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Off Colors and the Crystal Gems

Quick quick post before sleep - there are some distinct parallels between the Off Color crew and the original Crystal Gems.

First of all, they have quite a similar collection of gem types as they did in the group when Steven was born (a Ruby, a Sapphire, and a Pearl), just in a slightly different formation.

A “defective” former functionary

A “scandalous” outlaw fusion. (Obvious color-scheme overlap)

And a “freak” who came out wrong (interesting that Ame’s whip has two pointed heads on the end…)

Then, you have their “leader,” a much larger, gentle-seeming gem with a mixed, mysterious past…

Yeah, that feels intentional. (Also… “Fluor”ite - sounds a lot like “fleur,” right?)


so i’ve had these jasper asks in my inbox for a while… and it’s about time i address them. i’ll be combining these asks, focusing especially on that last one and the idea of “deserving” redemption, + some of my own general thoughts to talk about the su narrative, jasper, her relationship with peridot, trauma, steven, and where we go from here. 

it’s time for another long post about jasper under the cut. 

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kinkfactory  asked:

Hello there! I've come with a follow - because this blog is really great - and a question. I want to write a character with ADHD, do you have any advice on how to properly go about that?

Be mindful. ADHD is a real thing—real people are affected by it. Thus, be careful on how you portray your character. Don’t use it to make a character “different.” Don’t ignore facts because they “don’t fit” your character. Don’t give in the stereotypes seen in popular media and dramatize those.

ADHD should not be the defining factor of your character. I suggest to build your character without the label “they have ADHD.” Get their background thought out (at least the general story of it). Give them relationships—what do they think of their parents? Are they romantically involved? Do they make friends easily? Give them an education; give them interests and hobbies and skills; give them a personality with quirks and faults. After that, research on ADHD and look at how ADHD can affect your already developed character. If there are some facts about ADHD that might go against your character’s traits, understand why and think of how to handle them. Don’t ignore these conflicts. Yes, ADHD affects people differently, so it’s possible some symptoms or traits won’t be apparent in your character, but never ignore these facts. Address them. Understand why these symptoms aren’t there. 

Some links:

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I’m terribly sorry for the wait, but I hope that helps! And thank you for liking my blog~

…What if, Steven doesn’t need to heal corrupted Gems completely, to have Helped Them the way they want to?

As we saw with Centipeedle, his Healing Power isn’t able to… completely “cure” them.

(For the purpose of this thought, I’m setting aside how immensely deepened that power became as of “Lars’ Head”. Because Immensely Powerful Healing isn’t the same as Reversing An Alteration.)

With both Centipeedle and Jasper, we’ve seen that corruption has an emotional element to it. At least, emotion deepens its functional impact.

And Centipeedle showed very clear signs of… what looks like the Gem version of PTSD. (She was triggered when she regressed. That’s all there is to it.)

PTSD is a heck of a thing, and it never goes away. It changes you, forever.

And this show is all about accepting the differences among individuals… {The “defects” in Pearl and Amethyst. Garnet’s choice against societal law, Greg’s goofiness, Lars and his rough exterior, the Off Colors…..)

…So what if, knowing that Jasper will be back from the Make A Wish fan’s conversation….

What if they don’t need to fix this species-wide PTSD, they just need to help them COPE with it, like Centipeedle did?

And accept them as they are?

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Is autism a birth defect? That's what my child development teacher said, and I felt insulted. I'm not defective, my friend is not defective. Then the teacher went on to say that autistics could rarely function for themselves, not realizing that I am in fact an aspie. When I tried to say something after class, she told me that I couldn't be autistic because I was too smart. She told me that I was just quiet, not socially impaired. I feel like autism isn't a birth defect as she said, am I right?

Your teacher is ableist and wrong. Autism is not a birth defect (and honestly, that kind of language is ableist no matter what you’re talking about). Autism is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder. It is genetic which may be what your teacher was thinking of, but it is not a birth defect.

Autistic people are not defective. We just have a different way of being. Further, plenty of autistic people “function” just fine on their own. While there are some autistic people who need a lot of help, others get by with minimal assistance. 

You teacher was completely wrong when she said that you couldn’t be autistic because you’re smart. That is an ableist stereotype. Many autistic people are very smart. 

I’m sorry you have to deal with such an ignorant, ableist, (and honestly cruel) teacher 


[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

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What was the point?

