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My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!

Off Colors and the Crystal Gems

Quick quick post before sleep - there are some distinct parallels between the Off Color crew and the original Crystal Gems.

First of all, they have quite a similar collection of gem types as they did in the group when Steven was born (a Ruby, a Sapphire, and a Pearl), just in a slightly different formation.

A “defective” former functionary

A “scandalous” outlaw fusion. (Obvious color-scheme overlap)

And a “freak” who came out wrong (interesting that Ame’s whip has two pointed heads on the end…)

Then, you have their “leader,” a much larger, gentle-seeming gem with a mixed, mysterious past…

Yeah, that feels intentional. (Also… “Fluor”ite - sounds a lot like “fleur,” right?)


Monty was born without a nose bone or nasal bridge, giving him a unique appearance. Due to this birth defect, he sneezes a lot but is nevertheless still as healthy and happy as any other cat! Monty certainly is a testament to the fact that even if you may look different, you’re still fantastic and loved.

Why Stanford Pines is So Important to Me:

Okay, sure, part of it is because he’s just a glorious dimension-jumping old man who just so happens to have a fabulous taste in sweaters, but there’s a lot more to it.

So lemme just throw this out there:

As someone with a birth defect, Ford Pines’ six fingers and the way his condition is handled mean the world to me.

Yes, I know Ford’s polydactylism wasn’t created with the intention of being overly progressive or representative–it’s a clever trait that gave the author a sense of quirkiness and mystery, and ultimately became an identifiable trademark for both Stanford and the journals.

But in truth, things would’ve been a lot different if the six-finger thing had been just cast aside as “Oh, look at me, I’m the six-fingered author, I just have cooltastic hands and let’s never address this again!”  No, Stanford’s birth defect was, in fact, more than just a cool trademark.

It was a pivotal part of his life.

Right off the bat, the fact that Ford was born with an “anomaly” shapes his interests in the weird and unique.  It’s something he’s grown up with, and something that’s normal to him, but the fact that it’s abnormal to everyone else only piques his interest in digging deeper, even in childhood. 

It’s an authentic response—also, it’s just downright adorable.

And then there’s the teasing–This is something I’ve experienced firsthand as someone born with a congenital defect, and the fact that Ford is so eager to get away from it really hits close to home.  So many people have dubbed him a freak that he starts to believe it, and while heartbreaking, it’s also mega realistic.

But there’s one detail that makes Ford’s situation a million times better:

Stanford isn’t ostracized throughout the show for his defect, because there is acceptance in his life. Someone has his back.

Stan’s approach to making his brother feel “normal” was just amazingly genuine and heartwarming to me.  He’s never embarrassed, by, pitying towards, or burdened by his brother.  He never teases Ford for how he was born or uses it against him, even in moments of anger.  In fact, he uses it to emphasize positively why Ford is special.  From the “Sixer” nickname to their heartfelt tradition of “high-six,” Ford’s condition is treated as something unique and, in a sense, almost admirable.

And best of all, that admiration continues!  Mabel and Dipper both seem to think that Ford’s polydactyl hands are the coolest thing (“Wow, a six-fingered handshake! That’s a full finger friendlier than normal!”), and as he gets older, Ford never seems to be painted into a corner as a “deformed” or “defective” person.  He’s just the epic guy with the six fingers and he’s learned to live as such.

And by learning to live, we come to the thing that makes Stanford Pines—and his six fingers—absolutely awesome:

He takes his condition and he freaking owns it.

Not only did Ford overcome his self-judgement about physical things he just couldn’t help, but he actually took them and used them to his advantage. Twisting the teasing and ridicule he’d received into his passion and scientific talent, Ford was able to study something that interested him and that he connected to on a personal level.  And he was freaking good at it, too!

(Until the whole, y’know, partnership with a demon triangle. But that’s not what I’m ranting about right now.)

And the six-fingered journal was more than just a quirk—in my eyes, it really symbolized that Ford now saw his “defect” as something truly special.  It was a trait that symbolized him, but not one that condemned him.  No one is defined by their conditions, but they can sure as hell be empowered by them, and that’s exactly what Ford did.

So in conclusion, yeah, having six fingers is super-duper nifty, but as someone born in a very similar boat, it just takes on a whole new light for me.  Gravity Falls could’ve gone two different routes, either completely and grotesquely ostracizing Ford for his defect or completely ignoring it and acting like these things don’t affect real life at all; instead they went right down the middle and (to me at least) created a realistic yet subtle scenario overall.  

In truth, addressing Ford’s polydactylism could’ve gone ridiculously amiss. But in the show’s case, it felt super genuine.  Plus, Ford is just an epic character overall, birth defect or none!

