Diesel VEKTR by Monster

I just bought these.

Why on earth would anyone want these? It’s like when Denmark made it’s first supercar; if you had supercar-type money, why wouldn’t you just buy a Ferrari? Well, sometimes the aesthetic of something different makes you happier than proven function.

Let’s recap the players first. Sennheiser is amazing but clunky and not great for travelling. Bose is so comfortable and great for noise-cancellation but they can be expensive. Beats is great for deep bass but I actually find them ugly. I hate the font of that ‘b’. And I don’t know about you guys but those in-ears buds never fit me properly. 

So what about my DV?

You know what it looks like? A cross between cut obsidian and the black Lamborghini Aventador. It is a matter of taste but I really love the design and materials they chose. They’re not as soft as Bose but they are really comfortable and sit quite nicely on small heads (like mine). They’re light and fold away for travelling. The cord is triangular and is supposed to prevent tangles (so far it has lived up to this claim).

How is the sound quality? The bass is just deep enough but occasionally I find it a bit muffly. The clarity could be improved on. They’re fairly good at noise cancellation but definitely not as good as Bose. The chaos of Avenged Sevenfold sounds great. The girly pop of The Bangles also sounds great. Hip-Hop and Rap sounds surprisingly good. Piano sounds lovely but strings are bit muted, which really disappointed me. 

On the plus side, they are one of the most striking and best looking headphones I have seen.  I actually want to wear them out. Honestly, they are gorgeous. But then again, I would say that about anything that is black, shiny and all sleek angles. 

Usually I’d be advising everyone to go for sound quality over design but the DV is a nice compromise. What’s the point of having something if you never want to wear it or look at it?