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Dude amethyst is not an amethyst. Part of what happens when an amethyst is overly exposed to heat or radiation is that it becomes a citrine. Or it becomes a mixture called ametrine. They constantly have said that she is an over cooked amethyst. Before I thought it could of been her gem reflecting the landscape in earlier episodes, but now her gem is just yellow and purple all the time now. Amethyst is not a defect. She’s a different gem.

I’m so glad we have different and diverse latino characters inside the rebellion. Like even though Cassian and Poe are generations apart. Disney and SW could have given us the same sort of idealism in both rebels. Instead we have the same thread of “there is light and there is dark, and we must strive to keep hope alive” but in different vehicles.

Poe and Cassian both grew up with the Rebellion on their backs. Poe is canonically one of the finest Rebel pilots in current time (squad leader and known enough to be captured and tortured by Ren and The First Order) and Cassian is an Intelligence Officer (and I’m assuming a high ranking one given the sensitivity of the mission.) But they approach their duties so differently.

Poe taking Finn to Leia and saying hey he has information. He defected and helped me out and I think we could use him.


Cassian with Jyn who is a means to an end, who in normal circumstances (not against a freaking rumored planet destroying weapon) would not trust her at all beyond the job.

Even comparing their first scenes!! Poe with BB8 telling the droid to go and keep the plans and they’ll meet again (the clear affection and priorities to the rebellion on keeping the info safe) and then getting captured and the “do i go first do you?” Mouthing off scene.

Cassian in the same position, getting compromised by stormtroopers with his source of info and shooting him while pulling the wool over the dude to calm him down before escaping???

What a contrast. And yet, Cassian still had his priorities in order. The information leak wouldn’t survive beyond him. He got what he needed for the good of the rebel alliance by doing something unsavory. And it was his first scene!! A purposeful set up to introduce him and the story as a more serious wartime story of rebellion without giving up on that hope that SW keeps pushing.

Also!!! One with an accent and the other without!!!!

Even their droids! Yeah, they’re both pilots and depend on their droids to make navigation easier but ohmygod. BB8 having a custom paint job and whizzing by to greet Poe when they reunite versus K2SO, a reprogrammed imperial droid who looks just like any other (and i mean they highlighted that with Jyn shooting one in Jedha) who has a sort of snarky affection is deep but not really ‘shown’ relationship with Cassian.

I’m just really grateful to whoever is making these casting decisions. Hopefully we get some latinx women next.

(Next up: Leia, Chirrut and their homes destroyed without properly being grieved. And romance?)

A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes

A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes

Triggers:- Angst, talks of pregnancy, fertility issues, arguing

Word count:-1,269

Co-writers:- @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms , @atc74 & @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: Shout out to the amazing @mysteriouslyme81 for the idea and writing. Shout out to the awesome @atc74 for the writing and A+ gif usage. (The gif is not ours though)

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Shit. Your shoulders slumped, your head falling into your hands as the negative pregnancy test fell to the bathroom floor. Negative again. You started chastising yourself. Why did I have to tell him I had a good feeling about this one? Why the hell did I say anything at all? Why should this one have been different? Am I defective or something?

It was at this moment you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist, you look up into the mirror to see the reflection of your husband, Dean, behind you.

“How did we do?” he whispered into your ear, not picking up on your body language.

“How do you think?!” You snapped back, pushing yourself out of his grasp

“Babe, it’s okay! We’ve only been trying for a little while.” He tried comforting you.

“A little while? Dean we’ve been trying for nearly a year. You aren’t making it  any better.” You stormed out, slamming the door behind you.

Dean ran his hands over his face as he rested into the edge of the counter. Maybe the issue wasn’t Y/N. Maybe it’s me.

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Ok but what about

like the council wins and instead of the Avengers we get a winter soldier esc group of superheroes.

