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Sorry, guys! Went MIA for a bit again cause work and school have been killer lately. Well, here are some quick Sherlock sketches to celebrate the premiere of season 3 (FINALLY!!). Warning: Spoilers everywhere! But you knew that already.


The first pic is just crack art and the second pretty much sums up this episode. Speech bubble reads: “Mon cheri, je suis ‘surprising and familiar,’ non?”

This is the first time I have ever loved Mary in any Sherlock adaptation. Not just tolerated, but loved! Amanda Abbington was the perfect choice!

Things that made this episode worth the insanely long wait:

  • All the teaser fake death scenarios that ANDERSON (?!?!) and his gang made up!
  • How Sherlock’s death kind of broke Anderson… (wtf happened at the end? I’m still confused.)
  • How John said he had met someone and Mrs. Hudson automatically assumed that it was a guy.
  • French waiter Sherlock!! (though, I couldn’t help picturing Martin Crieff and his “bear polars”…)
  • John punching Sherlock.
  • John strangling Sherlock.
  • John strangling Sherlock on the floor while some sensual tango-esque music plays in the background. (seriously, Moffat??)
  • Mary becoming the biggest Johnlock advocate.
  • Sherlock trolling John with a car full of explosives.
  • Lestrade not-so-subtly asking Molly if he still has a chance of asking her out.

Ahh man, this episode was pretty darn perfect.


Edit: I am thoroughly disappointed with Moffat. The rest of the season was awful and Mary turned into just another overly complicated and unrealistic character to shove into John’s life. Sigh.


Almost forgot to upload this old picture.

It had originally been my contribution to Alpha Tango Romeo, the Cabin Pressure art/fanbook, but unfortunately real life got in the way and I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Here’s the unfinished sketch.

Definitely check out the fanbook if you haven’t already! The artists who took part in it are all amazing and the submissions were beautiful! I believe they are still taking orders for the next couple of days so get them while they’re hot! :D

I really wish life hadn’t gotten in the way of this, but to all of my fellow artists who worked on this and made it to the finish line, I hope the fanbook continues to be a huge success! Congrats, everyone!

Guess which show I'm hooked on now!?

And right after the show ended too…

Shhh. No spoilers! I’m only on season 4… though I already have a feeling my favorite character’s going to die. Nooo, poor Jesse. I always seem to fall for the doomed-to-die characters.

(For anyone who lives in a cave, I’m talking about Breaking Bad.)

In other news, I decided to make a little paperchild for a friend of mine who’s a big fan of the Tenth Doctor.

Chubby little Tennant with his sonic screwdriver. Hee.

Well anyways, I don’t have much else to upload at the moment. Too busy watching BB and applying to post bacc programs. Ugh. Life.

A big thanks to all my new followers (broke 2k a few weeks ago! I’ll draw something to celebrate soon :D) and sorry for the inactivity. I’ll find my mojo again eventually.