different but same background color

I’m torn between hating this and loving it…

Bilbo giving you some attitude.

(and also 0.5 seconds away from flipping his middle finger : P)

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How does the edit process usually go for you? I like editing too but if I spend an hour editing something, I spend a whole day hating the little flaws I can find in it...

That’s basically the most relatable statement I’ve ever read.

I spend minutes staring at my edits (after posting them) and calculating all the things I could have done different ;;; It’s not about confidence, it’s more about wanting to do better I think? :)

As for the process itself, I usually just do things on a whim. I just put things together randomly and if I think it’s good enough, I post them. I usually make 3-5 completely different versions of the same edits though. (Like a combination of different colors, doodles, backgrounds, effects) It’s the same as taking multiple selfies and posting the best out of them ;;; It does take more time than I would originally plan, but it’s usually worth it. Though at times I’m like “I shouldn’t have posted this version. I should have posted the other one.” And that’s the self judging stage I mentioned above ;;


  • Andre Braugher is a straight man playing a gay character. He benefits from our lives and narratives. He benefits from us. It’s important to be aware of that.
  • Captain Holt is wonderful representation. He defies stereotypes and is not defined by his sexuality. He just happens to be gay. However, he is the only queer main character. We all acknowledge that having multiple characters of color from different backgrounds is important, the same thing applies to queer characters.
  • Stephanie Beatriz tweeting that Rosa dates “whoever turns her on the most,” in response to whether or not Rosa would date a woman grossly sexualizes wlw identities. It’s not just about sex.
  • Just because I can head canon these characters as queer doesn’t mean the writers and producers are intending that, or that they would be okay with it, and they should not get points for leaving it up to interpretation because we don’t know if that was intentional, or just a symptom of heteronormativity. 
  • In the episode, “Captain Peralta” in season two, Gina used the word “asexual” as a derogatory term against Amy and Terry. As an ace person, that line was really upsetting to me, and I don’t think it should be ignored
  • EDIT: Holt and Gina have both talked about lesbians insultingly or said someone “looks like a lesbian” as an insult. (thanks bisexualinetti)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s an amazing show, and it’s leagues ahead of most other mainstream shows, especially sitcoms. But it’s not perfect and we need to stop putting it on a pedestal.

If you’re a straight ally, please reblog this.


Pastel-ish Joshua Icons 

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I love your work very much and it's very nice that you spend time with answering so many questions. I have a question, too: How do you work with the acrylic inks? Do you have a palette or do you mix colors on the paper? Do you throw the inks in little containers or do you use the inks from the containers directly? Thanks for your answer! Jorin

Hi Jorin! 90% of the time I mix colors directly on the painting. Colors are defined by neighboring colors– a blue mixed on a grey palette will look different when placed on the page next to bright orange. So I see little sense in mixing colors on a palette when they’ll be influenced and changed by colors on the page. 

Above is an example of the “color in context” optical illusion: the x’s are the same color, but appear to be different shades when the background color changes. 

And yes, I dip my brushes directly into the ink pots. After several uses the colors gradually become muddy. Luckily, the jars don’t hold much liquid, so by the time the color has changed I am usually ready to open a fresh one. Alternatively, I’ll use the jar’s cap to hold a teaspoon of ink and dip into that. If the color stays clean, I’ll pour the ink back into its bottle.