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You must trust this person, and do whatever that must be done to live!

Christmas Jimin

- He’d wake up early and just stare at you really excitedly until you wake up with him poking ur face jimin just stop. 

- Waits impatiently and hurries you to eat your breakfast because he wants you to open your presents. 

- He’s also really excited to see what you got him

- You keep noticing him eyeing up those gifts under that tree

- He makes you both sit on the floor infront of the tree to open your presents

-He’s sitting way too close

-as if he’s forgotten what he brought you so he must see it first god damn it park jimin

- He asks you over 100 times whether you like it poor baby needs to be sure

-’Are you sure you like it? because i can get you another one in a diferent colour?’ 

-Frowny, concerned eyes

-You just gotta kiss him to shut him up ohmygod

- He waits patiently like a little puppy to open his present. You gotta tell him to open it otherwise you’ll be sat there forever. 

-He loves it 

-Get ready to be peppered with kisses all day ohmygod. 

-Later on he’s going to bring out another gift and the mistletoe but you’re not just gonna kiss under it ohno Park Jimin has other plans oh

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Invitation to the prom

Katarina will recieve a letter, by all means it looked like a letter from one of her usual contractors, that until she realizes that inside the letter was another letter, cleverly disguised in between envelope, in fact there was two letters,one appeared like an invitation to some sort of event, the other one was a letter wrotte by the hand of her lover, Garen Crownguard.

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My beloved Katarina:

I hope you find my new method of hidding the letters at least enternaining, had to practice a bit before perfecting it, but I’ll spare those details, since they are not the reason I’m writting.

For a while now, since we both started seen each other with eyes diferent from those we knew with, I have finally started living, feeling, for once I wake up for more than combat, for once I look for something more than a battle, to say that your presence thrills me and excite me beyond anything else I have known in my 32 years of life is an understament

Alas, even if I could compliment your beauty and say what you make me feel for an eternity, the reason I wrotte is contained on the other envelope. I learned about an event going on soon, a prom, I know what you should be thinking, that this could be the worst idea I have ever come to, but, maybe, just maybe even if we arrive separately, we could enjoy a good time, keeping ourselves away from the eyes of other, but still together, please give it a though, I’ll be waiting your response.


Katarina was confused. Refusing would be the right thing to do but this was a chance she could not ignore. Rolling in her bed for hours, she stared at the ceilling wondering what to do…

Notes and Details on New Viktor Splash!

  • Vambrace is short. Before, his arm guard covered his whole elbow. Now it stops midway for ROM (range of motion) action.
  • His left hand is still human (it’s not bulky or segmented at the fingers), therefore whatever is above that part should be as well.
  • Hex Core is wired to his arm. Must be his armor so that the energy can flow through the rest of his armor to augment his abilities.
  • Matched Headcanons: amputated above the knee. Splash has better mechanics detailing how the band attaches his human parts to his lower legs.
  • Mask is different. Fits face better. Eyes are diferent. New hair is shorter. Cloak is made of cloth. Even if it’s flammable, he’s covered in metal so it doesn’t bother him.
  • Body has a much leaner build. Third attaches to his chest, thanks to a large metal clasp – no more full body harness/green band across his chest and back.
  • Matched Worldbuilding Headcanons: Zaun is filled with towering structures.
  • Splash is pretty detailed. Very nice. I love it.

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-Eren saw Mikasa as they returned from practice. Normally he woul only smile and talk to her as always. After all he saw her as his sister and nothing else. But that day it was diferent, the second his eyes gazed on Mikasa, his heart skipped a beat. His chest started to throb-

“w-waht is wrong with me..” -Eren sighed as he rubbed his head and kept looking at her. He saw her light smile when she set her eyes on him. eren looked at her in awe, relicking his lips as he felt this urge to rush towards her and embrace her. He calmed down and aproached her-

“You are beatiful Mikasa.. erumg” -his eyes grew wide as he spoke, that was not what he wanted to say out of the blue, he blushed heavily-

“I-I mean h-hey there.. how you doing.."