Steve gets thawed out and thrown into a cell. He is force fed for weeks about everything he missed before being thrown back into “cold storage”. When Bucky is bought from the Russians in the 90’s he is wild and gets loose. SHEILD sends in cap to kill him only for the two to cause one of the most deadly incidents in SHEILD history. They are restrained now at all times.

Tony hacks the wrong place and gets picked up by SHEILD. They can’t risk him telling so he is put into a cage, literally, bars and steel because anything mechanical seem to find itself dismantled and integrated into his next escape plan. That is until they threaten good old Steve with a gun to the head does Tony drop his tools and hold up his palms. His smirk looks more like a dagger each day.

The old timers are Natasha and Clint, have been stuck in that place since Clint made a different call and SHEILD couldn’t risk them defecting. Natasha and him trade soft words in languages they made up, late at night in the two minute block where the guard on duty goes to refil his coffee. They want nothing more than to escape. Nat wanted to clear the red in her ledger but the shaved head and scars on Steve’s head, the bleeding scabs on Tony’s fingers, the snap of the whip over Clint’s shoulder, all tell her a few more drops might be welcomed.

Thor was human when they caught him, ignorant to the world and only too eager to tell them about his wonderful brother who was powerful and kind. They capture Loki a few months later with technology Thor explained. He killed his guards the day after and is restrained now, calling for his hammer he can feel is buried deep in the hull.

Loki is gagged and bound, facing the brother he sent here. They scream at each other hours, wordless grunts and wails ending with choked off pleas passed between their eyes. Ever day Loki can feel his bound magic swirl under his skin and wonders when it will one day eat him alive. He wonders if Thor might get there first. Bruce is in another cage medicated to the gills with only slits between his bars. He mumbles things in his sleep sometimes, bloody things that make the others wonder just how SHEILD caught him. Maybe the escape, Tony gets into the mainframe, Thor gets his hammer, Loki explodes into a Frost Giant rage, Steve and Bucky tear the cell apart to get to each other, they all escape, run away and hide. Maybe they settle down, but a large farm for Clint and fill it with animals and warm blankets and sense of safely for people who have never felt it before. Or maybe they want blood. Finding others like them, powered and impoverished and fleeing, and build something dark to take down something darker. The Avengers might even be a fitting name.

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hear me out, pearl inspired other pearls on homeworld, some of them grouped up (with more differences in their appearance than color, i wanna see defective pearls!) and escaped on a ship, they were lead by 'black pearl' who has a very pirate theme, and have been trying to recruit more and more pearls to their cause, cgp meets bp realizes she has done more than she has as far as liberating gems, instead of becoming sad for herself tho, she instead uses bp as motivation to be better herself.

good ask op

Skelestag from deviantart here, this blog will be a blog dedicated to my gemsona, polychrome jasper!

Here’s a little ref of the gem cuts and size differences between a defective polychrome jasper and a standard polychrome jasper.

The defective polychrome jasper (poly for short) is a crystal gem and is extremely childish. He loves stickers and kids toys like puzzles and stuff like that. He’s always cheerful and always tries to cheer others up, although sometimes he tends to annoy people by bugging them..

The other polychrome jasper (chrome for short) acts as a big brother to all gems. He’s big, friend shaped and loves hugs. He has a very cheerful and soothing personality, and enjoys serving homeworld. He does however tend to stick his nose (or rather, gem) in others business.. which he fails to see is rude.0

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I'm trying to research a full sized 9mm handgun for home defense and target shooting but I just feel so swamped on options and there's so many conflicting sources with everyone finding different deal breaking defects in ones they don't like and talking up there favorite. The highest I can go is $600 and down and I really want ease of use, low recoil, and good ergonomics. Please Todd help me.

Go to your local gun stores and handle all the 9mm handguns you can. Find one that fits your hands well and you can afford. Then see if you can find a local range that has one you can rent, go shoot it. If you still like it after that, buy it.