What was the relevance of having the days follow each other when you were immortal, destined to live until the end of time itself?

Why was it a big deal that I didn’t do His task on time when there were so many that could have done it instead of me?

I had so many brothers and sisters up there that I was just a tiny drop in a rainstorm.

When Father created time, I was in charge of making it go by for the mortals.

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This picture has given answers and so many questions…..

The answers:

Oooooh….So that’s why Lion’s pink!
I’m so glad Rose didn’t just run around doing experiments on animals.

The questions:

So can you travel through Lars’ hair?
Can he make a portal?
Is he immortal​?

What is going on with that kindergarten?
Was this a rush job for the war on Earth (like Beta) or for a different war?

Why are they hiding? Maybe defective?
What kind of powers do these Gems have?

Can Orange Sapphire see something other than the future? Like the past? Or the now? (No Dune tangents)

Is the two headed gem an accident?

Why is that 6 gem fusion so small?

Are there more?

Brighter Days- Wonwoo Angst

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Request: Can I request a wonwoo angst? With a really happy and fluffy ending please? Btw your blog is amazing ^_^

Word Count:1864 (I’m sorry it’s short, I just didn’t want to overdo the plot for this one.)

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SVT


Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: Guys, @mykoreanhottie was a big help in getting the plot for this request together. So, if you enjoy works like this, go follow her and send love her way!

Summary: ‘I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.’

 Wonwoo stepped up to the mirror and examined his features and what had become of them. His dark circles were more prominent than ever, most likely due to the amount of time he had spent thinking over the rehearsal the day before. I’m a burden. Why do I even try to do this if I know it’ll be worthless in the end?

 He touched his fingertips to his temple and tried focus on thinking of ways to get through the day. All he needed to do was get through rehearsal, and then he could go see the person he seemed to be needing the most lately; You.

 About a year ago, Wonwoo had been diagnosed with depression. He had felt it for a long time, but hearing the words come from a professional’s mouth made it different than a thought passing through his head. It made him feel defective, as if he had been the failed product of a perfectly happy family and a struggle free life. At first, he had no idea how to take the news or how to explain what this meant to the people around them. The biggest problem he had was trying to tell you, his girlfriend of three years. He was worried you would leave him and try to go find somebody ‘normal’.

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Monty was born without a nose bone or nasal bridge, giving him a unique appearance. Due to this birth defect, he sneezes a lot but is nevertheless still as healthy and happy as any other cat! Monty certainly is a testament to the fact that even if you may look different, you’re still fantastic and loved.

Who did Pearl serve? (Steven Universe Theory)

So.. one of the BIGGEST questions in Steven Universe that we’ve been asking since Back to the Barn which aired in early October 2015 is.. Who did Pearl serve? Was it a diamond? Was it Rose? Well, here is my take on this.

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Dude amethyst is not an amethyst. Part of what happens when an amethyst is overly exposed to heat or radiation is that it becomes a citrine. Or it becomes a mixture called ametrine. They constantly have said that she is an over cooked amethyst. Before I thought it could of been her gem reflecting the landscape in earlier episodes, but now her gem is just yellow and purple all the time now. Amethyst is not a defect. She’s a different gem.

Red’s Love your “Flaws” Writing Challenge

There is no milestone for this challenge, it’s about celebrating the uniqueness of YOU. This whole idea for this challenge is explained here .  There’s so much pressure to be perfect out there, magazines want you to be a size 2, there’s skin bleach to lighten freckles, cream to reduce scars, pills to help you lose weight etc etc. But.. “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” (Etta Turner). Is there anything wrong with wanting to improve yourself? No, but do it for you not because you fell pressured. Be healthy, but don’t starve yourself. Know that freckles are cute and scars show how strong you are. And that there is nothing wrong with being different from what society deems normal. 

So I challenge you to pick a “flaw” from the list and write a (preferably) reader insert with the flaw being part of the character. Make a character that readers can relate to. From too many freckles too scars and everything in between. This isn’t about writing the perfect reader insert that the character of your choice would immediately fall in love with. It’s writing about a real person who has real “flaws”, one that is not perfect by society standards but still gets the guy (or girl). And most importantly, have fun with it. 

