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I just stumbled upon your "The Hematologist" storyline, and I have to say... DAMN can you make some amazingly attractive Vulcans. Do you have any plans to share Sybok publicly?

Thank you, I specialize in Vulcans. I’m a Vulcanologist of Sims! Just kidding. 

Most of the Vulcans in pixel form are based on the actors that played these marvelous people. Sybok is a combination of the original actor that portrayed him and a mix of Spock AU/Sarek AU. He’s a little different from the rest. 

I do share him publicly via TS3:

I don’t have him up for download for TS4. I have two versions of him. So I would kind of need to know what version you would prefer.

His normal self:

His darker self (in my fanfic):

If you message me on here, I’m sure we can sort something out. PM me, I don’t bite, I swear and feel free to check out the other Vulcans I have up for download too.

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Hiya Perf~ So is it bad I want to make an Undertale blog for my drawings and what not, but I'm too scared to? Plus, I've been meaning to make a Sona for the blog I want to create, but my huge art block is in the way;; Hnnn

Why not? If you like to make another blog for Undertale then go for it! There is nothing wrong with trying to organize your fan blog from your general blog. Theres nothing to be scared of since we all do that! xD

And omg ART BLOOOOCKS! I feel ya dear….if it were me, Id normally make random doodles of different characters until I find one that matches my sona. Until then, I just keep drawing!! 🎨👾⭐️🌟⭐️✨


28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)

This isn’t an official Grump art asset, I was just curious. Ever since I got a better hang of the new Game Grumps art-style, I’ve found it super cute and fun to draw. It was so scary when I was fired hired to be the dedicated artist. The style is different from what I normally draw and I was unsure of what I could and couldn’t do with it, how far I could go with it and what I should do. I was really worried. But it seems they’ve been happy to use everything I’ve provided for them so far and I’m so relieved about that! Improving in art in general has definitely helped, and I should continue to practice with everything I do so I can keep growing!

I just want to let all INTPs know, that you guys are so awesome. Your weird quirks and funny jokes are what make you, you. Don’t worry about being different from everyone else, because honestly, I would only want to be your friend if you’re interesting (Don’t deny it, not one of you INTPs are normal). And if you feel like you aren’t interesting (highly doubt it), yoh can still be my friend. Because you’re just being who you are. So remember INTPs, we appreciate everything you do, and who you are. WE ACTUALLY DO LIKE YOU. Sooo with all that said


you guys really deserve this. Always doing all that behind the scene stuff that you think is unimportant, but is actually really important.

to all of you who are voting next week

So, this blog normally doesn’t go political and I’m not even from this country, but let’s face it:  y’all are the world superpower and what you do affects the rest of us on this planet.  That being said, please remember that your vote means the difference between


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And one in which we might get to explore that final frontier, seeking out strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations. 

I’d rather see that we get to that future where we can boldly go where no one has gone before:

Vote wisely.  As Alexander Hamilton puts it:


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You’re From a Different Country


Request: Hi ! Could you do preference where Dean, Sam and Cas find out you’re from different country? Thank you! - Anonymous 

Author’s Note: Hi there! I sure can! I hope you like it! The layout of the preferences are different from how they normally are. I wanted to add dialogue in. And sorry this took so long to get up, I had a hard time figuring out what to write. - Haley xx 


You couldn’t believe it when you say the advertisement. Your favorite band, Caravan Palace, was coming into town. “I’m not going to a swing band concert,” Dean stated.

“Oh, come on, Dean,” you whined. “I haven’t seen them since the last time I was home in Paris.

“Paris?” Dean questioned. “As in Paris, France?”

“Yes, silly,” you said, placing a kiss on Dean’s cheek. “Born and raised in beautiful Paris. I’ll take you someday.”


You were standing in the library at Stanford, looking at a gorgeous giant map of the world, but your focus was on Chile. More importantly, looking for a small town. You didn’t notice that your best friend Sam was behind you.

“What are you looking for?”

San Pedro de Atacama,” you replied. “It’s a town in Chile. I think it’s too small for this map.”

Sam ran a finger down the coastline of Chile. “Have you ever been to this town?”

“Been?” you snorted. “I’m from there.”


You sighed and plopped down on the bed next to Castiel. When he didn’t look at you, you gave a louder sigh, hoping the distress would cause your friend to look at you. “What is it?” Cas asked.

“Today is my mother’s birthday,” you said. “I’ve not seen her since the last time I was home.”

“Can’t you go home?” He asked.

“If you can magically come up with the money to fly to Tsuen Wan, then yeah, I could.”

“As in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong?” Cas asked another question. “If you would really wish to visit your mother, I can take you there.”

You sat up, “really?”

“Anything for a friend.”

Carl imagine were your best friends and he starts to fall in love with you

Nobody’s POV: Carl didn’t understand what was happening, over the last 3 years his feelings for Y/N had went from a best friend love to a romance love, the first year aka 3 years ago he looked at her differently not like he normally did, he felt weird in side of his body, he didn’t know what this feeling was, what was it? He asked him self daily, why do I feel this way? He asked himself, around 2 years ago, he would stare lovingly at Y/N his eyes sparkling as he did so, he had still not figured that feeling he was feeling out yet, he tried though, he even went to Fiona, he didn’t tell her Y/N’s name though, and last but not least 1 year ago Carl finally figured out what that feeling was, he loved Y/N, with Carl that would sound strange but hey love is love even Carl felt it with you, now the present day, Carl was sad this guy was all over you and he hating seeing that, so he came to his senses, he walked over to you and the guy an asked “Can I talk to you in private Y/N"Carl asked you, “Yes sure!"You said following him to the water fountain, "What’s up?"You asked him, "Listen Y/N I like you a lot and not as a friend as a girlfriend"He rushed out, "I like you to Carl"You said giving Carl a kiss.

