Sorry gluten-free bandwagoners — It’s not any healthier for you.

A recent George Institute for Global Health study has found no evidence that the nutritional value of gluten-free food differs significantly from baseline food products. While those with celiac disease are in their own category, the study found those eating gluten-free food for their “health benefits” may be grasping at straws. In fact, gluten-free food has less of one nutritional necessity.

It’s all about perspective!

You can see your vacation as your time of from exercising or you can see it as finally having time to do it whenever you want.

I choose to see it as a part of my life. I don’t have to go to the gym every day, but I need some form of exercise to feel whole. It can be going for a run, hiking, water skiing or circuits.

Make the long lasting changes that you’ll feel good about, instead of be a slave to your choices.

Have a good summer ya’ll, make good choices :)

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Mummy weightloss journey

Loosing weight isn’t always plain sailing and easy. Some lucky mums can post their “7 days postpartum” pictures and have a completely flat stomach, I don’t know about you but I get a little bitter and knocked back. I’m happy for you guys and everything, but i just get a little down about it. 

I am not at a stage where I feel comfortable putting a series of pictures of me since having Lucas; as the internet is a cruel place and I don’t think i’m ready for the negative comments.

I’ll share this with you though.

This was taken on fathers day, so June 21st, it’s just something i took in a quick passing and felt the smallest I’d felt in a very long time, so excuse the awful quality photo. 

I have put a lot of weight back on, but my stomach is flatter, I say flatter pretty leniently.

During the last year, i’ve had highs and lows in regards to my weight, i’ve been picked up and then thrown straight back down. I’ve had a handful of positive comments made and a bucketful of negatives. 
I’ve been motivated and very lazy too. If you have been following me and my #dearlittlemamagetsfit journey, I joined the gym a few months ago, started a diet, well the diet went awfully, but the gym was going really well, then for one reason or another I stopped going, I didn’t like going on my own so I stopped going. Well I have just cancelled my membership and I am taking up jogging, it’s free and works in well with my schedule. I can go for 20 minutes in an evening when Brad gets in from work or I can go before work. 

I’ve just started #dearlittlemamagetsfit again, and am going to be posting on a wednesday every week as “WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY” I need the motivation again, how can i pretend to be loosing weight with the beady eyes of the internet critics and when i’m trying to motivate myself and others. 

Loosing weight has not been easy for me, its been draining, slow and hard and i would say to anyone when you’re pregnant the “eating for 2″ thing is a myth and honesty don’t do it. I ate dessert after dessert and donut after donut and honestly I was huge! heres a picture of me when I was 33 weeks pregnant.

If the huge bump doesn’t show you how much cake I had eaten, I was carrying extra water but only a 5lbs baby in this picture. I have stretchmarks down to my calves, over my stomach and hips and on my breasts. I have a double chin and swollen fingers and feet. I was huge.

Thank you to the anon for lovely message and this is for you, I hope this helps you.

Lots of love