dies anybody have that

I keep starting and deleting posts about what I’m writing because I’m feeling lost and blocked and stuck and lonely and disconnected, but also am convinced that nobody wants to hear about any of it, so anyway, that’s a highly effective way of wasting a ton of time it turns out. 

Bodhi in this A/U is turning out really really sad and it’s just awesome because I was trying to write fluff. 

He stalked [his sister’s] Facebook, but she’d locked it down when her older kid started kindergarten. Fortunately he’d saved the photo of her first day, her in pigtails holding a sign that said “First Day Of School!” and her little brother holding one that said “I Wanted A Sign Too”, and he had it in his phone still, but ever since then her page had displayed nothing beyond her profile picture, cropped from a photo Bodhi himself had taken of her at her wedding with the fancy camera he used to own.

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“Asriel is so innocent”

Asriel: *Tried to murder everybody multiple times, stalked Frisk, and almost destroyed the world*

“Chara’s evil”

Chara: *Died*

“I grew up with a dad, but we never had a father-daughter relationship. He didn’t play the role he was supposed to play. He was just there. I no longer blame him for that. I got over it. I feel that he just didn’t know any better. Maybe it’s because his father died when he was young, so he didn’t have anybody to show him how to be a father.
“It has affected me a lot because I now prefer having guy-friends rather than girlfriends. I think I’m searching for something in them, and they’re more willing to listen to me than my female friends. I guess sometimes not having a great relationship with your dad can affect you in different ways, positive or negative. My dad never hugged me, so now I really like hugging people.”

i just realised that a couple of days ago, when people, myself included, were marching on the streets of oxford, celebrating pride, we could have died. anybody could have died. anybody. could. die. only because we are not terrified, we are not hiding anymore, we are proud to be ourselves. this has been the biggest parade in oxford yet. and you know why people didn’t die. because we don’t carry fucking guns. yes, you should have seen the look on people’s faces as we walked past them, each of us wearing a different flag wrapped around us. but we could have. if a complete moron had carried a knife or went berserk. but we weren’t thinking of dying. we were celebrating, haing fun. just as the people in orlando. why should we have to be afraid. why should we have to hold hands indoors. why do you hate us so much. 

all my love to orlando. all my love to you.


Okay,but has anybody else realized that Junko and Chiaki have died the exact same way, both times?

  • The real Chiaki died by being stabbed with spears all over her body.
  • Mukuro(Impersonating Junko) died by being stabbed with spears all over her body. 
  • The real Junko died by being crushed to death in an execution thanks to Naegi Makoto’s (SHSL Luckster) actions.
  • The AI Chiaki(Impersonating the Real Chiaki) died by being crushed to death in an execution thanks to Nagito Komaeda’s (SHSL Luckster) actions.
  • Both their deaths in both occasions resulted in the despair of those close to them/their followers.

I just thought it was an interesting parallel…