diego the strex scientist

I’m not sure which I hate more; The idea in general, the startling realization that this song fits scarily well, or the fact that I just spent three hours drawing this (per @videntefernandez‘s recent ask)

I’m screaming

Screencap that I referenced under the cut

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FashionVale featuring tumblr user videntefernandez’s headcanons in clothes walking the thin line between haute couture and traditional cecil-style fashion disaster~

I felt the need to draw hot night vale characters and hand-paint flowers all at the same time so I did both~ also fULL VIEW PLEASE Tumblr ruined the lineart :(

Hush, Darling Kevin

Hush, darling Kevin.

For once, don’t say a word.

I only wanted to buy you the whole wide world.

I was going to stain it red, for you.

I was going to paint it black and blue.

Quiet, perfect Kevin.

Let me speak my mind.

Right now, because I’m afraid I don’t have much time.

I have to tell you what you mean to me,

How much I love you, Kevin R. Free.

Silence, dear Kevin.

Listen, as we speak, I’m holding a ring,

And if you let me, I will be your king.

Give me your answer, nice and quick.

The floor’s becoming real red and slick.

Lovely little Kevin.

Now, you’re all mine.

And you know, now, I feel just fine.

You’re mine, until my very last breath,

Until the final release of ice cold death.

Don’t cry, my precious prince.

My sweet, wonderful Kevin,

I want to say, ‘I’ll see you in Heaven’

But where I’m going is much warmer and black.

and I fear, I will not be coming back.