Bravo, Sesame Street – your character with autism will erode ignorance | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | Opinion | The Guardian

So this is an article about the new autistic Sesame Street character and I think it provides a good opportunity to talk about neurodiversity and language. I think the article is in general a good one - it talks about the importance of representation and the author is clearly well-intentioned. 

 However, I think it exemplifies how much work still needs to be done in encouraging people to unpack the assumptions coded within their language when they talk about different types of brain. The whole tone of the article is in favour of neurodiversity - it begins by talking about how it’s great that people are accepting of difference, and concludes by approvingly quoting a neurodiversity activist talking about how humans are a neurodiverse species and different brains aren’t necessarily defective.

 Despite this, the author repeatedly refers to autistic people as ‘people with ASD’ (autistic spectrum disorder). I appreciate that she’s probably been told that this is the correct terminology and I appreciate that it’s the official medical terminology. There is serious cognitive dissonance, however, in arguing that autism should be treated as a difference rather than a defect, and simultaneously labelling autistic brains 'disordered’. It’s simply not sustainable. Imagine writing an article celebrating diversity in human sexuality, but calling non-heterosexuals 'people with sexual identity disorder’ (a term still used by members of the evangelical far right). 'Disorder’ means 'out of order’. It implies that our brains are broken, that they need to be rearranged, fixed, normalised. We can’t have a message of autism acceptance that maintains this terminology.

 I know that many autistic people use 'ASD’ to talk about themselves, and I also did so for years because I wasn’t aware that there were alternatives, and all the language that was available to me to talk about autism was developed by allistics. I know making the shift is hard, but I believe we have to challenge people to think critically about their language choices if we’re going to achieve a widespread understanding of neurodiversity that goes beyond the superficial.

That my brain is malfunctioning is a fact. There’s no two ways about it; there are things the human brain has evolved to do that mine just doesn’t.  I, and a lot of other people like me, have learned to brute-force our way through social interaction, but it has to be done manually, constantly, and on the fly; our brains don’t have the automatic social-reading software that…well, people will probably jump down my throat for saying this, but that normally functional brains do.

There are a lot of expressions of developmental disabilities, and mine is far from the most common one, but the one thing that they all have in common is that whatever malfunctions or strange functionalities or even just differences from the average that they have or cause have no bearing on our worth as people.  It’s one thing to be aware that certain sounds will make my nervous system turn inside out and give me fits; it’s quite another to talk about me being broken or defective.  There’s a difference between awareness and attitude.  Peridot just did the equivalent of calling Amethyst a “fucking autist” and then carrying on about what awful things that means, and then compounding the insult by emphasizing how proud Amethyst should be that she can function at a normal level.

I won’t be spending a lot of time belaboring the point, I think; I’ll probably be relatively quiet for the next couple minutes of footage, because, like for Amethyst, this one hit a little close to home.

Also, the secondhand embarrassment from Peridot’s temper tantrum, jesus.

Our History.

It all started when Canary Diamond first emerged and was given her court.

When Canary was given her court, she realized that the gems that were given to her were.. not so great. Most of them were Jaspers, there was only one Sapphire and one Ruby, and there were no technicians or kindergarteners. There were some defective gems too. They were all different, appearance and personality wise- however, they did share one thing: they were given to Canary to be in her court because of their names.

The court started out quite small- heck, it wasn’t even considered as a court. It was more of a ragtag group of gems. Over time, Canary grew doubtful of her court.

However, when Canary Diamond was given permission to go to earth, she noticed something. The organisms there- “animals,” according to many- looked quite similar to the gems in her court. The first time she saw the animals she thought that some of her court members had followed her and shapeshifted into such beasts. So, with the assistance of several gems, each from all four courts, Canary took notes of each animal she saw. Some of the gems that assisted her had great knowledge of some of earth’s oddities- and of course, they were from Pink Diamond’s court.

