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My DM keeps answering oog cleverness with “Take 50 XP.” He doesn’t always mean it literally. We count it anyway. 

A member of our party just said “Mi cervexa es su cerveza.” I misheard him as having said “Mi cabesa es su cabesa.” The party remarks that “beer” and “head” are not the same thing. I commented that, though they are different, they are two of life’s finest offerings. I leveled. 

Taeyong as your soulmate (Soulmate AU!)

I dunno, this is a new blog and I’m super confused😂 Well I just wanted to say that I accept requests for nct and seventeen. I’m having Taeyong feels lately. Basically, the first sentence your soulmate will say to you is engraved in your wrist.

  • As a kid, you lived an embarrassing life. Everyone around you seemed to have beautiful words engraved to their body, many kinds such as “wow, your stunning” or “is this love” (I dunno smh)
  • Well..not really everybody, some of ur friends also have shitty words like “uhm..can you shut up for a little bit” or “ur being annoying”
  • but urs is like on a whole different level, it literally said “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” like who the fucking hell is this guy (author: taeyong you beautiful shit!). Your parents was so embarrassed they had you wearing long sleeves for years.
  • one day you intentionally slap yourself cause your bored af as well as practising for the day u’ll meet your cursed soulmate.
  • every time you see those annoying kids from the neighbourhood, you imagined them being ur soulmate. U’ll end up cringing and run for your life.
  • One day you got a part time job in a famous music store near your house and ur super happy.
  • Music was your passion and you had talent in dancing
  • Every day you always wonder why there was nobody that unintentionally slap you, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO NICE DUDSVCUVFUSJX HF!!
  • One day there’s this guy (u cannot see his face) holding a cup of coffee while taking selfies in front of a bunch of TVXQ albums
  • his selfie stick almost hit your precious albums, so you walked to him to tell him to be carefull.
  • but he suddenly took a 90 degrees turn and unintentionally slapped you with his selfie stick and spilled his coffee all over you.
  • “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” he said frantically trying to wipe ur shirt.
  • While doing that he accidentally touched ur thighs and screamed “ OH MY GOD SORRY I DON’T MEAN TO”
  • Truthfully you were just crying coz it was too funny
  • You stopped crying and started laughing insted. “HAHAHA YOU JUST SLAPPED ME…”you stopped to take a deep breath “….WITH A SELFIE STICK AHAHAHAHA
  • He just smiled sheepishly and a second later, HE WAS SCREAMING AGAIN “ YOUR MY SOULMATE!!OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY”
  • You just reached out your hand and said “Your so handsome, Im Y/N by the way”
  • He blushed furiously “Ahh you’re also beautiful, Im Lee Taeyong” he shaked your hand “Well your stuck with me forever then”
  • “Yeah i’d love that” You said.
  • There is no way you won’t fall in love with this precious bean.

That’s all my lovelies, if you have any request just send it to me. if there is a lot of good response, I’ll write a continuation of this scenario.


Is @blehismeh fucking serious? 

To paraphrase: “If poc start hating whites that justifies whites shooting poc. It justifies Asians being beaten up and dragged off planes." 

 What kind of white supremacist shit is this? 

A little more on the paraphrase: "Justifies whites hating poc for entering a country that was claimed by them first." 

Does this person not know that Native peoples were here first and that white people came to Native lands un-fucking-invited? Then Black people were brought here against their will by these same white people? Holy moly. I’ve seen some pretty bad white supremacists on here but shit. This is a different level of white supremacy. I can’t even begin to address this.

 Angry Asian Guy

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Madara is seme!

Yes! Unless Hashirama has other plans!

These boys are pretty stubborn about pleasuring each other. They will do anything, try all the positions, get all sorts of kinky, to drain each other out. It gets very hot.

Basically they’re on a whole different power level to care.

