The outdoor gym is growing! :)

The latest editions are a 18 square meter deck (for kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, body weight exercises etc), 5 stumps for box jumps 30-110 cm, rings and a 4,6 meter high rope climp..

Can’t wait to finish the weight holders for the two press machines, the salmon ladder that you will be able to climb onto the monkey bars from and a cool setup for snake ropes - but obviously we use fire hoses instead 🚒

Ps. That’s my friend and colleague, whom I’m building it with, operating the chainsaw.. Yes, he’s very fit! ;)

Have a good one errbody!

IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF AND ALL THE CHOICES I MADE TODAY. went out with my parents for breakfast and got a veggie wrap with eggs, broccoli, red peppers, eggs and cheese with fruit salad and home fries. Lunch was chicken, pasta, beans and carrots. And for dinner I just found some chicken, sausage and bean salad (with lots of green beans, corn and kidney beans) in my boyfriends fridge. I’ve also had lots of water today. BAM HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES. I NAILED IT TODAY. Might even have a little treat to end the night. Pb and toast ? mmmm

What if the whole world suddenly went vegetarian?
By Bec Crew

As the global population tips over 7 billion, it’s becoming increasingly crucial that we think about what all those people and their children are going to be eating over the next century and beyond. According to a report last year by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the meat industry is one of the biggest threats to the environment, contributing to 14.5 percent of human-related greenhouse gas emissions. And this is only going to increase as developing countries continue to grow and establish more sustainable economies, which will facilitate more opportunties for people to afford expensive, meat-laden diets if they choose.

While there are scattered efforts to attract meat-lovers to meatless products, such as this new veggie burger that bleeds, and dairy-lovers to dairy-less products, such as this new cow-less artificial milk, in an effort to curb land-use, pollution, and waste, people who love animal products aren’t going to give it up that easily.

But what if they did? What if, somehow, everyone on Earth could be convinced to give up meat forever? What would the world look like then?

According to L. V. Anderson at Slate.com, at least one research team has asked the question, and in 2009 they ran the numbers on a hypothetical wholly vegetarian world. Publishing in the journal Climate Change, researchers from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency found that if everyone in the world switched to vegetarianism or veganism tomorrow, by 2050 carbon emissions related to the agriculture industry would have been reduced by 17 percent, methane emissions by 24 percent, and nitrous oxide emissions by 21 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions would see similarly significant reductions.

(excerpt - click the link for the complete article)

anonymous asked:

I have a problem with sugar. I eat really well during the week, but then go overboard with sugar on the weekends and can't stop. do you have any advice on controlling those urges??

I used to have this problem too, that shit is so freaking annoying!

First you need to determine why this happens to you. Is the need psychological, physiological, or both. Do you want sugar because you’re feeling down and sugar makes you happy or because your body tells you “I WANT THIS, AND I WANT IT NOW!”

In the former case, you’ll have to first figure out what triggers this and try and handle it, causes could vary from depression to just enjoying something sweet when you’re out with your friends, whatever it is, you narrow it down and figure out how to deal with it.

This could also happen if you’re feeling like your diet is too restrictive, giving it up altogether each time you give in into one small treat. In that case scenario you should maybe rethink your diet choices and find something that fits YOU personally, or perhaps giving yourself a designated cheat meal to make it both easier and healthier for your mind.
You should not beat yourself up over slip-ups, and if it’s a reappearing motive, you’ve got to readjust.

It might as well be physiological though, since this shit is biologically addictive. When you consume sugar (or any other quick carbs for that matter) your blood sugar spikes and the brain releases serotonin, making you feel happy almost immediately. Sad news is, your blood sugar drops down as fast as it goes up, and so does your mood and hunger. This is why it’s so important to understand how it works and control it.
By eating every couple of hours low glycemic index foods your sugar levels go up and drop down gradually, leaving you full and happy, with no sudden cravings or mood swings.

Honestly, the only time I do have sugar cravings now is during my period, when my hormones go ballistic, otherwise, I never have an “urge” to eat something sweet.