Hope you guys liked this I loved it! -AdminBrook

Mercy’s Job

// A quick little thing i decided to make. It’s different from the original idea, certainly shorter and more quickly made than I normally do, but I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to follow for more fics~ And of course comment down below, because that’s what matters most!

“Ahlan, beautiful,” A fair, Egyptian voice said. My heart fluttered (against my permission, I might add) and I turned to see Fareeha standing beside me. She was wearing her Raptora Mark VI armor, mostly blue with some bits of gold. Her rocket launcher was in one hand, pointing downward. Her helmet rested under her other arm, and her smile was radiant as always. Her eyes seemed to scan me, not with lust or want as others may have done, but with a tenderness and care. I was wearing my Valkyrie suit, staff in hand, but that look- Ah, it made me feel like I was wearing the best dress in the world! She made me feel that way.

“Pharah, we’re on duty,” I chided, despite my joy at seeing her. “Right now we are comrades, not lovers.”

“Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend good luck before a dangerous battle?” She asked, feigning offense. I opened my mouth to answer and she laughed. “Angela I’m only joking, do not worry about how I act, on the battlefield, I will do my job and we shall be nothing more than comrades, I promise.”

“Well, in that case…” I put my staff against the wall, going on my tip-toes and giving Fareeha a soft kiss. She smiled and held me close for a mere second before pulling away.

“Stay safe,” She whispered.

“You too,” I answered.

“With you healing me? I won’t have to,” She laughed.

“Ten seconds for battle.” Athena’s voice rang out. “Approaching the Temple of Anubis.”

“You heard her, quit fooling around!” Morrison called, clicking his visor into place.

“All systems ready for combat!” Diva called.

“What is all this standing around? There is glory to be won!” Reinhardt roared, putting his helmet on.

“Just stick to the plan and we will win,” Symetra reminded.

“Looks like everyone is ready,” I murmured. “Let’s get to work.”

This team had been on several missions together. We weren’t always deployed together, sometimes Lucio would come and I would stay at base, or Tracer would be here and Morrison would stay. Either way, this team was excellent. As always it began with Symetra deploying shields on us. I offered a kind smile and she nodded at me. Reinhardt deployed his shield, and the doors opened. Immediately a hail of bullets hit the shield. Reinhardt cursed in German (he had a very creative mind when it came to cursing) and began to push forward. I began boosting Morrison’s attack and he began returning fire, forcing the enemy to cover.

“Mercy!” Faree- No, Pharah, called. I saw her fly into the sky and immediately flew after her, boosting her attack now. She began firing below at the enemies. I saw Reaper turn to mist, Widowmaker grapple away. They were retreating! Diva cheered and flew after them, followed closely by Jack and then Reinhardt.

“Let’s go,” I told Pharah. She nodded and flew after them, and I flew close by. She landed at the top of the arch and began firing down at the bridge. Poor Bastion never stood a chance, being blown up into a million pieces before he could fire at either of us.

“I need healing!” Diva called. Pharah gave me a nod and I looked down, seeing Diva on top of the bridge. She was currently using her EPM to block Reaper’s bullets, but it wouldn’t last long. I flew down to her, behind the safety of her meka, and engaged my healing stream. Reaper growled and attempted to fire at me, but Diva kept herself between us and began firing. He turned to mist and floated behind her, but the minute he reappeared several of Symetra’s turrets, planted on the floor of the bridge, sprung to life. Reaper howled as they fired to him, and combined with Diva’s fire he was soon the floor. His body slowly disappeared.

“I need a doctor!” Morrison yelled. I couldn’t see him, but from the sound of ithe was on the point and he was in trouble. Diva gave me a playful salute then continued off her own way. I jumped off the side of the bridge, floating down to the ground. I flew towards him and immediately began healing. We both ran around, trying desperately to avoid Junkrat’s projectiles, until finally Morrison grunted and fired his rockets, landing a direct hit on the junker. A bullet whizzed next to my head and I felt my heart nearly leap out of my chest. Another crack of the rifle, and I expected myself to be dead. But the shot never came, I turned to see Reinhardt in front of me.

“Don’t worry my friends, I will be your shield!” He yelled. “Little gremlin girl, ATTACK!”

“Will you stop calling me that!” Diva complained, flying over us and towards Widowmaker.

“Don’t let them on the point!” Morrison ordered, firing at the staircase as Junkrat reappeared.

“Mercy!” An Indian voice called. I saw Symetra hiding behind a pillar, Junkrat’s grenades pinning her. He had returned quite fast, hadn’t he? I flew over to Symetra, yelping as an explosion grazed me, and began healing her. She sighed in relief and stood up.

Everything seemed to be going a bit too good. We hadn’t lost anyone yet, we were already on the point, we hadn’t even taken much damage. I frowned, looking around the area. Something was wrong, I could feel it. My team was on the point, the five of them now, fighting Reaper and Junkrat. Wait, we had faced Reaper, Junkrat, Widowmaker and-

And no one else? There should be at least six members, yet we’ve only faced three.

