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While watching the bloopers from the Antisepticeye video, I couldn’t stop thinking of the original (edited) one!

So I took some parts from the original video (from the bloopers) and from the “edited” video and put them together so you can see the difference between them! Again great job to both of you @pixlpit and @therealjacksepticeye !

cell phones are a necessity in our society today. they literally keep people their jobs, saying one should choose between a cell phone and healthcare is not only a gross underestimation of how much healthcare costs, but it’s a gross underestimation of how integral cellphones are to our society. 

Having a cellphone can be the difference between having a job or not. You can’t afford shit without a job my pals.

Outside of images that the Care Bears would find insipid, “Money can’t buy happiness” is what middle-class people tell each other when someone is trying to decide between two different jobs. “I make 70k right now and the new gig only plays 60k, so I wouldn’t be able to travel as much. But I’d have more free time to play Ultimate, the benefits are better, and there’s no way my new manager could be any worse than my current one.” That’s an important decision to the person making it, but they’re debating between two different kinds of comfort. It’s safely assumed that the money they will need to exist will always be there. It would be nice to have more – to be able to go to more restaurants or to justify buying a second Roomba because deep down you know that the first one is lonely – but there’s always enough to keep the lights on and the kitchen stocked.

You may have seen the study that claimed $70,000 a year is the ideal salary – after that, more money generally doesn’t make you happier. Well, that’s great news for people hovering around that benchmark, but if you’re poor, more money will abso-fucking-lutely make you happier. More money means healthier food, or a chance to get out of the house and have some fun. It can mean knowing the rent is paid for next month, or being able to afford medication.

The middle class isn’t immune to money problems, especially if there are kids in the mix. Getting laid off at the wrong time sucks, no matter what your income is. But the middle-class people with money problems I’ve known were generally suffering from self-inflicted wounds. They had no savings because they wanted the new car or the luxury vacation. They wanted one of those experiences they were constantly told was more important than money, because the money for day-to-day necessities was always there, right up until it wasn’t.

5 Ways The Middle Class Is Taught To Despise The Poor

Feuilly who has a really cool ginger afro that he’s super proud of. He and Enj bonded over having unconventionally coloured afros the first time they met. 

Feuilly who, for ease of flitting between different jobs that require different levels of modesty and manual labour (and being hired bc ~~racism~~), usually has cornrows.

Feuilly we suddenly gets a whole two months off and takes out his cornrows for the first time since joining Les Amis

Feuilly walking into the Musain super proud and smiley because he loves is hair.

Everyone complimenting him on how amazing his hair looks.

Bahorel running his hands through Feuilly’s hair WAY TOO MUCH because he loves it and he can’t stop himself. 

Feuilly feeling really sad when the two months draw to a close.

Feuilly deciding that it’s 2017 and fuck his employers and from then on just tying it back instead. 

Hands of an Artist, Lips of an Angel

Part 2/3

Summary: “You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup, so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I want to kiss you so badly.” Killian is an actor and Emma is his makeup artist.

Notes: Okay, so I was talked into writing another chapter, and now there will be a third part as well : )

Read: Part 1


Emma was nervous. And not the type of nervous that patients got before a doctor’s appointment or a student got before a big test. She wasn’t afraid of failure, not really. She has always been confident in everything she did. Because she always loved what she did. Four years ago she was just an artist with a dream and had a passion to fulfill that dream. That all changed after she went to school. Thanks to the eight-week advanced makeup application course she took, she gained an edge over other artists; learning the differences between the types of jobs and techniques involved, and learning how to work with different lighting, camera angles and scripts as a professional makeup artist.

Then, after she moved to Vancouver, getting offered the job as Robbie Gold’s makeup artist was a blessing. She had watched ‘The Lost Boys’ since it aired, so getting to work with the actors and actresses of the show had felt so surreal. Not to mention, getting requested by Killian Jones himself, who played the lead role, Captain Hook and who the fans all loved and adored (for very good reason). Killian had managed to take a despised Disney villain and a fearsome dirty pirate and turn him into a dashing, heroic gentleman.

