💀 I’m done complaining about PA…
I complain about the town I live in, the people, the atmosphere, the drama, the drug problems, the “mediocracy” – but Pa is my home, where I come from, where everything has happened in my life.
It’s where I grew up, where I went to high school, where I was an addict, where I recovered, where I decided on my future, where I battled my mental illnesses, where I met the love of my life, where I went vegan… Everything happened here. Pa is awesome. I LOVE PA!
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So, I was listening to a Tony Robbins video (here, part 1 and here part 2) about Alkaline / Acidic diets and how they affect our health. I’d honestly never heard about this before and found it interesting. It’s also interesting to me that a lot of it crosses over with keto. The main difference is they want you to reduce meat and dairy and increase green veggies, avocados (ugh! Really!? How can I get away from avocados!? Man, I wish I liked them)  and replace dairy with coconut oil/nut-milks.   

They both seem to claim many of the same health benefits, but of course, the alkaline diet recommends less fat and more carbs than keto. I’m wondering if trying to combine keto with a more alkaline diet would be the best of both for me?

The chart above is FROM HERE and is what they recommend for a more alkaline diet, selecting foods from the best and better categories. 

Something to think about …

Let's Talk Health: A Review Of Walden Farms' Products.

Let’s Talk Health: A Review Of Walden Farms’ Products.

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Today I received a question in regards to calorie free products from Walden Farm. Until this point I had never heard of Walden Farms so I decided try and check out their website. At first sight it sounds pretty okay until I see this: “A Berry Delicious Carb Free and Calorie Free Experience” My first thought: “uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm…mmmmm”. Yes, many of us believe that carbs are the devil, but we…

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These gems don’t even need filter on them, that is how beautiful they are 👌🏻😻 whipped up a recipe on vegan blondies (guess the main ingredients!!!) and the full recipe is in today’s video that is UP ON MY CHANNEL RIGHT NOW! Gotta warn you contains some serious foodporn 👀

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I’m honestly so excited right now

Tomorrow I’m going on a water fast, then I’m going on a mono diet and directly after that I’m going on the month diet with @athsna (she’s great btw, you should all go follow her) and it’s gonna be amazing if I make it through it all the way. Especially if I actually exercise every day like I’m planning to - wish me luck!! 💕

What a journey… 80 pounds goodbye. 👋🏼💪🏼
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Today, at 277 lbs (5′11), I’ve decided to stop dieting.

I have been on a diet in one form or another since I was a child, including one severe bout with an eating disorder, throughout which I lost 100 lbs.

After losing all of that weight, I swung in the other direction and gained almost all of it back as a result of binge eating after depriving myself for so long.

I feel like being on a diet has become a familiar, hurtful, and enabling friend. I am constantly walking the line between trying to do what’s healthy for me, while not falling back into the hole of not eating, purging, and hating myself. I know that I need to lose weight, but I am now going to do it on my own terms.

I was previously yo-yo dieting by not eating carbs, and then when I had a run of feeling okay about myself, I would begin eating carbs again and immediately gain the weight back. I constantly felt like I was depriving myself, and the second I let myself eat something that I enjoyed, even if it was an extremely healthy food, I wanted to die. I hated myself, I was a failure.

So, I’m done. I’ve decided to cut meat out of my diet, and while that sounds like a diet plan, to me it isn’t. I was vegan for a year and a half, and felt better than I ever did in my life. So, that’s just a personal choice that I’m making. I know weight loss will not come with this diet unless I actively work out and give my body what it needs.

I plan to live mindfully. I will eat only as much as my body needs. I will stay active to keep my heart and bones healthy. I will allow myself to enjoy living, again. I will continue to post my thoughts on body positivity, whether I’m feeling good about myself that day or not. And I know this is going to be a struggle for me. But I’m ready to begin living. I’m ready to let go of the words “I can’t, I’m on a diet.” And I’m ready to stop apologizing.

True Story:
  • Me:Let's go on a diet, and look hot so I can impress everyone and rub it in their faces.
  • Me 30 minutes later:*Sees McDonalds* I'll start tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow:I'll start on Monday, gives me a fresh week.
  • Monday:I'll start at the beginning of the month.
  • Five months later:Let's go on a diet, and look hot so I can impress everyone and rub it in their faces.

Japanese sweet potatoes are one of my constant cravings…🍠💛 So I decided to roast a large one and pair it with plums, blueberries, strawberries, @evokefoods Antioxidant muesli, @365bywholefoods dark chocolate chunks, @thelionschoice Vanilla Cupcake powdered peanut butter, @navitasnaturals maca powder, turmeric and cinnamon! ✨🍓
Also, I’m now on Vegan Amino! You can find my profile Cassie Autumn simply by registering on the app and exploring forums, other profiles, events, recipes and groups! It’s also a FANTASTIC way to make vegan/plant-based friends who have common interests! 😄⭐️👌🏻
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