And I say “flaws” but I don’t see them as flaws. At all. I have two scars on my face, one that I have had since I was 5. And I love them. They are uniquely mine, but some people see them as ugly etc. To them, I’m flawed… marred. And yes, there have been comments about before, lots of “I’m sorry that you have a scar” and “You can get a cream for that.”. But they are not hurting me or anyone else, they are just “ugly” to most people and this is about embracing what makes you, you! 

Check out the rules and the list below the cut. Let me know if anything needs to be added or taken away from the list!! I will tweak it if anyone has any suggestions :) 

And it’s multi fandom!!! I’m not picky about the fandoms at all, I just want to have the love your “flaws” message spread through all the fandoms. 

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Josh Sauchak - Why he's so important to me.

Today I bawled my eyes out, not out of sadness but out of happiness because I finally got to explain to someone what Josh means to Autistic and Aspergers people and I realised during that explanation that he’s my favourite character. Not just in Watch Dogs but in the whole of existence.

Now I feel a little weird writing this because I’ve never felt this way with a character before and if you read this and start to get a little confused please bare with me.

Growing up for me was different, I always knew I was different from how I could read Lord of the Rings or Poldark at the age of six and understand every word. From how I never fit in with the other kids, from how I could only talk to adults because I was on their mental capacity levels and how I’m effected by the system for being this way. When I was finally diagnosed as an Aspergers young lady, it all made sense. Back then, I believed that I had all these quirks and was bullied a lot because I was broken. I wasn’t neurotypical, I was defective.

For me I had nobody in TV, Film or later on video games. Autistic and Aspergers people are always represented as the dependant person who burdens the carer because it’s so “difficult and challenging” to raise / care for people like us.

Because of all these things, people misunderstand people like us. They treat us differently like there is something wrong with us. We’re defective. Broken. Weird. They tell us to “just be normal” and some people say we need a cure.
Some of us are effected more than others like myself and need special attention and care, others are independent but none of us are broken.
I’m in the middle myself, I’m partially independent but sometimes I need help. Especially in social situations like meetings and phone calls or studying but I’m independent enough to fund and plan out every single detail of a trip to Montreal, Boston and New York by myself. To meet new people and old friends. I do get sensory overload and I have breakdowns so sometimes I need help myself. We’re all different though.

This teaches some of us to feel as though we aren’t worth anything. To hate who we are and some of us to more extreme measures that I myself have done and even depression. Some of us are even afraid to tell others that we’re autistic in some way even friends because just like Clark Kent in Smallville, we’re scared they’ll hate us or no longer treat us the same if they find out our “secret”. I know that means they were never really our friends but it still hurts us so much.

But then Ubisoft created Josh.
With Josh he’s independent but sometimes has sensory overloads, like when Lenni hacked Dedsec. He also has a moment when he realises some of the followers are fake and begins to fall into a breakdown. Yet his friends never told him to get over it or that he was over-reacting. They never treated him like he was broken. They never said he was that way because he’s autistic. They never pushed on it. Horatio mentions it in an audio file but never puts Josh down about it. Just Blume and how they ruined his life by marking him as people usually do. Defective.

I relate to Josh so much, when I look at him I see myself and I’ve never had that. I’ve never seen someone so like Josh/me be loved so much because they’re human. Even the little things like how he wears a green hoodie. So simple but I wear a green hoodie all the time. It’s my favourite, even more so now. Even now I struggle with acceptance of my Aspergers but it’s because of these things I speak about it constantly and try to raise awareness and acceptance and I feel with Josh. We’ve taken a huge step towards it. If only TV and film could follow Ubisoft in this way.

So thank you Ubisoft and Jonathan for making someone like Josh so people like me can have someone to relate to and see that it’s okay to be different because the right people won’t treat us like freaks, they’ll love us for who we are. I cry about this because I’m so happy because I see people play this game and love Josh so much and it gives me hope because that means neurotypical people can love me too. I honestly can’t explain it as I can in my head but I tried my absolute best to get the words out.

If you read all this, thank you. I’m sorry for the rambling, I tried.

Human Sample #1

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Stanford held his breath as the intergalactic animal control passed by mere feet from his hiding place, behind a stack of crates. They were an ugly looking species. Four legs and two arms apiece, their skin was a dirty green colour and had a similar texture to worn leather. They each had three eyes, with irises that seemed to glow pale green in the light. There were four of them. Three of them were brandishing nets, the fourth a tranquilizer gun. Apparently, in this dimension, humans were regarded the same way as stray dogs were back home.

