diferent girl

natsia3  asked:

Emma and killian are neighbors, the walls are really thin so they can hear each other, emma always lisent how he fucks a diferent girl all nights, one day killian listent her dreaming about him, so he look for her to make her dreams come true.

So natsia3 feel free to leave prompts in my ask anytime, because I just loved this one and I loooooved writing it!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Emma moved into her new apartment over a month ago now, and she noticed her next-door neighbour had regular “night time activities.” They both shared a very thin wall, and it was both their bedroom walls, she assumed since the sound that came from beyond it was very loud, every night.

Emma hadn’t seen what her new neighbour looked like, but she deduced that he might be handsome since he seemed to bring home a different girl almost every night.

So, for the last month she hadn’t had a lot of sleep, and it has been affecting her concentration at work.

Tonight, as usual, she heard her neighbour fumble with his keys to open the door and heard two sets of footsteps walking across the room. It didn’t take long for the first moan to make its way through her wall.

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