Before her first day working with the crew, she had expected the actor to be arrogant and cocky, all full of himself like he was God’s greatest gift. That had been her experience with other actors she had encountered in the past. But Killian Jones was not at all what she had expected. God’s greatest gift, yes, but he was surprisingly shy and sweet and really funny. Emma quickly grew comfortable working with him and they had a great professional relationship. That is of course until she kissed him.

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I like it when Thyme or Thistle does something good with training and you go "YAAAAAY GOOD JOB YEEEAAAAH"

I am glad!! It is important I be enthusiastic for them when they get something super-duper-right so they get all :D :D :D  and their enthusiasm grows and they think harder about how to get another party!!!

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if you could get a message across to a large group of people, what would that message be?

I’ll let my good old friend Iain S. Thomas help me with that with his lovely poem, The Day You Read This:

“On this day, you read something that moved you and made you realise there were no more fears to fear. No tears to cry. No head to hang in shame. That every time you thought you’d offended someone, it was all just in your head and really, they love you with all their heart and nothing will ever change that. That everyone and everything lives on inside you. That that doesn’t make any of it any less real.

That soft touches will change you and stay with you longer than hard ones.

That being alone means you’re free. That old lovers miss you and new lovers want you and the one you’re with is the one you’re meant to be with. That the tingles running down your arms are angel feathers and they whisper in your ear, constantly, if you choose to hear them. That everything you want to happen, will happen, if you decide you want it enough. That every time you think a sad thought, you can think a happy one instead.

That you control that completely.

That the people who make you laugh are more beautiful than beautiful people. That you laugh more than you cry. That crying is good for you. That the people you hate wish you would stop and you do too.

That your friends are reflections of the best parts of you. That you are more than the sum total of the things you know and how you react to them. That dancing is sometimes more important than listening to the music.

That the most embarrassing, awkward moments of your life are only remembered by you and no one else. That no one judges you when you walk into a room and all they really want to know, is if you’re judging them. That what you make and what you do with your time is more important than you’ll ever fathom and should be treated as such. That the difference between a job and art is passion. That neither defines who you are. That talking to strangers is how you make friends.

That bad days end but a smile can go around the world. That life contradicts itself, constantly. That that’s why it’s worth living.

That the difference between pain and love is time. That love is only as real as you want it to be. That if you feel good, you look good but it doesn’t always work the other way around.

That the sun will rise each day and it’s up to you each day if you match it. That nothing matters up until this point. That what you decide now, in this moment, will change the future. Forever. That rain is beautiful.

And so are you.”


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [22/∞]

Notice how your energy shifts before, during, & especially after a divination session or reading.

Originally posted by torhallatalaksdater

I completed 3 personal job readings based on this spread, warranting different results each time. The first two results left me feeling uncertain & a bit frustrated. However the last reading - which was full of reversals btw - brought so much clarity to the situation. If you happen to get a reading chock full of reversals, try not to panic. Your intuition/Spirit is simply presenting different aspects of the situation that you should strongly consider. Make sure to relate the individual cards to each other because there’s usually layered meanings to pull from too.

As I continue to look over the reading, I feel lighter & energized…as if this clarity is pointing me in a direction better suited for me. When it comes to jobs, I understand that there’s always going to be aspects of work that you don’t like. But there’s a difference between hating your job & being able to tolerate multiple mishaps.

Anyway, this is a part of my AU where Ahsoka and Plo continue their relationship even after she leaves the Order. This mostly has to do with Kel Dor lifespans, and the fact that Plo is like 400 years old. Also Plo and Ahsoka boding :D As always i’m my own beta :D Please like and reblogi if you enjoyed it =)

(The tag  is ‘Someday Soon’ (yes, it’s based off of Alexi Murdoch’s song) so all of my ideas for this AU will be going there :D)

Summary: Ahsoka tries to live independently, but does so for that wrong reasons. Plo is there to remind her that she is not alone.  

“You’re rusty, little ‘Soka,” Plo announces, as he concludes his training session with Ahsoka prematurely.

Even at a moderate level, the former Jedi still struggles to keep up with Plo’s simpler techniques, and he sees no sense in beating her down when she’s too exhausted to even stand.

“You haven’t been practicing, I take it?” He inquires. Though his words are more of a statement than anything.