“Ch’. Seme/uke shit is for babies. True lovers will fuck each other to the end of the world.” - Uchiha Madara

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I would agree that they are tired of the same tropes, but again, calling it out for being het is proof that the issue is that it's het and not otherwise. Especially when most of them did either Johnny Bravo shipping, gender bender Ashi, or more creepily, Aku shipping. Furthermore, Steven Universe has shown that it is the fact it is het rather than lgbt that people complain about because the repeated tropes are loved there when used for the female identified gems. Oh and I do ship LGBT ships.

i don’t know if you know this, but people can dislike things for more than one reason. if you were to hit me with a hammer, i could complain about the pain, that fact that a person exists who would do that, the psychological/sociological factors that led to you doing that, and the fact that the hammer you hit me with was my least favorite shade of orange. and all of those would be genuine grievances, albeit with different severity levels. if you serve me a shit sundae in a shoe, i could complain that i’m tired of eating from shoes, but a waffle cone wouldn’t make the sundae better. 

none of the ships you mention here are interchangeable with jashi, with the exception of a gender-bent jashi which i haven’t even seen (even though i went out of my way to search for it just now to confirm) except with both of them changed to keep it het. apples to oranges, invalid, no point.

i don’t care what you ship and i don’t know why you are so determined to patronize and discredit people whose worldviews and experiences differ from your own. 

I love this culture so much we got fucking like different levels of appropriation going on and shit we got straight white girls imitating gay men imitating black women and soon straight white men are gonna be mockingly imitating the straight white women it’s incredible we’re gonna get like 7 levels of appropriation deep

I love Origins. Origins makes me so happy.  And I find myself playing it and thinking about what I need to do and where I need to go and I’m not dreading any of it.  Well, as much as someone playing Origins can not dread the Fade level because really, fuck that shit.  But it’s so different from the third game.

Like with Inquisition I start it up and make my character and I’m like ‘fuck, I need to kill rams and find clothes and do this and that and then deal with an asshole mayor and crawl through the freezing cold and almost die in the snow and then don’t even get me started on this sense of dread I get about thinking about having to go to Emprise du Lion, the Exalted Plains, Emerald Graves, Hissing Wastes, Fallow Mire (insert any other place in the game that exists that I may have forgotten that have no consequence on the game whatso-fucking-ever) and they’re all so… tedious.  And they’re filler at best and don’t even get me started on the Solasan Temple in the Forbidden Oasis and then… there’s nothing like that in Origins.  Everything you do, every single little thing you do and place you go has some kind of consequence on the game, whether it be your alliances or the Landsmeet or the Battle of Denerim… it all matters in Origins and I love that.  I love that you have to scrutinize your decisions and pay attention to what you’re doing and how you build up your party or else you’re fucked fighting the archdemon (personal experience) and that doesn’t happen in Inquisition.  None of your judgements have an impact on the endgame, nothing you do in the Temple of Mythal has an impact on the endgame (unless you care about what color dragon fights on your side), whatever you choose to do with the Wardens or the Templars or Mages really has no impact on the endgame and it’s so frustrating.

I would have loved a Mass Effect 3-esque readiness system for Inquisition.  All of those agents you collect?  They’re war assets and play an important part of the game instead of just shaving 5% time off of a war table mission.  You choose Celene over Gaspard?  It gets you more political power and pull and Josephine will get some special bonus.  But what if you choose Gaspard over Celene?  Sure you fuck Ferelden over in the long run but damn will that relationship bolster your ground forces and siege equipment.  It could even show in Skyhold where if you choose Celene you get (even more) nobles around, more merchant stalls, more politically-savvy war table operations  and then with Gaspard there are more soldiers, more training areas set up, siege equipment set up around the castle, ready to defend it and more power-based, aggressive war table operations.  And with that choice you have to choose which you think will benefit the Inquisition more at that point.  Think of the ramifications it could have had on the battle in the Arbor Wilds?!  You recruited the Blades of Hessarian?  Look, there they are, fighting for their Herald!  You keep Bull in the Ben-Hassrath?  Hey look, you gotta nice sized group fighting for you.  Hey look, there are your Grey Warden allies you didn’t banish from Orlais!  Hell, you even get some of the Dalish you helped in the Exalted Planes fighting for you and wait!  Is that Fairbanks over there, leading some of his best?

The possibilities for a system like that were virtually endless and Bioware dropped the ball on it.  But for now, we’ll always have Origins.