“Apagando las luces!” A Mexican, female voice said.  In that one instant, I knew everything was going to hell. Sombra, a hacker working for Talon, suddenly materialized out of thing air in the middle of our group. She fell to the ground and disappeared, and the rest of the enemies charged forward. Widowmaker grappled to a roof, firing down, Reaper materialized under the bridge, on their left now, Junkrat was behind a building, firing grenades over it and down on them, and then- Roadhog ran down the staircases on the right. They stood no chance.

They can if you keep Reinhardt alive. The more reasonable part of me thought. Yes, if I kept Reinhardt alive to defend us we could still win this! I prepped my staff and prepared to fly over there. My feet had barely left the ground when something yanked on my wing, pulling me back. An arm wrapped around my neck and the barrel of a gun was pressed against my back.

“Hola, amiga,” Sombra whispered from behind, her voice full of malice. I was such an idiot! Assuming she would stay on my team, helping pick them off. She must’ve spotted me and decided I was too much of a threat. I watched as Roadhog hooked Morrison, blasting his body full of junk. I hated this, being helpless as my team died, and I would’ve screamed but it was muffled by Sombra’s hand on my mouth. I tried to elbow her but she shot a bullet through my side, injuring but not killing me. No one heard my scream, and I clutched my staff so hard my knuckles hurt.

“Tsk, be quiet and watch your friends die,” Sombra purred. Diva yelled in frustration as her meka finally gave in, ejecting her. She backed up into Junkrat’s trap and her face only had a split second to register panic before a bomb blew up. I felt like a dagger was painfully and slowly entering my heart. I shook in the Mexican’s arms, trying in vain to pull away. Symetra was the next, trying desperately to give everyone shields and fire at the enemy. My eyes turned to Widowmaker, and I saw her smirk. I closed my eyes as another bullet left the rifle, and this one found its mark. I could practically hear her body hit the floor.

“I WILL AVENGE YOU ALL!” Reinhardt roared angrily. He stopped going on the defensive, he knew it was useless, and charged Junkrat, smashing him against the wall with his armored body. He looked up and swung his hammer, sending a huge flame towards the sniper, who barely dodged it.

“Looks like they need help, adios,” Sombra said. My heart pounded against my ribs and I closed my eyes once again. But suddenly I felt weightless, flying through the air, I immediately extended my arms to float still, and I heard Sombra hit something and curse. I looked to see her by the bridge, getting up from the floor with a pained look, and then I turned back to see my savior.

“Get down!” Pharah yelled. Oh Pharah. She must’ve used her concussion shot to push us away, and me out of Sombra’s claws. I didn’t hesitate and dropped to the ground. A rocket zipped over my head and I heard Sombra yell as it exploded. Without hesitation she boosted herself into the air, facing the enemies. Reinhardt had just smashed Roadhog-

“Sheib” I murmured, covering my mouth as he fell to the ground, lifeless. Roadhog yelled in anger and fired at him again for good measure.

“Justice rains from above!” Pharah yelled, strong and triumphant. I looked around for my staff, which had fallen when Pharah saved me. I needed to help her. I grabbed it and turned around, my feet leaving the ground once more as I flew towards her. I only made it halfway there when I heard a gun spinning up. A stream of bullets came from my side. I heard Bastion beeping happily, and I screamed as blood sprayed out of Phar- No, Fareeha, and her body fell lifeless to the ground. But it wasn’t over, no, it’s wouldn’t over. I was the doctor; I was their angel. My eyes could see what others couldn’t, golden flames floating over their corpses. Their very souls, too stubborn to disappear and pass on. I could still save them.

Roadhog turned to me, preparing his hook, but he wasn’t fast enough. I flew to Fareeha’s soul, standing right above it. My hand shifted through it. That previous fear was no longer in my body.

“Heroes never die!” I yelled, as loud as I could, and a golden light overtook everything in sight.

The Window - Snowbaz (thanks anon)

Why did Simon Snow have to fuck up so outrageously every. damn. time.

Baz should’ve been mad. Baz was mad, initially. Simon Snow had, in a fit of rage, thrown himself out of a fucking window.

To be fair, Simon was still learning to adjust to a Normal life, meaning he forgot sometimes about the perks of having magick. This was different, though. This was Simon-doesn’t-care-about-his-own-life-enough-to-stay-safe.

When Baz got home to see him just lying on their lawn, bruised from the fall, it was clear what had happened. He was angry, but his anger was quickly overtaken by concern.

“Simon, why did you do this?” Baz asked his boyfriend, crouching on the ground next to him. To his not-quite-surprise, Simon began to cry.

“Baz, I just… I wanted to surprise you! It is Valentine’s Day, after all. Then I started thinking about things you’ve done for me - as inspiration, I guess - and suddenly I just felt so fucking useless! You’ve done so much for me and all I do is just sit here and accept it!” Simon spilled out everything, tears running down his face at an angle since he was still lying in the grass, sprawled on his back.

“Simon, love,” Baz began, his voice gentle.

“-And then I broke a mug. I broke your mug, Baz.” Simon explained as if it were the worst thing in the world. Baz nearly laughed.

“You-you threw yourself out a window because you broke a mug?” Baz was trying to decide whether to laugh or cry.

“Well, yeah…” Simon admitted, rather dejectedly.

“Simon,” Baz said in a serious tone, taking his hand. “You could’ve died. I don’t care how many mugs you break, you can’t just go and die on me!” He squeezed Simon’s hand to make sure he was listening before continuing. “Simon, look at me. Do not ever do that to me again. Got it?” Simon nodded meekly. “Okay, then let’s get you inside. You’re a mess, Snow!”

