10 Days in a Row

You know how when you start drinking diet coke/coke and the first few days you drink it because you like it and then after a few more days you realize you need it everyday. And then after a few more days you realize that if you don’t have it you are grumpy and unpleasant to be around. That’s what exercise and running has gotten back to for me. Just like being addicted to diet coke, but in a much better way.


True story 😭

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This tattoo means more than it says. A few months ago, my aunt (and my best friend) was killed by a gravel truck falling on top of her car while she was in it. She went with me to my first concert (Taylor Swift, on August 27th, 2013) and was excited to go with me again this August. But she won’t go with me. Her favorite song was Shake it Off. We sang it in the car all the time, and the yellow heart on the end was a inside joke we had. If everyone could please get this to reach Taylor, my aunt wanted more than anything for her to meet me. She contacted the Ellen show, tried to get an autograph at a radio station Taylor was going to appear at, and got me floor seats for the next concert….. Please help me meet Taylor, for my aunt’s sake. She would be so happy. I love you auntie, and I love you taylorswift.