“Bloody Thou Art; Bloody Will Be Thy End”

Summary: Paranormal AU in which Will is a ghost hunter, Nico is dangerous, the Nether is torn, and the past is fading.

(A/N - this is a little bit creepy and involves some talk about death, so if that is not your cup of tea, please don’t read it and freak yourself out. Take care of yourself.)

Hunter’s Log: 1800 hours. W. Solace

Location: Palazzo dei Morti (Palace of the Dead); Pompeii, Italy

Observed Phenomena: N/A

Notes: This place creeps me the fuck out.

In hindsight, Will probably should’ve known that the Palazzo job was never going to be routine. To a certain extent, there was no such thing as ‘routine’ in Will’s line of work, anyway. The Nether made no sense, that was the long and short of it. You got flexible, or you got dead. But there was something unmistakably other about the Palazzo, even to the most unexperienced eyes. 

The castle clawed its way out of the hills, an enormous beast made of marble and wrought-iron, sprawling and twisted with turrets and towers. The place was off, wrong, cloaked in mist despite the heat of the Italian afternoon, shrouded in shadow despite the fact that the sun wouldn’t go down for another three hours yet.

The road winding up to the estate was serpentine and rocky. Will’s fists clenched on the steering wheel and he tried to focus on avoiding postholes instead of watching the beast creep closer.

“What do you think?” he asked quietly.

“This one is different,” Lou Ellen said immediately, from the back of the van. “I can feel it.”

“You don’t need second sight to feel that,” Leo said, with a theatrical shudder. “This place is some next-level spooky shit.” 

“Different how?” Annabeth asked, her tone much more grave than Leo’s. “Do you mean-?”

Lou Ellen nodded and pressed her eyes shut, a flicker of something crossing over her face.

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"How can you tell if bpd people are being abusive or manipulative?"

“I’m not saying they are cause it’s hard to tell but…”

I see a lot of asks on bpd centric blogs about being abusive/manipulative and one thing that really is starting to grind my gears is that people usually include this line to come off as soft and non accusatory, but it’s actually doing quite the opposite and I’m gonna tell you why.

You can absolutely tell abuse from something hurtful. I say this at least once every day, being hurt is not the same as being abused. They’re not that hard to distinguish between either, despite what they may tell you on here.

Abuse is a purposeful, conscious act used to hurt someone either physically, emotional, or spiritually. Basically, it’s done intentionally with full knowledge that someone is hurting because of your actions. Being hurt by someone does not equal abuse, not always. If it’s not intentional and willing, it’s not abuse.

When people with bpd see these messages, it can and most likely will, trigger their thoughts of everything bad they’ve ever done and cause them to question themselves. Are they abusive? Did they do that thing to that friend on purpose that day? This can cause weeks of recovery to recede like an ocean before a tsunami of fucked up emotions comes crashing down.

“But Ess, not every borderline is like that.” Butter and salt, that is false! It happens, but on different severity levels, but it does happen and there isn’t shit we can do about it because that’s just how we work. Sorry, not sorry. Some can brush it off, others can’t. Don’t assume because it’s something little to you, it’s not to other people.

TLDR If you’re nt and you need to ask a question about possibly abusive behaviors specific to bpd on a bpd blog, ask it off anon and request it to be private. Let’s all be mindful and respectful of borderlines, let’s keep these things out of their sight and keep them relaxed. (Or at the very least, tag it appropriately).

the “your fave is problematic” concept has always been alive on tumblr and other sns, but i’ve never seen it as strongly applied in other fandoms as much as kpop

when it comes to calling out idols who’ve done or said questionable things, it’s definitely a good thing, but when we reach a point where people carefully strive to only stan the purest people and shame others for liking more problematic idols, there’s a damn problem

i see people on here feel guilt over their favorite idols, i see some who drive themselves to silence in order to not be ganged up by self-righteous folks who believe they’re better for stanning “less problematic” people

no one is “unproblematic”, no one is perfect, so to see people develop a superiority complex because they stan “better people” is frankly disgusting; they need to get their heads out of their asses and let people stan whoever they want, as long as they’re aware of what their favorites have done

we all have different levels of tolerance when it comes to dealing with the shit idols do, we don’t always know what people go through, why they stan an idol, and we don’t always know everyone’s boundaries,  so just let people live

edit: after seeing people’s replies i felt like it’d be best to add that of COURSE if an idol did really horrible things feel free to complain about it and criticize the hell out of it, but don’t do that to fans who are truly doing their best at being conscious

But Rumple Didn’t Know!

