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While watching the bloopers from the Antisepticeye video, I couldn’t stop thinking of the original (edited) one!

So I took some parts from the original video (from the bloopers) and from the “edited” video and put them together so you can see the difference between them! Again great job to both of you @pixlpit and @therealjacksepticeye !

cell phones are a necessity in our society today. they literally keep people their jobs, saying one should choose between a cell phone and healthcare is not only a gross underestimation of how much healthcare costs, but it’s a gross underestimation of how integral cellphones are to our society. 

Having a cellphone can be the difference between having a job or not. You can’t afford shit without a job my pals.

Outside of images that the Care Bears would find insipid, “Money can’t buy happiness” is what middle-class people tell each other when someone is trying to decide between two different jobs. “I make 70k right now and the new gig only plays 60k, so I wouldn’t be able to travel as much. But I’d have more free time to play Ultimate, the benefits are better, and there’s no way my new manager could be any worse than my current one.” That’s an important decision to the person making it, but they’re debating between two different kinds of comfort. It’s safely assumed that the money they will need to exist will always be there. It would be nice to have more – to be able to go to more restaurants or to justify buying a second Roomba because deep down you know that the first one is lonely – but there’s always enough to keep the lights on and the kitchen stocked.

You may have seen the study that claimed $70,000 a year is the ideal salary – after that, more money generally doesn’t make you happier. Well, that’s great news for people hovering around that benchmark, but if you’re poor, more money will abso-fucking-lutely make you happier. More money means healthier food, or a chance to get out of the house and have some fun. It can mean knowing the rent is paid for next month, or being able to afford medication.

The middle class isn’t immune to money problems, especially if there are kids in the mix. Getting laid off at the wrong time sucks, no matter what your income is. But the middle-class people with money problems I’ve known were generally suffering from self-inflicted wounds. They had no savings because they wanted the new car or the luxury vacation. They wanted one of those experiences they were constantly told was more important than money, because the money for day-to-day necessities was always there, right up until it wasn’t.

5 Ways The Middle Class Is Taught To Despise The Poor

Feuilly who has a really cool ginger afro that he’s super proud of. He and Enj bonded over having unconventionally coloured afros the first time they met. 

Feuilly who, for ease of flitting between different jobs that require different levels of modesty and manual labour (and being hired bc ~~racism~~), usually has cornrows.

Feuilly we suddenly gets a whole two months off and takes out his cornrows for the first time since joining Les Amis

Feuilly walking into the Musain super proud and smiley because he loves is hair.

Everyone complimenting him on how amazing his hair looks.

Bahorel running his hands through Feuilly’s hair WAY TOO MUCH because he loves it and he can’t stop himself. 

Feuilly feeling really sad when the two months draw to a close.

Feuilly deciding that it’s 2017 and fuck his employers and from then on just tying it back instead. 

Hands of an Artist, Lips of an Angel

Part 2/3

Summary: “You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup, so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I want to kiss you so badly.” Killian is an actor and Emma is his makeup artist.

Notes: Okay, so I was talked into writing another chapter, and now there will be a third part as well : )

Read: Part 1


Emma was nervous. And not the type of nervous that patients got before a doctor’s appointment or a student got before a big test. She wasn’t afraid of failure, not really. She has always been confident in everything she did. Because she always loved what she did. Four years ago she was just an artist with a dream and had a passion to fulfill that dream. That all changed after she went to school. Thanks to the eight-week advanced makeup application course she took, she gained an edge over other artists; learning the differences between the types of jobs and techniques involved, and learning how to work with different lighting, camera angles and scripts as a professional makeup artist.

Then, after she moved to Vancouver, getting offered the job as Robbie Gold’s makeup artist was a blessing. She had watched ‘The Lost Boys’ since it aired, so getting to work with the actors and actresses of the show had felt so surreal. Not to mention, getting requested by Killian Jones himself, who played the lead role, Captain Hook and who the fans all loved and adored (for very good reason). Killian had managed to take a despised Disney villain and a fearsome dirty pirate and turn him into a dashing, heroic gentleman.