Sure, it’s no revolutionary feat in the world of representation, but in the end, Stanford Pines just makes me feel confident in myself sometimes.  And if there’s some little kid out there with their own congenital “anomalies” that feels the same way?

Well, I think that’s what matters most.


so i’ve had these jasper asks in my inbox for a while… and it’s about time i address them. i’ll be combining these asks, focusing especially on that last one and the idea of “deserving” redemption, + some of my own general thoughts to talk about the su narrative, jasper, her relationship with peridot, trauma, steven, and where we go from here. 

it’s time for another long post about jasper under the cut. 

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kinkfactory  asked:

Hello there! I've come with a follow - because this blog is really great - and a question. I want to write a character with ADHD, do you have any advice on how to properly go about that?

Be mindful. ADHD is a real thing—real people are affected by it. Thus, be careful on how you portray your character. Don’t use it to make a character “different.” Don’t ignore facts because they “don’t fit” your character. Don’t give in the stereotypes seen in popular media and dramatize those.

ADHD should not be the defining factor of your character. I suggest to build your character without the label “they have ADHD.” Get their background thought out (at least the general story of it). Give them relationships—what do they think of their parents? Are they romantically involved? Do they make friends easily? Give them an education; give them interests and hobbies and skills; give them a personality with quirks and faults. After that, research on ADHD and look at how ADHD can affect your already developed character. If there are some facts about ADHD that might go against your character’s traits, understand why and think of how to handle them. Don’t ignore these conflicts. Yes, ADHD affects people differently, so it’s possible some symptoms or traits won’t be apparent in your character, but never ignore these facts. Address them. Understand why these symptoms aren’t there. 

Some links:

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I’m terribly sorry for the wait, but I hope that helps! And thank you for liking my blog~

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

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What was the point?

What was the relevance of having the days follow each other when you were immortal, destined to live until the end of time itself?

Why was it a big deal that I didn’t do His task on time when there were so many that could have done it instead of me?

I had so many brothers and sisters up there that I was just a tiny drop in a rainstorm.

When Father created time, I was in charge of making it go by for the mortals.

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WKM/Egos Gem AU???? Yes.

Darkiplier is the leader of the CGs, and he’s a forced fusion
Wilford is the explorer of the group who has a cracked gem
The Host is an ex-spy for Homeworld turned good guy
and Benjamin is sort of the Steven role of this AU! He got his gem from a freaky experiment did by Homeworld

Lotsa details under the cut!

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…What if, Steven doesn’t need to heal corrupted Gems completely, to have Helped Them the way they want to?

As we saw with Centipeedle, his Healing Power isn’t able to… completely “cure” them.

(For the purpose of this thought, I’m setting aside how immensely deepened that power became as of “Lars’ Head”. Because Immensely Powerful Healing isn’t the same as Reversing An Alteration.)

With both Centipeedle and Jasper, we’ve seen that corruption has an emotional element to it. At least, emotion deepens its functional impact.

And Centipeedle showed very clear signs of… what looks like the Gem version of PTSD. (She was triggered when she regressed. That’s all there is to it.)

PTSD is a heck of a thing, and it never goes away. It changes you, forever.

And this show is all about accepting the differences among individuals… {The “defects” in Pearl and Amethyst. Garnet’s choice against societal law, Greg’s goofiness, Lars and his rough exterior, the Off Colors…..)

…So what if, knowing that Jasper will be back from the Make A Wish fan’s conversation….

What if they don’t need to fix this species-wide PTSD, they just need to help them COPE with it, like Centipeedle did?

And accept them as they are?

Taking Kerr of Business

( I made the vid, I don’t know anything about vid editing so it’s crappy. Credit to owners of the clips and music)

Taking Kerr of Business by Ann Odong 

(Excerpts from the FOURFOURTWO OZ magazine article, thank you to @preathlife for sending me the article) 

“I don’t think I want to do this anymore” In a corner of a locker room in the United States, a distraught Samantha Kerr was inconsolable on the phone with her mother… It was June 2016 and the 22 year old had just returned to play for American National Women’s Soccer League side, Sky Blue FC, after being sidelined for eight months through injury. Towards the end of the game, Kerr had felt a shard of pain once again.

“I was too scared to tell anyone that I’d hurt my foot again and I was just crying and crying.” She recounted. Teammate Nikki Stanton helplessly watched as Kerr’s distress grew and finally urged her to call her mother. “I was too scared to tell my Mum, who I tell everything to, and I just felt like I’d let everyone down.” said Kerr. “She just said ‘Is this what you want to do now? Like, is this how you want to live your life?’ It’s just literally at that point I said I’m done. My career was over and there was a sense of relief.”

In the corner of that locker room, in the United States, that could have been the end of Samantha Kerr’s football story - a story that over a decade had taken an unknown teen from Fremantle to stadiums across the globe.

