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2017 Positivity FTW

Hey there, OUAT fandom! Feeling confused and anxious about the upcoming season? You might have noticed that I have been … so now seems as good a time as any to focus on some positivity. In my experience the best way to fight bad feelings is to focus on good ones.

Or maybe you are already really excited about the new season and just want to see more positivity on your dash?

Let’s focus on the things we love … this Friday, July 28 marks ten weeks to go until the Season 7 premier … so this year, my Positivity Project is going to focus on theme days! 

How is this going to work?

Every day of the week will have a different theme and in the ten weeks ahead of us let’s celebrate that theme! You can post anything you want pics, gifs, metas, fic, fanart … or just us the gif search to find all the things that you love and post them!

  • Fridays - Friendships - brOTPs if you will … friendship plays such an important role in the show, let’s celebrate the friendships that we love!
  • Saturdays - Villains - So many villains have tried to mess with Storybrooke - what villains did you love … or just love to hate?
  • Sundays - Families - the show has really explored what family means and how flexible the definition can be, tell us which ones warm your heart
  • Mondays - Cast Events - Six seasons and counting have given us lots of different events - conventions, premieres, interviews - let’s get nostalgic for our favorite events!
  • Tuesdays - Kisses - There have been a LOT of kisses on this show but which ones will forever make you weak in the knees?
  • Wednesdays - I see you, Disney - Hidden Mickeys, lines from a song, movie costumes … what was your favorite Disney reference?
  • Thursdays - Hero Moments - Admit it, when the hero gets their big moment on this show it can be incredibly inspiring. What moments had you cheering on your fave?

I’m in need of a big dose of positivity so please, spread the word! I love it when people from all parts of the fandom can get involved! I want to spread the positive vibes as much as I can and leave the negativity in the past.

I’ll be reblogging many of the posts for this project so please use the tag #ouatpositivity17 so I can find them!

Feminist Fight ongoing as I see them from the time of the Suffragettes

First Fight - to be recognized as a Person not as property
2nd Fight - to be educated as males were
3rd Fight - To be seen as capable to work outside the house - to move into fields
that were dominated by men
4th Fight - to be paid the same as the male for the same work
5th Fight - for respect, to not allow ourselves to be disrepected, to be sexually objectified - to know our own true worth, to not belittle our own accomplishments

The 5th point is where I believe you have let down the women of this amazing fandom, you gave them an image and then your actions say differently. Running from your own premiere to be at his event says you believe his accomplishments are more important than yours, advertising on your social media that his show the best thing to happen this year again belittling your work, attending all the events that are important to him but not seeing him at yours, are they not as important. Now we come to how you have allowed yourself to be treated by this person in your life. GG, yelling to have you come running to the car (My Husband’s head would be in his hands),Bafta awards and you on crutches, leaves you to your own devises ( again my Husband would lose body parts or even it was someone I was dating),now we come to Italy, where you allowed someone to be so disrepectful to you in a public place (again everyone is focused on the fact that supposedly your privacy was invaded, I have my doubts these pictures look staged in many cases and you knew) If someone did this to me, some body parts would definetlyhave been handed to them and I am no prude to old for that.

I’ m not angry for me because for me this fandom is not about you it is about the talented people who give me joy through their stories and their artwork etc. I am angry because you have let them down.

fizzy-custard  asked:

Dialogue prompt: "What if I do this?" and "People are staring" with Tom Hiddleston.

You hid your relationship the best that you could, from everybody. Not even your own mother knew about you and Tom. You both wanted to keep it quiet until filming had wrapped up and all events regarding it were over.

That’s not to say that it was easy. There were many times that you wanted to just jump in to his arms and kiss him, as if air was not important. What made matters worse was that he knew it. He knew all too well how much you wanted to devour him, not caring for the place you were in or the people who could see. He knew it and he played on it!

Tom, the master of playing coy, would sidle up beside you, any chance that he got just to touch you. He would let his fingertips dance over the small of your back as photos were being taken, making you shiver and force a simple smile. All the while he would just stand next to you, looking as if nothing had happened.

The press event for your latest film was no different. It was the premier for a crime thriller you had both starred in and you were walking the red carpet. You did your best to adjust to the constant flashing. You also allowed your ears to get used to the calls and screams. You struggled with these events as you had not attended many. Tom, however, looked cool as a breeze. He smiled, charming as ever, for the camera and answered any question thrown his way.

Finally you were both brought together, meeting near the entrance to the theatre. He took one look at you and chuckled. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him. Sweetly, he kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear.

“Are you okay? You look terrified.”

“I am! There are too many lights, people and too much noise.” You uttered back through a smile, put on for the cameras.

“Well, what if I do this?

You then jumped, almost a mile in the air as you felt him place a kiss behind your ear, just on the spot that made you melt. You bit your lip and looked around, checking if anyone could see.

“Tom!” You hushed a warning.

“Just another one, this way!” A cameraman called out to you both.

You turned to face them and gladly posed for yet another photo. Tom’s arm was still lovingly draped around your waist. Again, he leaned in and whispered in your ear.

“You look absolutely stunning. I could just ravish you, right here. Right. Now.” His breath was hot on your skin causing you to shiver once again.

You steeled your spine and playfully slapped him on the arm. Batting him away.

“Stop it! People are staring!

To that he said nothing, laughing and offering his most charming smile. He then turned you towards the theatre doors, leading you inside. Oh, it was going to be a long night.

The Closet Incident- Josh Pieters Request

A/N: Hi guys! Thanks for all the requests, keep sending them my way! This is one for @joshpleters! Thanks for the great request! 

Summary: Josh and y/n are at an event and y/n has a wardrobe malfunction. (Sorry it’s a female reader, I can convert it into gender neutral if asked)

Josh and y/n had been dating for almost a year now and Josh had brought y/n to many different events, whether it be the premier of his short film, his improve nights at various renowned comedy clubs or just YouTube events like VidCon. But this time was different… y/n was feeling more bold than usual and decided to wear a floor length dress with a slit up the leg to Joe’s movie premier of Username: Evie. She was ready for everything to be wonderful and not have to deal with all of the issues of her self conscious nature, but Murphy’s law got in the way again. 

Stepping out of the limo her heel caught the long skirt, Josh caught her but a loud riiiiippp sound fell upon all too knowing ears. Y/n kept her smile on and played it off. Josh, the only one looking at her from the side saw that the already scandalous slit was now almost inappropriate, especially by y/n’s standards. He quickly played to the brisk London air and took off his blazer and wrapped it around y/n. She was just short enough that the blazer covered her rump and most of her thighs. She continued to smile and laugh with the ginger, but also raised an eye brow as to ask if the dress was as much of a casualty as she thought. He pulled his lips to the side and acted casual but still hinted at the fact that she’d definitely need to deal with the situation. They hurried inside and y/n quickly pulled Josh into a coat closet. 

“What are we going to do?” she fretted, turning in a circle to survey the damage. 

“Listen, there are three options: 1. you wear by blazer, which is cute on you by the way; 2. you can find a sewing kit or some tape and fix it; 3. screw it all and be a little scandalous for a night. You’re sexy, y/n. Don’t doubt yourself,” Josh mused. 

“Okay… going with option 1, but option 3 will probably happen anyways.”

“Okay.” Josh wrapped his blazer a bit tighter around y/n’s shoulders and kissed her forehead. “Let’s do this!”