“There’s not much time to practice between different jobs, Master Plo,” panting, the Torgruta clips her sabers back onto her sides, and plops down onto the grass.

“You picked up another job?”

“It was a spur of the moment decision,” Ahsoka explains, with a shrug of her shoulders, “and I needed it.”

Slowly, the old master sits himself beside her, brittle bones creaking and popping as he does so. Ahsoka’s montrails lower slightly at this, and she fights the urge to draw her knees up to her chest (she doesn’t dare. Maser Plo knows what to look for when Ahsoka is feeling upset), but looks towards the sun balancing on the horizon instead.

She hates musing on Plo’s age, and his aching bones don’t help (she can’t fathom a life without him). But the late night thoughts keep her up well into the morning—she knows she’ll have to learnt to live on her own, without him eventually.

“You could ask for credits, you know,” he responds, slightly breathless, breaking her from her trance, “I don’t mind giving them to you—”

“You’ve done enough, Master Plo. You bought me my new speeder and you already pay half of the rent,” she replies, sadly, “I just…I need to live for myself, at least somewhat. I can’t be leaching off you for the rest of my life.”  

“I don’t expect you to, Ahsoka,” states the Kel Dor, “but you cannot do everything on your own. You have been used to working with a team—” Plo doesn’t miss the way her eyes mist over at the word ‘team’ ,”You cannot expect to live independently right away.”

“I know Master Plo, I just…I just need to be prepared for whatever may come in the future…You won’t always be here, and Anakin,” she laughs, bitterly, “I can’t have a civil conversation with him without me leaving the Order being brought up…so we just don’t talk,” she takes a strangled breath, and clears her throat, “You’re all I have, Master Plo.” And when you’re gone, I’ll be alone.

He does not miss the fleeting thought, his telepathy taping in automatically the moment he stops speaking.  

“Little ‘Soka, I will most likely outlive you,” he states, bluntly, “By hundreds of years. You needn’t worry about me not being here for you. I am not like you, nor any other species you may know. We Kel Dor are long lived.”

(There is a bittersweet truth in his admittance, though Ahsoka is far too relieved to dwell on it).

A silence befalls the two, in which Ahsoka fights the knock herself in the head for her stupidly. To be bluntly honest, Ahsoka had always thought of Plo as an extension of herself due to their closeness. She had never considered—even with his appearance—that they were that different.

Her fear quells (though the aching bones will always bother her), and she feels her face heating in both embarrassment and nervousness.

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취업 = Get a job (broad)

온라인 취업 사이트에 가입하다 = join an online job-search site
요즘은 취업하기가 너무 어렵다 = It’s so hard to find a job these days.
취업 준비 중입니다 = I’m looking for a job.

취직 = Get a job (full-time, company)

요즘 취직자리를 알아보고 있다 = I am trying to find a job these days.
그녀는 졸업하자마자 은행에 취직했다 = She found a job at a bank as soon as she graduated.
지난달에 취직했습니다 = I got a job last month.
어떤 회사에 취직했어요? = What kind of company are you in?

Wow, you must be the fakest supercorp shipper I have ever seen. 

Yes, Chris Wood is an actor and by all accounts, he is not the worst dick this planet has to offer. However, he’s not some golden wonderboy who can do no wrong and can’t ever be criticized for fear of hurting his straight white boy feelings a bit.

He’s an ACTOR. Part of his JOB is to take criticism. And while death threats are completely over the line and I’d never make one, I definitely have seen way more instances of “Get a job, Chris!” than I have EVER seen “Chris needs to die” from the Supercorp fandom. 

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t bad eggs in the Supercorp fandom (as there are in EVERY fandom, including the Karamels and Sanvers, believe me, I’ve encountered quite enough of them to know that). I don’t doubt that there are Supercorp fans who have made legitimate death threats to both Chris Wood and people who like him or his slave-owning character or his abusive fictional relationship with Kara Danvers on Supergirl. In fact, I’d guarantee that there are people who have made death threats towards the Karamels. But there are plenty - more than plenty - Karamels who have sent death threats and hateful messages to the Supercorp fandom, too. As well as Karamels who hate on Katie McGrath or Mehcad Brooks (I don’t have any proof of death threats said towards/about either one of them, but I know Mehcad got a lot of hate when he was first cast and continues to get racist messages from fans). 

