difference between fat & thick

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There is a difference between being thick and being fat. I’m a thick build, like I have toned legs, big hips etc. Everyone who says to themselves that they’re fat!! YOU ARE WRONG!!!YOU ARE THICK!, fat people like obese? I don’t wanna come across as rude or shit. I’m self conscious because of my body. Xxx


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I didn't know that if you don't kill the thick tentacles in the Aquadon fight there will be water fountains that do massive damage. Just had dps that wouldn't understand "Kill the thick ones and ignore the thin ones" really means that and yelled at me for not saying the real names. Like.. sorry that my native language isn't english.. but there are thick and thin ones... how is that not understandable? I don't want other healers to witness those hard hitting water attacks unprepared aswell.

Yeah some people don’t know that the names translate differently in other languages. But for future ref the terms are Arm and Tentacle. The Arms are what you wanna tell them to kill. You’re right though. Idk hoe anyone wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between thin and thick. The arms are quite fat.

– Mod Mhi

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Hello sir! Does your body preference also mean you aren't into curvy girls? Meaning girls who are fit but have larger hips and breasts? Thank you ❤

As my personal friend Drake would say. “She says I’m obsessed with thick women and I agree. I like my girls BBW. Type to wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you. So thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable.”

So the answer is there is a difference between thick/full sized and big/fat. I can do thick (or what you mentioned), but obviously I am extremely into classic Hourglass shaped women body types are my “That’s the dream” so like a Jessica Nigri would be idea (and I still thick she’s my ideal partner but I have yet to make my big move, the first time I met her wasn’t the right atmosphere 😤😡) but anyone that is no bigger than Kim K, and or Janz J (not sayin I find this two attractive but you get the idea). That’s where I draw my line. And petite (short and or super small) women… 😏 well obviously I truly enjoy them for their (um how to I put this delicately) handling.

I obviously hope no one is offended by this since it’s my opinion on sizes and shapes of the women I prefer (key phrase)

Thank you for the ask and hope you have a wonderful rest of the night.

I can’t help but get annoyed at some (some, not all) of the confessions about thin girls not having “the ideal black body”. I understand when some say they feel less womanly but others rub me the wrong way. They seem to disregard the feelings of overweight black women.There is such a thing as thin privilege. The thin body type may not be the ideal for black women among the black community, but it is the ideal in the mainstream. Everywhere you look on TV and magazines, you see thin bodies. Hell, I only see the “ideal black woman body” in rap videos and magazines like “King”. It’s pretty much the same thing as light skin privilege. Yes you have your struggles but don’t forget your privilege above overweight black women. And y’all know the black community clowns overweight black women way more than thin black women. A good number of thin women get outraged at songs saying “Fuck skinny bitches” yet stay silent and even laugh along at the Precious/Gabourey Sidibe jokes. And not to mention the various youtube videos, blog posts, articles, and etc on the difference between “thick” and “fat”. It’s pretty clear how the black community feels about overweight women. Yes encourage positive body image but don’t leave out overweight black women. 

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There is a difference between being thick and being fat and eating that many carbs everyday will make you fat regardless of how much you exercise.

You mad bro? I’m actually happy right now with my carbs at full throttle I didn’t think it was possible for me to eat so many at maintenance so thanks for the advice that will not be taken. I actually think I look pretty fly for a white guy.