Before her first day working with the crew, she had expected the actor to be arrogant and cocky, all full of himself like he was God’s greatest gift. That had been her experience with other actors she had encountered in the past. But Killian Jones was not at all what she had expected. God’s greatest gift, yes, but he was surprisingly shy and sweet and really funny. Emma quickly grew comfortable working with him and they had a great professional relationship. That is of course until she kissed him.

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art teacher: no one else here can do my job. like, caitlin, anyone could do your job-

me: right ok thank you friend

art teacher: no! I mean, you’re excellent at your job! really good!

me: but anyone can do it?

art teacher: the answer is yes but I don’t want to hurt your feelings again

I love how much of a perfectionist Isabelle Huppert is and how unashamed she is in her freedom of it. She doesn’t take herself too serious but she has a keen sense of how she wants things done. That’s admirable. I also love the many sides to her persona. She’ll blow you away with her eloquence and vocabulary but at the same time get down and bust a move to some cheesy French 80’s music. She’s a talented actress that knows she’s good but also knows the difference between her job as actress and being Isabelle. She’s effortless. She embodies roles. She doesn’t make it her job to make you like the characters but leaves it up to you. She’s aged with poise and grace but will wear some cutting edge ear cuffs to awards shows. Her resting face may intimate others at times but she’s also quick to smile and blush in humbleness at the receiving end of praises. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad I saw her first in The Piano Teacher back in 2012. Lastly, she’s real fucking funny when she wants to be. She’s also extremely charming and endearing. Vive la reine!


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [22/∞]


Let me preface this by saying that while I enjoy military history and have done a lot research into the military, navy, marine corps, etc., I have never served myself. (Though I almost joined the air force, but that’s a story for another day.) These ranks are an amalgamations of various institutions across the world and what I imagine one world representative military organization might be like, when you combine various arms together.

This is the ranking schema I’m using for Crosshairs. People are welcome to use this for their own fanfics as well if they like. I simply wanted something a bit more complex than what BioWare gave us, to differentiate between the different jobs one can hold in the Alliance.


Right off the bat, there are two paths respective recruits can take - though Basic is pretty much universally the same. I see them divided up into ‘marines’ aka those who will do the fighting and those who run things behind the scenes: intelligence, research, ship side tasks, engineering, etc. Recruits bound for the marines enlist at rank Private 2nd Class, and everyone else enlists at rank Serviceman 3rd Class.

Enlisted who have a degree already graduate basic at the highest Enlisted rank: Corporal or Serviceman 1st Class.

The NCO ranks follow the same patterns, except they are Alliance personnel who have advanced to Officer without going through the Academy and being granted a commission.


NCO’s who enter the Academy in order to advance their careers are promoted to Officer Cadet (marines), Ensign Cadet (pilots), Ensign (everyone else). The point at which Special Forces recommendations are first considered.

Some pilots enter flight school right out of basic, effectively ‘jumping ranks’, though some go the NCO route and pay their dues as flight technicians. They are not on a command path.

I added ‘General’ and ‘Fleet Admiral’ to the marine path.

The O6 - O10 on the ‘everyone else’ path are command ranks.

@cxdxnce is being sized up

“Being stabbed is a 7?” she stared curiously at the mark, made all the more troubling by his explanation. Ah! Another one of his tricks! Or perhaps his tolerance was quite high and he was only being modest.

But she didn’t know him to be modest very often, if at all.

“Maybe it depends on what you’re stabbed with. You know, there’s a difference between a needle and a knife!” What an amazing guy!

“Does Wychii mean to say that if he gets paid, that means his pain tolerance goes up? How much? Does it have to be money?” she took a step back, cradling her chin against the tips of her thumb and forefinger, “It’s good to be a dedicated worker.” She saw no difference between his odd-jobs and any other, more savory profession.

“Oah—also, have you ever been hit by a car before?”


I like to think Boss doesn’t mind the smelly uniform that Kaz gave him cause it smells like Kaz. And then when it doesn’t smell like Kaz anymore he gives it back and Kaz doesn’t wash it right away cause it smells like Boss.

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What if a person isn't sure what and how to get into the industry? I am a paranoid person to an extent. I differ between thinking about which job I should go into or whether just to decide something else outside the industry. I love games.I can't program or draw to any extent. I can however seemingly write well. The few stuff I have written has been praised by the people I've actually showed it to. Of course writing won't be enough. So how do I do it? I've almost given up on this dream of mine.

