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Overview: Brianna has a major toothache, but a severe fear of the dentist. Can Evie help her overcome this fear? 

Warnings: Dentists, swearing

Words: 1,677

A/N: I’m trying my hand out at a personalized imagine, so depending on how well this goes I’ll see if I can make this a regular thing! I might stick with reader inserts though! Lol, and can I say I relate to the fear of the dentist on a personal level? Haha!

You never really think much of your teeth until they start feeling like it’s their sole mission in life to hurt you. Well, that’s at least how it was for Brianna. 

“Mal, pass me the blue paint,” Brianna said as she worked on blending a couple colors together. Painting was her way of bonding with her older sister in Auradon because it wasn’t like she was able to go around stealing candy from babies like they did on the Isle. Mal nodded, tossing the paint towards her sister and brushing her dark purple hair out of her face. 

“What is it that you’re painting?” Mal asked curiously as she finished up her painting, it just being a portrait of Belle and Adam she was making for their wedding anniversary. 

“Well, I always thought-oh shit,” Brianna said, dropping the paint brush and gripping her cheek, biting her lip and whimpering some. Her tooth had recently started bothering her on and off, and the pain only seemed to be getting worse. 

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