For more from the FourFourTwo magazine article: ⬇️

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This picture has given answers and so many questions…..

The answers:

Oooooh….So that’s why Lion’s pink!
I’m so glad Rose didn’t just run around doing experiments on animals.

The questions:

So can you travel through Lars’ hair?
Can he make a portal?
Is he immortal​?

What is going on with that kindergarten?
Was this a rush job for the war on Earth (like Beta) or for a different war?

Why are they hiding? Maybe defective?
What kind of powers do these Gems have?

Can Orange Sapphire see something other than the future? Like the past? Or the now? (No Dune tangents)

Is the two headed gem an accident?

Why is that 6 gem fusion so small?

Are there more?

anonymous asked:

Is autism a birth defect? That's what my child development teacher said, and I felt insulted. I'm not defective, my friend is not defective. Then the teacher went on to say that autistics could rarely function for themselves, not realizing that I am in fact an aspie. When I tried to say something after class, she told me that I couldn't be autistic because I was too smart. She told me that I was just quiet, not socially impaired. I feel like autism isn't a birth defect as she said, am I right?

Your teacher is ableist and wrong. Autism is not a birth defect (and honestly, that kind of language is ableist no matter what you’re talking about). Autism is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder. It is genetic which may be what your teacher was thinking of, but it is not a birth defect.

Autistic people are not defective. We just have a different way of being. Further, plenty of autistic people “function” just fine on their own. While there are some autistic people who need a lot of help, others get by with minimal assistance. 

You teacher was completely wrong when she said that you couldn’t be autistic because you’re smart. That is an ableist stereotype. Many autistic people are very smart. 

I’m sorry you have to deal with such an ignorant, ableist, (and honestly cruel) teacher 


Theory on different gemstones.

As we know gems have similar gemstone cuts and shapes.

However certain gems have completely different gem designs.

First up Jasper:

Unlike other Jaspers her gemstone is dimaond shaped. However it makes you ask, why is that? Well remember the episode Beta:

Jasper’s exit hole came out perfect and therefore better than any other quartz soldier. As Peridot even said, “She is the ultimate quartz”. So you would except a superior quartz soldier to have a better gemstone.


Pearl ,unlike any other pearl, has an oval shaped gemstone rather than a spherical one. I think the reason why she has a different gemstone, is the possibility that she came out defective. Which may explain why she pushed past the limitations expected for a pearl like her self.

Amethyst (square gem):

Her gemstone cut is debatable. Many fans believe this to be an animation error which it could be true considering one shot had her with an regular Amethyst cut gemstone.

However if her gemstone is very well a square shaped cut, she is most likely is similar to Pearl, she ended up coming out different and therefore has a different gemstone.

Brighter Days- Wonwoo Angst

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Request: Can I request a wonwoo angst? With a really happy and fluffy ending please? Btw your blog is amazing ^_^

Word Count:1864 (I’m sorry it’s short, I just didn’t want to overdo the plot for this one.)

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SVT


Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: Guys, @mykoreanhottie was a big help in getting the plot for this request together. So, if you enjoy works like this, go follow her and send love her way!

Summary: ‘I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.’

 Wonwoo stepped up to the mirror and examined his features and what had become of them. His dark circles were more prominent than ever, most likely due to the amount of time he had spent thinking over the rehearsal the day before. I’m a burden. Why do I even try to do this if I know it’ll be worthless in the end?

 He touched his fingertips to his temple and tried focus on thinking of ways to get through the day. All he needed to do was get through rehearsal, and then he could go see the person he seemed to be needing the most lately; You.

 About a year ago, Wonwoo had been diagnosed with depression. He had felt it for a long time, but hearing the words come from a professional’s mouth made it different than a thought passing through his head. It made him feel defective, as if he had been the failed product of a perfectly happy family and a struggle free life. At first, he had no idea how to take the news or how to explain what this meant to the people around them. The biggest problem he had was trying to tell you, his girlfriend of three years. He was worried you would leave him and try to go find somebody ‘normal’.

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Bughead appreciation week:
  ↳ Day 3 - Favourite Bughead episode

season 1 episode 10: The Lost Weekend
I chose this episode, because it was focused on Bughead and it was a important one for them. I love that Betty was so excited to throw Jughead a party. She wanted to make Jughead happy. This party opened Betty’s eyes to Jughead’s perception of reality and his complicated personality. And Jughead found out that Betty also has her own demons. They both realised that even if they are so different, they have a lot of in common. They accepted each other’s defects and started to build strong, supportive and deep relationship.

Who did Pearl serve? (Steven Universe Theory)

So.. one of the BIGGEST questions in Steven Universe that we’ve been asking since Back to the Barn which aired in early October 2015 is.. Who did Pearl serve? Was it a diamond? Was it Rose? Well, here is my take on this.

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