Sure, playing in the women’s World Cup burns a lot more energy than watching the women’s World Cup. But the number of calories expended in sports and daily activities isn’t always so obvious.

To figure it out, we dove into this database compiled by Arizona State University. It charts the energy expenditure for hundreds of activities, from mainstream (“bicycling, leisure, 5.5 mph”) to obscure (“caulking, chinking log cabin”).

As part of our sports and health series and poll with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, we’ve picked a few of our favorites.

Sweeping Or Skydiving? When Counting Calories It’s All The Same

Illustrations: Mary McLain/NPR

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Addicted to Food?

Actually, other addictions mimic our natural appetites but it still remains that the craving aspect of eating, especially foods high in fat, salt and sugar is just about like the addiction to other substances. The reason these “foods” are addicting is that in our early days as human beings salt (at least in the interior away from the sea), fat (except when prey animals were fattened for the winter) and sugar (except in late summer when fruit and berries were in season or the rare find of a beehive) were extremely rare.

So, when we could get them we ate as much as we possibly could. Well these days we can get these foods anytime anywhere. Snack food and fast food sellers rely on this quirk of evolution to sell us foods which are high in these things but low in actual nutrition. Since these calories are empty and don’t give us the nutrition we need we continually crave more and more. Neat little scam eh?

Most physical addictions can be broken in three to seven days which is why drug and alcohol detox centers usually keep patients for that period of time. Food addiction is the same. If we do a low sugar juice fast for three days then the craving for these foods will be broken. Then the only thing left is the psychological craving which can be controlled through mindfulness meditation and other focusing techniques. This craving can last anywhere from two weeks to a few months.  

Break this cycle and stick with it and eat healthy for a lifetime with no struggle.


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