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This question is for mun, where do u get inspiration for Arthur's outfits or do you reference them? I love how it's always different, and creative!

(( Aah thank you! I don’t really use references, I studied different dress shapes a while ago, and the patterns are just things that I think I would like to wear, ha. Thanks for the compliment, designing Arthur’s outfit is one of my favorite parts about answering an ask, really. ))

WOMEN: Have you fallen into the trap of thinking you can wear whatever shoes you want, without thinking of how those shoes make you look for all the men? Well, here’s Philip to put you right.

You’re welcome.

Summer Outfits for the Apple Shape 🍎

 I have to take back what I said last week.

It looks like the English summer is already over, maybe the next post should be about Halloween costumes.

Nonetheless, the temperatures should rise next week and I wanted to make sure apple shaped girls won’t be caught unprepared be the warm weather!

Different Dresses for the Same Shape:

Unlike pear shaped girls, the legs are one of your strengths and I would highly recommend apple shaped one to wear dresses!

Obviously, not all the dresses help to hide the not-defined waistline and depending on the size of your chest and bra, you could either choose on dress type or the other.

The apple woman usually has a full chest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will have big breasts -they may need a big bra size but not big bra cups.

So, for those with small breasts, the best choices are the A-line dress and the shift dress. A shift dress looks like a straight tunic and will help to hide the waist and elongate the top part of the body.

I would suggest going for breathable and soft fabrics – so nothing too tight and “wrapping” - and a mid-thigh length.

Yumi, £45 - Tommy Hilfiger, £95 - Hobbs, £149.
The first one, being a striped dress, will elongate the silhouette even more.

For the girls who have more breasts, the solution is an empire dress.

Empire dresses are tighter just under the chest, which is the narrowest point of the apple shaped girls, and fall down straight, like shift dresses.

Instead, the girls with a fuller chest and a belly that sticks out a bit (remember that apple shaped girls tend to put on weight in this area) will look amazing wearing dresses that are slightly tighter on the waistline, in order to make the stomach look smaller.

Wrap dresses and peplum dresses (I know, so 2013! But it’ll look amazing on you, trust me) are good choices, as any soft dresses that have a little belt or a ribbon on the waistline.

Empire dress: Miss Selfridges, £85;

Wrap Dresses: Topshop Petite, £39 - French Connection, £60.

Dresses aside, as we said the legs are one of the strengths of apple shaped girls, so why not show them with a pair of shorts?
Forget the high waisted ones and focus on more classic cuts and soft fabrics.

H&M, £14,99 - Zara, 19,99 - Banana Republic, £56,24

I’m sure you’ll find most of the garments in these article on sale, so happy shopping apples! 

The Adventurer

[This is part 3 of a series called The Keeper. Part 2 (The Curious)]

Prompt: I don’t have a story but can I suggest a personality for the reader? So, the reader is/was sheltered all their life and have literally no common sense at all. They’re out of tune with their emotions (they can’t identify an emotion they’re feeling) and if someone close to them died, they wouldn’t care. They desperately want to care, but can’t. They can still make jokes but only because they observed humans (e.g. on TV).

Word count: 2,628

Warnings: fluffy mcfluff fluff.

Author’s Note: And the guessing is over! It’s an hour late, I know, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to finish it, so there you go! I had fun writing this—let me know what you think?

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