Home, Ford sighed. That was a place he couldn’t stop thinking about. It had been almost ten years since he’d been knocked through the portal. Almost ten years since he’d seen Fiddleford. Almost ten years since he’d last seen his brother. Before then, it had been another ten years since Stanley had been kicked out and Ford had turned his back on him. That meant Ford had only seen his brother once in twenty years, and that had only been to tell him to get as far away as possible.

Stanford put his head in his hands. He was in real deep shit and this time he didn’t have anyone to pull him out of it. Sure, over the last ten years he’d been in more than his fair share of crap, but he’d either been lucky or had some means of defending himself. He’d lost his blaster when they were chasing him, shortly before he’d found this hiding spot. Against his will, Ford let out a harsh sob. His stomach growled furiously. It seemed like forever since he’d last eaten - anything that was safe for him to consume was rather scarce out here. At first, he’d managed to bargain his way into food and shelter, but as he moved through dimensions, that tactic had gone cold. He’d resorted to stealing bits of food from tables and houses that had been left unlocked. He hated stealing - it was dishonest and rude - but he had had no other option. As the dimensions grew more populated, it got harder for him to get food that way. He had, until recently, been raiding trash bins for anything he could find, and had rarely been able to keep down whatever he did find. Who knew what sort of diseases he had?

Ford heard a shout come from ten yards in front of him, snapping him out of his misery, and he clamped a hand over his mouth. Ford heard the officers approach, before the crate he was hiding behind was pulled away, revealing the man curled up behind it. He immediately got to his feet and tried to make a run for it. He felt a breeze over the back of his neck as a net just barely missed him. Panting heavily, Ford ran as fast as his legs could possibly carry him. It didn’t help that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten and his stomach ached painfully as he forced himself to move.

He didn’t get far before something sharp embedded itself into his right shoulder. He let out a yelp and swing his left arm around, ripping the tranquilizer dart out. He knew this was pointless, however, as the sedative was already coursing through his system. His head was beginning to spin. He found he couldn’t keep running, his legs feeling like lead weights. Eventually, he stopped altogether and collapsed onto the rocky ground. Shapes moved around him, voices becoming inaudible as Ford felt his strength leave him. As his vision faded, Ford felt himself being dragged over to what looked like a large pet carrier. They shoved him forcefully into it and hauled the cage into a truck. As they drove away, Ford’s world went dark.


Ford woke with a jolt. He was still in the tight cage, his knees pressed right up to his chin. He was terribly cramped. He had a pounding headache, most likely the result of the sedatives wearing off. The truck hit another bump in the road, making the cage to jump up and causing Ford to smack his head into the ceiling. He yelped. That wasn’t going to make his headache any better. The spot where he’d been struck with the tranquilizer dart was swollen and sore and it hurt for him to use it.

Ford had no idea how long he’d been asleep, but it was roughly an hour after he’d woken up when the truck finally came to a halt. He heard the officers get out and walk round to the back of the truck. Ford felt them lift his crate up and carry it forward. He could hear them talking, but couldn’t understand a word. Putting a hand to his throat, Ford gasped. His translator! They must have removed it while he was unconscious. The crate was jostled again and his head hit the ceiling, causing him to groan in pain.

Next thing he knew, he was being thrown into some sort of enclosure. He landed face down in the dirt. By the time he’d scrambled to his feet, the cage door behind him had been locked. He grabbed the bars and pulled furiously, but the door refused to budge. Three or four creatures in khaki green uniforms were standing on the out side having a conversation. He couldn’t understand a damn word anybody was saying, not without his translator. His anger soon left him. His hands shook and his eyes stung. Two of the four walls of the enclosure were glass, with multiple species of alien on the other side. Multiple cameras flashed and small children pointed at him, asking their parents strange questions in strange languages. The other two walls were made of black brickwork. He was in a zoo.

Walking across the purple grass, Ford sat down cross-legged and hunched over, putting his face in his hands. His shoulders shook as he sobbed. What the hell was he going to do now? He couldn’t ask for help - nobody could understand him without his translator. He was on display like some sort of freak of nature. Ford laughed bitterly to himself. Freak. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard that before. He’d always been branded as a freak back home, but never like this. To these people, he was as interesting as a white lion in an Earth zoo. They were taking photos of him. They saw him as some sort of attraction.