“I’m always a mess.”

“You’re my mess.”

“Okay, who are you and what the hell did you do with Baz?” Simon asked, swatting his shoulder playfully.

“Okay, okay. But seriously, you need some ice on this shit. I surprised you didn’t break anything.”

“Okay.” Simon sighed. He really did fuck up Valentine’s Day, but at least he was still spending it with Baz.

Batman X Reader

Hello all this is a little different from what I normally do but… I had an idea and I wanted to try it out. So I took this from the reader being with Bruce Wayne and the character named Carmen, from my previous story called Carmen and mashed them together. Give it a chance and leave me some feed back if you want. It’s greatly appreciated. I won’t be continuing  this unless requested. Until next time Same bat-time! Same bat-channel!

Bruce jumped up suddenly in bed running his hand down his face then shaking his head. I brushed sleep off of my eyes and turned to see if he was okay. He had nightmares almost every night, every night he slept that is. I rolled over in our bed fluffy white blankets on my body to look at him. He was sitting on the bed in his underwear with his feet firmly placed on the ground breathing heavily. My arms found their way around his waist and I buried my head between him leg and stomach. He lightly dropped his hand on my shoulder tracing small circles with his index finger. “Another nightmare?” I said He sighed getting up. “I don’t want to talk about it.” He stood up and walked out of the door leaving my feeling hurt knowing he would reject me like that. It was fair to assume I wouldn’t be seeing him anytime soon.

I sat on the bed looking out of the large windows that surrounded the room thinking. He had been in a typical scuffle with the Joker but  something had happened this time, different from the usual times. He wouldn’t say but it left him with multiple dark purple bruises and long gashes littering his toned body as well as a rope burn on his neck. I only sat quietly listening to what he was comfortable with telling me, no matter how concerned it made me with Bruce I learned it’s best not to push. I pushed the thoughts away not wanting to work myself up instead focusing on how quiet the night was. Gotham was usually a hustling and bustling city but tonight there were only the distant sirens and the seldom yelling from a drunkard somewhere in the city. Bruce’s penthouse was in the nicer part of town so it was possible the town was as it always was but I was disconnected. I sighed not liking the feeling of ignorance. 

There was a gentle rasping at the door. I perked up hoping it was Bruce. “Yes? Come in?” Alfred pushed open the door smiling tiredly “Mr. Wayne left this for you” He handed me a small white envelope  I smiled back taking the letter. “Go get some sleep Alfred” He nodded seeming to drag his feet as he walked out of the door. He was bothered by the slump Bruce had been in as well.  I dropped my body back down on the bed opening my envelope. “Y/n” had been written neatly in black pen on the front, the inside lettering looking the same. 

‘Dear Y/N,

Take off work tomorrow I would like to spend a day together. I’m sorry for waking you tonight, please do try and get some more sleep. 

Love, Bruce 

I closed my eyes feeling a little relief come over me. Even though I was swamped with meeting and paperwork at the asylum taking one day off wouldn’t hurt especially if this would mean Bruce opening up to me. Lightly I placed the letter on the nightstand on my side of the bed then letting my eyes close. Sweet images danced through my mind as I slept.

I felt a tender shaking on my right shoulder followed by his soft deep voice. “Y/n? I think it’s time to wake up.” I opened my eyes to be connected with his brown ones. I smiled lazily “Good morning” he nodded slightly. “Good morning” He replied back with a soft smile. I sat up in bed feeling the cold air bite at my shoulder. “Where did you go last night?” I asked looking him over. He was dressed in a black dress pants and a white button up shirt. “I was taking care of a few things” I nodded an awkward silence falling between us. I laughed trying to kill it. “I’m going to shower and get dressed. Then we can go out okay?” He nodded his brown eyes looking away in sadness. Exhaling harshly I got up tip-toeing a crossed the cold tiles to the bathroom. I heard Bruce snicker from behind brightening things up. “Y/n there’s someone here I want you to meet once you’ve finished getting ready” I nodded simply relying okay but something clicked in my brain. Bruce never allowed anyone individual person in the penthouse, ever. Only if there was a fund raiser or some sort of social gathering but never on their own. I locked the bathroom door turning on the water trying to brush the bad thoughts away but it kept coming back. “Could it have been another women? I thought to myself immediately feeling guilty about the thought. He wouldn’t do that Bruce was a good man. 

In a daze my clothes came off and I was in the warm working through the motions of taking a shower. Rinse, lather and repeat. I hummed to myself. Once I was done I got out making me way to the closet, putting on a floor length long sleeved black dress then quickly running a comb through my long black hair. When I finished up I walked out into the silent living room. “Oh Bruce?” I called out lightly. looking left and right for him. When he wasn’t in the living room I continued on into the kitchen. The sound of sizzling food rang through the air along with the smell of bacon, an unusual choice for Bruce. Confused I looked into the room. “Bruce??” At first I only saw Alfred in an apron gloves on his hands. Then I saw the small body sitting on a chair. Taken back I walked further into the kitchen. It was a small boy. His hair was messing seeming as if it had been slicked back but had come undone after a rough night. He has on little plaid pajamas that I assume Bruce had Alfred purchase. My eyes wandered to Alfred hoping he would provide some explanation. “Ah good morning Mrs. Wayne would you like  bite to eat?” He smiled holding up the hissing pan. I looked at the boy who sat still his head remaining on the counter then to Alfred again smiling. “Oh no thank you Alfred. I’m just going to have water.” He nodded “Very well Mrs. The offer remains on the table” I smiled warmly at his walking over to the fridge filling up a glass. “Have you seen Bruce lately?” 

