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Watch “The Bold Type”!

1. A confused not so straight black women as one of the three main characters
2. A lesbian muslim
3. The show is about three girls working for a magazin in different positions, all very likeable
4. Katie Stevens is one of them
5. Great friendship between the three main girls
6. Lots of drama
7. Empowering women
8. Funny and relatable
9. The music is just great
10. Very intimidating boss who is actually very nice

My favorite thing about New Vegas, is that the different type of skill magazines, being in the aid section. Like yeah I know the courier is reading ‘em.

But I like to imagine the courier just straight up eating the magazine in full.

It makes me smile.


“For the past two years, Taylor focused on her music, her art, her lyrics and living her life. In these two uniquely different collectible magazines, you will find a variety of art created and curated by Taylor herself including her music, her paintings, her handwritten lyrics and more. This will be the only window of this kind into the creation of Taylor’s sixth studio album,reputation.”

Billboard: Niall Horan Braces for Stardom Outside One Direction, With Advice From Justin Bieber & The Eagles

When Niall Horan decided to move from London to Los Angeles in early 2016, it’s no surprise that he chose a house in Laurel Canyon, the epicenter of ’60s folk-rock culture. Horan was the one ­toting a guitar in One Direction, the British boy-band juggernaut that was just then going on a hiatus, and he’s got the soul of a singer-songwriter: He’s charismatic, witty and sensitive, but also easygoing and no-nonsense. Viewed alongside his bandmates – born rock star Harry Styles, “sensible one” Liam Payne, “funny one” Louis Tomlinson, moody R&B prince Zayn Malik – Horan, 23, is sort of like the middle brother: the most ­approachably handsome, the second-most popular across social media (29 million Twitter followers; 19 million on Instagram) and the most likely to lust after a gig at the historic Los Angeles rock club The Troubadour. “Playing for, like, 500 people. What more do you want?” says Horan. “I’ve had some good moments with screaming ­teenagers, but I like when the room is completely dead. It’s a ­different kind of respect. People are actually listening.”

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Wait, this cover looks familiar

oh I see :3c⚓🍊

First the UR pair and now this? June 2017 should be called ChikaYou month XD