As he calmed down, Ford took some time to look around at his new ‘home’, if that’s even what it could be called. Multiple piles of straw were placed around the area. A large bowl of clear liquid stood in the centre of the space, like a makeshift pond. There was a pipe in the middle, filtering the liquid from the bottom of the pond and releasing the clean stuff back into the bowl. Ford just hoped that was water. The whole enclosure was maybe twenty foot by ten foot. There was some sort of shed in the back corner, built out of a dark orange type of wood Ford hadn’t seen before. There was a large dog door on one side, with a small ramp leading from the dirt to the entrance. The structure looked like a huge wooden chicken coop. Getting up, he walked over to it to get a closer look. Inside, in the corner by the brick wall, was a large pile of straw, clearly with the intention of being a bed. A large bowl stood beside it, full of the same clear liquid. In the opposite corner, around the corner of a separate wall, was what he could only assume was a toilet. The ceramic bowl was cracked and stained, but when Ford pushed the handle down, it flushed. There was a roll of toilet paper on the ground beside it. He figured that was the only luxury he had in this place. At least he wouldn’t have to squat in a pile of straw or stand up against a tree like a dog. It was out of sight of the zoo visitors, too, so he at least still had his privacy.

Ford made his way over to the pile of straw and sat down. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing he’d ever sat on, but at least it was better than sleeping in the dirt. He shrugged his tattered coat off and laid it down, leaving him in his torn and still blood-spotted shirt and pants. He was a mess; ten years of jumping between dimensions had left him in less than perfect conditions. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a shower. He’d have to use the pond to wash himself down. When, of course, night fell. Like hell he was going to bathe himself in front of all those cameras.

Ford felt a lump in his throat and he lowered his head. How could they do this to him? Was there some sort of cosmic law that stated he had to have a rough time while away from his home dimension? Was it decided, when he was born, that he would have to struggle more than anybody else? He briefly wondered if this was due to his birth defect, but dismissed the thought almost as soon as it came. That was ridiculous! He wasn’t the only human to have been born different. There were people with far worse defects than just an extra finger on each hand. Still, ever since he had first started school, he’d been the object of ridicule amongst both students and parents alike. The teachers generally liked him, since he frequently aced subjects and was always eager to learn and achieve. That didn’t stop Crampelter and his gang threatening him and beating him up on a near-daily basis, but it at least made it easier knowing he had his teachers’ support.

He’d had Stanley, too, which is more than he could say now. His twin didn’t share the same intellect, but his brute strength, fighting abilities and headstrong attitude made up for what he lacked intelligence-wise.


Ford was sitting in the dirt, using a stick to draw in the dust between the patches of grass. He sketched eyebats, leprecorns, scampfires and a number of other oddities he’d found in his time in Gravity Falls. By now, he’d grown immune to the cameras flashing in his face constantly. He’d already been here nearly two Earth months. He had no idea how long that was in terms of local time, but his watch told him it was currently 3:50am on Earth in his home dimension.

The man wiped a hand over his face to try and get the dirt out his eyes. He only succeeded in smearing it. Grunting in frustration, he got up and walked over to the pond. Since discovering the liquid was just water and wasn’t infused with any sort of poison or sedative, he’d been using it to keep himself relatively clean. He knelt beside the pond and removed his glasses, cupping his hands under the pipe and splashing his face with the cold water. It was icy cold, something he took as a benefit in the heat. It must have been the height of summer on his planet, as even though his enclosure had a cooling system, he was far too warm. He’d taken his shirt off, leaving him in a short sleeved T-shirt which was smeared with dirt and smelled foul. The pipe could only get so much of the grime and stink out of his clothes.

Ford scrubbed at his face with the water. He knelt forward, submerging his face in the pond. He scrubbed his fringe and tossed his hair back, wiping his face dry with his shirt collar. He looked over to the glass, where a group of small children were standing, looking in on him. They appeared to be on a school trip of some sort, judging by the uniforms. A taller, older creature of the same species, presumably the teacher, stood to the right of the group. The creature pointed at Ford and spoke to the kids. Ford assumed they were telling the children some probably-not-true facts about humans, like the colour of their eyes determined hierarchy and any red-haired humans were considered royalty and served by the others. The man rolled his eyes, got up, and walked over to the shed. He crawled through the door and sat down in the straw. It was much cooler in the shed than outside. He wiped his forehead with a six-fingered hand and laid down. Despite the air conditioning unit above his head, it was still uncomfortably warm in his enclosure.

