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The Closet Incident- Josh Pieters Request

A/N: Hi guys! Thanks for all the requests, keep sending them my way! This is one for @joshpleters! Thanks for the great request! 

Summary: Josh and y/n are at an event and y/n has a wardrobe malfunction. (Sorry it’s a female reader, I can convert it into gender neutral if asked)

Josh and y/n had been dating for almost a year now and Josh had brought y/n to many different events, whether it be the premier of his short film, his improve nights at various renowned comedy clubs or just YouTube events like VidCon. But this time was different… y/n was feeling more bold than usual and decided to wear a floor length dress with a slit up the leg to Joe’s movie premier of Username: Evie. She was ready for everything to be wonderful and not have to deal with all of the issues of her self conscious nature, but Murphy’s law got in the way again. 

Stepping out of the limo her heel caught the long skirt, Josh caught her but a loud riiiiippp sound fell upon all too knowing ears. Y/n kept her smile on and played it off. Josh, the only one looking at her from the side saw that the already scandalous slit was now almost inappropriate, especially by y/n’s standards. He quickly played to the brisk London air and took off his blazer and wrapped it around y/n. She was just short enough that the blazer covered her rump and most of her thighs. She continued to smile and laugh with the ginger, but also raised an eye brow as to ask if the dress was as much of a casualty as she thought. He pulled his lips to the side and acted casual but still hinted at the fact that she’d definitely need to deal with the situation. They hurried inside and y/n quickly pulled Josh into a coat closet. 

“What are we going to do?” she fretted, turning in a circle to survey the damage. 

“Listen, there are three options: 1. you wear by blazer, which is cute on you by the way; 2. you can find a sewing kit or some tape and fix it; 3. screw it all and be a little scandalous for a night. You’re sexy, y/n. Don’t doubt yourself,” Josh mused. 

“Okay… going with option 1, but option 3 will probably happen anyways.”

“Okay.” Josh wrapped his blazer a bit tighter around y/n’s shoulders and kissed her forehead. “Let’s do this!”