Suddenly I felt two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist. “I’m right here” He said happily. I turned around pleased to hear the tone of his voice. “Oh I have been looking for you. Did you meet our new guest?” I motioned to the boy. Bruce nodded “Y/n this is Maddox, Maddox this is my wife Y/n” Bruce looked deeply into my eyes. “She is a very kind lady if you need anything let her know” I smiled touching Bruce’s shoulder. The boy looked up at me slowly. His eyes were a crystal blue and he had a tattoo of a ‘J; on his face. Worried I turned to Bruce but continued on when the boy stuck out his hand. I shook his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Maddox”  Curiosity roamed though his innocent looking eyes. “Daddy told me about you” He said looking further into my eyes. “Oh he did?” I said sitting down on the chair next to him. “Good things I hope?” Maddox nodded talking a small drink of the orange juice the sat in front of him. “Yep, he trusts you.” Bruce stood behind me placing his hand on my shoulder.  My eyes lingered on the boy trying to map out what I was dealing with. “Y/n could I talk to you alone” I nodded following Bruce into his study. He sat in his desk chair as I shut the door. “So when were you going to tell me you were pregnant?” I said comically. He smiled warmly but then lost the happiness in his eye. “What is it?” I said concerned. Quickly I made my way to his side kneeling down in front of him. 

“Bruce?” I said searching his eyes. He stood up making his way to the window. That night I fought him he surrendered only firing three shots. One at me and the other two at the cops behind me. Then he dropped his gun and put his hands up.” I got up walking over to be by Bruce’s side. “Where is he now?” I inquired seeing the pain shadowing his eyes. “he’s in Arkham” I rolled my eyes internally screaming. Joker was the biggest pain in the ass and my most frequent patient. “Fabulous” I muttered causing Bruce to laugh slightly. “What’s the story with the kid then?” 

He crossed his arms and exhaled loudly “It’s his son. I didn’t know he had one until we were sweeping through the warehouse we caught him in and…” He trailed off rubbing his forehead with his hand. “Bruce go sit down it will make it easier to talk about” He followed sitting on the coach that sat next to the door. I took a seat in his office chair waiting for him to continue on. “and… We found him in a room crying, his face was bleeding from being tattooed”  Bruce looked over at me dismay streaking his face. Sadness and shock pinged around in my brain but I masked it giving Bruce and encouraging nod. My personal feeling couldn’t interfere in this  “He was clinging onto who I am guessing is his mother. who was half dead with a belt strangling her neck.” He stared up at the ceiling seeming to zone out. “Neither Joker or Maddox know she’s still alive and they can’t know.” I nodded realizing what he was getting after by taking in the boy . “Are you hoping this will keep Joker in the Asylum?” Bruce nodded solemnly. “It sounds selfish but you should have seen it Y/N. He’s come completely unhinged. There were dead bodies everywhere just stacked on top of each other.” I furrowed my eyebrows. “Who were they?” He sighed rubbing his forehead again. “Thugs he broke out of Black gate, they were his own men” Bruce looked at me concern haunting his eyes. Part of me believed he cared for Joker not in a conventional sense of course but more in a way he wished  that Joker would let Bruce help him. I began to tread lightly. “Who is the mother?” Bruce sat on the coach seeming to mull the question around in his head. “Her name is Carmen” Images of a past patient echoed through my mind. 

She had long black hair and pale green eyes. She had come to Arkham from an asylum in California when she killed 5 doctors and 35 patients on some unstoppable psychotic rampage and was on a treatment plan for that of a paranoid schizophrenic with depressive tendencies. “Carmen from the asylum?” He nodded seeing to be relieved. “Joker requested to have you take Maddox or he would have he killed. I would rather him be here then anywhere else.” I clicked my tongue nodding. Thinking to myself why Joker would make that request. “Did he say why he wanted me to take Maddox?” Fear of going to work the next day clouded my mind. “No but as Maddox said he trusts you and maybe there is  a small part of him that knows you can turn around the damage and keep the kid off going down the path he took” My back began to ache and my mind was swimming with concerns. Bruce opened his mouth like he was going to continue talking but I  stopped him. “I need to go lay down. This is a lot to process” Without waiting his answer I left allowing myself to crash into the fluffy blankets. Bruce followed closely behind me quietly closing the bedroom door. “He can’t hurt you Y/n I will do ever-” I cut him off not wanting to continue on with the conversation. “Bruce please” 

He walked over to my side bending down to connect his lips with mine. I pulled him onto the bed wanting to feel his warmth. I knew that Bruce would never let anything happen to me. He pulled away momentarily whispering. “I’m sorry I never wanted to drag you into this mess” I smiled stopping him from continuing on only to devour himself with guilt. “Don’t be Bruce. I knew that by marrying Batman things were bound to get a little sticky sometimes.” He smiled so happily I felt my heart shutter. Quickly he pulled the blankets over our heads and began kissing my neck then my jaw until he found his way to my lips. 