However. Things like calling him “Crispy Wormwood” or making jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline, while somewhat immature, are really not all that harmful in the long run. Chris Wood is a straight cisgendered white man who makes a lot of money as an actor and lives a life of luxury that most of us can’t even contemplate. He lives a life of complete and utter privilege. A few (well, more than few, the Supercorp fandom is MASSIVE) people making jokes about his shiny forehead or his receding hairline probably don’t even make a dent in his ego. And they’re not even comparable to the kinds of things said towards/about Mehcad or Katie (or even Melissa and Chyler and Sharon and David, I’m sure) since most of those comments are based in sexism and racism. Both Mehcad and Katie have to deal with things like sexism and racism on a daily basis through a number of microaggressions I’m sure most fans aren’t even aware of or could accurately count up. Whereas Chris Wood doesn’t have any of that. Men don’t get routinely shamed for having big foreheads, or killed for having big foreheads, or are unable to get jobs because they have big foreheads. He’s not dealing with microaggressions of any kind in his daily life and since he’s such a woke feminist bae according to all of you guys, he would be the first to admit that. Which means that seeing a few comments about his forehead or his hairline really aren’t going to affect him all that much, if he even sees them at all. 

As for the other hate directed at him, well. Suffice it to say a lot of us were pretty pissed off at how this season went on Supergirl and had Chris Wood dealt with it a little differently, things might be a little different. Because there is an enormous difference between just “doing your job” and saying a few nice things about your character or the ship you’re in because it’s your job you don’t want to get in trouble, and completely gassing up what is clearly an abusive relationship and talking about your sexist slave-owning character as if he’s just “misunderstood” and “really the hero of the story” and making it sound like Kara becoming his mentor and essentially being sidelined in favor of his character’s storyline was in any way of a good thing. If Chris Wood was a much of a woke feminist bae as you all want to believe he is, he’d have said some different things about his character and the ship he was forced into. He can’t help how his character was written, of course he can’t. No one’s blaming him for the writing or for the character’s existence, that would be ludicrous. You may notice that we all hate Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith to a rather absurd degree, too, because we know where to place our blame, thank you very much. 

But look at how Melissa Benoist handled some of the questions about Karamel lobbed at her in interviews versus how Chris Wood handled them. Melissa so clearly can tell that this relationship is written badly and doesn’t think it’s the best but as the main actor in the show, she is forced to say a bunch of nice things about it. But she manages to dodge a lot of those questions and often repeats herself with what are more than likely lines fed to her by the studios (i.e. “Kara is happy” “You can’t trust a Luthor”). Chris Wood doesn’t do any of that. He seems quite happy to call a relationship where he screams at the woman he claims to love in the middle of her workplace and physically refuses to let her leave an argument she is trying to walk away from so as to keep from making even more of a scene than he’s already made “the sweetest couple on TV right now!” He seems perfectly happy to just say that him not listening to Kara (about how best to protect people, about their relationship, about how slavery and sexism are bad things) isn’t a symptom of his rampant misogyny that really should be resolved long before he and Kara become an item, but is really just his poor little character just being a misunderstood hero all along. He seems perfectly happy to talk about how his character has basically taken over the show and gets the actual hero’s journey this season that should have belonged to Kara instead of making sure that audiences know he’s there to support Kara/Melissa and not the other way around (a la Tyler Hoechlin as Superman). 

We can criticize Chris Wood all we want and we have plenty to criticize him for regarding his participation in ruining this show and bringing it down so far from its promising, more feminist start. We can call him the worst actor of our generation all we want because that’s an opinion on his skills and everyone has different tastes. We can call him ugly all we want because plenty of us think he is and again, everyone has different tastes. We can make jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline because they really aren’t going to do anything to hurt him (or his fans as much as they seem personally oppressed every time we make a forehead joke). We can call him out for talking about his character and his character’s relationship with Kara in a way that makes it pretty obvious he has zero clue how UNfeminist it is. And you’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would be aware of it, wouldn’t you? You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly racist it was to replace a Black love interest with a white slave-owning love interest. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly sexist it was to have his character get the only real character arc this season instead of the show’s titular female lead. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would have had at least a few things to say to make sure viewers knew he had at least some awareness of what was happening with the writing and, while he can’t do anything to change that, that he doesn’t agree with it and that he as an actor still supports Kara/Melissa’s storyline. But he never did. Not once. 

