My mom is Japanese, and my father is Polish-American, so she was really adamant about putting greens and produce and fresh vegetables on the table first, and then she tried to incorporate Americanized treats in there. So we had Oreos, Fruit by the Foot, CapriSun and Lucky Charms like any other family. But we only had it because that’s what my mom wanted to do to fit in. She was an excellent mother, so she adapted to American culture really well, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t believe in whole fruits and vegetables. We always had a basket of fresh fruit out at my parents’ house, and the entire fridge was probably 75 percent fresh fruit.

Let’s go back to eating real again – it’s the very best way to feel good about yourself, says Candice Kumai

Weekly Weigh In

Friday July 3rd: 212.4
Pounds lost since last weigh in : 1.4
Total Pounds lost: 145

YES! I’m so happy! I can’t believe how close I am to being less than 200 pounds! I’ve never weighed this as an adult. The last time I weighed 212, I was in the 8th grade.

I’m feeling a little panicky about the whole thing. I stopped recognizing myself in the mirror about 25 pounds ago and the changes are just happening faster and faster. I feel like I’ll look like an entirely different person at the end… Which is great, but also strangely sad. I didn’t hate myself as a big girl, I was definitely more confident then than I am now. Even still, I was extremely aware of my size and I’ve thought about it all day every day for the past 15 years.

Now, I have to figure out how to change my ENTIRE way of thinking. I’ve been “the big girl” since elementary school. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it. I don’t know how to think. I guess I’ll figure it out as it happens, because it’s pretty clear it’s definitely happening!

Sigh. I’ve had a tough couple of days MS wise. I’m taking a few off of work and hoping that some rest will be enough. I can’t believe this is happening. But then, this is a story for another post… for tonight, lets just revel in the fact that I can say “Hi, I’m Carolyn, and I’ve lost 145 pounds!”


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Today was my last day at work. So as a parting gift I sent everyone in my team this image to remember me by… Very unflattering but very very funny! Looking forward to my new job this Monday.
Awesome swim tonight, felt strong 👍👍👊👊!!

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Doctor ordered keto diet. Almost perfect macros today after inputting everything, even the mousse, plus I walked 3.4 miles.

Breakfast was bulletproof coffee, lunch of a tomato, mozzarella cheese with pork rind, bacon and raw onion. Dinner was organic, grass fed pot roast with brussel sprouts and a fried egg. Going to have some sugarless chocolate mousse for a fatty dessert later.

I was so skeptical of this whole thing. Eating everything I’ve been taught not to eat. I’ve lost over 15 pounds. My blood sugar is almost stabilized without medication. I have more energy.

I just hope I don’t give up like I always do.

The Basic Steps to Developing a Diet Exercise Regime: In the last 20 years of the twentieth century, many diets incorporated what can only be described as a punishing mandatory exercise regime. This often involved extensive gym work and jogging (etc.) to an extent that would today be seen as being at best unnecessary and at worst potentially detrimental to your health.

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