I've gained 12 pounds.

Over the past three months. Nice. Hopefully some water weight. But probably not much.

1) I DID wake up early to go for a walk or a run this morning, but it’s raining and 60 degrees :( not great when you already have a sore throat. I thought about driving to a mall or a store nearby to walk around, but it’s 7am and i don’t think anything is open unless I drive like 30 minutes.

2) I’m going to take a picture of everything I eat today and post it. Everything. Maybe I’ll stuff fewer Oreos in my face if I know you’re all watching it.

3) I’m going to close the pantry door at the house (my office) and KEEP IT CLOSED all day. That’s where all the junk food is and I don’t need any of it.

Mystery citrus tree on my walk today! 😍👌 My daily post is up on my blog: vegannomadchick.com. ✨ Today’s topic is why you should start a blog! Writing has so many benefits: it helps you sort out your emotions, makes you a better communicator, and it documents your journey. This is how you grow as a person! 🙌🙌Thanks for reading! ❤️ (at Korčula Island, Croatia)

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I don’t want to eat anymore.
I don’t want to feel hungry anymore.
I don’t want to binge anymore.
I just want to be happy.
—  the-mxdel