Look, it’s really quite simple. Whenever we hire somebody to do something, we’re agreeing to an extended trade - their labor for our money. We have work that needs doing, and we want the best person we can find to do that work. This is why we are willing to give them money to do it. We are not charities. We do not employ people just because they really really want to work for us. We will only consider employing people with skills, not training unskilled people. Nobody is going to drop it into your lap on a silver platter. Getting a job offer out of nowhere from your favorite dev to work on their game coming up with ideas for others to implement is a fantasy. It doesn’t matter how many posts you make on the forums. It’s not going to happen.

If you want to be an actual developer, you need to do something so well that we think you are the best candidate from all of the applicants that apply for the job. If you want to get a job in the industry, then you have to find something that you like doing and get so good at it that people are willing to pay you to do it. That means you’re going to need to put yourself out there, because there’s often no way to find out whether something you do is any good until you put it out and get people to try it. I don’t know what you’re good at, so I can’t tell you what you need to do to get a job. All I can say is “Find something you’re good at and do it.” 

If you aren’t sure what that might be, try things until you find something that sticks. Download mod tools like the Source Engine, Unity, Unreal, RPG Maker, the Dragon Age Toolset, or the Skyrim Creation Kit. Try building your own map. Try creating your own quest. Try learning to program with some tutorials. Try modeling a new character, or retexturing an existing one. There are lots of resources available online for those who seek them. Try things. Find something you like. Then keep doing that until you’re an expert at it. 

I’ll tell you one thing though - game development is all about iteration. We are always trying something new, finding all sorts of problems with it, then either move on by scrapping it (and trying something else) or fixing the problems and trying again. We constantly go back, analyze the good and bad, and try to improve it. In all my years of development experience, it has never ever worked on the first attempt. If you are paranoid about people rejecting your ideas, this is not the industry for you. Your ideas will not be coddled. Your ideas will not be spared. Try not to take it personally - when things are rejected, it’s almost never personal. It’s just the leadership doing what they think is best for the project. They’ve been doing it a lot longer than you have, and they have a lot more responsibility than you do.

When you begin, most of your ideas are going to suck because you don’t understand the nuances and specifics of what can and can’t be done. And that’s ok, because you’re new and you need to learn. But you have to learn and improve and put out new ideas that are better than the ones that came before it. The more you do, the more experience you gain, the better your ideas will become because you’ll start figuring the pitfalls and problems that your previous ideas suffered from. But you can’t start without finding what it is you want to do, and getting really good at that. 

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Sorry if this has already been asked but what's the difference between sans and papyrus' jobs. I know they're both death but you always just talk about Sans reaping and never papyrus.

In a nutshell: Sans’s job is to reap the macabre deaths/those of dark/violent nature and, when in the Underworld, to judge the souls, while Papyrus reaps the natural deaths/willing to go/the children and the gentle, and to act as the main host of the Underworld, since Sans is too lazy for something that requires great detail and care like that lmao x) (Think of Papyrus as more incorporating the “God of the Afterlife” concept of Anubis and Sans as Osiris, I suppose?? haha)


2.09 // 4.09

where is my young & hungry sterek au where derek is this billionaire who lives in a swanky new york loft and whose girlfriend of like 8 years breaks up with him and leaves him all lonely and sad and his personal assistant lydia martin decides that they need to hire him a new house chef who can cook the crap out of some comfort food- and enter stiles whose only talents are being a food genius and driving without insurance and stiles cooks derek some awesome dinner to try to help him win back kate but it doesn’t work and she bails and stiles and derek are left eating dinner alone and then a few drinks later waking up in bed together and stiles is sure he’s gonna lose his job but the next day kate comes crawling back to derek and stiles is kind of bummed / relieved because hey derek’s a total catch (but totally out of his league) and also he really needs this job

derek doesn’t fire stiles but does get back with kate

meanwhile stiles deals with lydia- derek’s insane personal assistant, isaac the out of place maid who is sassy and spends 90% of his paycheck on scarves, kate, the cold fiancee, and these feelings for derek that he can’t just cook away. 

My dad just lost his job and to tell my mum he texted her after going 2 the shop saying
“What’s the difference between milk and a job”
“I have milk”