Ford still hated that word, but he couldn’t think of a better term. It’s what he was in, after all. An enclosure. He’d never be able to look at an Earth zoo again, now that he knew what it was like on the inside. He had tried so many times to get out. He’d tried bending the bars on the door apart, but only succeeded in dislocating his shoulder. The zookeepers had noticed the injury and he’d been sedated so they could fix it. He’d tried climbing on top of the shack in the corner and attempted to remove the air conditioning to make a hole big enough for him to escape, but had only succeeded in slicing his palms open on the sharp fan blades inside. He’d had to sacrifice the right sleeve of his shirt to bandage them, but he was sure they’d become infected. After he’d been caught trying to dig his way under the fence, cinder blocks had been laid around the edge of the enclosure to keep him in. While he couldn’t understand anything the zookeepers were saying, he had a feeling that if he tried to escape again, they’d have to …. alter his anatomy to keep him calm.

That was enough to put him off from any further escape attempts. Since then, he’d been planning a method of liberating himself from incarceration which required less brute force and more clever thinking. His mind drew a blank, though. Usually, his quick thinking and careful planning helped him out of sticky situations. Here, however? The roof of his enclosure was half wooden planks, half wire net, so he couldn’t climb out. The fence at the back of the enclosure was blocked off by cinder blocks, which he had no hope of moving, even if he did manage to dig his way underneath again. He couldn’t break the lock on the door - it was made of a substance he’d barely seen before and was virtually indestructible. He didn’t have any scissors, knives, lockpicks or even so much as hairpins that he could use to get out. All he had where the clothes on his back, the muddy, worn-out boots on his feet and his glasses. He couldn’t bargain with the keepers, since they didn’t understand English and he couldn’t understand them.

In other words, it seemed hopeless.

Ford had never really believed in hope. Sure, as a kid, he’d always dreamed of sailing round the world with his brother, but as time went on, that dream faded into obscurity. After Stanley had been kicked out, he hadn’t contacted his brother in years. Sure, he could have used his grant money to pay for his travels, but it was no fun doing it alone. He couldn’t live their dream without his brother by his side. Since then, he’d discarded the idea of hope and focused on his studies. He couldn’t just hope that he’d get out of this damn zoo, he had to do something.

A loud banging noise snapped him out of his thoughts. He looked over to the glass panels on the far side of the enclosure. Two young creatures were banging on the glass with their fists, clearly trying to make Ford do something interesting. He was reminded of going to the zoo with his twin and mother as a kid. Despite Ford’s protests, Stan had insisted on knocking on the glass of the enclosures of most of the animals there to try and get them to move. Ford sighed and looked away. He wasn’t going to give those kids what they wanted. What did they expect him to do, ride around on a unicycle and juggle bowling pins?

When the creatures didn’t get a sufficient response out of Ford, they just knocked harder. Ford growled. The noise echoed around him and was starting to give him a headache. He looked over at the creatures and got to his feet. Taking a deep breath, he clenched his hands into fists and marched over. He stopped three inches from the glass, glaring directly at the kids. He gathered a little saliva in his mouth and spat it at them, smirking at their disgusted expressions before turning on his heel and marching back over to the shed. He crawled inside and sat down on the pile of hay.

He was starting to go insane in this place. He’d already lost his cool once and he was determined not to lose his mind too. He hadn’t spoken to another person, alien or otherwise, in months. He’d taken to talking to himself quietly. He knew that was one of the first signs of madness, but he feared he would grow insane much faster by not talking to himself. Sometimes, when he was knelt by the pond, he’d stare at his reflection in the gently rippling water and imagine he was talking to Stanley. It hurt, knowing that his own twin had been the one to get him stuck in this mess in the first place.

It was an accident, Ford chided himself. You were fighting and he lashed out at the worst possible moment. He had no idea what was going to happen.

Ford sighed and stared at the wall. It wasn’t going to do him any good dwelling on the negative thoughts like this. He had to figure out a way of escaping. He was starting to believe that this was it. That this was as far as he could go. Despite years of being on the run, he couldn’t think of a way out of this one. He felt like he’d disappointed not only his parents, but himself, by giving up like this. He could just imagine his father’s unimpressed comment and cold glare. His mother’s sad gaze, seeing that her son had given up when faced with a challenge such as this. He’d never given up over a particularly difficult test paper, even when his teachers gave him degree-level work to complete. He hadn’t given in whenever he’d been surrounded by Crampelter and his gang, with or without his brother’s help. Sure, he’d had more than his fair share of rough days, but nothing he couldn’t overcome.

