6 Reasons We Should Be Calling Potatoes A Superfood
A superfood is defined as “that which is rich in compounds beneficial to a person’s health.” Hence, it would be fair to proclaim the simple spud a ...

So sorry I am so behind on the Tumblr Questions!  I have two vids we filmed yesterday to edit and then I will be back at them!  Thank you everyone for always keeping my inbox bursting, I think I’m going to give Santa a run for his money this year on letters!  

Just wanted to share this article that is making its rounds on Facebook.  You should all know I HATE the word “super foods” because its used by super idiots to describe a super pretentious bullshit diet that they are only privileged enough to afford…  Well, here comes the potato bitches to bowl your dumb elitist attitudes over, know that common folk can out super food you now!  What are you going to use now to make you feel better than everyone else with?  #superstupid

Day 5 - Sunday 12.4.16

Hey lovelies❣️

Not much of anything today. I havent even been drinking nearly enough as I should, so I was horribly dehydrated. I would have fasted for about 41 hours right now, but I think I should break it. I have a really important test Monday and I need to spend a few hours studying. Should I continue the fast or break it?
⚖️175.8 (fasted and lost nothing fml)
🍴0 calories

anonymous asked:

So do you eat 2,000 calories a day and then just make the effort to burn off a certain amount or ? I just recently started paying attention to calories while using my Fitbit. I'm not sure if I'm eating/burning the right amount even though I'm using Fitbits recommendations.

No, don’t think of it as burning off what you’ve eaten. Your FitBit gives you your total burn estimate for the day. Your goal is to eat less than that to create a deficit but enough to fuel your body (no less than your BMR.) Your deficit is the difference between your total burn and your total intake for the day. As long as you have the correct info and goals entered into the app, following its recommendations should be fine. Please read this page:

Day 4 - Saturday 12.3.16

Hey cupcakes🍥
I’m losin it

1. I’m already losing track of the day. Couldn’t remember if this was day 3 or 4. 2. It’s actually 12:36am Sunday, I completely forgot to log today. 3. I initially spelled Saturday as Satarday.
Yeah… fml
Well I’ve fasted for 24 hours now. Going to try to turn it into 103 hours or 4.5 days by Wednesday morning, which I think would be a new record. Also what do you guys do when you’re so hungry you just want to eat a really nice, big, warm meal? I’m so hungry I’ve planned out my meals for now until December 12. And today I faked a meal by making an egg and toast and putting it down the garbage disposal just to dirty some dishes.
Do you guys think I could be 150lbs by New Year’s?
⚖️175.8lbs (-.8lbs)
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🎯tomorrow’s goal is 0 calories