Canary Diamond had returned to her court back on Homeworld, and came up with an idea. She rounded up her small court and presented these notes, and compared the gems to the animals’ attributes. She also presented the fact that they all had the name of a certain animal. The gems were quite pleased, especially the defected ones.

That was the beginning of a new court.

As time flew by, Canary Diamond’s court prospered. It grew, due to the fact that more gems with animal names were emerging. While the court was flourishing, Canary had decided to change some things about some of her gems. After one of the diamonds were talking about gems having “certain abilities,” Canary took advantage of that information and rounded up her court once again to present a new idea.

The idea was to train the gems to find their gem abilities, and for some of them, gem weapons. That way, they could match their name.

In the end, every gem in her court had abilities they could use and a weapon they could wield.

No one knew about Canary’s “modifications.” If a certain gem from another court had to visit, the court would follow a certain procedure. It was a fairly easy procedure, since all they had to do was act like normal gems in a normal court.

Canary Diamond’s court prospered for many years.

Then, the Rebellion began, leading to the War.

It was a frantic time for Canary’s court, for her court was the smallest out of the other diamonds’ courts. However, many said that it was quite strong- of course, Canary didn’t know that-

-until one of the diamonds asked her for assistance in the war because the rebels were rebelling against Homeworld, and Canary and her court were part of Homeworld, obviously- and yet, Canary’s court wasn’t a common name among the other courts, but the diamonds were aware of Canary’s existence.

She accepted, but reluctantly. She’d grown attached to her court, but she knew that, if she declined, the diamonds would be suspicious.

Her court was to join into the war when the diamonds gave her the signal to do so. The diamonds’ plan was to use them as an ambush. So in preparation, Canary made them train for battle. She discussed battle tactics and strategies, as well as plans with her court.

The day came, and her court was released into the heat of the war.

The training had paid off, and the diamonds were quite impressed at their fellow diamond’s success in many things.

They all began to include her, which was Canary’s main goal. They allowed her court to take part in many of their events. They let her reside with Pink Diamond on earth, and even offered her several planets. Canary chose only one, due to how small her court was.

The war went on, but then something had occurred. The rebels were beginning to fight back with more power each time they struck.

They still fought, but the amount of them getting their forms poofed grew drastically. Luckily, Canary had ordered that no gem would be left behind, poofed or not.

Then, one day, a member of her court was shattered.

The next day, she realized that there was a traitor amongst her court, spying for the rebels. Canary fished out the traitor, who had been the one to shatter one of her gems. She managed to weed out all of the information the rebel had.

A week later, she discovered that the diamonds were beginning to develop the ultimate weapon that would finish the war.

Canary grew paranoid of what she discovered. Her court kept fighting- but then a decision was made. According to the spy, Canary Diamond and her court were a target.

This led to an exodus.

Canary abandoned earth without telling any of her fellow diamonds and rounded up her court into several ships that had been given to her earlier in the war.

It’s funny how Canary Diamond’s court left a day before Pink Diamond was shattered.

The fleeing court arrived at their planet, which was quite a beautiful sight.

Once they took their first steps on the planet, they cut off all contact with the diamonds.

It seemed that the diamonds, too, were determined to cut away from Canary, because ever since the war, they stripped away every single piece of her existence.

And no one knew they even existed after that.

After cutting off from the Diamond Authority and Homeworld, Canary decided to set up new ideas. She established her court in a valley in the planet, and declared her court as a new authority, a secret group.

They all prospered, adapting to new life.

Every several years, Canary would send a squadron of gems to earth so the court would keep track of what was going on. When they found out that earth was empty, they would often visit- since the planet that they’d claimed was quite close to the planet.

Canary Diamond’s base has been hidden from Homeworld ever since.

After all, it was for the sake of her court.

Forgotten, possibly forsaken, but flourishing.