So as a fellow Supercorp shipper (and an extremely bitter Karolsen shipper for that matter), I’d like you to stop and think for a moment about this post. I’d like you to go look at some of the bullshit Karamels have said about us and some of the things Karamels have said about the actors in this show that aren’t their favorite woke feminist white boy bae Chris Wood. I’d like you to see some of the slurs they throw at us that are abelist, homophobic, racist, and sexist. I’d like you to look at some of the things they’ve said about James as a character and how often they talk about him in incredibly racist ways. I’d like you to see all the homophobic things they say about Supercorp as a ship and the people who ship them. And yes, I know there are some Supercorps who have done some really nasty shit (sending death threats to Karamels and saying racist things to Rahul Kohli for starters), but the Karamels are in NO WAY innocent in any of this.

In fact, that’s actually how I became an “anti” as you might term it. I wasn’t even in the fandom for a really long time, though I have watched this show from day one. And I made one comment on one review about 2x13 and got a SLEW of hate sent back to me about how I was “crazy” and a bitch and a professional hater. All because I wrote about how I disliked Mon-El and Karamel. Just once. 

And it never stopped. I wasn’t writing anything about the actors or any of the shippers. I was JUST writing about the ship and the characters and I got continually harassed on the internet for it. Eventually I started talking to a few people on Tumblr who shared my opinions and found an entire fandom who agreed with me, an entire community who felt the way I did. 

So yeah. Now I write shit about the actors. Now I write shit about the shippers. Because they attacked me first. They called me names first and were hateful to ME first so now I don’t give a shit about how any of them feel because maybe they deserve to have a little bit of their own medicine dished back to them, to feel the way I felt. Now I troll them and make comments on their posts about how ugly Chris Wood looks in one particular gif in a gifset because it’s exactly the kind of shit that was done to me, but now I can at least find it kinda funny. 

Is it juvenile? Sure. But I’m bitter and angry over how this fandom treated ME and it didn’t come from the Supercorps. It came from the Karamels. 

You say you’re here to protect those of us Supercorps who got jumped on and harassed on the internet because of some toxic people in the fandom? Well, I’m one of those toxic people, but I used to be one of the people you claim you want to side with and help. I’d guarantee a lot that the people who are now so “toxic” were once more like me and have since gained a shit load of bitterness and resentment, not just towards the shippers but towards the producers and the writers who have done this to us, who have taken a show that used to be about feminism and made it a show about glorifying sexist mediocre white men. But we can’t say anything critical without getting a shitload of hate back from people who think Mon-El is just a space puppy who has literally done no wrong ever in his life (including owning slaves and being a sexist douchebag who was involved in a tyrannical monarchy that oppressed its people? Sure, Jan). It’s not our fault they think criticism of a fictional character somehow is an attack on the entire show as a whole, the actor behind said character, and themselves as shippers. Or that those shippers seem to think that the characters are real and have feelings and that us disliking them and saying so on the internet will somehow hurt Mon-El’s feelings or something. Don’t ask to me to tell you how Karamel minds work, I’d prefer not to have to put myself in the shoes of a bigot who romanticizes an abusive relationship. 

Chris Wood doesn’t need your protection, he never has. If you want to appreciate him for his terrible acting and his five expressions and his bland looks, go right ahead. No one can stop you and no one honestly gives a shit. But don’t act like the Karamels are these saintly victims who just get continually shit on by the “toxic” Supercorp fandom and not that the Supercorp fandom is actually more routinely shit on by the Karamels and that’s how some of us became more “toxic” in the first place. 