This, however, was rather more significant than anything school had thrown at him. There hadn’t been the threat of starvation, capture, dying from loss of blood or being forced onto display like a circus animal back at Backupsmore. At least there, if he failed, he had the opportunity to work harder and make things right, rather than have his manhood taken away. Just the thought of that happening made Ford feel physically sick.

Ford took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves. He’d noticed that his hands were shaking, and balled them into fists and shoved them into his pockets. He couldn’t afford to keep getting upset. He’d had his moment, he’d done that bit. Now was not the time to start crying and whining about how ‘life isn’t fair’ and ‘why me?’. He had to keep a level head if he ever had a chance of getting out of here.

That was easier said than done when you were locked up like an animal.


This was meant to be a short fic - it’s 3300+ words! This is what happens when I’m allowed access to Google Docs, which I have access to on both my laptop and phone. Based off the bonus bit of

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Soooo, this is my fangem// I know, that is not canon, but I love my boy.

Bix collect plants from different planets whitch he visited. Maybe he is defective, because his behavior is unusial for homeworld’s gems…also because Bix loves people

OH, AND  I will be very happy, if you ask me to draw something  or ask him:>

guys i have a theory

i feel like our pearl may have actually been Pink Diamonds pearl….

the biggest evidence that shakes this idea is that Pearl’s gem is on her head, similar to white diamond’s gem. HOWEVER

every other pearl we have seen thus far has had their gem on their chest in the exact same location. have we seen that with any other gems repeatedly? no.

we all know that rhodonite is made up of a pearl and a ruby and we can see where her gems are. the pearl gem is also on her chest, just like yellow pearl’s and just like blue pearl’s. 

her chest.

her chest.

her chest.

but what about our pearl? why does she have her gem on her head? wouldn’t that mean she belonged to WHITE DIAMOND?

not necessarily!

back during the season one finale, jasper called pearl a ‘lost, defective pearl’ and we all were wondering what that could have meant. a lot of us thought maybe it had to do with Pearl’s gem being more ovalish, but i feel like that was more of an artist style kind of thing. in back to the barn, Pearl’s gem seemed pretty round to me 

and rhodonite’s pearl’s gem looks ovalish too. so that doesn’t quite add up. 

what if her being defective had moreso to do with the fact that her gem was NOT on her chest like every other Pearl? what if her gem being on her head is what made her defective? that would mean that her belonging to pink diamond is not completely ruled out due to the placement.

we’ve seen the same gems before who all had different and unique placements of their gems and not just repetitions over and over again. all of the rubies we’ve seen have unique gem placements, and same with all of the amethyst’s

so why not all of the pearls?

just our pearl, known as a defective, has a different placement. isn’t that a little strange?

also, we cannot just ignore the fact that her spacesuit has a pink diamond insignia on it for everyone to see. it’s clear she was part of Pink Diamond’s court for at least the last part of her time on Homeworld. 

the only thing that needs to be figured out is why she has all of the different colors on her form.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Sirius, Remus, James, and Peter? I mean, separately as individuals, not just as the marauders.

I think Sirius is a particularly interesting character.  I regard him as being the opposite side of the same coin to Severus; they are virtually identical in character function, and there is a lot of parallels and contrasts between the two.  Like Severus, Sirius is deeply impacted by his background and by the contacts he makes at Hogwarts; just as Severus seems to be drawn into the Death Eater web (arguably, but not certainly, by Lucius Malfoy), Sirius is drawn in the opposite direction by his relationship with James.

On a similar note, Peter provides the mirror image to Severus.  Whilst Severus betrays the Death Eaters and Voldemort by running to Dumbledore, Peter betrays his friends and Dumbledore by running to Voldemort.  What is unfortunate about Peter is that unlike Severus, his motivations are not really explored first hand in the text.  We’re told second hand what his reasoning would be for betraying the Potters, and we don’t witness it for ourselves.  I think there’s a world of difference between a Peter who defects because his family is threatened by the Death Eaters, versus a Peter who defects because the rest of the group regard him with disdain, versus a Peter who was promised wealth or power or standing for defecting etc.