Text Reads:
During school almost everyone knows I’m a female and I hate it. When I go to lunch at least one person/group is talking about me and laughing and staring and bothering me and tapping me and calling out my birthname. Am I really that different? I’m just like any other guy. I Just have some body defects. I’m sick of going to lunch and being talked about. Transgender people are still people. They are just like anyone else but just special. Everyone is special but you don’t have to make it horrible. Submitted by Arin

WHAT AUTISM SPEAKS WON’T TELL YOU- Autism Speaks will tell you about a Tragic and Frightening epidemic called autism. They’ll tell you about the warning signs, the symptoms. They won’t tell you that autism and its traits aren’t something to fear, that autism is not a disease, it’s a neurotype and that different neurotype does not equal defective human being.  They’ll tell you how hard autism is- on the parents and relatives of autistic people. What they will fail to mention is that it can be pretty damn hard to actually be an autistic person in a world where everyone from strangers to doctors to trusted friends and family members might treat you like more of a burden than anything else, like more of an inconvenience than a person. What they will fail to mention is that yes, autism is hard to cope with, but it can also be amazing at times. My memory for detail allows me to recall the first 28 digits of pi-3.141592653589793238462643383- and every breed of domesticated cat recognized by The International Cat Association which I will not recite right now because people usually stop listening about 20 breeds in.  When I love something, I love it with every fiber of my being, every bone in my body. When I love something it drives me to keep going, it becomes my whole world. If I wasn’t autistic I wouldn’t love so deeply, I wouldn’t look at the big picture and get caught up in the beauty of every tiny detail. I wouldn’t be me without my autism. Autism speaks won’t tell you that autism is neither a curse nor a gift but just another part of who we are, or that autistic people are not in fact trapped by our autism- if anything, we’re trapped by the way Autism Speaks and those like them perceive us. Autism speaks won’t tell you that autism does speak, not through them but through the countless autistic people who they treat like walking tragedies.
—  gravestories

Black Diamond

White Diamond’s protege  ,he is a defective diamond (that’s why he’s not a respected member of Diamond Club).Yellow Diamond wanted to shatter him but White Diamond defended him.

His gem is located between his shoulder blades.He has black Cristal fragments all over his upper body (second “defect”) and they fuse together forming his weapon.

Every diamond owns a Pearl , but Jade is the one protecting Black Diamond after he saved her from Yellow Diamond’s punishment and now they protect each other. They fuse their weapons sometimes(only their weapons…they never tried to fuse)

Black Diamond is as tall as Rose (plus minus some inches).Open minded.Curious about Earth and new things in general.

List of Cardiac Defects and Their Associated Repairs

Please note: This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are other surgical procedures so please don’t treat this post like the Bible of cardiac defect repairs. Every child is different, every anatomy is different, and many patients will require nontraditional repairs. I did not mention certain procedures (such as the hemi-Fontan or Sano modification, etc) because that’s just too much information. One day I may make a surgical repair post for each defect (and at that time would detail modified, Hybrid, non-traditional approaches, etc), but until then: keep in mind that these are not the ONLY options.

Atrial Septal Defect/Ventral Septal Defect - Self-resolving, simple suture or patch repair.

Coarctation of the Aorta - End-to-end anastomosis, subclavian flap angioplasty

Double Inlet Left Ventricle - Damus-Kaye-Stansel procedure, single ventricle palliation

Double Outlet Right Ventricle - Rastelli procedure, RV to PA conduit

Ebstein’s Anomaly of the Tricuspid Valve - Blalock-Taussing shunt, Carpentier’s procedure, Tricuspid valve repair, Starnes procedure

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - Norwood procedure, Bidirectional Glenn procedure, Fontan procedure

Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum - Balloon atrial septostomy, pulmonary valvotomy, PDA stent

Pulmonary Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defect - RV to PA conduit and VSD repair

