different light temperatures

Keeping your plants alive (for those with no green thumb)

Perhaps you’re a witch wanting your own magick garden. Or maybe you like cooking and want some of your own fresh herbs. I suppose it’s also possible that you are obsessed with the beauty of flowers- or maybe all of these! But… Everything you tend to dies, no matter how you try. My life has been this way since before I can remember- I’ve in my lifetime manage to kill even lucky bamboo and aloe vera. But I’ve recently learned a few tricks and now have a beautiful windowsill full of plants, and want to share my success with you!

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Collage with moustache (2016)

This is something I originally did late last year and only recently added the moustache to.  The back ground is pink (fluro) watercolour. I have cut up my own photos to use and also used ink to draw lines on card. I used black card for the moustache and pastel chalk pencil to draw moustache hairs.

This is for Thierry, who inspires me on many levels.


p.s. I made the  silly mistake of having different temperatured lighting hence the pink background looks a little different on each side.