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It’s really, really riveting, and it goes through various rich chapters of being responsive to a very daunting force, that new force that is a part of our new normal. It’s the idea of how they start choosing to respond to this threat that makes for some really fantastic drama. So I think there’s just a really riveting second half to the season in terms of we’re rising up, but what does that look like? And how the heck are we going to do that? It’s great to be a team again, but we’re dealing with the biggest threat we’ve ever dealt with, and so our tactics have to be different.
—  Danai Gurira on what we should expect from the second half of Season 7 (x)

Reader X Tommy Shelby

(GIFs not mine, credit goes to the creators)

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

A/N - I’m thinking of making a part two of this, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Tommy anxiously paced up and down his rented London apartment smoking his cigarette like a train. Five hours straight he spent searching the streets of London for you but to no avail. You had been there this morning but your demeanour was different, you were quieter and not as cheerful as normal. Not knowing what to do, Tommy rang Polly hoping that she’d know anything about your whereabouts.

“Poll it’s Tommy, have you heard from (Y/N)? I can’t find her, I left to do some business this morning and when I came back she was gone. I’ve searched everywhere.” Tommy stressed down the phone.

“Your wife’s here and safe Tommy, from what I hear you’ve got some bloody explaining to do, not just to (Y/N) but to all of us.” Polly snapped down the phone.

“What the fuck is going on?!? Put my wife on Polly.” Tommy snapped back.

You were emotionally spent as you walked through the door of the Shelby home, you had been crying on the way back for the past five hours straight.

“(Y/N) I didn’t think you were back until tomorrow, where’s Tommy?” Polly asked as she made her way towards you before noticing your tear tracked face.

“He’s still in London.” You said quietly as you dropped your bags on the floor.

“Have you been crying? Polly continued as if she hadn’t heard you.

"He lied to me Polly, he fucking lied to me.” You stated weakly as Polly pulled you into the kitchen.

“You need to tell me everything.” Polly demanded while gently pushing you onto a chair.

“Tommy told me we were going to spend a few days in London, y'know go for dinner and explore a little. He said he needed to tie up a few loose ends to some business deal while he was there but it wouldn’t take long. So while he was out ‘tying up loose ends’ a man called Campbell came round asking for him. When I introduced myself as Tommy’s wife he laughed and asked if I knew about his little rendezvous’ with that pretty little barmaid Grace. He said he was surprised Tommy was married because Grace is the only one he’s willing to protect. I don’t know what to make of this Poll. Does this mean he’s cheating on me? You said as you began to cry.

"Darlin’ I’m just as clueless as you are.” Polly sighed as she affectionately rubbed your hand.

A few moments later the phone in the office phone rang making Polly leave the room to answer it. You knew it was Tommy and you knew he’d be frantic - after all you left without a word.

“It’s Tommy, he wants to speak to you.” Polly said as she poked her head around the corner.

You had thought about refusing to talk to him but you knew you’d need to at some point.

“Tommy.” You answered almost emotionlessly.

“I was fuckin’ worried sick wondering where you were, what’s going on?” Tommy questioned.

“What’s going on between you and Grace?” You demanded choosing to ignore his previous question.

“Ah shit.” He exclaimed, taking a deep breath before he continued. “She got herself into some trouble with the wrong type of people so I’m helping her out.”

“You’re cheating on me aren’t you? Your voice cracked as you asked the dreaded question.

"What? No! It’s not like that (Y/N).”

“Then why didn’t you tell me then if it’s all as innocent as you’re making it out to be.” You cried.

“Because I knew you’d react like this.” Tommy countered.

“Fuck you Tommy Shelby!” You screamed slamming the ear piece down before dropping to the floor in tears. You loved him there was no question but could you really trust him.

Random headcanon

When Danny first became half ghost, I think that he wasn’t sure whether he was dead or not. Half-ghost being such a contradiction and all, Danny would have also not considered it a possibility until he figured it out for himself. He might not have figured it out until later, when he started encountering other ghosts and he realized that he was different. With his powers being really unstable, he’d have been wreck trying to keep himself human and normal. What does it mean for him, in those first couple months, when he can’t succeed?

I think this also explains why he didn’t come straight to his parents for help right from the beginning- what if he /is/ dead? He already knows how much his parents hate ghosts. Imagine, after the accident, Danny hearing and really /listening/, with newly sensitive ears, to his parents go on and on about hunting ghosts and what their weapons do and what they’d do to ghosts if they had one in captivity. Danny being positive that telling his parents ‘btw I died a week ago and now I’m a ghost’ would not go over well. His parents would definitely have experimented on him, if not just because he’s a ghost, but to try to figure him out and 'fix’ him.

Just… imagine Danny, in ghost form, clutching at his chest, feeling for his heartbeat and chanting to himself that he’s still alive, but he’s not sure that he believes himself.

MonstaX Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being Different From The Typical Korean Girl

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Shownu: *he’s also different than the normal korean guy so he understands how she feels*

Wonho: as long you’re mine it doesn’t matter whether you’re different or not

Minhyuk: so what if you’re different? you’re mine!

Kihyun: *doesn’t care if she’s different and laughs whenever someone brings up how she ‘doesn’t fit in’*

Hyungwon: but why does you being different matter? 

Jooheon: You may not fit in but you fit in my heart~

Changkyun: but you’re amazing why would you ever want to fit in?

Her Betrothed

For @jonxsansafanfiction Day 13: The proposal/engagement. A quickie one as I’m hoping to complete the challenge on time. Sorry not much Jonsa but will continue this on AO3 when I find the time!


Why do you look like that Sansa?“ Rickon looked up at his oldest sister as she sat on the bench next to Mother and Arya. She had a new braid that looked different from what she normally wore.

