where the hell-”

“He never knew Stiles, we can’t hold that against him!”

“We sure as hell can-!”

“Mama?” I looked down to where Madi was stood at the doorway behind Stiles.

“Not now baby- baby!” I shrieked excitedly, moving around Stiles to see where she stood.  “You’re walking, she’s walking!” I was yelling and grinning as I kneeled down in front of her, holding my hands around her face.

“Mommy’s proud?” She asked, and I nodded, tears springing in my eyes.

“Yes she is, she’s very very proud” I said, brushing my hands through her hair, and adjusting her flower.

“Daddy proud?” Her finger pointed up at Stiles, and my face fell.  I looked up to where he stood with his mouth agape.

“Yeah, yeah real proud of you kiddo” He ruffled her hair and quickly excused himself out of the room.  Madi looked at me with a frown.

“Is Daddy upset?”

“No, no sweetie Stiles is fine” I assured, caressing her cheeks gently.

“Is Daddy lunch?” I chuckled barely at her inability to form proper sentences.

“No, it’s just us with Aunt Alli and Uncle Scott” I told her.  Her little eyebrows furrowed.

“Why not Daddy?”

“Honey, that’s Stiles, his name is Stiles”

“Stiles?” I nodded.  Again her brows furrowed and her lips curled down.

“Come on let’s walk out to the living room together” I said, and made my way slowly behind her as she toddled into the room.  “Look, Stiles I’m sorry I snapped at-” I paused when I saw he wasn’t there.  I quickly went over to the door and saw his shoes and jacket were gone too.  On the small table, a piece of notebook paper was left.

Sorry that Madi had a deadbeat for a father and you’re blind enough to buy his act of caring for her.  Trust me, he doesn’t.  Whenever you wanna talk about it, if you even will, I’ll have my phone on me.  Or you can just keep telling Madi that I’m just Stiles, and I’ll always be just Stiles, and laugh about it with Allison later.

Yours truly,

I ran my hands through my hair, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Mommy sad?’

“No Madi… no I’m fine” I said, snuffling and quickly rubbing my eyes.  “Now, I have to go get dressed and then Alli will be here to get us, okay?” She nodded with a smile as I made my way back to my room.

Why do I always end up fucking everything up?

#depressedasf but y’all didn’t think i’d give you nice fluff forever right? nah it’s not in my nature.  i like torture before the rainbows

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