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On Betas and Magic

There’s this magical thing that happens when you’re a verbal processor like I am. I get stuck on a chapter, have a vague sense of where I want to go with it, but am really struggling with how to get from A to B in a way that’s believable yet interesting. So I enlist one of my betas (I have the finest betas in the land, for the record) to help me brainstorm through it, and some magic of cooperative energy happens. And I think half of it is their stellar insight and ideas, and the other half is their good questions and listening ear that help me sort it out by virtue of having someone with whom I can process. And all this is on top of the proof-reading, the objective eye, the differing perspectives that help me get out of my head so I can find out how the story works to anyone but myself before it goes public.

If you don’t use a beta, I highly recommend it! I didn’t used to, and I’m so much better off now for having them. And even if you don’t feel the need to have your work pre-screened, you should at least have someone with whom you can brainstorm your story throughout its conception. No one is an island! :)

Things I noticed I do with shy guys:

Females hoods have a longer point

Masks tend not to be round, I add a ‘cheek’ to make it look more like a human face

Shy guys wear masks, yet I make different expressions for their eyes/mouths

Shy guys don’t have visible pupils, but I add them with my style


I never go with the weird tunic-like clothes shy guys normally have when making General, Anti, Bandit, or other significant shy guys

Blushes??? On a mask???

anonymous asked:

Could you do a react to sole having two, different colored eyes? Thanks! Luv ya!

Love you too, anon!

Cait: “Did I drink too much? Yer’ eyes are…I dunno’.”

Curie: “Oh Sir/Madam your eyes are fantastique! It is called heterochromia, no?”

Danse: “Soldier…You may want to get examined for radiation poisoning.”

Deacon: “Hey, we match! Well, your blue eye matches mine anyways.”

Hancock: “Man that’s trippy. But come to think of it, mine used to look like that too.”

MacCready: “Boss, that is wicked cool!”

Nick: “You know, you’re not the first I’ve seen with eyes like that. Or maybe it is, I’m pretty sure I’m thinking of someone whose gal gave them a black eye.”

Piper: “Blue, you are just all sorts of interesting.”

Preston: “General, you’re a wonder of the Commonwealth.”

X6-88: “Your eyes…They are peculiar yet interesting.”

me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

or in which lance is the best Sharpshooter and his boyfriend is rightfully absolutely smitten

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

A girl who loves her people, and a girl who loves the sea! 

Papercraft Moana! This was such a great movie; I spent most of it with my hands pressed over my mouth in sheer awe of how beautiful everything was - the visuals and the music and the message. Amazing.

She’s for sale, my lovelies! Send me an ask or use the chat feature if you’re interested!


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