Transposition of the Great Arteries - Arterial switch operation

#su spoilers

weird theory time: one-eye ruby has future vision

  • sapphire and ruby are both based in the same mineral (corundum), this ruby is actually a bit more orange than red (which is a type of sapphire known as padparadscha) it’s possible that this ruby in particular may have been able to inherit traits of both a stoic and precognitive sapphire as well as the strength and determination of a ruby

  • maybe its a common feature of single eyed gems, or just single-eyed corundum varieties

  • perhaps shes hiding this ability from her fellow rubies? it might not be as strong as a sapphire’s future vision, besides, abnormalities in gems in contemporary homeworld may carry different meanings to gem society nowadays (peridot’s little ‘defective’ rant about amethyst, plus as far as we’ve seen ‘abnormal’ gems seemed most cg-aligned in the past and were probably “discouraged” by hw)

  • she was the first one out of the ship and overtly scanning the area, possibly trying to detect any possible dangers and predict how to avoid them?

  • since they were looking for jasper, who as far as we know now is MIA and still probably dangerous, and most definitely vengeful, there could have been a chance she wouldnt go quietly with the rubies back to homeworld, and despite that big rube fusion being tough i dont think it could take down jasper as easily as they think

  • her little scary “thank you” to steven after he told them to go to neptune, maybe steven giving them a reason to leave earth was actually inadvertently sparing them from a vengeful jasper attack, which only she could predict, and is still hiding from her fellow rubies

  • she’s basically thanking steven for diverting her team away from probably doom?

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I'm having trouble thinking of a way to have my character join a terrorist-military organization that includes but doesn't over-emphasize her background. Any tips? She also gets caught by a different organization and defects, but I'm not sure how the entire process works. Would they interrogate her and let her defect or offer her some sort of deal? Thanks and great blog!

Terrorist… military?

I believe you’re looking for guerrilla warfare.

It should be noted that while guerrilla warfare crosses hairs with terrorism, and can engage in similar tactics, they are not the same. When a true Resistance movement gets up and going, eventually the guerrilla warfare side and the terrorism side come together but the two serve very different purposes.

If you want to write a more organized military type story that has actual engagements with an enemy force and participates in hit and run tactics, who have an actual base or territory they retreat to, who have compounds where people train, and are transitioning toward becoming an actual army, then you should be looking at guerrilla warfare.

Terrorism is a bomb in a popular cafe that goes off during the lunch or dinner rush, it’s gunning down a multiple police officers in coordinated strikes, it’s blowing up the train train tracks, or a plant joining an enemy military and shooting up the inside of a barracks. They are different and come with very different mind sets. The terrorist is much closer to a spy. Their goal is to be indistinguishable from the rest of the civilian population. They don’t wear military gear, they don’t put on camouflage before going on a mission. Their goal is to engage in psychological warfare against a government body by terrorizing the civilian population. Their targets will predominantly be non-military, they are meant to disrupt and make safe havens no longer feel safe. Again, the goal here is to instill fear. It’s not to have shootouts in the middle of the street, though they probably will (and will also be gunned down).

This is easier to work with when dealing with an occupied territory, where there are two separate and distinct cultures. Terrorism becomes much more complex when it happens within a single culture or ethnicity and there is no easy way to distinguish one from the other.

I really suggest watching The Battle for Algiers as your crash course on terrorism and counter-terrorism, it’s effects and how it works. It’ll cover all the bases from all the different sides and, when it comes to this kind of sociopolitical conflict, there are a lot of sides. They’re all pretty ugly. It’s based around events surrounding the French colonization/occupation of Algiers and the generation of international pressure which lead to them eventually abandoning the country.

You get the added benefit of the specialist counter-terrorist head explaining the structure and how it all works from the perspective of having used similar techniques in the past themselves as they are ex-Maquis and heroes from World War II who ran the French Resistance against the Nazis.

You get the overarching view and the personalized character view, which will help you to understand the psychology and threats at play.

Terrorism and Guerrilla warfare

Some things to remember:

How dark do you want to be?