I talk a lot about the duality of Severus, and how he straddles two worlds, and I think Remus has an element of that in his character - he’s neither solely a wizard, nor solely a wolf.  He’s with the Marauders, but he’s on the outer.  He’s Harry’s dad’s best friend, but isn’t regarded by Harry as Sirius is.  He’s Sirius’ friend, but each didn’t trust the other.  Remus is complicated.  I think fandom often plays down his dangerous side, and doesn’t give enough recognition to his core of steel; I do not think he was reading in Snape’s Worst Memory because he was bookish, but because he didn’t know how to cope with the situation.

Of the four, James is the one I am least interested in.  Personally, I do not find his narrative arc satisfying.  I think that he could’ve been made far more sympathetic with some very small changes.  As it stands, I feel that there is not enough in the text to support the notion that he changed as a person.  Personally, I think the timeline is too compressed and as opposed to James genuinely growing and changing as a person, I feel that he was just no longer in the situation where Severus was available as a target.

Having said all of that, I do think he’s clearly a character who does great things for his friends and family, and was often kind and accepting - particularly towards both Sirius and Remus.  I think that if you read James through the lens of those who liked him, he is easy to like.  However, I read the series through lens of Severus, and I find it difficult to come to terms with his relentless bullying of a boy who is clearly already suffering, especially as James doesn’t have any sufficient excuse or explanation for his actions.  He seemingly had everything on a plate - and he instantly took aim at the neglected kid and made his already pretty shabby life even worse.

Homeworld’s response to defects

I watched the “Wanted” special again and started thinking about the off-color Gems. 

They state very clearly that if they were found they would be shattered. The idea of Gems having defects is not a new concept for us. That was introduced in “Too Far” when Peridot revealed Amethyst was defective by Homeworld’s standards. 

But now my question becomes “What makes the off-color Gems different from Peridot and Amethyst in terms of how Homeworld reacts to their defects?”

Peridot says that it’s obvious that Amethyst is defective but she says that, despite the defect, Amethyst still outranks Pearl and Garnet. In Peridot’s eyes, Amethyst might be defective but she’s still a Quartz Gem and implies that Homeworld wouldn’t shatter her. 

Peridot cannot shapeshift nor is she strong like most Gems and yet Homeworld’s response to her (and other Peridots) is to give them limb enhancers. And based on Jasper’s defense of Peridot, she doesn’t believe that Peridot is deserving of any less dignity than the next Gem. 

Carnelian is also small like Amethyst but she was not shattered either. Carnelian seems to be punished more because she’s from Earth and, more specifically, from the Beta Kindergarten. 

I’m trying to understand what makes these cases different from the off-color Gems. 

With Fluorite and Rhondonite, they were ostracized because they broke the taboo of intercaste fusion. The Rutile Twins were ostracized because they formed incorrectly and other Gems were horrified by their appearance. Padparadscha was ostracized because it was found that her future vision did not work in the intended way. 

I think…that possibly the difference could be a combination of some things. We don’t know exactly how long each of them have been hiding but some of them could be prewar Gems and I feel that Homeworld was a lot stricter about defects before the war. But I also think it comes from what, in Homeworld’s eyes, is considered “fixable”. 

Peridot does not have the usual powers and she’s not very strong but we can give her limb enhancers and she’ll be able to do her job. And that is, in the end, what Homeworld cares about-can a gem do it’s job. 

Padparadscha couldn’t do the job she was assigned. 

But of course, there’s a little bit more to that. 

Fluorite and Rhondonite were probably able to do their jobs just fine but their crime was not fitting into the caste system neatly. And I think it was also about morals, about conformity. Fluorite and Rhonodonite might have been able to do their jobs but they couldn’t abide by one of Homeworld’s main taboos. They couldn’t abide by the law and if you can’t follow the law then you don’t belong. 

I think the Crewniverse intended to use this as a way of expressing how certain people with disabilities or people of minority status can experience discrimination to different degrees. 

Amethyst and Peridot have disabilities but they can “get by”. It’s usually not apparently obvious that there’s anything different about them until they run across an occasion where it becomes an issue. 

The off-color Gems don’t experience that. Who they are is always an issue and it’s an issue in every experience they have on Homeworld. 

I’m interested to know more about Homeworld’s societal norms and to dig in deeper into this issue in future episodes.