I am VERY pro Rumple/Gold so it saddens me to see people saying he chose power (the crystal) over love (Belle and Baby). The poor guy has been doing everything in his power to wake up his wife. HE tried it, and it failed, that’s choosing love if you ask me, which it only failed because of the two cursed people can’t share tlk that A&E seem persistent on pushing on us. Then his wife’s own father wouldn’t wake his daughter, imagine Moe’s reaction if Rumple told him Belle was pregnant. Moe would of probably stole Belle to give her an abortion thing and then we’d have a whole other fucked up storyline to deal with. Then he gets the crystal and has it all tethered up and ready to go and what happens? The “heroes assume correctly but then they assume that he’s going to do bad, evil, terrible things after. First off TALK. TO. THE. GUY! Secondly you all really think for real once she’s awake Belle would actually let him get away with that shit? And he’s kind of putty in her hands, even with this whole “I am the dark one and I like it” stance he still FOR BELLE, wants to TRY to do light with it so he can be the one Merlin prophecised about (which where the hell did that storyline go?). So now Rumple’s got his grandson, of all of them the one he probably thought would give him the benefit of the doubt, stealing the crystal from him. He blatantly went over to the Charmings and told them “Henry plans on destroying magic, he stole the crystal from me, I’m going to retrieve it from him.” Never once did he say he was going to harm a hair on his grandson’s head, or his girlfriend’s head. So of course he gets trailed because the “heroes” think he’s going to hurt Henry so they try to locate him first and keep the crystal from Rumple.

So with all that information in mind. What other conclusion is Rumple suppose to make here? He didn’t know at that point in time that Snowing, Zelena, and Killian were in the Land of Untold Stories and with the added bonus of everyone trying to steal the one thing from him that he needs to successfully wake his wife up, the fucking Olympian Crystal shard, excuse him for wanting to save that so he CAN WAKE UP HIS WIFE THAT HE HAS BEEN TRYING TO KEEP SAFE SINCE SHE FUCKING GOT PREGNANT!!! I’m like 99.9% sure (the .01% is in account for fucked up writing) that if he knew Big Mouth Snow tattled yet again he would of taken Belle and Baby in a Box over the crystal. I mean the guy talked lovingly to Belle and Baby in a box, put Belle and Baby in a Box the front seat, WITH A FUCKING BLANKET TO KEEP THEM WARM, and talked lovingly to Belle and Baby in a Box AGAIN with promise to hash things out and go see the world, poor guy wants to get the fuck out of Storybrooke where he gets tortured and I for one don’t blame him. Even after the fact when Rumple was about to kill Hyde, he stopped because Hyde has a way to wake up Belle and Baby. So you tell me right now that that man doesn’t chose loving his wife and unborn child over power, I dare you, because it will be a cold day in hell that all you nay sayers are right. Also remember we are talking about the man who CONSTANTLY REGRETS THE ONE TIME HE CHOSE POWER OVER LOVE AND REGRETTED IT NOT EVEN A SECOND LATER. WHO CREATED A DAMN CURSE SPECIFICALLY TO FIND SAID SON. WHO TOLD THE WOMAN HE LOVES, AFTER SHE BECAME BELLE AGAIN, THAT HE FAILED BECAUSE HIS SON DIED. So yeah you’re argument means absolute horse shit.

For those of you that agree with me I’m sorry for the caps, I just have a lot of emotions and I personally identify with both Rumple and Belle on different levels and to hear people say shit against him that is so cruel just pisses me off (and i have the antis blacklisted).

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One day Scott skips a whole day of school and it confuses his poor so and so when she comes to his room after dinner she sees mirrors everywhere. She gets confused till Scott (whom is completely naked) comes out from God only knows where, starts kissing her neck before whispering "see that baby girl? Now daddy can watch you as I fuck you. And from different angles too." I'm fucking nutting m8