Really. This is a real question, writing a Resistance is not for the faint of heart. One of the failures in the recent crop of “Dystopia” or really “bad future scifi” books is that they soften and romanticize. They don’t really manage to communicate the true horror of living under these systems and, worse, they skate over the brutality in such a way that people believe revolution is easy or safe.

This is one of the most disturbing kinds of warfare. There are no good guys or bad guys here. The waters are murky. Collaborators and traitors are everywhere. You cannot trust anyone. All your friends will die. At best, it’ll be quick. At worst, if caught, you’ll be tortured, disappeared, and left to rot in a hole as they carve away pieces of your humanity day by day.

Resistance fighters and terrorists aren’t going to be much better or any more heroic. Whatever their intentions, they kill innocents. Actually, there are no innocents. There are no non-combatants in this kind of warfare. Everyone who stands by the ruling government is an enemy, even those who do nothing. And from the perspective of the terrorist, those who do nothing are the worst kind of people.

Revolution is a bloody and terrible business.

There are a few cases of peaceful revolutions throughout history, but they are not the norm. Look to the bloody ones and the failed ones. Rebellion only transforms to revolution when the majority of the populace can be convinced to rise up, fight and win by virtue of sheer overwhelming numbers against all but impossible odds. For a revolution to succeed, everyone must be willing to put their life on the line and die for it. That’s a tall order.

As this is another long post, I’m putting the rest under the cut.


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Salem Sucks

This 5e D&D game takes place in the chaotic and enchanted Twilight Forest. Time runs strangely and reality tends to bend in these magic lands. The party consists of:

. Namphoodle Starshine, forest gnome ranger, and his pet raccoon, Ricky
. Colt, a charismatic human cleric of Mielikki, Lady of the Forest
. Vandren, A dragonborn monk. A mutt, he’s a mix of different dragons so he has the defect of being unable to conjure his cold Dragon Breath unless he and his friends are under SERIOUS threat. (roleplaying reasons)
Ophero, human wild sorceror who’s a lot of bit loopy, also ENJOYS wild surges (despite the risk of death) cause it means something interesting happens
and lastly, Melissa, a human fighter of the island of Thymiscera, the land of the Amazons. She sees all men as inferior, good thing all the party members are men!

Now, said loopy sorceror Ophero had wandered off into the forest alone. An hour’s search for herbs turned into a day’s disappearance as he was swept down a river, head hitting a rock and getting knocking out. He wakes up the next day in the caravan of a cheerful wizard halfling, who saved his life, and is happy to take him with him on his travels through the small villages and towns inside the forest. Ophero, having completely forgotten about his party (who are desperately searching for his ungrateful ass) and their quest, decides to accept. The transmuted caravan and horse soon disappear, and Ophero and the halfling enter a town the halfling thought to be friendly, but they soon find out it’s not.
The first thing they see is a little five year old girl crying, surrounded by three older boys. They’ve kicked her into the dirt, pulled her hair and are taunting her, “Witch! You’re a witch! You’ll be punished, witch!”
Ophero quickly scatters the boys and goes to help the scared little girl, which is when he notices her pointed black teeth, black eyes, small horns and short tail. Despite this, he comforts the crying tiefling girl. He wants to take her home, but she says she doesn’t have one anymore, and that her parents were hung two days ago. Ophero doesn’t know what to do, since he doesn’t think taking her to town officials would help, and she doesn’t want to go with the mean old priests at the town church, because of how they treat her. Ophero demonstrates to her that he and his halfling friend also have magic, and that she shouldn’t feel ashamed, and perhaps if she has no family, they could find her another one where she would be safe, but they’re interrupted.
They hear a booming yell “That’s where you’ve run off to, witch!” from behind them, and they’re faced with a cleric of Helm, who thanks them for having found the young girl and grabs onto her arm harshly. Ophero, acting very out of character, physically reacts and tries to pull the girl back towards himself and the halfling, and take her away from the wretched town, but more townspeople show up, and by now the poor girl is being dragged by the hair from Ophero’s grasp.