Go take your place at the Karamel table and leave the Supercorp shippers alone. Maybe you can be like M’gann and change the minds of some of the Karamels, show them the light or something (although I’m not sure you have any light to show them). Try to be less of a Mon-El at least, abandoning his own people for his own self-gain and absolving himself of every sin he’s ever committed and eschewing the blame somewhere else.

The Nightingale Part 1: Spreading Wings -Chapter 1

 Prologue <<     >> Chapter 2

     Lysander hated the smell of the pleasure hall. It was stifling and filthy and nauseating. He had always tried to avoid places like this.

     He didn’t know how Rowan could stand it. 

     He kept his cloak on, despite the heat; it covered the hilt of the fine sword buckled at his waist. He’d had it since he was fourteen, and it was a familiar weight under his hand. He and the sword, named Avriel, had a complicated relationship. When he had come into its possession twelve years ago, his first instinct had been to throw it away and never look back. Now it served as a reminder of everything, of all the things he’d lost, and all the things he now stood to gain.

     He glanced over at Rowan, sitting two tables away, playing cards and blending in. He was certainly succeeding at it, though perhaps a little too well, judging by the furious faces of the other men at his table. A faintly amused smile touched Lysander’s lips. That was typical of Rowan. He tended to infuriate everyone if they were around him long enough.

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Let me preface this by saying that while I enjoy military history and have done a lot research into the military, navy, marine corps, etc., I have never served myself. (Though I almost joined the air force, but that’s a story for another day.) These ranks are an amalgamations of various institutions across the world and what I imagine one world representative military organization might be like, when you combine various arms together.

This is the ranking schema I’m using for Crosshairs. People are welcome to use this for their own fanfics as well if they like. I simply wanted something a bit more complex than what BioWare gave us, to differentiate between the different jobs one can hold in the Alliance.


Right off the bat, there are two paths respective recruits can take - though Basic is pretty much universally the same. I see them divided up into ‘marines’ aka those who will do the fighting and those who run things behind the scenes: intelligence, research, ship side tasks, engineering, etc. Recruits bound for the marines enlist at rank Private 2nd Class, and everyone else enlists at rank Serviceman 3rd Class.

Enlisted who have a degree already graduate basic at the highest Enlisted rank: Corporal or Serviceman 1st Class.

The NCO ranks follow the same patterns, except they are Alliance personnel who have advanced to Officer without going through the Academy and being granted a commission.


NCO’s who enter the Academy in order to advance their careers are promoted to Officer Cadet (marines), Ensign Cadet (pilots), Ensign (everyone else). The point at which Special Forces recommendations are first considered.

Some pilots enter flight school right out of basic, effectively ‘jumping ranks’, though some go the NCO route and pay their dues as flight technicians. They are not on a command path.

I added ‘General’ and ‘Fleet Admiral’ to the marine path.

The O6 - O10 on the ‘everyone else’ path are command ranks.

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Oh god, isn't life too hard as an ENTP in Scandinavia ? I went to Sweden last month and everyone is so quiet and distant and vanilla. But I guess having Mads Mikkelsen makes up for it right ? Even though the danish language is... well. We all know what danish language is.

I’m not Danish so i don’t really know what life there is like. I’m from Spain and we have this project about differences in job attitudes between the two countries. The professor made us look at a survey but I’m not sure if that’s accurate enough 

where is my young & hungry sterek au where derek is this billionaire who lives in a swanky new york loft and whose girlfriend of like 8 years breaks up with him and leaves him all lonely and sad and his personal assistant lydia martin decides that they need to hire him a new house chef who can cook the crap out of some comfort food- and enter stiles whose only talents are being a food genius and driving without insurance and stiles cooks derek some awesome dinner to try to help him win back kate but it doesn’t work and she bails and stiles and derek are left eating dinner alone and then a few drinks later waking up in bed together and stiles is sure he’s gonna lose his job but the next day kate comes crawling back to derek and stiles is kind of bummed / relieved because hey derek’s a total catch (but totally out of his league) and also he really needs this job

derek doesn’t fire stiles but does get back with kate

meanwhile stiles deals with lydia- derek’s insane personal assistant, isaac the out of place maid who is sassy and spends 90% of his paycheck on scarves, kate, the cold fiancee, and these feelings for derek that he can’t just cook away.