Some website ideas! I might have a repeating highlight clip as my background. Big plans for 2017. This year was just the warm up.
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Motivation: The Basics
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This is one of the most popular things I get asked about. When I get the question “how do I stay motivated?” or “how do I motivate myself?”, I sit there for a while thinking about it because the true answer is: “I don’t know”. Motivation is unique to each person. One example of this is running playlists. My running playlist is mostly dance/electronic music because it pumps me up. My sister’s…

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Cook-Your-Own-Meal Kits Ignited a Passion

When I lived in Philly, I relied on dining out or takeout for almost all of my meals.  If I did “prepare” my own food at home, it would most likely consist of the following:

  • Frozen meals (burritos, pizzas, frozen dinners)
  • Pasta
  • Throwing miscellaneous veggies that I had in to a skillet and serving it with rice (I thought this was REAL cooking)

About six months ago, after I moved to California, one of my coworkers told me to try out a food delivery service called Blue Apron.  Blue Apron, similar to most cook-your-own-meal kits, sends you fresh ingredients that are perfectly proportioned to the needs of the three recipes that are included with the delivery.  Since this seemed like a more efficient way to cook my own meals (mostly due to the time savings - less time spent on meal planning & grocery store visits), I gave it a try. Here is why I like it so much:

  1. Most services use suppliers who practice responsible farming (have high animal welfare standards, protect the environment, prioritize public health, etc)
  2. I have increased my intake of veggies! Before I started cooking, I barely would get one serving of veggies a day but now I consume about 3-4 servings. I also have opted to only receive vegetarian meals through Blue Apron so that I decrease my meat intake, but that is a personal choice.
  3. I absolutely hated when I would buy produce from the grocery store for a certain meal and ended up not using the whole amount.  Since I didn’t cook often enough, the leftover produce would eventually go bad & I would be forced to throw it out.  With cook-your-own-meal kits, everything is perfectly proportioned so that you have little to no waste of your fresh produce.
  4. Now that I cook my own dinner 3-4 times per week, I realized that I have gained cooking skills outside of preparing the recipes given to me.  I know what it takes to make pizza from scratch, which herbs & spices to add in order to make my meals more flavorful, how to make empanadas, etc.  I also have expanded & diversified my diet.

After 5 months of receiving cook-your-own-meal kits, I can truly say that cooking is now a passion of mine.  There are a lot of other services outside of Blue Apron such as PeachDish, Purple Carrot, Plated, + more. Forbes has an article that goes in to more detail about each service:

If you want to give Blue Apron a try, I have a free week of meals I can send to some people that are interested (this is how my coworker, Erika, got me to try it out).  Shoot me a DM or Ask. 

I don’t want to eat anymore.
I don’t want to feel hungry anymore.
I don’t want to binge anymore.
I just want to be happy.
—  the-mxdel

Does anyone else think they’re having a really good day; You wake up and skip breakfast and go half the day without eating and then you get ONE craving and end up eating the contents of your fridge, cupboard and probably the leftovers in your room?