Meanwhile, the other four of us are searching for our lost friend. Nam, the ranger, finds his footprints, which lead to tracks of wheels and a horse, so we follow, thankfully not far behind. We catch up to see Ophero in hot debate with this cleric, fighting to protect the tiefling girl. The rest of us automatically take Ophero’s side, unhappy to see someone attacking him.
Melissa is ready to charge in and defend this poor girl that’s being attacked by all these irrational men, but the cleric casts a spell that momentarily blinds her, as well as Nam and Vandren. Meanwhile, Colt is arguing with another cleric, trying to gain the upper hand, and as all this chaos is occuring, a small boy grabs onto Melissa’s arm yelling “The mark of a witch!” The boy shows the others a mark that was left on Melissa’s hand by a green hag in the forest (other story, also a good one, but maybe another time) Melissa pulls her arm away, but the townspeople start accusing her of being a witch as well, as she angrily yells at them. “I AM NOT A WITCH!” “But you bear the mark!” “ A hag gave me this mark, as I FOUGHT her, I can’t even conjure any magic at all!” “LIAR! You were marked by a witch and you became one!”
Melissa quits trying to reason and is ready to attack, but she immediately feels two men grab onto her arms. At this point, you can bet initiative has been rolled. 
Fucking Hell.
Nam draws his bow, Ophero casts an acid spell onto one of the clerics, Melissa is wrestling out of the grasp of the men, but another cleric casts a spell that traps her in what feel like phantasmal chains. As if that wasn’t enough, there are four men at her side now, restraining her. It’s at this point in this time of great stress and need where Vandren takes off his cloak, reveals himself as a dragonborn to these people and lets out a mighty dragon breath of cold, hitting three of the townpeople, including the cleric casting the spell. Melissa is released from the chains, but after having been collateral on the cone of cold, she’s weakened and unable to fight out of their grasp.
The halfling NPC, which for now has mostly only been able to observe as this chaos occured, casts a spell that transports all the characters (minus Melissa of course) some 300 feet away from town. They’re grateful to him, but now they’re all wondering what to do next, how do we save Melissa?, ect… The halfling, scholar that he is, tries to start a conversation with our dragonborn friend, but he’s already 40ft away running as fast as he can back to town.
And to end the story, my DM has given me the helpful tip that I have three days to either convince them I’m not a witch, “confess”, “repent” and accuse someone else, escape, or be hanged. “Good luck! Hope you don’t have to reroll a new character! Okay, bye!”
So basically, we’ve been become part of a witchcraft trials hunt. I blame it on the fact that our DM’s been forced to read The Crucible for class. Damn him.

Unwanted //Open//

He didn’t have a mom.
Or a dad.
Or anything.
Michael was just a baby, but he didn’t have a home.
Because he was born different.
Recently, a birth ‘defect’ had come up where children were born with animal parts, and they were often abandoned because they were seen as defective.
Michael was one of them, a cat hybrid.
He lived on the streets after being left in a cardboard box, and feebly hunted small mice and through the garbage to get something to eat.
It usually wasn’t enough, but at least it was something.
On his second birthday(though he didn’t know that), he was wandering around the streets, all nasty and dirty both from his life on the streets and getting kicked into mud puddles by mean passersby when he saw an open window with a pile of stuff beneath it.
Now, Michael wasn’t much for climbing, evidenced by the fact that he still had some baby fat on him, but there was something in there that smelled so much better than the garbage he’d been eating for as long as he can remember.
Besides, there were a lot of meanies out today.
He pulls his chubby little butt up on the pile of boxes, then up into the window and onto the counter of the kitchen inside.
Ten minutes later, he’s on the floor, stubby fingers working at a box of crackers, when the owner of the kitchen walks in.