"She’s going to meet her Prince soon, Rickon, like the stories Old Nan used to tell. And she has to look right for him, ” Bran explained as both of them played with their wooden horses on the stone floor. Sansa sighed and looked at Catelyn brushing Arya’s wiry hair. Arya looked like she had rather be out playing with wooden swords with the stable boys than sit inside and be groomed.

“Isn’t it too soon, Mother? I haven’t been to anywhere yet. Why must I go to King’s Landing? Can’t I stay a little longer?” Sansa started to object, her hands on her lap fidgeting and twisting her handkerchief. Sansa didn’t want to leave Winterfell. It was home.

Catelyn placed down her brush and looked at her flame haired daughter. True, she was only a child, she had wished for a different life for her, a life full of love and adventures. Alas, being a high born lady of an ancient noble house came with its duties. Catelyn knew it well. Duty was the reason she had married Ned. All she prayed to the Seven was for Sansa to be married to, well loved and looked after by someone like Ned. It was as if she had looked into a mirror and saw her young self.

“Why do you have to go King’s Landing anyway? Sounds so boring,” Arya interjected, frowning at Sansa.

“Hush now, the capital isn’t so bad. You will live there with your husband soon, the King’s grandson. Soon it will be him to ascend the Throne. ”

“I have no desire to be Queen, mother. Why can’t he come live with us here in Winterfell? After all, he is a Stark too isn’t he?” Sansa reasoned with her mother. She had never met Jon. She didn’t even know the Targaryens and the Starks were joined previously until Maester Luwin had told the Stark children of a time when her father’s cousin Lyanna Stark and her husband Rhaegar Targaryen came visiting the North after their royal wedding. It was only proper for Rhaegar to be well acquainted with the various noble houses of Westeros. He would be the new royal in line to succeed his father and current king, King Aerys.

“Oh my lovely girl, if only it was that simple,” Catelyn smiled lovingly at Sansa, charmed by her wide eyed innocence. Her heart broke a little seeing her daughter leave the only home she had known and setting off so far away from her. But she had some consolation, knowing that Jon was a Stark too.

She didn’t understand the ancient Targaryen practice of marrying siblings, and though Rhaegar had broke tradition, King Aerys had wished and ordered for the North and South to be forever joined in the form of a marriage alliance and came knocking on Ned and Catelyn’s gates. As Jon was the only child, there were no sisters he could marry. Aerys had insisted in keeping it within the family. There was only one clear choice and Ned had good faith in the match he had made for Jon and Sansa. Catelyn had little say, knowing if it wasn’t Jon, it would be the Lord of some other house. Again history would be made within the Stark Targaryen household. If Jon was anything like his father, Catelyn would be at ease, having witnessed how fiercely he loved Lyanna.

A fortnight had passed and the time had come when the walls of Winterfell rang with the news of Prince Jon Targaryen and his entire entourage visiting his bride to be. Sansa was so nervous she had not been able to eat since the morning. Her siblings had all but teased her and Catelyn scurrying about making sure everything was perfect instead of tending to her just made Sansa miserable. After Jon’s visit, it would be only a week more for her in Winterfell and she would be off to King’s Landing. Sansa wished she had spent more time at the Godswoods, praying her heart out. Prayed for a good husband in Jon, that he would have a kind heart and grow to love her. Be gentle, brave and strong as Father had once promised her match would one day be.

Sansa shut her eyes and took deep breaths as her hand maids fussed over her hair and dress. A knock on the door jolted her. Ned peeked in and smiled, asking to come in to speak with his daughter.


“My lovely girl, you look so.. Grown up. Absolutely beautiful. You’ll be a woman soon. Sansa, I know this must be difficult for you, it is heartbreaking for your mother and me too. To let you go and be with another family and soon start your own. Remember when I told you I promised to make you a match with someone worthy of you? Jon is a good boy. He’ll make a good king one day. I believe in him that he’ll be a good husband to you too. Besides, it gives me comfort he is a Stark. Well at least a part of him is. You will be looked after. If not, well he knows who he has to answer to,” Ned cooed and assured Sansa, probably the final time he would address her as his daughter. Sansa couldn’t resist but smile. How she had wished she would marry someone like her father, who was protective, loving and kind. If her father said Jon was such, then she would believe it to be true. Ned pressed his lips on her forehead, he would never have this chance again and tried hard to fight back tears.

Sansa wrapped her arms around him and then watched as he left her chambers. Then the horn sounded, signalled the young Prince was near. Sansa’s breath got caught in her chest. Suddenly it was all real to her, she was leaving her beloved home in a week’s time. She wasn’t ready. The maids helped her up in the dress, as she stepped out to wait for her betrothed.

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Was Eric closer to his mother than his father? Why would he crave affection if his mother demonstrated affection to him. I mean from reading different people talk about Eric's mother she seems like a very sensitive person that loves her son. from his father i do get that there was little affection shown. Also what do you think was the reason Eric punched a wall?

Eric was definitely closer to his mother than to his father. When he failed to get a date to the prom and was disappointed over that, he confided in her that “sometimes being a teenager really sucks”. She related that she felt sorry for him, which I believe is a pretty normal response. I think that Eric could vocalise some of what he was feeling around his mother, but I also have the impression that his mother didn’t always know how to handle that constructively. When she was confronted with the excesses of Eric’s anger, as with the fight he had with Brooks, she first didn’t really seem to believe it before she had an emotional reaction (her eyes welled up with tears) to the whole thing. Judy Brown remembers Eric’s mom as “very sweet, a very nice lady” who was willing to listen to them and discuss the matter far more than Eric’s dad was.

