Time for my first and favorite recipe here:

Fruity Egg Muffins

I really love them, because they’re quickly made, are clean and don’t have many calories.

Depending on how big your bananas are and how many raspberries you use, one muffin (out of six) has +/- 113 kcal.

I like to put low fat curd cheese mixed with flavdrops on top. ~♥
A perfect guilt-free dessert,

anonymous asked:

i'm a vegan (yes, yes, found the vegan, cut the jokes) and i'm new to the solarpunk movement. i noticed that the question of our eating habits isn't discussed much (or at all) and to me, a solarpunk-future is only possible if we cut meat, dairy products and eggs out of our diets. it's probably only because i choose this lifestyle for me and it seems so obvious to me, but why no one talks about this? any thoughts or ideas about this?

I think veganism makes a lot of sense in relation to solarpunk, but I think it’s not the only reasonable approach to diet – particularly because of the social, cultural, and survival implications it can have for a lot of marginalized groups and individuals. 

I do think that it’s absolutely necessary to end industrial-scale production of animal products, and that a more heavily plant-based diet for the vast majority is the only sustainable way forward. 

There are people in solarpunk who are vegan, and who advocate veganism as part of what it means to them to be solarpunk. There are also people in the community who are critical of veganism, for its connection in some cases to efforts to suspend cultural practices of marginalized communities, or the insensitivity that some vegans have shown to people whose economic constraints or health needs complicate the matter.

Personally, I’m not vegan – I’m a weekday vegetarian – but I support vegans and veganism. I feel a bit iffy about the way that some folks treat it as a personal moral responsibility, because acting like systematic harms can be solved by lots of people just individually making extremely complex decisions perfectly is a really good way to diffuse and undermine activist energy. (It also can have some purity undertones that I think are counterproductive to ethical decisionmaking.)

But I think veganism as a movement is effective as a boycott, creating a sustained and systematic demand for alternatives to animal product dependence which over time makes those kinds of choices easier and easier for more and more people.

There has been some conversation back and forth about diet in solarpunk, but I think it’s been a while since it came up, and it’s not always super easy to find histories of thought on Tumblr. 

All that said – I hope you feel welcome, and I’m glad you’re getting into the community!

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