No offense but Derek Nurse is 1000% a Lana Del Rey Ho ™ … Like Brooklyn Baby is actually his theme song, and when he’s not quoting Drake lyrics he’s quoting Lana… Which probably freaks everyone out cause it’s just so dramatic.

Dex: yo nurse get me a Mountain Dew?
Nursey: diet Mountain Dew baby New York City
Dex: what
Nursey: never was there ever a girl so pretty
Dex: ……….
Nursey: do you think we’ll be in love for ever?
Dex, blushing: just give me the fucking soda

Ransom: bro that’s dope
Nursey: be young, be dope, be proud, like an American
Ransom: ???? I’m Canadian??

Chowder: Dex that’s so cool!!!!!!
Nursey: yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me
Dex: I’m not - oh my god shut up