Yet, it seems to me that her emotional response to this wasn’t out of the ordinary and that she would sooner cry over what her son did (and cry with/for him if he was feeling bad) than give him a stern talking-to and/or really hear him out and give him good advice. I have the impression that Eric’s mom was very sensitive, but that this sensitivity didn’t always serve her well in her relationship with Eric. I do feel she was caring and affectionate, but I don’t see any indications that she was the ‘tough love’ kind of mom that I feel Eric needed at times. If she always reacted to Eric’s problems by getting emotional herself, it might have made Eric feel like he needed to support his mom rather than have her support him. He might even feel bad that he was making his mom feel bad, which isn’t a constructive kind of relationship for a child to have with their parent. I have a hunch that Eric bottled up quite a bit of his feelings around both of his parents for different reasons. The reason for keeping them from his mom would mostly be that he didn’t want to burden her with bad feelings or any kind of concern over him.

Eric craved affection and a sense of belonging primarily because he didn’t feel like he had a space in which he could really be himself and express himself safely and wholly. He needed to be made to feel like he was not a burden, but he also needed someone who could sit down with him and help him figure out how to handle what he was feeling. While I have no doubt that his mom was emotionally available to him, I don’t feel as though she was capable of being that support for him to really lean on in the way Eric needed. It’s like she loved him and cared for him a great deal, but it also seems to me like she didn’t know how to handle Eric’s emotional excesses. I feel like it gave him the sense that those emotions were somehow wrong or not appropriate to have, or that by having them he would only make other people he cared about feel bad. It’s hard to explain how I see their relationship and I hope it comes across the way I intend it to, but my original thought that Eric only experienced conditional love still stands. 

As for why he punched a wall.. He was treated for a hand injury back in November 1995, but we don’t really know if this was related to him punching a wall. His parents stated that he never did it at home, but had done it at school/work. They also stated that he seemed to suppress his anger until he blew up, which led to him hitting something or lashing out verbally. Eric also mentioned it himself, which I made a small post about a while ago. It seems very likely to me that the wall-punching was his way of releasing the huge emotional build-up that was going on inside of him. One of my own exes used to do that too – he always claimed that it helped him ‘come down’ from the rage faster and that the pain from punching the wall (or the act of destroying something else) kind of snapped him out of ‘seeing red’. It’s like all that energy from the anger has to go somewhere and be externalised into physical reality somehow.

It’s Not Easy

Request: Can you do an imagine where Shawn has a hard time telling y/n that he has feelings for y/n? PLEASE and thank you 💖💖

a/n; awkward/not sure what to do Shawn is my fav

Word Count: 587

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Hey.” I smiled opening the door to let Shawn in, it’s our normal movie night, we do it to make sure we spend time together when he’s home. “Hey.” He responded, walking in, totally trying not to look me in the eyes. I furrowed my eyebrows as I shut the door, thinking to myself about why he’s acting differently. 

“How are you?” I asked him from the kitchen as I grabbed our snacks and drinks. “Good, you?” He responded, I could picture the small smile that would be on his face. “Pretty good.” I answered with a shrug, even though he couldn’t see it. 

“Here.” I mumbled handing him the popcorn as I sat down, “thanks.” His voice came out softly. I sat next to him, like always, except only this time to have him slide away. I raised an eyebrow at him as the movie loaded. “I don’t feel to good, so I just don’t want to get you sick.” He lied, I could tell, he once again wouldn’t look at me as he spoke, but I let it go. “Oh, okay.” I answered, I guess I’ll just curl up into the corner of the couch, by myself. 


I felt something be placed on top of me, Harry Potter still playing in the background. I didn’t move waiting to see what Shawn would do, I felt him push some hair off of my forehead before kissing it softly, I had to force myself not to smile. I felt him sit back down on the couch, my feet sinking down from the weight of him. 

I rolled over, having a better view of him, without him seeing that I’m looking at him, he assumed I was just moving around in my sleep. I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to see him watching the movie intently, as if he’s never seen it before. I felt my heart flutter as he smiled at the TV, I decided I had enough of faking being asleep and I sat up, making him look at me. 

“Well hello sleepyhead.” He joked, only glancing at me for a second. I sighed, although still smiling. “Shawn,” I paused waiting for him to look at me, he paused the movie turning his attention to me, “why are you acting so weird?” I asked, referring to earlier when he wouldn’t look at me. 

“I’m not.” He said, even though his voice betrayed him with it’s questioning tone. I gently kicked his thigh with my foot, “now the truth please.” I sighed, moving over to be closer to him. I felt my breathing hitch as he looked me in the eyes. “I can’t tell you.” He mumbled, picking at his nails and looking away from me. “Shawn.” I said, gently turning his face towards me, “you can tell me anything, you know that.” I assured him, he gave in and smiled a little bit. 

“I like you.” Is all he said before his face turned red, I smiled. “I like you too.” I responded, he shook his head. “I mean I like you.” He told me, emphasizing the word like. I laughed under my breath, “I like you too.” I responded, doing the same thing as him. “Come on, you don’t actually think I was sleeping when you kissed my forehead?” I teased, he let out a sigh of relief. I took the remote from his hand and hit play before leaning into his side, content with spending the rest of the night like this.